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Hey, I'm Milad! Welcome to my SEnewss channel which is a collection of segments from my life. I hope you enjoy your stay :)


0:14Subway’s Secret Menu #shorts
Subway’s Secret Menu #shortsvisningar 225tn2 dagar sedan
0:20Why Do Americans Tip? #shorts
Why Do Americans Tip? #shortsvisningar 308tn2 dagar sedan
0:21When Someone Accidentally Tips $1000 #shorts
0:25Man Threatened Us At Subway #shorts
Man Threatened Us At Subway #shortsvisningar 482tnDag sedan
0:11Getting Hit On At Work #shorts
Getting Hit On At Work #shortsvisningar 603tnDag sedan
0:20Please Stop Mailing Me Money #shorts
Please Stop Mailing Me Money #shortsvisningar 536tnDag sedan
0:07A lot Can Change In A Year #shorts
A lot Can Change In A Year #shortsvisningar 548tnDag sedan
0:16Playing Basketball 🏀 #shorts
Playing Basketball 🏀 #shortsvisningar 443tnDag sedan
0:26A Fan Paid For Someone’s Meal #shorts
0:14Biggest Tip #shorts
Biggest Tip #shortsvisningar 684tnDag sedan
0:16Childhood Memory #shorts
Childhood Memory #shortsvisningar 436tnDag sedan
0:19Eating 4 Layer Sandwich #shorts
Eating 4 Layer Sandwich #shortsvisningar 1,1mnDag sedan
0:234 Layer Sub For 4M On TikTok #shorts
4 Layer Sub For 4M On TikTok #shortsvisningar 400tnDag sedan
0:19She’s Getting Scammed #shorts
She’s Getting Scammed #shortsvisningar 2mnDag sedan
0:15What We Do With Leftover Bread #shorts
2:41grandma accidentally tipped me $1,000
0:17Worst Sub #shorts
Worst Sub #shortsvisningar 953tnDag sedan
0:22The Most Expensive Order Ever #shorts
0:26Opening My Gold Play Button (1 million) #shorts
0:19Opening My Silver Play Button (100k) #shorts
0:18“What’s On Your Neck” #shorts
“What’s On Your Neck” #shortsvisningar 1,2mn2 dagar sedan
0:21When You Have To Say No #shorts
When You Have To Say No #shortsvisningar 1,3mn2 dagar sedan
0:29I Got Hacked… #shorts
I Got Hacked… #shortsvisningar 939tn2 dagar sedan


  • How are you not sick of subway sandwiches?

  • Irs enough to make a große man cry and thats ok

  • In Europe, a tip isn’t in the bill, just the workers aren’t usually as underpaid as service workers in the U.S, and people haven’t been pressured in to it

  • "Sometimes when I'm bored at work I waste my employers time, resources, and money."

  • That means her PIN number is 1000?

  • When you realize you know this women’s PIN number now

  • I was about to unsubscribe from milad before he said that's not how he actually does it

  • Do you ever mess up an order?

  • That's why they call it the feel awful sub

  • Why not just use your phone and use google translator-

  • Thats not a Peperoni. Thats a sussage. Dunno but I hate it when you call it a Peperoni

  • I’m gonna be honest, because of you, i started eating subway again

  • ppl can be so entitled..... my faith in humanity wud have plummeted if not for ppl like Milad...

  • My name is Dylan lol

  • Milad be da typa guy to be your employer and say "that was a nice application of yours you want a cookie before you leave?"

  • I’ve never eaten subway until 4 months ago when I saw these videos and eat it at least once every 9 days

  • Right? I work part time in between school days for my law degree Karen. Stfu.

  • @mrbeast

  • Now you just are straight up reposting,i remember seeing this video

  • Ryuk

  • Him and his fake chicken squares.

  • You know, I've been a steady customer (at least once a week, no less) of Subway the past twenty-one years,, and I can't recall a single instance of getting a bad sandwich. If I were to name a fault, it would be that the sandwiches are packed too full, overflowing, with ingredients, making for rather sloppy dining.

  • BBQ chicken

  • so u have 44mil u.s.d?!

