The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based SEnewss channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.

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7:00Filming at 1000fps in Reverse - The Slow Mo Guys
8:37Slow Mo Molten Thermite in Water - The Slow Mo Guys
9:27Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
Planet Slow Mo Outtakesvisningar 2mn2 år sedan


  • more like 3 fps

  • i am so unbelievably amused and happy

  • I have a feeling that was just colored water in the pool

  • This channel just popped up on my feed, and seeing them without their beards is so weird.

  • Are y'all from texas?

  • where is the other guy?

  • Didn’t know what backdraft was but by the thumbnail, I thought it was water

  • Team monocular vision, assemble!!!

  • v

  • 3d video is still the best. Just need MIT to release that screen they came.up with years ago.

  • that good bye was op

  • Too fast for my brain to comprehend

  • This is awesomely cool. I really like knowing what is actually happening.

  • Please do "bullet spins on ice"

  • I'd love to see the stopping power of a shepherd's sling in slow mo, would need an expert though, takes ages to get accurate with it but it can take the top of a man's head off.

  • Happy Holi !

  • That was fu% king epic

  • popcorn at 1:23 "BREAK FREE!!!!"

  • 3d on a 100" projector is amazing!

  • Enjoyed watching that

  • Slow mo the slow mo next time

  • I guess this apple can't handle vtec

  • If the camera's focus would have been on the actual mirror and not on the reflection of the shooter, could we not have clearly seen the bullet arrive and hit the mirror ? If that makes sense ! Great content as always, Thanks !

  • Why don't the TV and the active shutter glasses have to be synchronized?

  • 3:57 haha large asteroid impact go brrrr

  • This is so entertaining...

  • Love you guys, but it's not an assault rifle. That's a scary term the media uses

    • Well since it's select-fire, it belongs to the assault rifle weapon category. The media uses it wrong many times, but these guys used it correctly.

  • slow mo this

  • slow mo this

  • slow mo this

  • slow mo this

  • In the opening, why the M4A3 (76) W didn't use muzzle brake? I'm not even sure this is 76,2 mm, more like 75 mm. And 10:31 if yous says it D-20, it's should be 122 mm, if you says it 152 mm, it should be ML-20

  • "I always get zapped by Americans plugs" literally how are they holding onto the metal part?

  • 2:11

  • this hurt me

  • Gav: "I forgot to hit the record button. Do it again."

  • Honestly I am impressed by the physics present to get this done. Just to put some numbers down. The outer edge of the apple experienced a centripetal acceleration of 18906 m/s/s (if that were a linear acceleration you could reach the speed of light in a little under 4 and a half hours). This acceleration presenting a force of about 1891 N (425 lbs of force) I assumed 4 cm as the radius and 0.1 kg as the mass. Formulas for the fans - 2pi/t=w=angular velocity in rads/s w*r=v=tangential velocity in m/s v^2/r=ac=angular acceleration in m/s/s ac*m=force in newtons

  • Those 3D TV's were way ahead of their time. I worked at Best Buy when they started all the 3d stuff and it was ridiculously expensive. I remember we had a 50" 3D Panasonic Plasma display that was like $2,600. And each pair of glasses was like $150. Like you said in the video, it probably would do better now since tv prices have plummeted since then.

  • Oh my God I remember then this came out. Nostalgia just hit me like a bullet!

  • Me seeing the slow mo vids in 0.25x

  • You are practically kissing

  • Wow. Amazing

  • These guys are real airborns

  • do they only explode when air gets blown into the part where the stem is?

  • Look at that hair. That's something.

  • 한국인들 손!!!!

  • uou so crazy

  • Hypnotic. I feel like a dwarf going all blacksmithy.

  • So that's what's happened to Dakar, Kursk, San Juan, Cheonan, Nanggala, etc

  • *Im fast as fat boy that my semi shooting shotgun turn in automatic burst*

  • This actually so hard cause you need to be Accurate

  • son of abn almohtaram

  • The sub field drive sounds so cool

  • ☯☯

  • E=mc^2 :)

  • Colombians be making more than cigars

  • Wrong. The fastest thing in the world is the frame rate of that camera

    • you know what frame per second means right ?

  • Yehung looks like some one punched a really accurately colored fake smile on his face

  • That fury one tank.

  • Collab with HowNotToHighline about braking carabiners in Super Slow Motion?

  • Bruh its been a long time , Happy to see u , Love from kerala , India

  • Water bill goes brrr

  • Actually there was a snail shell like metal piece on the drive shaft. When the propeller vas directly in front of the machine gun it blocked from firing.

  • 3:20 thank me later

  • Loving it

  • I really enjoy your stuff, usually, but I’ll have to give this one a BFD...

  • 3d tv, remember them? they even made 3d smartphones. lol where are they now? :D

  • Happy 3 day late 10 year red water balloon bursting anniversary!

  • Love it even 2 years later, but why not record at Lake Maracaibo? I'd love to see you guys record there!

  • 5:54 human unboxing

  • Why drops are so satisfying 👽

  • do an experiment with ballistics dummy

  • Coolest thing I've seen with shutter lense tech was a local multiplayer racing game that didn't need split screen. Each player was only shown their frames

  • Glassesless 3D could bring it back, similar to the 3DS. Maybe you could check one of those out!!!! (3ds i mean :) )

  • Gav Saying goodbye made me worry ..

  • I wonder how deep would the needle go into a block of ballistics gel.

  • That is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen wow

  • Imagine he would have thrown it into the window

  • Super cool! I dug learning how the plasma TV worked, too. Sub frame drive...that sounds like something from Star Trek. BTW what streamer were you watching at the end?

  • So, I’m back.... this is the first video I’m watching on my new 65” 4K tv.. so much better 😁🙏🏻 thank you