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👋 We are Dan (From Canada) \u0026 Kika (From Haiti),
Creating videos of our journey, adventures, and lessons learned, as we explore the world, One country at a time, One project at a time, One Step at a time.

It all started 6 years ago when a friend gave us wise advice. He said, "...don't buy a couch!" Long story short, we never did. Instead we rescued an old beat-up sailboat (1972 Pearson 36), destined for the scrap yard, fixed it up and converted it to an ALL ELECTRIC SAILBOAT by building our own motor, and started our new minimalist life on board.

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27:29I trust her with my life - Sailing Uma [Step 259]
25:26Cold Dark Days - Sailing Uma [Step 255]
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14:23We Have 3 Days To Hide... - Sailing Uma [Step 252]
26:43Leaving our Sailboat Behind - Sailing Uma [Step 251]
22:40Our 6 month old Secret - Sailing Uma [Step 250]
17:19A Tiny House on a Big Cliff - Sailing Uma [Step 248]
16:25Aerial Silks Epicness - Sailing Uma [Step 247]
Aerial Silks Epicness - Sailing Uma [Step 247]visningar 150tn4 månader sedan
30:02The Truth About VIKINGS! - Sailing Uma [Step 246]
20:36Forced To Leave - Sailing Uma [Step 244]
Forced To Leave - Sailing Uma [Step 244]visningar 316tn5 månader sedan
23:14What Lies Beyond Trolltunga - Hiking Uma [Step 241]
24:34We Don't Sail in Storms . - Sailing Uma [Step 239]
24:04A Life Ruled by the Wind - Sailing Uma [Step 237]
22:13Better Than The Bahamas - Sailing Uma [Step 236]


  • You are loving and respecting to each other

  • The only thing left to do to make the boat absolutely carbon-free is to switch frop gas to electricity in the galley. I've always wanted to have an electric sailboat, so it's reallt exciting to see that some people are trying to make this a true solution (and, imo, the best one).

  • SV Delos has an induction stove which seems really nice. Would that be possible on your boat in the current configuration? If not, what would you need in order to support that (I'm still binge watching so maybe this happens later). Additionally, how concerned are you about a lightning strike during passage? That is a common argument I've seen for why one should keep a diesel engine. The maintenance of an electric motor is really compelling, though.

  • Incredible sailing and filming. Although cold weather has its charms, I wish a lot of sunny days for you to come. Keep going, Stay save.

  • maybe you think its winter though these temps are their summer time temps LoL Norway Summer's Burrrr! sounds of chattering teeth you guys should location tag your videos where she is saying Puffer i am used to hearing Poofy

  • nothing like snow to summon your inner child. the sound of the rock smacking into the ice was great maybe you need two wood stoves ....Dual Wood Stoves would keep ya plenty warm enough maybe get some dog bowl water heaters to keep your toilet from freezing or get some of those pipe heating wires you wrap the outlet pipe in that seeing your plugged into shore power you could do that

  • at 37 knots wind surge you guys were at Beaufort wind scale 8 winds 34 to 40 knots or 39 to 46 mph or 62-74 km/h while 28 to 33 knot winds are at Beaufort wind scale 7 28-33 knots or 32-38 mph or 50-61 km/h Gheez that was rough stuff

  • Good jobs, you guy's know what you are talking about.

  • Subscribed - Awesome... Thank You - All the Luck Guy`s !!!

  • Just because you didn't have a water heater in Haiti, doesn't mean you took 'cold showers'. It is Haiti. It is always warm and any water kept in an above ground container will be at least warm. So, you did take warm showers. Not saying that an actual hot shower wouldn't have been nice, but it's not like me taking an actual cold shower where the water coming out of my well is about 55 degrees. Anyhoo, that's enough nit picking. Congrats on your new shower. Have you considered some sort of solar heating arrangement? i would think that while in warm climates, simply hoisting a black plastic bag full of water to the top of the mast would give you nice hot pressurized water.

  • When you two coming home you both looking home sick I am loving the videos and beautiful pics 😍❤🇯🇲🇺🇲

    • Love that all smiles here 😀😄😊😁😍🇯🇲🇺🇲👍❤🙏

    • We are home.

  • Have you two reached out to Erik Aaderan (NBJS) No BullSh!t Just Sailing? He is in Norway and comes across as a very genuine individual. Seeks out the solo storm sails (I believe a force 10 is the highest he has put on video) and attends the Viking festivals. Might be some great content, though you already have that! I have enjoyed your journey! Your adventure will bode well for the future. Would a VR headset for the drone be something you could use? Thank you, I've really been inspired by the journey. Tip of the hat.

    • We sailed through his hometown last summer when he was in Iceland. We’re now a 1000 miles north of him. So a bit past a colab.

  • Experiment complete: At 2:00 minutes there were the big bubbles appearing on the bottom of the pan that did not have enough energy to form and rise to the surface. At 3:00 minutes energy had increased to a rolling boil on an induction stove.

  • You guys are pretty smart..

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • We should support them!

  • Absolutely smart boat here. Thank you for sharing. You’ve worked very hard and it shows. One of the best executed boats I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. Great video as well!

