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I like to drive fast. sometimes sideways. sometimes in the air. 🚗💨 / / •20B RX7 •Sailor7 RX7 •BrapBunny Pandem RX8 •Barbie 350Z •Vert 350Z •EVO 5



18:32Cutting Up My C6 Corvette! Widebody Install PRT 2
23:12Installing A Widebody Kit On My C6 Drift Corvette!
18:57Moving Into My New Shop + Where IT ALL Started ...
14:57My Barn Find Motorized Bike!
My Barn Find Motorized Bike!visningar 212tn21 dag sedan
15:47My New Shop at the LZ Compound!
My New Shop at the LZ Compound!visningar 185tn28 dagar sedan
32:11Surviving My FIRST Drift Competition
Surviving My FIRST Drift Competitionvisningar 81tnMånad sedan
14:47Spray Paint for the C6 Corvette - Sorry!
17:58New *NEON* Race Seats for the Drift Corvette!
17:23C6 Corvette Biggest Issue SOLVED!
C6 Corvette Biggest Issue SOLVED!visningar 90tnMånad sedan
11:52Carbon Fiber Splitter for the 350z!!
Carbon Fiber Splitter for the 350z!!visningar 46tn2 månader sedan
12:52My First Car Meet with the Evo!
My First Car Meet with the Evo!visningar 59tn2 månader sedan
18:58Tracking a Lotus Evora GT - Thought I Broke It...
18:58First Damage to my C6 Corvette!
First Damage to my C6 Corvette!visningar 69tn2 månader sedan
19:56My C6 Corvette - New Look!
My C6 Corvette - New Look!visningar 95tn2 månader sedan
18:55Over it ...
Over it ...visningar 120tn2 månader sedan
18:22Finding SUPER RARE Ralliart Parts on my Evo!!?
Finding SUPER RARE Ralliart Parts on my Evo!!?visningar 103tn2 månader sedan
50:10Come Hang With Meeeeee
Come Hang With Meeeeeevisningar 44tn2 månader sedan
19:21Evo Wiring Things! Good \u0026 Bad news ...
Evo Wiring Things! Good \u0026 Bad news ...visningar 85tn3 månader sedan
14:26Street tuning the EVO! oops ...
Street tuning the EVO! oops ...visningar 125tn3 månader sedan
24:12New Turbo for the Evo!!! + Street pulls gone wrong ...
25:04First Time Drifting my C6 Corvette!
First Time Drifting my C6 Corvette!visningar 197tn3 månader sedan
15:28C6 CORVETTE IS READY TO DRIFT!! ... Kinda...
C6 CORVETTE IS READY TO DRIFT!! ... Kinda...visningar 104tn3 månader sedan
12:57New Corvette Mods! *Almost Got Scammed*
New Corvette Mods! *Almost Got Scammed*visningar 133tn3 månader sedan


  • "430scud" I am so torn on if this is a dbag plate or not lol.

  • Great vid, great fun.

  • Stage 2 tune and its gonna ripppp

  • Awesome video, although short, I really enjoyed the video of you driving, the road and scenery. I would definitely get a different exhaust and some other bolt on mods with a tune.

  • holy fuck, just noticed your eye color in the intro and they look gorgeous ♥

  • I find you so much more interesting and charismatic one your own videos.. are you dumbing you’re self down for Adam in his videos? Please stop doing that.

  • The Oldsmobile has been on the smokies a lil to long if you know what I mean 😑

  • Those Audi 5 cylinder engine perhaps one of the best sounding engines ever. Congrats on the the new car great platform for bolt on mods

  • MQB is a great platform, if you want to look up chassis things, there are several suspension pieces you may want to consider, Rear Sway, Coil overs and some subframe locking kits. Made great improvement on my turn in and sharpening up the soft rear motor mount, the engine really moves too much once its tuned. I'd go with ECE Dogbone. No NVH increase really, felt more secure on upshifts and launches.

  • Love the choice! I hope you enjoy it! I would not go catless but I'd keep it Race catted the factory turbo does a little rattle if its catless. But for ease of install, you can't really go wrong running all Unitronic parts. Basically 4 inch inlet and intake and a Uni downpipe and tune should make it 550 all day. Should be problem free! I've had my RS3 for 22k miles no issues! It WILL need rods and pistons if you go over 550 torque.

  • Subscribed because of this car, it’s my dream car as well. Go APR.

  • Waiting to see Stage 2 E85 or 93 on that TTRS. Sounds good, but hard to hear over that 9k RPM GT3RS!

  • I bet that Scuderia is a fucking blast on roads like this

  • “Too much?!?” Collete ...WE’re here for all the pops and bangs and that TT green , MAAAAAN I love it so bad💚💚💚, but kinda sad I couldn’t hear the Rari’ lil bit more, it was really elegant

  • why not the r8? haha

  • I just went to the Tail of the Dragon again 2 weeks ago lol... definitely a must try for anyone that wants a serious challenge in the East coast.

  • hit up Iroz :)

  • The dynamic blinkers on the head lights and mirrors are a must!! You have to get them as one of the up coming mods

  • 13:10 your car shares similarities with the R8 steering wheel and dash are very much alike

  • I never thought I'd like a car more than your TLC needin' Braap Bunnii but this is prettii much screamin' Neon Princess to me eh'!!!! Love & Light Love it BRIGHT!!!!

