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12:30the worst Body Checking Video on youtube
the worst Body Checking Video on youtubevisningar 150tn19 timmar sedan
14:37the darkest day in Disneyland History
the darkest day in Disneyland Historyvisningar 168tn19 timmar sedan
16:02Courtney Stodden Deserved Better
Courtney Stodden Deserved Bettervisningar 108tn7 dagar sedan
9:18The Creepiest Age Gap Relationship Just Got Worse
15:57we need to talk about the cat eating tik tok cult
13:30The Biggest Thief on Tik Tok: Janet Cyrus
10:41Mini Ladd Is Worse Than We Thought
Mini Ladd Is Worse Than We Thoughtvisningar 155tn21 dag sedan
13:31The Creepiest Age Gap Relationship Ever (She's 8)
13:16They Stole My Art And Got It Tattooed
They Stole My Art And Got It Tattooedvisningar 147tnMånad sedan
13:43Rosaliee Ospina is a Clown (And Ableist)
Rosaliee Ospina is a Clown (And Ableist)visningar 321tnMånad sedan
19:46Lillee Jean Has Lost It
Lillee Jean Has Lost Itvisningar 238tnMånad sedan
15:53The Truth About Corpse Husband
The Truth About Corpse Husbandvisningar 196tnMånad sedan
17:02We Need To Talk About Thumin
We Need To Talk About Thuminvisningar 304tnMånad sedan
31:53The WORST Fan Ever
The WORST Fan Evervisningar 313tnMånad sedan
11:53We Need To Talk About Dance Moms...
We Need To Talk About Dance Moms...visningar 159tnMånad sedan
15:46Why James Charles' Instant Influencer Failed
13:56David Dobrik is Diet Jake Paul
David Dobrik is Diet Jake Paulvisningar 260tnMånad sedan
14:00The WORST Furry Art Thief on DeviantArt
The WORST Furry Art Thief on DeviantArtvisningar 446tnMånad sedan


  • I have her blocked since I realised she wasnt trying to recover... Its frustrating to see someone who has the means to get the best treatment be like this... to see that No one in her circle tries to stop this. If they want the money, they could get it by helping her too, all of youtube wants to see her get better... the views would be amazing... but nah, guess they will all let her destroy herself ...

  • there's no getting through to these people that its all part of the illness and these videos help no-one but the posters

    • make a video on ED's... not EC

    • the thing with this disease is, people actively seek triggers out. Y'all are just increasing the supply.

    • in fact, they trigger those suffering even more. it's like saying the name Beatleguise 3 times

  • I will say i have not followed this. However what i have heard is not okay. I’m so sorry that they have to go through this. Anyone who is popular have to go through this, and it’s not okay. It sickens me that my race does this. SKIN COLOR DOES NOT MATTER. YOUR ABILITY IS NOT BECAUSE YOURE WHITE OR BLACK OR ASIAN OR WHATEVER!!! i’m subbing to this channel and the one talked about. I am sorry for my race and the shit they put people through :(

  • But uhhh... it’s not aggys choice to let predators buy her stuff, and if you read the comics yeah it might help people overcome trauma.. you say she’s gross for posting this stuff but saying that it’s bullshit that it’s helping her overcome trauma is gross.

  • I deleted her from all social media a while ago because I see through the facade of saying things like ( put on baby voice) I'm at a healthy weight, there's nothing wrong with me guys etc. It's frustrating, she's a danger to herself and her fanbase.

  • I’m most trigger by the crazy amount of hair flicking!!!! 😡🤯

  • What was that hair flipping 🙄 I never saw her jumping and this happy either 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ok How Bad is Deviantart??

  • Lol Antoons is trying to sue Creep Show.

  • she was *jumping from excitement* from those comments? oh.

  • If you ever see this, I just wanna say that I am deeply grateful that you take the time to put disclaimers at the beginning of the videos that express topics like this. Personally I have anxiety that makes me sensitive to some topics, for various reasons. I know a bunch of people feel bad about this topic. I think it’s really considerate, and I just wanted to show thanks.

