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FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.


35:41Schumer swears in newly elected Senators
3:15:21Inauguration of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
Inauguration of Joe Biden, Kamala Harrisvisningar 970tn13 dagar sedan
1:16Kamala Harris sworn in as vice president
9:36Trump says 'we will be back' in farewell address
13:50Biden speaks at COVID-19 memorial event
Biden speaks at COVID-19 memorial eventvisningar 29tn2 dagar sedan
28:25Pentagon: 12 troops pulled from duty in DC
Pentagon: 12 troops pulled from duty in DCvisningar 119tn2 dagar sedan
3:16Biden to introduce sweeping immigration reform
1:12:31Field of Flags on the National Mall
Field of Flags on the National Mallvisningar 69tn3 dagar sedan
3:56How far left will Biden push America?
How far left will Biden push America?visningar 86tn3 dagar sedan
0:59HHS Secretary Alex Azar resigns
HHS Secretary Alex Azar resignsvisningar 195tn6 dagar sedan
18:50Speaker Pelosi discusses Democratic priorities


  • One Point For China 🇨🇳

  • Impeach 46 !!

  • The greatest President of our time.

  • This guy is stupid smh

  • My mother is not having any job "I want to do something for my mother "But youtube is not giving me views "Da i am worse than others.. 😭😭🙏

  • 81 million is greater than 74 million

  • Sean can you plz quit fox News. They have become trash like the other CORRUPT FAKE NETWORK

  • That's hilarious coming from Fox News aka Fantasy News!! You guys are just as much to blame for the attack on the US Capitol!

  • Your a cry baby piece of poo Sean waa waa waa

  • Dont even know why this is even going on. The people will never win a court case or election again

  • Impeach Biden harris communists.

  • People Will Never Forgot How Trump Tried To Cause Civil War In USA with his conspiracy theory about elections. And How He Told His Supportors To Attack The Capitol. Fox Is Also Responsible. The Whole World Saw How Trump Shamed USA . Trump will never hold any public office ever again.

  • I Will be funny to see sean hannity's face when Google and the rest kicks out. Don't play with fire Sean.

  • Not sure how some of us can say Trump protected our country. Didn't he turn a blind eye to Putin 's interference and evil Kim in North Korea who is still building his nuke program. Trump proved he was Not really for law and order or Blue lives matter if he incited the lawless Riot at the Capitol where Bllue Lives were harmed and a few died? Trump support of Christian churches really back fired and hurt us because now more folks are calling us hypocrites because Trump's fruit = behavior was the opposite of Jesus and his teachings of Family values and Character Counts. Jesus Help US All.

  • Now you want to pass EVERYONE'S unemcrypted data over directly to the russians? 😠 😠 😠 you said your security was good. TRAITOR

  • Biden Harris... We know who you are. This is the new beginning

  • The usa needs a third party and a lot if independents.

  • All these black liberals crying racism are the most racist people in this country

  • Only a fool would say tare down a multi billion wall !!!

  • Oh my god Biden has not have been in office 24 hours. WOW And you are already going after her. OMG PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING . Once a republican

  • Tucker right on the money!

  • Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Be honest and shame the devil. Admit there is demonizing on both sides and to borrow the words of our Ex President there are good people on both sides. LOL

  • Horrific .Im disgusted its a disgrace to our government..I. It makes me sick.

  • I'm just wondering how many people who want term limits so we no longer have career politicians actually voted for the career politician?

  • My mother is not having any job "I want to do something for my mother "But youtube is not giving me views "Da i am worse than others.. 😭😭🙏

  • FOX NEWS IS WHERE ITS AT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please come back, America needs you!

  • The media in America is completely different from what we have here in the UK.... not intelligent and not regulated and the news presenters maybe not properly educated.... they just read anything that's written for them to read... true or not and the people actually believe it

  • What are you doing about the rioters in Portland and Seattle Mr Biden and Harris. That's right nothing because it doesn't fit your narrative !

  • Aussies all think this is crap vs. What a fuken idiot you have running your country. Trump # 1. Rip with these freaks.

  • Impeaching that dumber

  • They said that he would get us into WWIII. Well, I didn't see it. We had the greatest under his leadership EVER. Bet Biden can't do that. I also bet the US will be threatened again.

