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6:35:052021 LEC Spring - Semifinals - G2 Esports vs Rogue
2:08G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVP
G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVPvisningar 78tn2 dagar sedan
5:13Rogue | #1 Coaching Team of 2021 LEC Spring
3:51LEC Spring 2021 Finals Weekend Tease
LEC Spring 2021 Finals Weekend Teasevisningar 112tnDag sedan
1:16LEC: The final stage!
LEC: The final stage!visningar 134tnDag sedan
2:11Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 5
Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 5visningar 7tn2 dagar sedan
5:59Odd One Out | LEC Pop Quiz | 2021 Spring
Odd One Out | LEC Pop Quiz | 2021 Springvisningar 208tn2 dagar sedan
8:38Upset | EUphoria Highlight | 2021 LEC Spring
3:39LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs Round 2 Tease
LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs Round 2 Teasevisningar 90tn8 dagar sedan
3:15LEC: Reckless with my heart - 8 bit remix
LEC: Reckless with my heart - 8 bit remixvisningar 103tn8 dagar sedan
1:16:10Narratives | EUphoria | 2021 LEC Spring S7 EP11
2:11Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 4
Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 4visningar 7tn8 dagar sedan


  • 2:57:09 I did not remember hearin this when I watched it live and oh boy, that was funny as hell

  • I will say that Rekkles is better jungler than Jankos LuL

  • Why is everyone saying G2 inted? And not praising RGE for their excellent performance? Credit where it's due

  • Rekkles is a beast. He plays so well. Caps also performed very well and consistently. Sadly Jankos was demolished by Inspired, and Wunder this split was a piece of shit that was destroyed by anyone. Wunder seems very distracted, perhaps he lost the vibe and wants to play WoW only.

  • Rekkles played really well but this shows the issue with this new format where fan votes count.. somebody like Inspired gets robbed because he doesnt have the fan vote........

  • Yeah give it to him right after he loses LMFAO good job LEC.

  • Need new support and top

  • I love how there are so many stupid people just talking shit and has no single clue about the game Hahah. Give G2 a fuckin break they are gonna come back even stronger, this is just the begining of the year haha? Bot and mid performed top and Jungle struggled a lot that is just Facts.

  • Jankos come on literally a JG gap here.

  • Looks like spray is the thing needed to defeat G2

  • Sky is the limit for LEC production and editing. Truly amazing!

  • Hits different after Fnatic and G2 failed in spring LEC

  • Okay, guys, we have to give them credit, they saw it coming last year. We're getting our Mad vs Rogue finals, with both of them having beaten G2 in a best of 5 to knock the old champs out.

  • Rekkles ftw!


  • Shouldn't the mvp be in finals?

  • Despite everything I'm so pumped for the final today! <3

  • Congrats on 165k subs guys! Maybe 170k+ today from the final! <3

  • Why did rekkles get mvp....? Should be Elyoya

  • I don 't play lol but i look at lec bcs Rekkes , he is a true model in model in a competitive life (always make his job even when it's over) well done Rekkles!

  • When does LEC learn to put The trailer Music in The discription😤😤

  • Well...this didn’t age well.

  • sry G2 i sitll stand behind you ,i am a fan not cause you win ,im a fan cause of your mentality .Keep the relaxed and fun attitude ,this is what makes G2 special ,i think after more practising you will be played in as team ,the leave of perkz ,who is a leader,is still hard to balance.gl

  • Knowing that G2 might get eliminated, the LEC should've announced the MVP and released this video before the G2 vs Rogue matchup. The video is still great but it doesn't hit the same way that it should knowing that the MVP and no.1 team is already out. 😁

  • Inspired best player in the league this season

  • wtf were those fart noises u dumbfks



  • Damm sad we did not win against rouge

  • Comeback stronger MVP 🔥

  • 암흑패귀 스찌레클~

  • FeelsGoodMan, Carlos' money game didn't pay off, incredible show from all Rogue, new LEC champion to come, no Akali in those games... Finals are gonna be a banger. Feels bad for Rekkles though, only G2 member who looks like he actually wanted it and really worked towards it

  • Rekkles is so good at what he does that he makes the rest of the g2 line up look like bad players

  • Who is here after MAD and RGE have beaten G2 in a BO5?