  • Hemingway once wrote about Sailor Journalists who would write articles about their travels and then wait for the cheques to arrive before moving on. You two have succeeded to the extent that the commentaries are longer to read than your productions. Carry ON!

  • I was reading the keco website and they keep mentioning salt water. Does this mean it won’t work in fresh water

  • Why do you guys have to go to all the places I want to go ? LOL I would kill to be there. Actually I want to immigrate to Norway.

  • Cap Horn and a squeaky wheel pilot on my Alberg 35 which has been home for 32 years. I did find a learning curve with the vane, mostly in having to learn to sail the boat balanced. Otherwise, if I'm sailing, its driving, even in close waters. I had the opportunity to tell Yves, its creator, he had made me a passenger on my own boat even when I singlehand. Eric runs Cap Horn now and is awesome. He has more than once refused any payment for bushings and plastic parts even after 30 years service. Squeaky is for motoring. Mine doesn't nap, but has an odd aversion to heading W, where he is apt to loose data. Im old enough to sympathize with such lapses. Love your channel and only wish I'd crossed tracks with you guys when you were in Fairhaven buying Uma! I'm a naval architect and occasionally work in that shipyard.

  • Pretty damned brilliant ideas! If you ask me I think you may have a bright future in designing sailing vessels or rebuilding them...

  • ...I mean, electric-powered heated clothes are a thing, yall. I keep a set so I can ride the Harley year-round here in Colorado. They work really well, and can easily last 12 hours. It will help with mobility on night & cold sails. And most are either water-proof or highly resistant.

    • Well I do have heated socks 😉But they dont hold charge for very long. Not sure about clothing... especially in the wet salty environment. But We found merino wool And puffer jackets to work wonders in the arctic.

  • It's absolutely awesome how far you've come, especially having started with no experience in film. It's also refreshing to see the amount of focus you put into audio. A lot of the film majors I've met don't put a second thought into audio and it's clear when they don't have an audio engineer working on the project but you've done everything that an audio engineer would do. My one piece of feedback is that I actually found the edited "handhelding" a bit distracting. I think maybe because the motion was a little too repetitive to look natural. Overall, incredible job!

    • 🥰 With each experiment, we are always learning.

  • ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

  • Cod in Norwegian is Torsk. I ate a lot it that we caught ourselves the summer I spent time on Merdøj on the south coast.

  • I dont own a couch. Well I do, but it didn't fit up my apartment stairs. So I donated it.

  • Way too much winter, time for the tropics. Norway looks beautiful but I have no interest in more winter blah! LOL

  • I find my self savoring these videos. Closed in by age, health and government regulations makes my soul feel trammeled and caged but your videos let me know that some people are able to live a much freer life. A life of your own rules. I also admire the closeness of your relationship. Being a widower at too young, it brings joy to my heart to see ya'll and be allowed a window into your life. Thanks for all that you are doing and who you are. Keep on!

  • For your chimney,take it off, knock all the rust off nd paint it with a hi temp flat black wood stove paint. It should stand up pretty well. And for the long stretches you don’t use it, make a canvas cover.

  • Looking at this makes me cold and I'm sitting in front of my fireplace! Brrr!

  • I've been out in 20-30 ft. swells and that's probably why i will never again sail far away from shore. I was horrified and i was with my mom and grandpa. It scared me so bad and we were all hanging over the side throwing up scared of falling out. It was my worst nightmare.

  • Loved it!

  • I notice go pro shot it looked like a kick of dirt kind of.😄

  • No wonder she is so worn out!!

  • THANK YOU♥️♥️

  • Does Dan have a cook book?

  • Me gusta vuestras aventuras os sigo Desde las Islas Canarias Os invito a canarias tengo Atraques para ustedes en el muelle deportivo de las palmas....gracias por sus aventuras

  • I am completely impressed.

  • Puffer hats are a thing!

  • Only just found you, what a grand job you have done, have subscribed now, will watch from the beginning

  • What’s the song at 20:30 ish?

  • You guys are such a cute couple keep up the great work and keep making great content! Safe travels👍

  • Bullshit!!!!! Admit it, Steven Spielberg has stowed away on Uma.

  • If you ask me ! I am ready to join the British Navy for 5 years and just have that experience of serving in the military! I mean Navy

  • The memories that you two are creating are priceless, thank you for taking us along. Safe travels.

  • Thank You for sharing this beautiful video,...the very best of everything!!! We enjoyed it very much. Safe travels.

  • Running a fishing boat through many freezing cold winters we discovered the flotation suits developed for the offshore oil workers were the best for keeping us dry and warm as toast. They are mostly made of 2 to 3 mm neoprene with nylon fabric liner and outer, couple that with a "wooly bear" one piece fleece underneath a pair of moon boots and neoprene gloves. Great filming and editing as always. Cheers Rog.

  • I don't own a boat, neither do I drive a boat but love you two so much!

  • Where are you sailing, Arctic or?

  • So I always wonder: how do you paint the parts that are being used to support the boat?

