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Well what is up, my name is James and this is my channel Major Hardware. By day I'm a Mechanical Engineer, by night I'm a PC/Tech enthusiast. I love checking out new or interesting products doing my best to make them look as good as possible on camera. I also love thinking outside the box, trying to come up with new or interesting ideas on how to test hardware. Quite literally if you can dream it, you can design and build it and that is what i intend to do.

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13:43SMOOTHING 3D prints with isopropyl alcohol
11:14My NEW FAVORITE 3D printer - FLSUN Super Racer
12:21Building a PC in a 3D PRINTED CASE
Building a PC in a 3D PRINTED CASEvisningar 30tnMånad sedan
12:55FLYING Phantom 4 with 3D printed PC FANS
FLYING Phantom 4 with 3D printed PC FANSvisningar 202tnMånad sedan
10:51What do YOU think it is? - Fan Showdown S2E8
What do YOU think it is? - Fan Showdown S2E8visningar 136tn2 månader sedan
12:58REAL ENGINEER tries Fusion 360 for the first time
14:33Best Fan Noctua Hasnt Made - Elegoo Neptune 2
Best Fan Noctua Hasnt Made - Elegoo Neptune 2visningar 91tn2 månader sedan
20:22Sometimes EVERYTHING goes wrong - GPU Fan Showdown
7:59What a DEAL! - MSI GE66 Raider Review
What a DEAL! - MSI GE66 Raider Reviewvisningar 14tn3 månader sedan
10:52BEST IN SHOW! - Fan Showdown S2E4
BEST IN SHOW! - Fan Showdown S2E4visningar 311tn3 månader sedan
9:31Fan Designed By Bees? | Fan Showdown S2E2
Fan Designed By Bees? | Fan Showdown S2E2visningar 598tn4 månader sedan


  • This is a really interesting show!

  • @4:10 everyone just installed A/C

  • Don't let your meme fans be dream fans!

  • It might be dangerous or damage the printer, but you could try mixing the powder with just enough resin to make a paste that keeps the powder suspended. Maybe keep the resin cold with an A/C unit?

  • That stain looks dope

  • Roof turbines done exist anymore because attics are constructed differently now. They are becoming insulated spaces that are climate controlled just like the interior of the home.

  • My dad has an old cooler master case it had a duct directly connected to the side panel to the CPU pulling in cold air

  • Major Hardware:"Little American Boat" What I see (If you were to shift the red and blue):"Матушка Россия"

  • I love that LAP finally happend. Sometimes, you need to break the rules specifically to fuck with people

  • we want more fans!!!!! fans=fans

  • how did you get it for free, I've been suing it for free through school (educational license/account) but I haven't seen any other option for using it for free

  • 1:27 he tried to but failed?

  • Print the "screecher fan" off! I want to know how it performs.

  • ah yes. "Fan Showdown", the only tournament arc I actually enjoy.

  • Now you just need to do the "push pull" configuration, with one fall pushing and one fan pulling. That's how it's recommended by some radiator "experts".

  • never enough! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

  • Is this work for you RX 590 is toast after mining for a bit I want to get it back in action not sure what happened no display to GPU what's the temperature and how long and what side up

  • If we provide assembly drawings, are multi part fans allowed? Assuming we can design them to not require any fasteners and not have too many parts of course.

  • I personally can’t 3D print so can anyone make the cold side of a turbocharger into. A fan

  • I’ve had an idea for a fan but don’t have anything to design it with. It’s the fan design used on a 10si alternator with offset fins/blades. I saw some submitted a similar idea taken from a Ford radiator fan. The 10si I’ve seen two different styles. One with one large fin and the rest get smaller with a few small remaining the same size. The second has two large fins, four medium fins, and four small fins. If someone wants to use this idea and is willing to submit a design to the creator that would be great.

  • You should use a wind tunnel for the smoke test where the back wall is an alternating black and white panel to get an accurate measure of how much air it's moving. Wind tunnels work by sucking air through a laminar flow chamber and into an open area where is will move over or through objects. in the case for the fan show down an inches per second system of measurement for air flow would work.

  • The roof whirly ventilators actually didn't have any benefit from their spinning so they are not used anymore. It was all marketing wank.

  • Print a new radiator with lots of flat fins (using a ton of copper) to conduct the heat from the tubes and see if you can get the delta closer to 50C

  • Whats that big purple one

  • 1:00 That hanging powerboard has me twitching.

  • Anyone have the download link to the Roof Ventilator model? Can't seem to find it on Thingiverse.

  • First: will we ever see a static pressure test? And second, on feb. 3rd I sent you 3 fans in an email titled "Breezy three fans" lol just kina wanting to see about one of them in particular being tested😅.

  • So.. WHY does the Fan Fan work so well? This needs to be engineered further.

  • Time to invest in a duel extruder and get some water soluble support material

  • Nice video, but just a tip- on mobile, the “after” on the thumbnail is covered by the video length.

  • The Roof top Fan is called "WhirleyBird Roof Vent"

  • I purchased the Ender 5 DIY and it seems to have a lot less of these issues right out of the box. It's the best $300-ish I've ever spent.

    • @eXplod3 i HIGHLY suggest the Ender 5 over the Ender 3 because of its use of four pillars and an up-down-only bed.

    • You can pretty much purchase 2 Ender 5's for the price of the Prusa. I added a Bl Touch to the Ender and it prints amazing! I would recommend anyone getting into 3D Printing to get either a Ender 3 pro or a Ender 5 pro.