  • What a match

  • It's just hilarious looking at you guys pointing fingers & defending your own fav players 😂 “it's his fault” “NO! he played okay, it's actually HIS fault” LMAO

  • Bwipo is smurfing in these as always xD

  • Time for Thorin to post on Twitter undermining this.

  • 2020 G2 at Worlds: there was no MSI we couldnt prepare for International Meta. 2021 G2: aight lets not even qualify for MSI Definitley a Perkz diff

    • @Khirsah. Gökçe. MAILIM RESMEN ADIM. Başaran Perkz was the leader, shotcaller and most likley half a coach. Perkz wouldnt let these drafts fly and he would have made a giant difference in understanding the Meta. Perkz makes you win games. He is one of the most successful and winning players of all time in two roles for a reason and now he is dominating NA. So yes Perkz would definitley made a difference

    • That's the worst reddit analysis ever. Their draft and meta understanding was total shit, wunder and mikyx really under performed while inspired really out jungle jankos like elyoya. Perkz wouldn't make any difference. G2 deserved the loss with the way they played. Stop with that narrative. Perkz wanted to go himself.

  • very sick editttttttt

  • Jesus. Why is the LEC so cool?

  • He deserved it, and I know that g2 and fnatic will come back in summer to contest the trophy again!

  • Aaaand G2 is out.

  • if jungle meta doesnt shit jankos ( wunder as well) as no place. And mikyint need to stop int that much.

  • 4:29 rogue and mad niw activated Lmao true af both finalists of lec split this season

  • Im a G2 fan and it was so fucking painful to watch them. I mean Jankos was maybe the best jungler, but now he is shit, overrated as hell. Same for Miky and Wunder, they were just inting all games without any big plays. Caps couldn't carry as he usually used to do it. I feel Perkz was a better fit for G2 than Rekkles. Maybe Rekkles is the best adc in EU, but his playstyle and positioning just don't fit and I feel like he is a kda player. I hope MAD vs RGE will be 5 games final.

    • I completely agree. I really like rekkless but somehow it feels like g2 got toned down after losing perkz. And anywhere you say this people lose their minds because of how obsessed they are with rekkless. It feels like suddenly g2 just lost their identity as a team. All of the og g2 players are just unable to play the game without perkz shot calling and rekkless with his great kda sometimes just feels too silent for someone who should have insane pressure.

  • You can't lie that his snipes were fucking awesome against Rouge.

  • If not for the baron throw in game 1 it would have been a quick 3-0. Rogue improved so much since last year

  • I think this was not g2 meta

    • There is also problems about leadership, since Perkz leaved there is not a true leader and it seems he really was that backbone, that player that put G2 to explore things and do some chaos, Jankos said that he thought someone else will step up, but none did, so he is trying to take the lead but well I guess it'll take time! I think the losing of Perkz hurt more than what I thought at the beginning of the split :/

  • Welp they gotta give others a chance imagine if it just fnc and g2 on the list

  • The production quality of this video is absolutely insane. Has a cohesive retro-game neon aesthetic, stylish in every aspect, amazing editing for visuals and sounds, picks good clips, and super creative as well. Just amazing.

  • Inspired was robbed, even in regular season interviews Odoamned kept saying that inspired was the reason Rogue were performing at that lvl

  • G2 player got mvp again 2019 spring caps summer jankos 2020 spring jankos summer caps 2021 spring reckless summer maybe reckless

  • Where are his karma highlights? Oh wait

  • Aaand there it is... Ppl who says G2 is sh*t, I just wanna remind you that they're humans. Everyone has a bad day/week (s). Btw Rekkles couldn't get this MVP without G2. Plus, you'll see.... In the summer split, they'll stomp everyone.


  • MAD and Rogue now activated! Nice closing reference there, Sjokz!

  • G2 fans love to give excuses i see