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15:05NBA Moments That Turned Into Memes
16:37NBA Players That Work A NORMAL Job..
NBA Players That Work A NORMAL Job..visningar 1,2mn7 dagar sedan
13:39WORST Haircuts in NBA History..
WORST Haircuts in NBA History..visningar 883tn14 dagar sedan
12:00This VIRAL Video ENDED His NBA Career..
This VIRAL Video ENDED His NBA Career..visningar 1,3mn14 dagar sedan
13:44WEIRDEST Bans In NBA History..
WEIRDEST Bans In NBA History..visningar 1,6mn21 dag sedan
10:20NBA Players You Didn't Know Were RELATED
NBA Players You Didn't Know Were RELATEDvisningar 866tn28 dagar sedan
20:11Why NBA Players Got Their Tattoos..
Why NBA Players Got Their Tattoos..visningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
11:35Things You Didn't Know About The NBA..
Things You Didn't Know About The NBA..visningar 899tnMånad sedan
14:30DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..
DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..visningar 2,5mnMånad sedan
15:38NBA Players That Went To JAIL..
NBA Players That Went To JAIL..visningar 1,4mnMånad sedan
12:56Times NBA Players HUMILIATED Reporters..
Times NBA Players HUMILIATED Reporters..visningar 2,1mnMånad sedan
10:53The DUMBEST Things NBA Players Ever Said..
11:54Times NBA Players Went TOO FAR..
Times NBA Players Went TOO FAR..visningar 764tnMånad sedan
14:50Most DISRESPECTFUL Taunts In NBA History..
12:33WEIRDEST Pre-Game Rituals In NBA History
WEIRDEST Pre-Game Rituals In NBA Historyvisningar 983tnMånad sedan
13:23Most EMBARRASSING Moments In NBA History..
13:47CRAZIEST Transformations in NBA History..
CRAZIEST Transformations in NBA History..visningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
14:19Times Kevin Hart DISRESPECTED NBA Players..
Times Kevin Hart DISRESPECTED NBA Players..visningar 862tn2 månader sedan
15:21NBA Players That FORCED Rule Changes..
NBA Players That FORCED Rule Changes..visningar 4,1mn2 månader sedan
12:29Most DISRESPECTFUL Moments In NBA History..
Most DISRESPECTFUL Moments In NBA History..visningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
12:54How This NBA Star Became A Homeless Man..
How This NBA Star Became A Homeless Man..visningar 7mn2 månader sedan
14:10Times NBA Fans Went TOO FAR..
Times NBA Fans Went TOO FAR..visningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
13:01What NBA Players Think of Kyrie Irving
What NBA Players Think of Kyrie Irvingvisningar 940tn2 månader sedan
11:30Why NBA Players CHANGED Their Name..
Why NBA Players CHANGED Their Name..visningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
13:18Most DISRESPECTFUL Players In NBA History..
Most DISRESPECTFUL Players In NBA History..visningar 3,5mn2 månader sedan
13:56Times Shaq DISRESPECTED NBA Players..
Times Shaq DISRESPECTED NBA Players..visningar 4,6mn3 månader sedan
11:32NBA Players That Let Themselves Go..
NBA Players That Let Themselves Go..visningar 2,7mn3 månader sedan
10:01The Curse Of NBA Masks..
The Curse Of NBA Masks..visningar 963tn3 månader sedan
10:34How NBA Players Got Their Jersey Number..
How NBA Players Got Their Jersey Number..visningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan


  • Jordan is the GOAT

  • Who's here after curry overtook Wilt in all time warriors scoring and Kobe in 3-pointer games?

  • 16 Million over the course of their career today for a player scoring 30+ points over 4 seasons is highway robbery lol wtf

  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

  • 2:54 your face Rudy...

  • dang i thought karl malones record was most 12 year olds pregenant

  • Awww poor Grandpa ......but he had his moment 😂

  • Kobe said send another one lol 😂 Mam I miss Kobe :/ how did we go from that to this....

