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42:27The science of fear  | DW Documentary
42:26What makes a child smart? | DW Documentary
What makes a child smart? | DW Documentaryvisningar 123tn15 dagar sedan
42:26Concorde - the fall of a legend | DW Documentary
42:26The consequences of injustice | DW Documentary
12:32Funerals in times of Covid-19 | DW Documentary
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25:57Young Albanians defy poverty | DW Documentary


  • Glad the younger son knows his numbers. You can tell he's really into running things

  • "it's a phenomenon known as the curse of the lottery". No, it's a phenomenon known as the curse of stupidity.

  • It might not seem like a lot but Marie's making 30% profit, daily. Not bad!!!

  • 2:40 lmao wtf is that head

  • 16;40, It was the insistence on GDP to debt ratios that one country could easily abide by whilst others could not, this is weakness of the Euro, but the ECB are the issuer, so that is not the problem, it was the German fiscal responsibility rule of a certain percentage of GDP of borrowing from the ECB, remember none of these countries are issuers of thier own currency, they are users of the Euro via the issuance of the ECB by decree of their rule book on the base interest rates of 2%

  • islam is a disease

  • Freeloaders should have been deported a long time ago! Living off the German people!

  • Where are you watching this? I'm in Brazil.

  • I have a whole bottle of propranolol, it definitely doesn't do that for me.

  • It's not a tough life, actually it's a miserable life

  • 9:44 869 *not* 1869.

  • I have visited relatives in highrise projects in St Louis but this is far worse!

  • Sad to see Black people misusing other Black people. Corruption.

  • 9:50 No, no, It started 1970's (CCC act UK, 71 and 73 end of Bretton Woods , now Fiat, plus the IMF continued with the 'lending' of money which inreality no longer needed to do with fiat currencies ) with Hayek challenging the Keynesian adopted form of economic theory, based around full employment, spend and then tax, intervention from government into the economy, retail banks and the city finance being completely separate..Then 1979/80 Hayek and Greenspan, neoliberal economics of deregulation and the 'market' will solve everything via supply and demand, Interest rates were now the centre of economic policy rather than unemployment. And thus the financialization of Debt via debt money creating banks ( ref; Proff Richard Werner). By 2008 (from 1989)we had at least 3 bubbles, Black Monday 1987, Black Wednesday 1992 crash and the dot com bubble 2002, all three affected world markets and led to recessions...

  • The fall of a once grate and pure empire RIP germany

  • How can you drive a Lamborghini and see everyone else around you in their situation? I mean my heart tells me to take the Lamborghini money and reinvest it in my surroundings so that we can all come up.

  • This is incredibly stupid.. I don't want to watch but I can't stop .. please save me.😄

  • We have a new generation of paranoid people. Public interaction will never be the same! Sad times people.

  • There are going to be an apocalypse and I am getting ready for it

  • Dont forget Turkmenistan is still a Dictatorship with stong repression

  • I'm from Germany, as I saw the thumbnail I was like "what 3rd world country must that be?".. yikes

  • 10,000 a month that’s what a retired cop in New Jersey makes

  • The elite and military lives here. The ordinary people who are starving and poor doesn't..

  • If I'm ever rich, the most expensive thing you'll see me buy is a modest house. I guess I'm a simple man, overly luxurious things and the people that come with them seem atrociously douchey.

  • so we're just going to ignore the furry chillin? 2:42

  • lol what a joke, You are a million on your secluded island while your people are across the river eating off the floor

  • 8:43...Wrong! Completely incorrect FDR was NOT president at the time of the 1929 crash! Come on DW we expect more... The presidency of Herbert Hoover began on March 4, 1929, when Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as President of the United States, and ended on March 4, 1933, then FDR 1933-45. The 1929 crash was September-October 1929, it was Hoover's reliance on Smithsonian invisible hand market led economics that led to stagnation and depression. FDR spent into the economy with government created money to create jobs via major infrastructure, national parks etc, known as 'the new deal'

  • Meanwhile crypto investment is growing. What a massive distraction.

  • DW Docs thank you for doing this touching emotional story. Can u also please do one for my family i also wanna leave this suffering & help my struggling family

  • Learned so much..

  • Disease comes to teach SOMETHING. It comes with a cause. And it comes with a lesson to be learnt. You want the magic pill? You not only will not learn anything, you will also never cure your disease, but simply suppress the symptoms. This is so easy to understand, but you are too blind and irresponsible to wanting to see the simple truth and CHANGE something.

  • So few with so much, so many with so little, there is more than enough for all , it's just unevenly distributed

  • i grew up on congolese music even though im from cameroon any french speaking african knows congolese music was a must in the 90s i feel nostalgic watching them shoot the video

  • Thanks for making me feel scared while looking for a documentary to drift off to sleep... change the image my goodness! Makes me want to unsubscribe!!

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  • Comments full with antisemitism, i guess german blood doesn't change.