  • Canada tips too

  • I subscribed: ham, bacon, all the cheeses

  • Cooooookiiiiiiii :>

  • my broke ass in that situation would be like: she did tip it to me maybe she didnt mean it but she did soooooooo mine .

  • I’m dead 😂

  • Imma go there just to get bbq sauce

  • What is the greatest sandwich u made

  • Underpaid!!?? Dude visit asian countries sometime

  • Ah man I thought the comment was from eliana ghen

  • Yes pls do a voiceover in front of customers. Yeah and he put 1 ingredient on 1 sandwich make sance 1 ingredient 1 sandwich . lol

  • idk why but this guy doesent feel genuine

  • Sooo her pin is 1000 not to smart ether

  • Fucking liar

  • I'm watching not because for training it's because for the food and kinda makes me hungry tho

  • i work at a mexican chain ... we see EVERYTHING. a burrito with only fries and rice. a quesadilla with no cheese. burrito bowls with no rice and four extra sauces (practically soup).

    • one person once ordered nine identical tacos. one single person. nine identical $5 tacos.

  • “aloud” Stay in school, kids

  • I wish the subway next to me did that tap at the end to lock it all in lol

  • subwae

  • You should try and make pizza rolls with ONLY Subway ingredients

  • Plot twist he ate that cookie after the video 🤣

  • You know milad is the most awesome youtuber on the platform by him pinning this comment this man is so fun dropping 4 vids a day and he got me into subs

  • Milad: store is in New Jersey Me, a Queens native: YESSSS

  • That happened to me before

  • Omg that subway 6 inch he was doing I swear that’s what I got omg

  • My favourite order: Honey oat Multigrain Corn and peas All vegs ( I like a thic boi) Tater tots Honey Mustard South West Chipotle Mint Mayo Sweet Onion

  • low elo skase pseuth

  • I rarely eat subway whenever I travel, but watching your videos got me craving subway and unfortunately its not available in my country. Waiting for my next chance to eat it and im sure it will be bussin

  • Most countries don't tip because they get high wages. Ex. Ireland's min wage is $12:50

  • Y reupload?

  • My favourite order: Honey oat Multigrain Corn and peas All vegs ( I like a thic boi) Tater tots Honey Mustard South West Chipotle Mint Mayo Sweet Onion

  • My favourite order: Honey oat Multigrain Corn and peas All vegs ( I like a thic boi) Tater tots Honey Mustard South West Chipotle Mint Mayo Sweet Onion

  • The dough is a bit raw a few more minutes in the oven

  • I ordered from just eat once from subway and it was 6:55pm and my order went through it didnt come till about 7:20pm im sorry subway i did not expect you to take my order so late 😭😂

  • Mouth:watering Mind:blown Lactose intolorance:don't hurt me please

  • My favourite order: Honey oat Multigrain Corn and peas All vegs ( I like a thic boi) Tater tots Honey Mustard South West Chipotle Mint Mayo Sweet Onion

  • Your dumbness

  • Dude SAME

  • Did a customer ever fight with another customer (Sorry if this question was already asked)

  • "Yeah Lemme get uhhhhhh 🅱️urger" "🅱️urger Machine 🅱️roke" "Understandable, have a nice day🗿"

  • Let's organize a facebook meet and go to Milad's sub together

  • green sauce had to mess up the sandwich

  • Secretly was mrbeast

  • Gif so good.

  • “Buy a yacht, go to the Poconos” LMAO

  • Now know her pin number 1005

  • In Germany we only give tips if the work was good. So people are motivated to keep up the good work. We have the opinion that the company has to give enough money to the worker so he or she can have a good life. It's not in the responsibility of the customer 🤷‍♂️.

  • It's called panzerotti whit pepperoni instead of tomato sauce

  • It’s not burnt

  • Good gif.

  • Just bec he’s giving it for free does mean she can abuse it

  • 👁👅👁

  • Perfect gif.

  • a channel named bubble top used your clips on theirs.... just letting ya know

  • Now we know her PIN number 😂😂😂

  • The next Jared ?

  • rainster arm eveal