  • Correlation ≠ Causation

  • Lebron ( CHOSEN) is right 😄! The price he's going to pay if he don't meet his quota 😄😄😄😄😄. His 1st born? Tragic! Had to give him up..( or the world will come and take EVERYTHING IT GAVE U..)( Shaq too) The tattoos covers the cutting in the skin (shedding of their blood sacrifices for MORE power... ) satan DEMANDS blood spill..Why? Because, life is in the blood.

  • I want to die playing basketball

  • True Americans aren't going to Basketball or Football games anymore because of their support of BLM.

  • Draymond Green - What a lying jerk.

  • Why do the good die young ?!

  • Shaq is waste. He cant shoot 😂🤣 he can only do rebounds. How many 3 pointers has he shot his whole career 😂🤣😂🤣 just 1.

  • How about Steve Kerr?...


  • He honestly got what he deserved.. he doing good now got a little job at a basketball facility. it’s crazy how God gives you some many chances.

  • my dude said ChAnNeL

  • damn yo

  • I like how in one of the clips u changed one of the players into flight

  • Damn the 🌎 has Jordans 🥜 s on their chin Nothing was disrespectful just facts!!

  • Just imagine the Celtics with Reggie Lewis, Larry Bird and Len Bias. Unfortunately Larry ended his career early because of his back and the other two died. RIP

  • Shaq is not that good he just had weigh

  • Whole ass fight😂😂 2:53

  • i wunna know the meaning behiond the jersey number 69

  • I replayed first one like 10 times 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣never gets old

  • 14:20 Giraffe?

  • Lebron is a won be jordan

  • Michael jordan is the all time goat

  • Kyrie kinda got a point about Christmas tho, if you’re not Christian or catholic than Christmas doesn’t really apply to you as it was Jesus Christ’s Mass quite literally the name of the “holiday” you don’t see non Muslims celebrating ramadon or passover😂😂

  • 2:55 xd, bruh his face

  • What are the masks even fot

  • im negative feet tall and this gives me hope 😃

  • Michael jordan looks like my dad. Bald, black and tall

  • Made on narutos birthday

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🧔🏾💪🏾 GIANNIS

  • Me being 5”2 at 12: So there’s a chance😏😏

  • when he says this guy is aa real scumbag

  • Stop hating,on shaqq

  • Michael Jordan goat vs. Lebron James goat 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


  • What do you do off season? I smoke a lot of marijuana... ..

  • Y was there flight on Rudy face

  • Привет

  • The thing after Westbrook showed a blurry part while somebody bend over

  • look john wall is a lil man that sufferd and i didnt know he even existed when i heard his story i cryed and still am crying cuz he had a rough life and after all that he still became onw of the best players that is what we call a legend

  • 2:54 wsg

  • He just talks too fast now

  • If there’s a girl watching what nuts are you going to bunch

  • How could anyone dislike this

  • 8:19 Minks

  • Rip Kobe

  • OK, I am a Black Man and a Veteran. I don’t see disrespecting our flag, Anthem or Star Spangle Banner at all by any American. But, I am sure both of these Black commentators that said He screwed up by disrespecting the flag/Star Spangle Banner jumped on the other side a few years ago when all of the athletes were doing it. I am curious if they have seen the clip of this and are making excuses for their comments or hiding their head in the sand.

  • It's the only video that touched my heart. Fq

  • Jordan is the best, his skills are just so jaw dropping. But to say that abouth Steph, maaan. Steph is the best shooter in history,and that is fact. If you ask about Lebron and MJ, its always MJ. Its just about the moves, and that AIR thing of his. Lebron is too big, he cant make moves as beautiful as Kobe and Michael did. And at the end, this is the difference for me. Aesthetics of Jordan's plays and moves. Kobe did it also very good. But Lebron is too big for that, though I also love the Lebron. 😊

  • Rajon what is going on

  • Imagine a 7 foot seven 200 and like 80 pounds bro

  • Dude that’s the saddest NBA player backstory

  • Did anyone else see that flight face at 2:50 😂

  • when they were talking abt will the captions were not correct

  • Everyone always forgets Giannis spearing Mike Dunleavy. That was a dirty play!

  • Bro Zion is averaging like 38 a game for the last few games