  • The abounding betty scientifically plant because hyena wailly scorch like a useful pea. squalid, unruly sudan

  • Shame on that guy... a lady opening door for u. Shame on u. @8:06

  • nice

  • Focus more on experiences rather than possessions - you dont need to buy a lambo, you can rent one for a few hours and you will get more pleasure from it than owning it because there is no maintenance, and you will get bored of it eventually anyway - thats what i do - im focusing more on travelling and seeing and learning as much as i can about the world, rather than buying materialistic things that only give you a small dopamine hit for a few weeks, then it becomes boring, especially things like cars that depreciate and you can get them much cheaper later anyway.

  • What future waits Bangladesh? It will be the headquarters of ISIS soon

  • All human living in parodies. Beautiful words.

  • Sagrada Familia is overall the most impressive cathedral ever built. It is still in construction after 140 years since the work started. Sainte-Chapelle interior is arguable the most exquisite of any church ever, while the south portal of Jeronimos Monastery in Portugal is the most exquisite example of an exterior of a Christan building.

  • How do they afford to travel to Europe?

  • I'm really interested to know what exactly are the ingredients of the juice.

  • Contest of the cathedrals - The Romanesque period | DW Documentary 1042am 11/4/21 taking the role that the once mighty mithraic religion had enjoyed - ironically beginning in grottoes similar to that of it's foe... interesting from a historical point of view. and i will return to this after i have watched a show featuring that other religious trait - football.

  • profits are internalized, losses are externalized as "too big to fail". On top of that they can create money by credits and only need to actually own 2% of the money they issue. Normal economy rules dont apply to them

  • Very nice except her opinion of clowns: non-sense. The meaning of the word has been so warped, distorted. It's sad.

  • This is fascinating. Great documentary. I want to be fair and respectful to these folks too and can overlook a lot.... but the comment of "What relationship can you have with honesty and truth without a Christian worldview?" got me.... That's utterly backwards and counter-intuitive

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • DW attacking trump and his parents while defending north korea

  • It is easy and sweet

  • Wealth itself is not the issue. It's when wealth and politics mix and corruption begins that things turn ugly. I like that guy who just called the US a banana republic. When you legalize the corruption you are in banana republic territory.

  • You talk about exploitation and no mention of Belgium? Disgusting..

  • It took a Documentary film crew to bring this pollution fiasco to the Indonesian environmental department of their government for them to do something about it. I believe they were paid to over look it, but now it is in the spotlight they have no choice but to deal with it. This is the perfect example of how government doesn't really care about the people they only care about making them selves rich.

  • This is interesting and funny. And someone please fix the screen in the arena.

  • Jedem Tierchen sein Plaesirchen.

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  • Too many backs all over the world have a European state of mind.

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  • Why do they speak French

  • I was kind of prejudiced but I have changed my mind as I am a person who likes to change their views. I have respect for them and that they want to maintain their traditions. Sadly many Europeans are prejudiced and judgmental but who are we to tell other people how they should live? (As long as no one hurts another) I support the well fare they receive which at least keeps a roof over their head. Everyone should receive a UBI , if we tax the wealthy enough this can be achieved . Thanks DW for the documentaries , I always like watching them

  • The cultured thailand spatially untidy because beef unexpectedly travel for a flashy act. mean, snobbish sideboard

  • 24:53 "parents are too exhausted to take care of their children"...then stop making them, already 6 children's...

  • All you have to do if you win big is,get a nice sized family home ,pay off your debts ,etc. ,purchase maybe two vehicles,vacation/shop a few times a year ,and pay your taxes/bills ...oh, and look out for your fam/friends of your choice. The $$ can last forever if you know how to manage it .Unfortunately ,some people get lost in the sauce 🙄🙄

  • So cruel. I feel sad after watching this. It makes me lose faith in humanity.

  • Great house with view to the miserables!

  • Growing up in Alabama whew this was literally 70% of my graduating high school class. So brainwashed, so detached from reality. How can you see this and not think its a cult?

  • European please realise the important of Christian faith in your life .when other faith will over in number they will detect you.

  • When you want to become rich so you used religion. Sadly this isn't new in the us there is already some that even become millionaire just because he doesn't want to fly on a commercial flight so he buy a jet.

  • Look at my playlist explaining the whole history when the whole picture.

  • They came to Africa

  • Omg That dance that grandpa did when they presented his check at the front door was funny !😂😂

  • I wish again these cathedral full by Christian of Prayer .

  • Romania and Bulgaria my my my, what a petty. wow, just wow. Belgrade, stand tall.

  • There are no paved roads or normal utility sources in the DRC as if Africa or Congo have started their life yesterday morning... We have heard about Africa's problems for years and years and nothing has changed nor will it ever have unless the Globalists and other corrupt politicians and organizations (such as the U.N) stop robbing this beautiful continent. Common citizens cannot do much about it, since the education is so bad and most of the systems are corrupt. The masters of this region make sure that nothing will ever get better.

  • This is how inequality of wealth makes some life luxurious & others at risk for only for bread !

  • The word explore is just code for: white greed. Hahaha.