  • people say "your childhood is the most carefree time of your life" mf nowadays half of us are constantly creeped out just because of people and things like in this video. It's not just that we're too much on social media, we experience the problem. we're all just done with those old men staring at us or people complimenting us in creepy ways, even if it's not meant in that way. You can't just tell who is a creep and who's not. I feel looked at 24/7 and have (in the last 3 years) barely worn anything other than oversized hoodies, men's sweatpants and XL shirts because everything else just doesn't feel safe or good anymore, showing any skin (like arms) just feels wrong most of the time. (this part is not about the video anymore, just leave if you want to) I'm done with being a minor at this point (not just for this), I make sure I know what I'm talking about when I say 'important' stuff (otherwise I just shut up), but everyone is just gonna say "you're a child, you don't know what you're saying". Don't want to be that one "I'm sooo mature" kid but i just wanna say this: kids have kind of changed over the years and started doing things earlier, even puberty starts earlier now (or so it seems, I was 9-10) and many 8 year olds can use social media already. And people say "kids" like they're all the same, think the same and are the same level of grown up, but the whole thing is that we are all different in those things. Some indeed live carefree, but most aren't as innocent and uneducated about bad things. I don't mean adults have it better, but we don't all have carefree lives filled with cute rainbows and clouds like some people seem to think and those people annoy me so much. sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get it off my chest also sorry if there are mistakes or if anything is unclear, English isn't my first language.

  • the best way to help her is to stop acting like shes a walking eating disorder. Her whole internet presence is based on her eating disorder. Having an eating disorder can already make you feel like you are ONLY an eating disorder and nothing else, and a reason at least for me, why it took so long to recover is because i felt like i had nothing else to me. If people start talking about her like shes A PERSON who is actually really kind and entertaining might honestly help.

  • Suggestions if you can't handle the content mute the video and watch the art she still gets the view & your mental well being isn't damaged 💙

  • Anyone here cuz Shannon mentioned she had an old vid of when she first came to SEnewss?

  • Shannon being hilarious:“Is it you Andrew? Are you the wizard?”

  • You are correct, giving any attention to it good or bad, mean or nice continues the cycle.

  • shes still doing this shit 😒

  • Shannon being hilarious:“Is it you Andrew? Are you the wizard?”

  • It's like this website was made for predators- Jeez..

  • So true that's why I unsubscribed from her chanel I was done she is hopeless. I just hope she doesn't encourage other people with E.D.

  • Real question. What would happen if everyone told her she got fatter? What would happen?

  • does nobody else get deja vu with this and aaliyah / r. kelly? 💀

  • 2:43

    • Want a break from the ads?

  • It's the Ant Hill Gang pt 2 Holy shit

  • i think this is true. i wasn’t aware to the fact that racism wasn’t funny until doing my own research about cultural appropriation, caricatures, black face, etc. and a lot of that does have to with age. i was maybe 10 to 12 when i started watching Shane, David, and Jason. being 17 now? i can definitely look back and be like.. “this was completely offensive and wrong”. i think also being biracial (and passing as white or other) made it so i didn’t see racism as much as my darker skinned counterparts. so while people have said slick racist things and definitely have done things based on me being not white, i was never made fun of for my actual skin color. so black face wasn’t something so terrible for me until realizing ... just bc it doesn’t affect you personally doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong. i think all people - even poc non black people and non pocs - should research all the topics i said above to actually understand why a joke based on race is racist and why content centered around being “fake” racist is wrong.

  • that's sad. In highschool I was underweigth. My butt was hurting when I was sitting on wooden chairs in school or benches durring P.E. because of how skiny I was. I was not able to run as fast as other girls, I couldn't carry as much as the others, I was falling asleep durring daytime and I would be tired even by walking upstairs. I felt so bad because of that then, but I had no appetite. I needed to force myself to eat. I did not feel pretty I FELT LIKE A WALKING CORPSE. Seeing modern models or Eugenia is just leaving me speachless. This is not healthy, this is not beautiful, this is... you know what? I leave it just there and go to kitchen to make myself dinner. Because of this pandemic and lockdown I lost too much weight. Stay safe and treat yourselves well!