    • @Sailing Uma is the weight distribution such that you can move them one at s time or do you need another set of blocks to install first then remove? PS thanks for the great videos

    • We paint everything else around them, then when its dry we move the blocks and paint the leftover patches. And we do the small leftover part under the boat when they lift the boat and just leave it for an hour or so to dry before they lower the boat in the water.

  • Love your videos! Zhik must have loved the product placement... Geeky question- what speed do you assume for passage planning? I’m guessing 5 knts?

    • On long passages where we’ll sail longer than a 3 day forecast, we usually plan for 6kts. On shorter 1-3 days trips we can plan more accurately. With good wind we’ll average 7kts. In light and variable wind, probably closer to 4.5-5.

  • Wow I think this is going on my list

  • Thank You for your very interesting video, and the scenery was beautiful. We enjoyed it very much. Safe travel.

  • You guys make us feel guilty because have a pilot house for colder climates. Nevertheless we are impressed with your film making, passage making and fun making adventures. I hope we get to Tromsø this year and maybe meet up. Enjoy.

    • @Paul SJ I have been trying to get back to my boat there but so far I haven’t found the right excuse. I am about to hire a captain to take it to Iceland or Faroes where they will let a vaccinated person in.

    • Better hurry up! I'm guessing that you may only have a few weeks before they eventually leave Tromso...

  • In 22 years of wedded bliss, I do not think I have had as much connection as I saw in this one video. I love watching your videos

  • Kick A** Vlog! And with cell phones, a self-made camera clamp, motorcycle, and bus with reflective glass no less! From a gal who's spent time in Hawaii's lava fields, gushing over Blush in Maui's upcountry winery to touring ISR by bus, I could relate. Beautiful filming and editing ♡ TU for sharing

  • Fellow Canadian...I love your videos... you two are super cute.

  • Did you guys see the Northern lights? If so, please share...

    • Yea sadly we missed the window of epic dancing lights of the North.

    • You have to watch the video one more time. Look for the green light dancing in the nightsky. If they had been further north between november and february they would have seen it way more intense dancing in the sky, and shifting between green,blue and yellow. ;-) I´ve been living in northern Norway all my life, and the northlight never stopped to amaze me!

  • I am watching and it took me a minute to hear the boat sounds- I’m a full time cruiser but I sail a steel boat. No creaking-. Keep up the great work, thanks.

  • Always a treat seeing the Canada 🇨🇦 flag in the background. You guys rock

  • So you've turned the tables on all those channels using scantily clad women with this thumbnail! Love it! Had to comment on this because your channel is one of the few that doesn't use simple clickbait. Your content is awesome and I truly believe that you have a demographic of viewers here for the real life love affair. Take care!

  • Im already with skilllshare but its so hard to get back to it when video after video o f your i still have to watch ☺️

  • my day always gets a bit brighter when your videos come. I love watching you two grow and progress not only together and as people but your sailing skills as well! Love you both!

  • I only found this channel a couple of days ago I'm hooked line and sinker. You guys do a great job, move over magic carpet and teleport. I'll get there one day. I'm a forever fan. Who needs movies when you watch a beautiful reality.

  • You guys ate so lucky to have found each other so early in life. How did you meet?

  • AMEN WITH POWER BOATS, just keep their pace!!

  • Ive always loved sailing but close to land i could never do what you do. I am along for the ride in your eyes the best i can do, thank you.

  • Fluffy Lumpy 😃😃😃

  • You guys are awesome. I love your sailing, and I love your love. Like I say to my daughter - don't ever change!

  • The wood stove is next level.

  • After all this time you still arive before sunset🤣

  • Very smart and practical. Loved it!

  • those puppies,, so cute. How close was Dan to getting a new pet.. :)

  • New to the channel and the fascination of watching deep ocean sailing videos.... Absolutely love it here, you guys adventure in Iceland was breathtaking ..#salute

  • Omg singing ABBA!!!!

  • I agree with you on the brown cheese, really didn't like it when I first had it....but found myself craving it since then 😅

  • You might want to try bringing the new sail out before taking the old one in. Enjoy your videos. Best wishes. Stay safe.

    • Racing has zero to do with it. One sail covers the second and it is then very easy to furl. There are always multiple ways to do things in sailing and each way has benefits but if you try this I think you will find it both easier and safer. Then again your way seems to work fine for you.

    • We’re not racing, so no need to complicate things. Much more can go wrong with two headsails out at the same time.

  • Beautiful video. I’m so much enjoying watching this. Some sailing things so familiar, some scenery so new and exiting. As another sailor says, no bullshit, just sailing!

  • Why can't you heat the cabin while on sail ? I didn't know about this cant you run some heating cable through the floor or hv a heating fan of some kind I dont get it.

    • @Sailing Uma sounds like a darpa problom chken or egg ahah thnks ill work on a solution thier got to be one .

    • We have a wood stove. Any other type of heat takes fuel (which we don’t have) or electricity (which we use sparingly). But we finds it’s easier just to stay warm in good clothing, since we’re in and out a lot and we’d loose any heat inside anyway.