  • 19:20 this is what Leonardo DA Vinci was hoping for .. Flight LOL

  • The TM Warthog throttle is easily fixed, there is a guy in Canada that will send you a brand new board in exchange for your bricked control board. Just Google and you will be on your way!

  • Me and the boys tunnelling water vapour into an expensive graphics card during a shortage

  • Well my first thought is to test a heat exchanger with fins and tubes rather than just tubes.

  • I wonder if the square was made as a hexagon with more blades, would it do better? It looks promising.

  • This is an absolutely ridiculous test this is made for extreme heat in engines

  • Alright, we need a season of Propeller Showdown

  • how about someone make the fan blades with F1 front wing designs lol

  • Memes take over everything, for example look at dogecoin going to the goddamn moon and then mars

  • Starting to question legitimacy of flsun3d website. It was awkward to register and when I tried to order somebody else's address was listed as shipping. Thought I had it straightened out but other than the money they took from PayPal I have had no response.

  • another great way to smooth normal 3D prints is by coating it with 3d printing resign, here is a great video on it;

  • Have two roof turbines on top of my garage they work great.

  • I know it's unrealistic but I would love a fan showdown every day or every other day.

  • sean is a legend

  • The gold ranger kinda looks like an artic p12 fan

  • the compressor makes no sense for cooling. the design is still impressive though!

  • So I was just wondering, after having seen your smoothing video, what the difference would be with some of these fans if they were smoothed.

  • I actually really like the break rotor cooler fan whatever, because it shoots the air out sideways -- this would be really good for a pull fan in a PC that's close to a wall where the normal ejection path would be blocked (and thus really turbulent) by a wall or back of desk, though I guess bolting a fan duct to the back of the PC would be an even better solution

  • You should be able to smooth pla out using dichloromethane (DCM) a solvent I commenly use in the lab (I'm a chemist). I tried a lot of different solvents with various materials (both resin and filaments) and DCM dissolves pla really wel.

  • Is it Noctua printed fan or of the shelf?

  • Is there an updated leaderboard somewhere, I'm unsure about where to find that

  • I really appreciate you listing the episode where you test these fans...


  • My vote is to test the strength of the stuff before and after smoothing. Maybe compare it to a popular PLA too. I know, there are 34 channels doing that type of stuff, but you have the fancy vapor elevator for this one case. The smoothing filament could be useful for more than cosmetics if the physical characteristics are different and desirable in some way over PLA. I know PETG, ABS, Nylon, and carbon blends all have some advantages but they often are only marginally better. Plus they often have significant negatives; stuff like hot end limitations, fumes, enclosures ... If this stuff is reasonably safe and easy to print it might make up 90% of the difference.

  • Is the blue vase a fanblade too?

  • Hahahahahah! The ass!!!! What a fucking legend! Hhahahha

  • Need more fans! Bring on fans!

  • Would like to see you come back to this concept. Look it with an IR camera. If your cooling gradient is small enough across the blades, using even a basic refridgeration component for the water would let you go up to something absurd like 7Ghz or so. The only problem to solve for after that is condensation, and the evaporative cooling loop doubles as a riser so you could 3D print and seal a separation layer to protect the motherboard or use gravity and place the board upside down. Ideally both.

  • I want that demon fan. Though I would like it for a 200mm fan. For something else, not my PC. Hehehehe.

  • Just a guess, but I'm betting the roof spinny things disappeared for the simple reason that a design with a moving part is less robust than a design with no moving parts: It was probably not only cheaper, but wise to move to a more robust design. (disclaimer: I don't do construction and I don't know the actual reasons things changed!)

  • I’m a roofer. The beautiful spinny bois (roof ventilation turbines) Are still an option that you can get on your home, and when undamaged are completely silent. They’re really good for low pitch roofs in med-low wind areas with high temps(Texas, Arizona...) , cause they do pull a bunch of air out cooling the home... but they’re not super amazing for water tightness. Ridge vents require a high pitch roof or a forced ventilation system with soffit ventilation and baffles running the hot air up and out

  • the fan fan has comic sans font in the middle fucking hell

  • Me: **enjoying video** Video: "Thank you to skillshare for sponsoring this vi-" Me: **skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip**

  • Anyone else get RonCo flashbacks? "You just set it and forget it!" I haven't watched tv on tv in years, sometimes I miss that campy late night stuff :P Nostalgia makes everything better I guess.

  • Isn’t Fan Fan the name of a spy

  • More fan show downssss

  • You got a new Sub cause of this vid. I love this!

  • Corrugated ridge vents. That's what happened to the turbines. All that spinny madness was replaced by a simple, no maintenance strip of plastic that runs under a cap course of shingles and permits air rising up from the soffit vents to carry attic heat out the center ridge of the roof.

  • Btw i love the jams

  • Vase fan

  • I have two on my roof

  • This was a great experiment 😊👍👍😊 It inspired me to do a search and it looks like there are resins incorporating metal out there - one called Ferrolite looks interesting. Also, on the possibility of the copper separating out, the fineness of the powder is an important factor. I understand that powders with grain size on the nanometer scale is available. When it gets that small settling stops

  • I have an idea. Maybe in the future sometime there could be a 3D printed mouse shroud series. Maybe it's possible to get a mouse sensor and just rip the rest of the mouse off and get a certain layout for people to follow and build their designs. Could be fun.

  • an air siren design could be louder, but it would need a stationary housing to press fit inside tthe noctua chassis