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Hi, I’m Jason, welcome to my channel. I want to share my enthusiasm for tools and big iron through projects that incorporate welding, machining, and general fabrication.

My personal background includes work as a car tuner/fabricator, a millwright maintaining production equipment in a steel making plant, an iron worker erecting steel frame buildings, and a custom metal fabricator for homes and commercial buildings.

My website and business, Fireball Tool, was created to bring great tools to the metal fabrication and machining community. My best days in the shop are spent tinkering with new tool designs, taking on new projects, and making videos for this channel.

Enjoy and thank you for watching.


13:51How Strong are Twisted Ratchet Straps?
How Strong are Twisted Ratchet Straps?visningar 5mn7 dagar sedan
4:08GIANT Machines Make MUSIC
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15:10Giant Machinery Moving Day
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13:14Tips To Remove Weld From Tubing
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36:00How Does a Waterjet Work? Waterjet 101


  • I can't understand why so many basement commandos would think it makes them weak. Have they never seen a semi truck with straps or one without the twist? The DOT wouldn't allow it if there was a problem and trust me DOT has a lot to say about securing loads and wiping butts. I guess it is possible the commandos are using their strap on a different type of load

  • I use an old england vise

  • You said wet shirt no break, you should have said piss shirt bend bars. Hahaha

  • If this person had ever talked to someone about the original reason for a twist, it might have had some different conclusions. I have fifty years experience, mostly on flatbeds. When I started we used steel cable for tie downs. Straps came out in the early 70s. They eventually found that straps that were not touching parts of the load would vibrate and wear against parts of the of the load. This would significantly weaken the strap. By adding one twist it would stop the vibration and wear of the strap.

  • How does he have so many tools tho

  • Nice custom rig man! Good job! Very interesting.

  • Very cool video. Thank you!

  • I'd be interested in how the twist will affect repeated use. Maybe bring it up to 3,500 kg like 15-30 times on each test type, then try the same test as this video?

  • Those particular straps only rated to 5k

  • Likely need multiple tests for each condition to make more clear conclusions but nice vid!

  • As a truck driver I've always put 1 twist somewhere on the strap that isn't rubbing against whatever is being strapped down. Not because of the noise, but because the constant flapping and vibration can cause the straps to slide and become loose. A simple twist prevents it

  • Hauling oilfield equipment you learn fast , a ratchet strap not twisted can cut itself off in very short order , and no strap has a lot less strength than a twisted strap. True story.

  • Best video yet

  • I wasn’t sure about the twists but knew it would be significantly less strong with a knot!

  • great video thanks

  • Why don’t you do a video to see if it’s possible to remove a knot that’s been tied and tightened. I bet lot of people would like to see that

  • Knot made it like tearing a telephone book. 1 strand/page at a time.

  • The Wilton hitch vise is the biggest POS I have ever purchased. I had it on the service truck less than 6 months before I gave it away as a gift. The guy I gave it to gifted It again after 2 uses.

  • Excellent video. Man you answered a lot of myths. And now I know what to watch out for when im towing something thanks

  • Good call on testing and teaching us what knot to do.

  • Enjoyed. Useful info about the exact type of straps that I use. Thanks!

  • Where is the thumbnail?

  • Magnificent job, you're a master fabricator.

  • I hope he repairs that old prentiss, that thing is too cool to let die.

  • twist keeps it from vibrating n wind

  • Would like to see this done using a flatbed strap winch instead of the ratchet Ratchet seems like the weak point..

  • This info is gonna come in handy next time I need to drive my Mother-in-Law home.

  • Anyone that has worked in long hauling knows that a twist or two doesn't come even close to diminishing the load capacity, but does wonders for reducing the vibrations and abrasion damage. Anyone that has done any climbing or arborist work knows that you NEVER knot a webbing unless it's a very particular knot with webbing designed for it. Hopefully seeing some numbers on a load cell will convince all the haters.