  • Love the symhony form a 5 cyl en 6 cyl uwu

    • also 0:33 standing like some blacklist members from NFS

  • These things are absolutely MONSTERS when modified. Just a tune + downpipe or maybe E85 + an intercooler makes these things hang with MUCH MUCH more expensive cars.

  • Def need an exhaust! These engines sound incredible with one

  • Hahahah the R8 has the startbutton at the same spot. And it might be an option to not plug it in and the rs6 is way newer with the software.

  • That color is sick! Congrats

  • Whenever you guy's get to Oz you need to drive from Sydney to Kangaroo Valley via Macquarie Pass and Jamberoo. It's a must

  • Omg your guys’ outfits are so cute 😄

  • Wonderful video some of us can only dream to drive a beautiful car on a beautiful road, enjoy

  • I started this video having watched maybe a couple minutes of her videos here and there, I'm like "oh it's adam's girlfriend I wonder how the corvette looks and whatnot" *cut to twenty minutes later* I'm standing up yellin yessss at the tv, get em homie! that's my boy lol (girl) like I'm cheering on a sports team. It was so cool to see how far she's come and win some battles in that big neon cheese wedge : ) I'm so happy for them both and any time a girl enters our hobby/sport/passion it's a great thing.

  • I could watch hours of the drive and scenery

  • Try coming to East / North East Tennessee for the roads, We have 2 very famous roads here, Tail of the dragon of course TN/NC border, and then further into North East TN 421 The Snake. UHHHHMAZING Roads.

  • were you short shifting just cuz it was a new car?

  • Baby r8, need sheepy twin turbo lol

  • I used to break in all my race motors on hilly terrain best thing for them with all the constant load changes.

  • I hope Integrated Engineering or Unitronic can hook you up with some ecu and tcu tunes, downpipes and what not

  • Tbh not a huuge fan on the blue accents inside... id prefer color matched or red like the stripe on the wheel.... but damn is this car nice 🥵 I've never really payed attention to these lmaoo Yoo this thing skedadles

  • Audi RSTT sounds like Dodge Viper From Forza Horizon

  • Wish I new you guys were in town. Smokies are down the road from me.

  • How sick is the GT3RS though 🤤😂

  • I am jealous

  • Just do stage 2 you will love it

  • Interior of the TT is🔥🔥🔥!

  • Honestly as good as those cars sound you could of had an hour of driving and I'd be happy.

  • 16:00 sad first world problem!

  • I hope you can hear my car , legit could just hear adams car lmao

  • Collete an Adam are such a great couple.

  • No such thing as a reliable modified daily lol. She's super cute to think there is tho lol.

  • Damn I gotta head up to the North GA mtns again with my S3

  • we wouls love to see Adams footage in the gt3 rs

  • I'm GREEN with jealousy ...:)

  • But the RS3 would’ve been nicer my 2¢ but it dont matter what I think, u driving it not me lol

  • I’m subscribing just cuz u got this. 5 cylinder life. Honestly super car killer, adams Porsches are gone get raped.

  • Zzzzzz

  • Congrats. You'll love it. Keep it, they won't be made much longer. Cheers from Texas.

  • Skittles!

  • If you get some APR bolt-on and a stage 2 tune on that TT RS, trust me, there won’t be any lag issues. My TT RS is wicked scary compared to my R8 V10 Performance models. The GT3 RS sounds incredible.

  • I LOVE the new body style of the TT so much. It's like a "Honey I Shrunk the R8!", lmao. It looks so good! That color is wild too, reminds me of Porsche Lizard Green.

  • Damn we saw you guys going down 400 S as we were going up. Had we gone up a couple hours sooner we would have all met up on wolf pen! 🤙🏻

  • Get it! Love your new whip! Sounds sweet to btw! Edit: add the fact you give alittle grin when you’re getting down in the corners lol

  • Pls poki

  • It is 159 million views pls

  • Pls react to vaathi coming pls

  • Congratulations for your new car!!! Is fantastic 😍

  • i love your car but damn adam's gt3 sound incredible 3:55

  • just me or does this wanna make u play forza? haha

  • I love Wolf Penn Gap. We ride there almost every year. While you were in that area, I hope that you got a chance to run up and down the Richard B. Russel and Blood Mountain.

  • Lol.. a Suped up VW Beetle😛

  • you could look for an ABT body kit for that TT

  • Adam’s Downshifts 🥵

  • Do the TCU tune while you do the ECU tune.

  • You need to get some decent DSG extendable paddles on the steering wheel. Love to footage!!

  • where is the multimedia screen

  • More gasssss next time 😂😂

  • Both of you guys rocking German cars who would have thought that. Great cars and congrats

  • I've been lookinng fora vid of these 2 cars for a while and this gets suggested to me :))))

  • ttrs cars can produce up to 1000 horses

  • All you really got is a piece of crap high-dollar Volkswagen both are junk

  • Welcome to the 5 cylinder world 😎

  • Wash the dishes !!!

  • Yeah the awd system is fwd biased not rwd biased and it’s not a real Quattro system it’s just an ordinary haldex system…. Anyways congrats on the new car