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7:32Top 9 Features of Apple AirTag!
Top 9 Features of Apple AirTag!visningar 44tnDag sedan
8:112021 iPad Pro -- Why I'm Upgrading
2021 iPad Pro -- Why I'm Upgradingvisningar 131tn7 dagar sedan
5:10I'm SKIPPING The 24-inch iMac! 🛑
I'm SKIPPING The 24-inch iMac! 🛑visningar 42tn7 dagar sedan
3:41How to Stop Your AirPods From Auto-Switching!


  • I’m on iPhone 8 and thx

  • Sad. I really wanted the arc to work

  • The perfect tool for stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. Makes their life so much easier. Way to go apple. Privacy is top priority.

  • The perfect tool for stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. Way to go apple. Privacy is top priority.

  • I hope that the iPhone mini bad sales does not affect the iPad mini.

  • I use my mini everyday for landscape design consults. You can’t beat the form factor.

  • The iPad mini could be the next iPod touch, kinda just upgraded processor chip every two or three generations. If they gave it a full-screen redesign, seeing a 9.7 inch screen on a body just slightly larger than the current mini would be awesome. Them referring to the original iPad size as mini would be something

  • Disappointing. I love my mini. I guess I’d upgrade when the folding iPhone comes along as that is most likely the reason for not updating the design of that. 2 iphone 12 pro maxs is approximately an ipad mini screen.

  • I’m an iPad Mini Fanboy. I will buy the next iPad mini when it comes out.

  • Just bought the Bose earbuds, the ANC is phenomenal for a pair of earbuds, almost as good as my over ear cans. It was better than I expected. If ANC is important to you and you want a pair of earbuds you can reach for when you want to shut out the world around you, these do the job.

  • No I just saved 500 Dollars buying the 2020 version and next year I might save another 500 dollars getting the 2021 version

  • waiting iPad Mini Air 🤣

  • Thanks to cyberhacker217 on telegram, Thanks to the admin who recommended him to me I never trusted him not until my deactivate account was successfully recovered no cap he is a good hacker, I recommend you go check him on telegram for account recovery

  • Your source might have sent you the same dummy from the last time.

    • I don’t believe so. The iPad pros were new and the 12.9” was slightly thicker, as panned out

  • Stupid, you can track anything with an air tag, and it’ll work best in metropolitan areas. If you live on a farm, no you can’t use an air tag. There, there answer

  • I love this thing I got it instead of waiting for the new one and its worth it.

  • Did you set a wrong date? lol. In five days?

    • The date is right! I’m actually out of the office next week so wanted to try this premier feature and see what you guys all thought! Want to spread out content while I’m off!

  • After so many failed attempts trying to understand my phone *SMARTPASS5* on |nstagram is the great genius that was able to fixed it..

  • I never knew I could flip over and over again , Thanks to this genius mikerogg12 on !G, he’s the best

  • I never knew I could flip over and over again , Thanks to this genius mikerogg12 on !G, he’s the best

  • I never knew I could flip over and over again , Thanks to this genius mikerogg12 on !G, he’s the best

  • I never knew I could flip over and over again , Thanks to this genius mikerogg12 on !G, he’s the best

  • Wait how do I make my debit card the official card I will be pulling from ?? & Not the Apple Cash one

  • I never thought I will be able to use my iphone x max again until i was recommended to *victoolz* on Instagram, why not give him a try..

  • Short answer - Yes lol

  • When I press the “b” on the side it uses my imusic instead of whatever I’m listening to at the time aka SEnewss or pandora. Is there a way to change this so it pauses the music I’m listening to rather than imusic.

  • May 10? This needs to be a mistake

  • Ughhh I’m not waiting for an iPad mini refresh. I’m going to look into getting the iPad Air 4 or maybe 5 if they come up with it. I’m tired of waiting. Lol

  • Watching this on an iPad Mini 3. I’ve been hoping for a mini with, at least, Face ID and maybe OLED...

  • Use the $60 and get a Logictech Harmony Remote not the new Apple Remote if you have more than one device connected to your tv.

  • I have no hope for the iPad mini especially since new terrible iMac design that just came that kept the large bezel at the bottom

  • i want to see a new iPad mini in 2022, not this year. This is an iPad Pro year.

  • Is this an Apple event, 4 day premiere? Lol

  • Really? May 10?!

  • Does it actually NEED a new case? No. But you don't get video revenue that way I suppose. Gotta have something to bring in the $$$ The only people demanding all these changes are SEnewssrs and Websites. Who the hell cares.

