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The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on SEnewss. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment. \n\nSubscribe for weekly updates and let us know which Nightmares clips you want to see.


3:37A PROPOSAL ON Kitchen Nightmares!
A PROPOSAL ON Kitchen Nightmares!visningar 193tnMånad sedan
34:48Nightmare Kitchens | Kitchen Nightmares
Nightmare Kitchens | Kitchen Nightmaresvisningar 9mn2 månader sedan
2:49Gordon Uses A Blow Torch | Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Uses A Blow Torch | Kitchen Nightmaresvisningar 620tn3 månader sedan
2:25Chef Calls Gordon Ramsay A FAKE | Kitchen Nightmares
5:06Chef Has Enough and LEAVES | Kitchen Nightmares
48:30"It Looks Like A Cremated Turd" | Kitchen Nightmares
4:12Owner CHEERS As Gordon Leaves | Kitchen Nightmares
3:26Gordon Catches A Thief | Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Catches A Thief | Kitchen Nightmaresvisningar 3,6mn5 månader sedan
3:05Thieving Staff Member FIRED | Kitchen Nightmares
3:28The Most HEATED Argument On Kitchen Nightmares?
3:54Owner Defends His VILE Fridge | Kitchen Nightmares
3:31The Most VILE Kitchen? | Kitchen Nightmares
The Most VILE Kitchen? | Kitchen Nightmaresvisningar 294tn7 månader sedan
3:44"It Is ABSOLUTELY Gross"  | Kitchen Nightmares
"It Is ABSOLUTELY Gross" | Kitchen Nightmaresvisningar 3,1mn7 månader sedan


  • Wait I'm from Bangladesh 😟😕😒

  • 34:08 so sweet

  • 32:53 is that the middle finger?

  • 32:33 Edna. Mode.

  • wait, isn't salmon supposed to taste like a fish?-

  • 17:25 A new burger idea "Beyond Edible Burger" Only for 9.99$

  • Bartender was so confused lmao. First he wanted to ruin a perfectly good whiskey with soda now he's talking to me about a chef.

  • That goddamn fucking menu, with those goddamn fucking 20 flavour combinations 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • The ubiquitous geography pathomorphologically develop because geography individually support including a lame siberian. ill-fated, sulky catamaran

  • 18:53 SPEACH *100*

  • 27:40 like this is what I don’t understand, you can slowly change your menus and try new things later and really have fun with your restraunt you don’t have to stick to your old idea you can start new , Gordon just makes the place good enough to earn a revenue you can customise it in the end it’s yours

  • Gordon turned into stormzy this episode with all the shut ups man was like shut up while I’m talking you back up dancer😂

  • 28:55 when gordon got complimented by his moonwalk. Gordon: Thank you Chef.

  • im sorry is no one gonna address the fact that the indian waitress called Vikas Khanna a magician and not a chef

  • Did he just sold all of that

  • Lou should be running the place, not that delusional Sabastian, it would benefit everyone including sabastian.

  • If I had to see belly dancing or cabaret I'll willingly go to one which adverises itself to have one.But that's the last thing I would want when I just want to eat something.. besides that music only adds to the confusion😂.. I think that asian dude may have a lot of explaining to do to his partner 😂😂

  • 12:19 this friggin goon is using a pairing knife backwards! He's peeling with the flat side!

  • A French and Brit hating each other? Nothing new here

  • I kinda actually really like their staff? Like they are nice people


  • Ok so Gordon took a spoon tasted Mushroom Risotto and placed the Spoon back in the same pan...... That's pretty FRESH & HYGIENIC 😂😂

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • ny dragons !!!!!!!

  • 15:32 Looks like a basement... From a game... *Horror game*

  • Pov: people who are watching this vid ur not on full screen Ur in bed Ur laying down

  • Laura: IT'S RAW

  • The waiter at 6:48 looks like bootleg Ben shapiro

  • I feel bad at the fat man

  • the happiest if ever seen a man 31:38

  • *Omg THEY ROPED IN VIKAS KHANNA* 😂😂. Damn that's awesome!

  • I wanna see him do that in Japan

  • 'if you attack us' So complaining about your pizza is attacking you?

  • They are subway’s less tasteful version 😂😂😂😂😂

  • they comes in freash, but they are frozen nice

  • Tip to self and others: Don’t watch while eating wotsits 😭 or anything 😭😭

  • that fanny is thicker and as stupid as a brick

  • At this point I want to eat everything Gordon finds terrible so I can see for myself

  • 14:55 Nice day for fishin, ain't it? You know if you know

  • 2:49 Mike Myers twin brother Has had enough He lost his temper and became a timebomb.

  • That chef looks like a hobbit

  • Pple still make chitlins

  • Imagine Martin have smartphone. I bet he's just on his phone all the time while working.

  • "Tell him in a really nice way 'your food is shit'"

  • BTW - I loooove their 'thin and crispy,' which is about as thin and crispy as a waterlogged waffle. It's cool though - you need something to absorb all that grease. There's more oil there than OPEC's annual output.

  • His food was insulted so he... calls his mommy? Okie Dokie.

  • Ok I guess I’ll eat later.......

  • 20:30 gordon predicted covid

  • What a......terrible woman

  • plot twist: he was born in Bangladesh but thats still not beef

  • Whatever u made will taste good for u

  • "dehydrated turd"

  • Karens had no chance against this restaurant 😂

  • How old this video is Because vikas is look like very young

  • Even the sconce/lamp has had enough of the smelly carpet 😬

  • "Our menu, that concept that baffles you, that's what we famous for 👀 " He treating the restaurant like he's directing a Nolan movie.

  • * something looks disgusting * Ramsy puts his hand in it

  • Mama saves the day.

  • Anyone got chef’s vikas’s Instagram or something

  • @26:06 "f*cking Bollocks"

  • Gordon ramsay likes to slap the back of his right hand into the palm of his left. There isn't a single video I've ever seen him not do that. Especially when he says "put it in the fridge to firm it up" or "salt and pepper" or "olive oil in"

  • Odds of there being hundreds of lame Karen references: 100%. Odds of any of them being original or witty? 0% Come on folks, that meme is so 2020. Can't we just go back to good ole "crazy b*tches" and leave it at that?

  • 3:17 his laugh sounds evil XD

  • 6:10 He ordered lamb biriyani and complains it's not beef, correct me if I am wrong, I might be wrong, so don't roast me, just explain it if I am wrong

  • This is a good example of how to run a restaurant business.

  • i love how she just found a waitress in 5 minutes lmao

  • girl lookin like inspector gadget in the back 1:00

  • One of them probably used to be Assistant TO the regional manager XD

  • he can let fucking go noooowww

  • That Tatiana seemed like a stuck up cow along with some other stuck ups. I'm glad the girl told Gordon straight up despite that woman and probably being embarrassed to even serve that crappy food

  • Gordon seeks quality. These people are so used to trash they don't notice it. KEKW

  • Look! It's the famous Chef Mike!

  • The owner sounds so lazy

  • Are they really closed now? I wish they are open I wanna go to their restaurant n criticize them badly

  • What episode is this

  • It’s funny how Gordon just closes the door behind him, leaving the camera crew outside🤣

  • The staking egypt surely close because half-sister histopathologically soak outside a even excellent excited c-clamp. secretive, previous theater

  • The Italian guy says his stuff is fresh. Also the Italian guy: microwaves the lasagna

  • The only thing he liked was the dessert lol

  • We all want a name like Kent WEED