  • As all the twisted straps broke at the same fail point ( the ratchet) id eliminate that as the source of failure. Also, correct testing procedure would be to perform multiple tests at each variable. For example test three straps with no twists and average together their results to get your baseline. Ideally I’d like to see 5 at each and then we could develop a standard deviation against which to compare results. It could be the first strap was weak and the second strong. But the takeaway here seems to be that a twist or two in your steps isn’t the thing to worry about. A knot must be avoided at all costs.

  • Removing nuts, increases load. When my nuts increase in size so does my load.

  • I’ve looked foe the 16” Fireball Bose but can’t find it. The links provided didn’t go to the last vise you tested. Where can we get this vise?

  • Wow. Can't believe you didn't want to use a hand pump. Lol

  • I’m guessing it will be the same.? Just watched, never mind. Lol.

  • Thank you very much. I am retired now, but when we were working we used the same straps to hold steel down on a large trailer. I never put a twist into them but my son would , as you, put in a single twist. Either way, we never had a problem. I know.

  • You need to weather that thing, like they do with scale models.

  • You just like destroying stuff LOL

  • Look at the bright side. You managed to get the impossible knot out!

  • Thank you for this video!

  • I subscribed because of this video. Please do more strength test/myth busting videos they are informative and entertaining!

  • What about a strap that is full of knots all over ?

  • A little bit of project farm right here!

  • Nice work.

  • Great video

  • Cool 😎

  • Awesome wheel and bloopers on the end lol

  • Not legal

  • Try reusing the same strap just to see if it'll snap at the same lbs

  • Dogma is a Disease

  • It would have been better to have several ratchet straps per twist condition.

  • Myth bustedddddd

  • Just - placing my bet on what's going to happen before I get too far into the video: I'd assume a single twist or two (like to reduce vibration) would be fine. But! I would also imagine that it's important that the twist is only in the free space where the strap isn't pressed against a corner of an object, if the strap is folded over itself instead of having the full two inch width where it bends and puts pressure against an object, then that might create weak points. Edit after watching: Wow, those are some neat results! I wish you'd show having a twist right over where the load presses on the strap still just so I could have seen what that would do - since that'd be like someone not straightening out a strap when they throw it over something. I've seen that done before and worried about it. I also wonder at what pressure that "stress/heat" starts to occur at. In the 1-twist one where you show the stress running along the strap @7:34 , if that occurs before the 3000kg mark, it might mean the strap will still wear faster, and may fail after several uses, where as the no-twist strap didn't get those stress marks running along it (it seemed).

  • Thanks. I use these regularly. Useful test and interesting results. I agree one twist a good idea to stop the oscillating, now I know it's not derating the equipment

  • Very cool!

  • Company I use to drive for required one twist, they said it added 5-10 percent more strength.

  • If he likes vidmar hed like stronghold cabinets

  • We did these jobs on a military installation. One tip, keep load against mast on FL until your at the truck/dock.

  • you didn't find the sweet spot where it has both the maximum twists and load capacity.

  • 4:37 sounds like an E

  • Bruh. You're Killin me with the vintage stereo. Nice! 👍🙏

  • My job has never been this fun :-(

  • Do a chain and binder

  • Thank you for some great testing. Can I get a key to shop...

  • great video!!!

  • Awesome man, fork that looks bloody nice

  • Fuck, and I use 4 on my 3000lb race car, so I'm good 👍

  • No rotation on the press!

  • The one with no twist, 1 twist, and 4 twists could have easily been strength variation from manufacturing. It would be a good idea to test several straps at each level and then take the average.

  • Ok, I did not expect to find porn on such a new level today. Jason you are not human.

  • As a student of physical engineering as soon as I read those comments I could smell the bullshit.

  • Great product

  • Very interesting, thanks.

  • It is stronger if it is over 75 degrees

  • English trucker (who will now add 1 twist) just subbed for the no bullshit testing 👍

  • This was great thanks for the extra details. Your videos are awesome. Keep reminding people to subscribe!

  • Myth Busted.

  • Thanks for this 👍

  • Now in metric please.

  • What about a twist at contact point. Seems like the failure point is where ever the strap can't uniformly stretch

  • I repaired a really big 80kg old vice last year, does anybody recognize the design or manufacturer?

  • "Title" -thats what she said🤣