  • I appreciate Daxtoolz on ¶nstagram he's the only person who was able to recover mine successfully 💯

  • I appreciate Daxtoolz on ¶nstagram he's the only person who was able to recover mine successfully 💯

  • Already placed one in my van hidden away 😀

  • Come on Apple update. Get rid of the home button and the big basils

  • this may be a stupid question.. but it makes sense to me.. what if i wanted to switch the trackpad off and use a bluetooth mouse? is that an option? i just don't want to accidently press anything if i'm typing a lot rather than using the trackpad

  • How close does an iPhone have to be to the airtag in order to send me my pets location?

  • Best engraving: NFC

  • It’s a dummy. We all won’t know until it actually comes out

  • I thought about upgrading to 12.9 “ for the mini LED because I have the 2020 11”. Buuut I think I’m gonna wait til the next one. There really isn’t any app that bottlenecks the A12Z yet. I wanted the M1 iPad for gaming but it might be another year or so before devs push the M1 to its limits

  • I hope they bring geofencing features 😩 My problem isn’t losing things - it’s forgetting them. I regularly forget my keys when I end up catching an Uber home (eg at a friends house when I end up drinking), meaning I can’t get in. I forget my work tags to get into my office at least twice a week. I forget my wallet, ALWAYS, but fortunately Apple wallet has largely solved that (just need digital ID now)... I’d love a system where I get an alert when I leave the house without my work tags or wallet, or where I get an alert if I’m separated from my keys. Until then it doesn’t really solve my problems enough to warrant a purchase. Thanks for the great video!

  • I’m waiting...Love from India 😊!!

  • wtf is this shit?

  • samsung the best camera phone

  • I don't believe you, you apple vans

  • I think this resolution is the next thing in media. It's actually an extender 4K resolution. The most important factor is the high, which is 2160. The aspect ratio is 2.37:1, which is somewhere between Panavision (2.35:1) and Anamorphic (2.39:1)

  • The iPad Mini is indeed widely used in commercial environments. There are a couple of restaurants and cafes I go to, that use them as digital menus for customers as well as a highly portable credit card registers to take orders from customers as well as charge them. So that might be a major reason Apple aren’t messing with the now rather dated design (it’s like a giant classic iPhone) another reason might be, that’s it’s simply not a big seller to regular non-commercial customers. So not worth investing the R&D costs for a complete redesign? 🤷‍♂️

  • Under edit subscriptions , there is no Cancel button

  • I have no problem with this design and i still prefer Touch ID. All Apple need to do is add USB-C and Apple A14

    • Do u think apple will give A14 because Saranbyte latest video on ipad mini 6 said it may be a a13 ?? Trust me even I want A14....

  • It is not new Apple TV 4K because it is old. New is Apple TV 8K with HDMI 2.1 (4K120 and 8K60). Apple TV 4K (A10X) is faster than Apple TV 8K (A12).


  • Why do you prefer to be an Apple Music subscriber? Why do you make that choice? It seems extremely flawed to me. I too am an Apple Music subscriber but I am looking to change. Just curious. Thanks

  • Just give me the iPad Pro design exactly in a smaller form factor with Apple Pencil 2 support with iMac colors!

  • I hope it’s an iPad mini se model and that there is a mother iPad mini pro

  • next year a more powerful one will be out

  • Let's give it up the they are not going to work on the mini its suppose to be the budget iPad they are not going to make it like the like the Pro or the Air

  • It's my personal opinion that Apple is simply putting out several "mock up's" to see which one they will choose before the RTM phase. What you have in your hand could be one of several different design considerations. Apple is most likely attempting to throw off leakers and those who want to spoil their product announcement party so I highly doubt what you have is the final product they will be releasing. Guess time will tell.

    • Definitely not saying you're wrong here, but I do think it is unlikely. These are the same sources I've gone to time and time again and they've always been spot on. These are leaked schematics that case manufacturers are already using to create iPad mini cases ahead of launch. There aren't multiple schematics floating around with different designs, these are the only schematics available right now. The same person also sent me the 2021 iPad Pro dummy units and they matched what Apple announced EXACTLY. So based on past interactions and the iPad Pros that arrived in the same package, this should be accurate. But like you said, we will see soon enough for sure!

  • an ipad mini 128gb would be grand. I own an ipad mini 5 (and a 11“ipp too) The mini is the one I carry w/me everywhere. I quickly got over the old design and the sound coming from just one side too. The form factor of the mini ist just divine.

  • They should keep the iPad mini to themselves. We don’t want. 😄

  • Need mini pro for traveling reasons.

