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1:13Vitali Kravtsov Buries First Career NHL Goal


  • Yeah should of found a way to give one in the first. Isnt that what those refs say...fucken garbage refs

  • Emelin's reverse hit on Iginla is legendary


  • Yet another instance where the coaches having to challenge a specific thing instead of the play makes the NHL look silly and convoluted. Ask Carolina fans last year.

  • For the worst team in the league, Buffalo's got some pretty damn convincing wins over way better teams!

  • Hathaway was playing dirty all game think it was cause he played against the dirtiest player in the league with Marshant 👍👎

  • Edler does this to Hyman, hockey world explodes. Kneeordano pulls this stunt on Mcdavid every second game? “Mcdavid is a whiner”

  • Not sure why some are treating this as a season ending loss. Its simply a loss and won't be the last before the regular season is done. It should never have gotten to OT, the puck was in the net and Holtby did what he was taught, cover the camera view, smart move. Nuks played an OK game and Holtby stole the game for them. Time to move on to the next game.

  • Thank Holtby for keeping the Canucks in.

  • If there is no suspension for this one, the leafs will need to really need to send simmonds and Jumbo Joe to take him or one the canucks core players out.

  • Stop the lies

  • What a sad excuse for hockey, the games are fixed by the official's 🤮

  • This guy causes a lot of injuries from what I have seen. What's the deal Cap fans?

  • Where’s the clip with the Leafs scoring in the third to win the game only for the refs to be complete idiots? Typically when a goalie has to take the puck out of the net it was obviously in the net...

  • Sens fan here. God dammit did I ever want him to be our captain. Glad he’s found his home in Vegas though!

  • the first goal scored on the canucks is exactly what I was expecting but then they turned it around. I can’t believe the leafs are the top team in the division they are in no way a cup contender

  • Clean hit

  • Сорокин орёл)))

  • The Bruins ended up winning the game where Rask went to the bench. That part was just hidden for the purpose of the video.

  • Quite decent pronunciation of Artuu’s name by first guy

  • God I never hated an NHL coach more

  • caps may have won the trade, mantha has 5 points with 4 goals in his first 4 games with the caps and vranas contract expires this year so he could just sign back with the caps

  • The refs can’t get a call but they can call something that literally dose not matter in the game fire them all

  • Marner did it better

  • Alot of pucks going through cambell....not a good sign.

  • Toughest cup to win in all of sports

  • He turns at the last second instead of taking the hit..

  • And this is why this douchebag will never coach again

  • Remember when leafs beat the Canucks 7-3 and 5-1?

  • Holtbeast back?

  • Holby remembered he's a netminder!

  • Are the Devils even still in the NHL?

  • Absolute douche move. This can be taken completely out of the game with heavy suspensions. That is a deliberate action, nothing accidental about it. Take this right out of the game, bury the guys who do this, first time every time no exceptions.

  • Наконец-то дождался !!!! Сколько же не играл Ванкувер ! С победой Браво !!!! Холтби-респект !!!! Вашингтон поменяли вратаря , что лучше нашли ? Хороший вратарь , просто молодец! Ванкувер вперёд !!!!

  • This game had 1 more total goal then the amount of girlfriends I’ve had in my life

  • That is suspendible Collision I seen some in 10 there attempt to injure it's not out of the question

  • That's what their parents look like? I was expecting axe-wielding titans made of stone.

  • Congrats. Patrick on your mile stone. Your the iron man of hockey !

  • I’ve met Clark, but not his fights

  • If your a Zamboni driver ZAM THE BONI

  • Рейджеры на хвост пигвинам наступают.как знать чем это все может закончиться.....

  • Ima leafs fan but man did the canucks

  • Warning: Game commentry contains spoilers. Quality editing....


  • Опять говномячек в рамке у Вшей, Пора бы выгнать нахрен взашей!

  • Love it lol.

  • Can Sportsnet start posting it's content in 1080+? It's 2021 ...720p? YOU ARE A MEDIA COMPANY!!

  • Jack Edwards just sucks!!!! worst in the league followed by the Craps announcers!!!!

  • Tom Wilson is the biggest idiot in the league! Just another cheap player on the dirtiest team in the league!

  • Ovi -5 this game(I guess). what a poor defense effort

  • notice not a single player challenged Edler after the dirty hit. Speaks volumes of the character of this team and their dwindling playoff hopes.

  • For Lucic: He bleeds... "He's just a man!"... (Matrix Reloaded reference)

  • Why was the 3rd period goal by marner disallowed. Puck crossed the line before the whistle blew no interference just straight up said no goal when It was clearly in the net Holtby scoops the puck out of the net and it's no goal, someone tell me why. Lol

  • 😂😂😂 Leafs can't even beat team covid.

  • Hope I'm not the only one here who didn't watch any other video form Sportsnet apart from Steve's Dand-its and Hat-Picks

  • I want to see vancouver in playoff

    • It's probably not going to happen this year. They will come close, but that 4th spot most likely will be clinched by Montréal.

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  • How is it the puck is in the net after the play and isn’t called a goal? Holpy blocked the camera so you couldn’t see it and we never got the in the net cam view idk man seems a little screwy to me

  • De ja vouz

  • Купите вратаря нормального.

  • What a pass + vision by Zibanejad + Panarin 👏💪🚀 These guys make ice hockey incl their skating skills to art. Simply beautiful + a joy for all hockey fans in the world

  • We had Kneeordano now we had Kneedler, f this guy, for Eric Staal and this

  • Flyers goalie should have faked an injury on the way back to the net

  • DAMN !!! I love this sport ! Classy and positive !! I always feel great after watching a game and the sportsmanship!!! 👍👍👍

  • Hall leaves and Sabres starting to play better...hmm

  • Pretty classy of them.

  • And laughs still lost lol

  • Carter Hart really having a tough season man

  • Not his first. Daym he and Kronwall are ugly af

  • Im always jealous of kids whose parents showed up their games. I mean, i never held it against my parents because they worked so damn hard but theres always that longing and oddly enough watching these kinds of videos make me feel better because even though my parents wetent at my games, supportive parents will always show you that theyre there for you

  • Ебать он заряженный.)) Ещё и гавкать успевает на бегу😂😂😂🤣😂

  • Сорока сегодня затащил этот сброд

  • Сорокин красава! Но и у Филадельфии супер!

  • Pretty sure if Kuraly didn't fall, Wilson would have hit him in the numbers.

  • Leafs will not win with Keefe coaching. Does not hold players accountable

  • Washington doesn’t have Holtby anymore 😃

  • 11:15 I went to college with colton parayko we both had accounting class together.

  • In paractice beore game Fan kid "Mr.Kawasaki, give me your sign" Kawasaki did body sign for the kid.

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