  • I will never bow down to the demonic party.

  • That's Funny the man is not smart

  • Wow With all the things going on in the United States his first move is cancel the keystone pipeline??? Jerk

  • let's be honest.... None of us 🇺🇸 really want unity

  • Fox news is like Drudge...loser

  • Gaetz has big anger problems

  • While people are to busy at fighting each other, they miss the real threat.

  • president trump love and care american people .the letter may said american first .make in america .protect american benefit .more jobs for american .stop accepted illegal and build wall.stop with china protect U.S.A .follow the true history to teach american offspring .stop drug legitimate for not hurt the american offspring future. (give more money & benefit to school .vet .military.polices for country future strong & rich.)china and Iran is danger country for america safety .must ending them with U.S.A .be a president should love and care your owned country people first .god bless american with a safety future with out china .

  • My mother is not having any job "I want to do something for my mother "But youtube is not giving me views "Da i am worse than others.. 😭😭🙏

  • It makes sense. The state is headed down the toilet. Why not bring the whole country down with it.

  • The left are not human, they are demons. I hope that all who actually voted for this traitor suffers the most.

  • NOW BY ORDER OF NEW PATRIOTS UP RISING & OLD CONSTITUTION, BY POWER OF WE THE GUTSY iNTeL PEOPLE USA THRIVING FOR GREAT FREEDOM, The Greater New American Revolution & Independence Day, Defeating All of our Enemies, Starts on Jan. 6, 2021

  • It is a love story biden an china

  • Hannity should shut his pie hole! He’s part of the problem! Always complaining on your STUPID show!

  • TRUMP trial will proceed. Inciting CAPITOL an insurrection should be punished by expulsion and prison time. Bye bye TRUMP 2024.

  • Yeah someone who is qualified for the job. Not some football players wife with a lying problem

  • It was a beautiful thing. tRUMP is out

  • I am a Republican, but I don't think President Trump should get back to the WH. There should be someone younger, more conservative, yes, this is possible, and more charismatic.

  • Americans president China law.

  • You said you wanna heal. What's wrong to cherish for a while after getting rid trump's "stable genius"?

  • Well... today’s inauguration looked like a funeral... our democracy is dead!

  • He is what got more Americans into politics and really wanting to do more!! That’s why votes were so strong and record breaking,bc of him!

  • lol Hannity "Debbie Downer".

  • Your security was utterly poor. Hot trash. 😠 😠. People had to leave their homes, because you failed to scramble meta data, and location data 😠 😠 people are going to prison, and getting booted out of Congress because your security was TRASH 😠 😠 you failed EVERYONE who had an account on your site

  • They censored Lindsay

  • Looks like The Purge movies are about to become reality. God help us all!

  • “Come one, come all! All immigrants welcome!” .... “no wait! We’re not ready. Go back!” 🤪 Great idea to let thousands of Immigrants into our country to get jobs during a pandemic when most U.S. citizens are unemployed. We’re just seeing the beginning of the crazy that’s about to take place.

  • Best President ever.

  • Our maga mobsters wont change.. Constitutional lovers rejoice in Florida

  • What a pig Biden the fake president

  • Won’t happen. The conservatives were sleeping at the wheel, while the socialist kept pushing more and more of their agenda, until wham! People can’t believe what’s happened.

  • Don't fall for it. You're not demons.

  • The last president that tried what trump did. He got his head blown off driving down a road.....JFK

  • Of course, Trudeau, I mean, why not?!?!


  • Trump 2024 and 2028

  • He will be locked up when they figure out the real numbers of deaths

  • "Went from indecency, to decency" Really? They lied for 4 years to the American


  • the marxists have won the battle but not the war..yet.

  • We love you and wish we could keep you as king with you I feel and know we are safe and sound America 🇺🇸 loves TRUMP

  • Trump was a great President! We will miss him!!!

  • He's a good lier!

  • Biden is not my president

  • Creepy Senile Joe = Potemkin president of the Banana Republic of America

  • Fox news will whine for 4 years... And more... Fasten the seat belt

  • Kayleigh was much better looking