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From evicted \u0026 poor to OVER 100 rentals and Laundromats! I'm your no fluff investor/entrepreneur channel!

My dad drove truck, mom sold Avon growing up. When I turned 18 my dad had a heart attack and was unable work for the rest of his life. Instead of college I had to go work at a warehouse (Twin bro got a job picking up garbage). Lost the house, I had to live with grandma, rest of family in small apartment.

Fast forward to today (I'm 34 now) and I own rentals, laundromats and a trailer park, I continue to invest, buy property and upload videos about how I did it and how you can too! (Insert marketing gimmick here). It isn't easy but I BELIEVE that with enough effort anyone can do it!

Need to mail me? Investment Joy PO Box 1184 Circleville Ohio 43113


20:49Buying 27 houses for $259 EACH (Crazy Deal)
Buying 27 houses for $259 EACH (Crazy Deal)visningar 42tn19 timmar sedan
0:29Turn your stimulus check into real $$$ #shorts
0:58How to LEGALLY buy a house for $1! #shorts
How to LEGALLY buy a house for $1! #shortsvisningar 98tn14 dagar sedan
11:14Here's my NEW LAUNDROMAT
Here's my NEW LAUNDROMATvisningar 70tn14 dagar sedan
0:59Easy $4k+/month biz idea #shorts
Easy $4k+/month biz idea #shortsvisningar 393tn21 dag sedan
0:52I bought a trailer park! #shorts
I bought a trailer park! #shortsvisningar 373tn21 dag sedan
0:58I bought a vending machine! #shorts
I bought a vending machine! #shortsvisningar 1,6mn28 dagar sedan
0:47$20,000 house tour! #shorts
$20,000 house tour! #shortsvisningar 1,2mn28 dagar sedan
12:35Let's build a vending EMPIRE at my CARWASH
1:00The magic penny investment #shorts
The magic penny investment #shortsvisningar 12mnMånad sedan
13:41My Old Laundromat Is GONE!
My Old Laundromat Is GONE!visningar 126tnMånad sedan
14:41Our Most EXPENSIVE car wash situation
Our Most EXPENSIVE car wash situationvisningar 146tnMånad sedan
0:57How much $ did my carwash make TODAY #shorts
13:24I bought SECOND carwash, here's the $$ IT MAKES
18:19I Bought A CARWASH BUSINESS, Let's Make More $$$
13:55I Bought a CARWASH, Here's How Much $$ It Makes!
15:11My LAST Laundromat money collection video
My LAST Laundromat money collection videovisningar 168tn2 månader sedan
13:49REVEALING My 3,300%+ Hillbilly Investment For 2021


  • I just want the penny not a magic penny just a penny my adhd would be so happy like look at the shinny penny it would entertain me for hours

  • I picked the money I didn’t pick the car a car it’s just a car everyone has one well most people it’s just a car it’s a very nice car but it’s just a car you can use the money to invest and you can still get a car!

  • How's the machine get cash if it just accepts quarters at the top slot?

  • Inbox me if you know how to get Vending machines

  • What? Dude get real, no one is gonna buy a house with $1400 bucks🙄

  • Dumb

  • That's was an indirect flex lol

  • I’ll pick the one million dollar cash because it’s a magic million dollars that would also double every day for the next 30 days! Kaboom!

  • What stock?

  • It a trap house

  • I made $20 off of one of these at a laundromat.

  • Don’t say GTA never taught you anything

  • Facebook marketplace is the worst place to check anything

  • The penny eventually becomes more

  • I would choose 1 million dollars, because magic come don't exist

  • The penny. Easy. Exponential growth

  • Well this is also called Cryptocurrency

  • Magic penny

  • The ways I’d play this at chuck E Cheese 🤌

  • Everyone's gangsta until Asian moms says... Let me have it safely...😂

  • So um was that literally 5mil sitting right on that table

  • Chooses penny, and loses it by dropping his/her change.

  • The penny

  • So basically your telling me your rich asf and that your showing off without offering to give me some cash.

    • I'm giving away free knowledge on here how to do it yourself

  • He just destroyed his own business 🤡. I never knew there would be a secret tube at the side. Lmao. I ain't never dropping a coin there. Forget it. (I probably will but a fake coin hehe who's the scammer now)

  • Breathe

  • Not a bad way of making money

  • Do that hole suck the coin in or is it just a drops in... Asking for a friend...

  • Oh my god

  • People's don't do that please

  • I'd still go with the one million dollars

  • Take the cash magic isnt real

  • I need one of them

  • it might just be me, but who else finds this satisfying?

  • Lmao covid factoid. Oh propaganda SEnewss

  • How long was this tho

  • At the end: co-cool

  • When U need a random story to flex with money 🤡

  • He found a way to flex his money without actually flexing his money

  • Is this in Germany allowed? I am asking for a pal....

  • Pennys

  • I still shaking machine and got like $50 with the quarters

  • I’ve seen how people do this not in real life though it’s pretty impressive not gonna lie😑

  • 4:25 "we normally don't see back there because I keep people in there I mean...." lol hahaha did nobody else catch that.

  • How do I block this trash?

  • "Day XX you have-" *I have nothing*

  • And now I know the scam thanks

  • Its all just a flex

  • What it’s like for people that bought Bitcoin in 2016 🤓

  • How can we win the bucket 🤔?

  • What if the penny only doubles based on the original value though, *how would you be able to tell in what way it doubles!?* 🧐🧐🧐

  • Just out of curiosity,how much do you have to pay for the space you keep this machine at?

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  • Can I have sum money to buy pokemon cards XD

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  • Scam basically. Thanks for the heads up😫

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  • Nani

  • tip : *Dont*

  • magic penny~ lol hope I'm right✅

  • Penny cause ill be too rich after that

  • So you will redeem your $800 in 36 days if you average $90 of profit every 4 days. Sweet source of income

  • How to cause country to have inflamation with only magical penny

  • u make ALOT

  • Why are we on this thread talking about someone's money?? the whole point of the video was to get us to invest our money go invest...NOW!

  • I'm in the wrong business. I need to get on like this guy...

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  • How to have the goverment not steal your pay check

  • patience is magic-magic penny

  • Magic penny

  • It's compound intrest....