  • Random rant: These constant trigger warnings on youtube vids are getting ridiculous. If you have history an eating disorder and you are triggered by seeing people who are anorexic, why would you click on a video with a title that clearly talks about body checking? I feel like it's kind of feeding into that whole ignorant, right wing "snowflake" accusation. They dismiss every legitimate complaint about societal ills as "liberals being snowflakes" by pointing to things like overused TW's. Like, if you are triggered so badly by a certain thing, it is on you to take the extra step to avoid that topic. Especially when the title and thumbnail is clearly telling you what the video is about. I watch a ton of true crime and there are always TWs. Ffs, you clicked on a video titled "The Rape and Murder of...." and you need a damn TW to warn you that this video includes talk of sexual assault?? Come on, I mean where do we draw the line.

  • Hi how are you today! 👋

  • What are those yellow and green stuff on peoples name?

  • I've been saying this. People talking about her are just making her disorder worse. I've personally contacted Sloan on Instagram to let him know how problematic his content and his comments sections are, but he either didn't see it or he ignored it. People need to stop supporting those channels that just fuel her disorder.

  • Ironically, he could be an interesting character on Helluva Boss or Hazbin Hotel. You know the adult cartoons set in HELL

  • Maybe yall her fans should stop treating this grown a$$ manipulative woman as a baby. She doesn’t need your pity or support, she just wants money and attention.

  • My dad was more than happy to consent to himself assaulting me so... I wouldn't trust my parents to consent on a damn thing. Parents are shit

  • I completely understand why people want her channel gone, but I'd rather let it stay up for a few reasons. People with eating disorders without a doubt watch her for inspiration/admiration. I'd rather have people see her on a safer platform like SEnewss rather that go on Twitter or somewhere else that could have things posted that are way more harmful. Her page still has negative impacts, but it's generally safer than other thinspo pages and blogs.

  • whathappened? i couldve swore she was in recovery and had gained weight and become healthier like a year ago?

  • It was really helpful to hear what someone with a eating disorder thinks. Thank you for helping us understand.

  • That disclaimer was abit much... virtue signal much?

  • I feel sympathy for this poor girl, but at the same time I’m soooo frustrated with her. She is so caught up with herself that she doesn’t even care of the fact that she influences young people to think that this is ok :( When I saw her video with the hate comments for the first time I didn’t even realize how toxic her behavior was. I just thought that it was kinda weird that she was so cheerful when reading the horrific comments. It took a while for me to realize it was all body checking. I hope she seeks help soon, because this is not gonna end well if she don’t :/

  • “Smoke letters are great when I’m having a panic attack” You good?

  • She’s so far into it now I don’t know if she can be helped. Breaks my heart.

  • Use code Nbird at G-fuel for 10 percent off

  • what drawing app do u use btw love ur vids :>

  • Every time I watch a video on Eugenia I just get so upset. There’s nothing we can do and the people that CAN do something won’t. It’s just so sad

  • I remember my parents were part of the conspiracy that she wasn't actually 16 and that it was just a publicity stunt.

  • I am insulted. Prime is a title that must be warned.

  • I can’t watch anything about her anymore because it’s simply too disturbing. OMG. Is it possible she is the most malnourished I have ever seen her in that brief clip. I don’t know how much longer her body can take this level of deprivation.

  • There's nothing wrong with making a cannibal natzi lol. Like no one shit on the creators of captain America for making natzi characters. But I mean yea don't romanticize it... Like the problem is making it seem cool I guess?

  • haven't heard of this girl in a long time poor thing

  • I honestly do not understand how she is even able to stand up.

  • This video just pushed me over the edge in regards to my sympathy for her. Her attitude is disgusting in this. Its called meanspo. Ppl w ed experience know exactly what she's doing.

  • This was fucking hard. I could hear it in your voice. My struggles with disordered eating began in November. What a fight it is.

  • gosh, I hate those people who don't understand (or try to understand) stuff just because they can't relate to it.