  • great news, now i dont have to waste my money buying one... I have a 12.9, dont really NEED an ipad mini, but if they made it better, I would have bought one anyway, now I dont have to!

  • Ok, one more thing...... Computer says NO to iPad mini..... Apple doesn’t surprise us anymore. Ancient history.

  • Fucking I pad not Purchase poor family 😭😭

  • the problem with the iPad mini is pricing. the base price is just way too much. just cough up more to get the Pro or air, or drop off and get the base iPad current gen. Apple has too many iPads in their lineup anymore.

  • Well if the home button comes back and it’s using modern chipsets I’m game.

  • If it's really the same.. no buy for me. I'm waiting now for several years for a fresh design like the iPad Pros. I wont buy that outdated design..

  • So you are telling us that you have mock-up units of the new iPad Pro 12.9 and you didn’t make a video on how much thicker it is to the last model? And before Apple addressed the whole “will it work with the old Magic Keyboard” issue you didn’t make a video using this supposed mock up inside the Magic Keyboard to see if it closes ?!? I call bullshit on you having those mock-ups since we all knew what the next iPad mini was going to look like and the fact that you have made 32 damn videos about a boring Bluetooth tracker in the last 2 weeks 🙄

    • Let's talk about some of these claims here. First, yes -- I'm telling you I have a dummy units of the 12.9" and 11" 2021 iPad Pros right now in my possession. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive until a few days AFTER Apple held its press event. At that point it was confirmed that they looked identical and the 12.9" was in fact .5mm thicker. At that point, it made less sense to create a video surrounding dummy units when we knew with certainty what they looked like. It made more sense to create content around the iPad's features as well as the other new products Apple announced. AirTag was out first and in our hands so it was the priority after the other low-hanging fruit. As far as what we can still learn from the dummies, I can see/measure the difference between the 2020 and 2021 12.9" models but I can't tell you if the Magic Keyboard will or won't work. It is .5mm and the Magic Keyboard closes and works but there are no magnets or anything else keeping it in place. I also don't know if the back is squeezing too tight that it could damage the tablet or not. Since then Apple has confirmed that it WILL work but won't be a "precise" fit when closed. These dummies seem to agree with that, but again no way I could stay with certainty just with these non-functional dummy units.

  • not bad info but if you had a problem with your ipad i wouldnt download all the same stuff from icloud onto your new clean ipad you will probably get the same problems

  • I’m REALLY hoping they have a mini Pro in the works, too 🤞

    • @mike stewart Mostly for the slimmer bezels and maybe Touch ID on the power button, but I do think Apple has pro iPad apps in the works - I prefer the smaller form factor for things Logic remote.

    • I’m get really interested in why a mini pro? What would you be doing with that power in such a small device? As a video editor, even the 11” pro is had to use since you can’t really see the same amount of area since the aspect ratio is different. And again, writing scripts is harder because less is visible. So I can’t imagine why a mini pro would come in handy when you could just have the air internals and the air design instead of a pro

  • What was the purpose of today’s post. A waste of my time.

    • And why show this pointless video when he “supposedly” had a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 mock-up to compare thickness and to see if it fit in the old Magic Keyboard.

    • Agreed!

  • how is your webcam better on your Mac compared to mine. They are exactly the same 😩 3:15

  • Sr when ever I’m zooming picture in my iPhone 11 the pixels are burst ?!!!

  • I have no interest in an iPad Mini 6 like that. Not just for the now very dated appearance, but the fact that it does not use the gestures of my iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, or have modern spec cameras. If Apple had made like a mini iPad Air I would have ordered on day one (would have been good for exhibiting, travelling, and controlling my drone) - but looks like I will be saving my money

    • @Jonathan Tuba I also do this. Aside from the 4 finger swipe mentioned, you can also swipe up from the bottom a little (like you’re about to close the app)then flick to the right or left to go to the last used apps respectively Try it:)

    • @Jonathan Tuba i have the iPad 4, you can swipe the whole screen with 4 fingers to do that

    • @Matthew Tang The gesture that is missing is the swipe across the bottom to go back to the previous app. I use that all the time and it is not available on the older style devices.

    • I agree with you as I’ve been waiting for a resigned Mini for a long time now. But I had an old mini 4 and I can confirm the gestures you’re used to are there: swipe up to home, up and hold to multitask, even app switching by gestures are supported .

  • There’s no point of a iPad mini update! It doesn’t make sense tbh! The iPad Air is the new mini 😮‍💨

  • I recently got hold of two new Zipp Mini from online personal trading apps in China, for a total of only 700RMB(108USD).Too cheap and value.