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2:41Shadow and Bone | Teaser Trailer | Netflix
Shadow and Bone | Teaser Trailer | Netflixvisningar 1,7mn13 timmar sedan
2:00The One | Official Trailer | Netflix
The One | Official Trailer | Netflixvisningar 360tn13 timmar sedan
1:39Ginny \u0026 Georgia Play The Name Game | Netflix
1:13Army of the Dead | Official Teaser | Netflix
Army of the Dead | Official Teaser | Netflixvisningar 2,6mn13 timmar sedan
1:16Snabba Cash | Official Teaser | Netflix
Snabba Cash | Official Teaser | Netflixvisningar 59tn13 timmar sedan
1:59Dealer | Official Trailer | Netflix
Dealer | Official Trailer | Netflixvisningar 78tn13 timmar sedan
1:58Caught by a Wave | Official Trailer | Netflix
Caught by a Wave | Official Trailer | Netflixvisningar 195tn13 timmar sedan
0:48Jupiter’s Legacy | Official Teaser | Netflix
2:33A Week Away | Official Trailer | Netflix
1:13The Irregulars | Official Teaser | Netflix
3:47Outer Banks Fashion Battle | Netflix
Outer Banks Fashion Battle | Netflixvisningar 53tn7 dagar sedan
1:43DOTA: Dragon's Blood | Teaser | Netflix
DOTA: Dragon's Blood | Teaser | Netflixvisningar 1,4mn7 dagar sedan
2:03Country Comfort | Official Trailer | Netflix


  • prince caspian

  • Subtitles please <3

  • Good

  • How a great cast can make a average movie a masterpiece This is the example

  • It’s illegal for him to be that fine

  • ty

  • The journey to the satellite have like no action waste of a good plot

  • They're both in IT!!!!!

  • This is the Khmer Rouge we have to be in a countryside we have to get out the city emidietly

  • Oooo, that looks juicy!

  • Will Smith🥳💖💖💖


  • Will Smith gives me the creeps.

  • i hope they make for japanese dub too

  • I guess no one cares that Ghost survived & moved to Vegas before an apocalypse

  • Okay guys I have a chronological query so bear with me, I have read the first book in Shadow and Bone trilogy but I've read the SoC Duology more times than I can count. In SoC, Inej repeatedly refers to Sankta Alina as if she's a mythological figure which means she has to have lived a long time ago then how can the Crows characters be in this timeline. Can anyone explain?

  • Up next in 2022: Hulu's League of Legends

  • no zombie can beat WWZ

  • This looks authentic :)

  • The word "literally" needs to be banned. So cringy.

  • Inej - "You can’t spend his money if you’re dead.” Kaz - “I’ll acquire expensive habits in the afterlife.” DAMN YOU KAZ BREKKER

  • Starting a thread until april 23:

    • 54 days

  • Most stupidest show I've seen. Gag.

  • Wow... Kylie Quinn looks extremely cute for me 😭



  • The use of capturing beauty in actors and actresses becomes a shallow approach since it is lacking in content aside from the form itself since if form precedes character anatomy the person acting the role becomes too surreal producing focus on the physical existance as surreal art deals with material objects as opposed to the object's aesthetic unity with the whole image and in movies this materialism would prevent the gestalt necessary to make an artistic capture. As objects are then placed arbitrarily in the filmshot but however dislocated from the image as a whole so they become floating characters since this gestalt is necessary so the full image has significance and not the particular object that exists in the image. This requires however that artistic fixtures in editting must be used to artificially construct the image into a vision whereas organic shots would still be surreal to the point it would be too resemblant to communist aesthetics. But editting from this standpoint must be done by blending pre-existing elements in the image to become smeared so that the extension of that which is smeared can form a symbosis with the entire artwork. But this pertains to each individual frame. It becomes increasingly difficult to make the entire movie be artistically arranged as it becomes the actor's job to make each individual shot become eloquent from a God's eye point of view. But in Kubrick's case he managed to make art out of irony as he made dying an Art as he managed to make something irrational into something ultimately rational. -by sEung b. kim

  • It was JUST 62 kisses😂

  • He's nobody bitches and He doesn't need to know them but they only need to know him, He will be The ONE! Fight starting with badass music ( The Last Resort by Papa Roach )

  • I just wanna know the word at the place of cucumber.

  • Netflix is doing a great job for real. BIGGIE 💚 I'm so looking forward to this 👍

  • Bunch of self-righteous, self-absorbed people

  • This is bad. 11 year old girls should not be shown in such a sexualized way

  • At least bernie used to fix a few races

  • Это тот самый коммент на русском, который ты искал

  • What a delight to be able to watch a quality video instead of the rubbish that’s on the TV tonight. Wonderful show, and it would have to be with Sir David Attenborough narrating it. Thank you Netflix for sharing. Victor from Australia.

  • Remember when we never used to bring up race every 5 minutes because it wasn't important? I miss those days.

  • I am born and raised in California. We were told to NEVER go downtown. I would always see Hotel Cecil and immediately get freaked out. That place is creepy. Why did you go there, Elisa? Damn, that sucks. Rest in Paradise!

  • The Best

  • A lovely short video of BASL it's history. Well done. :-)

  • 1 point. Whys the date wrong ? There's no such date as the 3rd of the 19th month ? Does it relate to how many cheeseburgers per hurricane ?

  • 0:48 He was great in "Aushalten: Nicht lachen"

  • I seriously hope this is all scripted in good fun. His kids seems condescending and disrespectful towards him. His wife loves him, but is not in love with him. And is married to him for financial security. I bet if he lost all his money, she would be gone!

  • 'Good heavens' 'Yes, they are!' That joke should not have worked, but Dolly's delivery made it work so well - and Trixie and Katya's reaction was hilarious

  • Pls make season 2, I really want to see the end of Rob!!!

  • Now I'm gonna ask can we get a gears movie with batista as marcus

  • Hunter Monster series

  • Fun Fact: The main actress in this is the older sister of popular British singer/songwriter Jessie Ware

  • The pie is poisoned.

  • For Nairobi 😭

  • can't wait for technies to have his own animation.

  • *RUSSO*

  • My accents of each language changes when I talk to different ppl...I can’t help it don’t hate me🙈

  • The godly sunshine resultantly grate because glass antenatally puncture after a well-off quicksand. burly, decorous ocelot

  • Expectooooo patronuuuuuum

  • Can you please make a Trixie & Katya playlist? Thanks! And make uk and us Netflix the same? 🥺

  • it's an engine

  • Poor re fans thinking this will be good series...keep scamming

  • I can't wait to see you soon

  • Just started watching it and even after reading the spoilers in the comments I have no idea what’s going to happen ahahaha

  • Black guy die first always not just in horror

  • Can I have a dollar donation to my cashapp $iamsteveantonio777 much appreciated 🙏🏼

  • Can I have a dollar donation to my cashapp $iamsteveantonio777 much appreciated 🙏🏼

  • Is it all just Netflix originals now

  • Ginny sucks. Max rocks!

  • Wait...why six of crows character are here????

  • When I seen him walking down the steps. I held my breath and had goosebumps I couldn’t not believe it GOD IS GREAT

  • PuhleAse. Her cousin better have paid her debt lol

  • This is gonna be an awesome birthday treat.. chilled day watching this