  • as sombody who looked up to very disturbed.. there parents are exploiting her so i dont blame her

  • I.... feel sick.

  • My view on Eugenia is that she feels she is being successful purely due to the massive attention she gets, she doesn't care if it's positive or negative attention, as long as it's attention because attention on SEnewss = $$$/fame. She doesn't care if she resembles a horror show to many people, in her mind she's found her niche looking like she does and she's going to stick to it no matter what because in her mind it makes her unique amongst all the others out there and if she ever put on weight, to her, all that would evaporate. There are others out there who I see as being in the same vein, Amberlynn Reid is one. I also get a creepy menacing vibe from her, I don't think she is a particularly nice person, she has a dark twisted soul imo, similar to others like Jeff* and ShaneD. Those three all strike me as being very similar to each other in their darkness and cruelty and they probably regularly all hang out together. Just a hunch. But yea, she likes how she is, how she looks and what it gets her, the place on social media she sits at, and imo people are wasting their time giving her their sympathy. She doesn't want it.

  • james isnt gone only because theres been so many false and random grooming/predatory allegations throughout yt that everyones trying to be careful and make sure they dont get anything wrong and they arent slandering him, and some might actually be trying to work with the police due to the victim number rising. they also might be going through evidence with an extremely fine comb. theres people making sure that hes gonna go and be kicked off the platform rightfully, and theres people who just want to move on to the next drama

  • I've been waiting for your video about this!!

  • Hey, I know I’m a nobody to you, But I wanted to ask. What drawing app do you use? It’s really nice and I like it a lot.

  • With each flick of her hair she flipped off every single person with genuine concern for her health. 😔

  • Anyone who is struggling with minor-attraction, PLEASE seek help. It's not your fault, but you can change. Many people struggle with it. You can work through it. Your attraction to minors isn't something to be proud of, but you shouldn't be ashamed to get help. Don't give in to the disgusting people on Twitter. You can be better than that

  • Internet, was born in November 1969, making the Internet 50 years old <3

  • I have been binging old theme park stuff like this and when I saw you made a video in the same vein 🤩🤩🤩

  • I saw clips (not from her channel but other ones) of her reacting to her chat a few days ago and it was sad to see the comment section say things like her crying and breaking down was a good thing because it means that she can "show emotion". I honestly don't know what to do either tbh. I don't think anyone does. Maybe she should be hospitalized or we should wait until she needs to go.

  • I’ve been recovered from an 8 year battle with anorexia for about 6 months now, and the other night my sister grabbed my arm and said “have you lost weight again?” (I hadn’t) And holy shit, it set me back a little bit. Any comment on someone with disordered eating’s weight will fuck them up. Don’t tell them they look too thin, don’t tell them they look sick, and when they’re in recovery, don’t tell them they look “healthy”. Go for compliments about their character, tell them how much happier they seem, tell them you love them for things that don’t have to do with their appearance.

  • Anyone else need that animal/influencer story? Also, your husband is amazingly insightful.

  • Good to know, murder someone at Disney land and ensure they die and I possibly get away

  • Since nearly every comment here is pretty sad and negative, here's a random thought I had whilst watching this video= CreepyShow art: I 100% do *not want you to watch the video-* Me: **pauses video** Welp now I just feel unwelcome.

  • This girl is literally the sole definition of natural selection. Best to just ignore her and let nature take it's course.

  • I think its that and the fact that people like rumours, secrets, ext. This has non of that, its been proven.

  • I wanted not to get involved. But you convinced me. And I think you are right. I didn't watch, didn't comment. Just bloked her.

  • Creepshow art: I'm bad at jokes unsubscribe to me

  • A woman in the UK died after having anorexia since childhood. Eugenia is at that level that Nikki Graham was.

  • I never thought of it this way. Thank you for this

  • Lol should make a 2020-2021mf tea vid were all the tea is in the pot lol

  • “12 years in Azkaban for liking the same pie”. This girl is the shit!!! They way she talks! I’m in love! 😍

  • Honestly, I wish I had Onision's confidence, but not his lack of self-awareness and just the whole heap of other mess he lacks