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do u like pizza?


0:50the biggers wither ever
the biggers wither evervisningar 44tn19 timmar sedan
⠀​⠀visningar 127tn19 timmar sedan
0:48where am I?
where am I?visningar 179tn19 timmar sedan
0:43do it if you want to buy a new pc
do it if you want to buy a new pcvisningar 313tnDag sedan
0:46break your brain
break your brainvisningar 169tnDag sedan
0:43he devours my honey :c
he devours my honey :cvisningar 181tnDag sedan
0:55what happens if ...
what happens if ...visningar 323tnDag sedan
0:56I caught an enderman
I caught an endermanvisningar 116tnDag sedan
0:57what's inside the ghast?
what's inside the ghast?visningar 515tnDag sedan
unrealvisningar 184tn19 timmar sedan
0:56the monster under the bed
the monster under the bedvisningar 271tn19 timmar sedan
0:55how to go beyond the barrier in survival
how to go beyond the barrier in survivalvisningar 474tn19 timmar sedan
0:41I found Flash boots
I found Flash bootsvisningar 176tn19 timmar sedan
0:52how to protect a village from a raid
how to protect a village from a raidvisningar 202tn19 timmar sedan
0:40minecraft noteblock lil nas x - montero
minecraft noteblock lil nas x - monterovisningar 156tn19 timmar sedan
0:52don't show this video to the creepers
don't show this video to the creepersvisningar 226tn19 timmar sedan
0:53the circle of withers
the circle of withersvisningar 218tn19 timmar sedan
0:56what if you breed sheep underwater
what if you breed sheep underwatervisningar 294tn19 timmar sedan
0:52command + block = ???
command + block = ???visningar 237tn19 timmar sedan
0:53this video may surprise you
this video may surprise youvisningar 1,6mn19 timmar sedan
0:41the portal broke
the portal brokevisningar 180tn19 timmar sedan
0:47need for speed in minecraft
need for speed in minecraftvisningar 208tn19 timmar sedan
0:52how do you explain this?
how do you explain this?visningar 586tn19 timmar sedan
0:53i'm sorry
i'm sorryvisningar 287tn19 timmar sedan
0:45what's happening?
what's happening?visningar 233tn19 timmar sedan
0:47totems come to life
totems come to lifevisningar 380tn19 timmar sedan
0:53a new minecraft mob?
a new minecraft mob?visningar 333tn19 timmar sedan
0:56i found a time machine
i found a time machinevisningar 320tn19 timmar sedan
0:48i hate this logic
i hate this logicvisningar 185tn19 timmar sedan


  • Steve is a good builder in Minecraft and i wish he use command block

  • Right there

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  • Waaat

  • Ple tell how to create sharpness10000

  • you are so close to 1m cool bro

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  • POV: your looking through the comments seeing bots and beggars. Example: the guy that keeps saying "i make minecraft vids" And also all the steveee clones

  • I'm never gonna sleep after that

  • how?

  • 1 mil wheeeeen

  • You the badest cheater of the world>:(

  • Bro do u use tlauncher

  • I would like to try it in my iPhone rn

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  • il bet he have 1 mil subs in 1-2 days

  • Steveee I hope you 1 mil subs I've been here since 50k subs. Me when I watch your vids: "omg how is he better than my YT channel'

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  • water in the fire. why?

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  • That black sheep was random.. '

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  • imagine steve running out of ideas and people will be confused bcuz he uploads every 5 minutes....

  • Fun fact every fun fact starts with fun fact

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  • he crouched a little to fit under the slab when he climbed but not when he descended

  • Savage level 100000

  • you are inside a wormhole

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  • Actually the video is just for fun and hasn't any meaning

  • Walter in the fire why?!

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  • Dude how do u come up with these things?

  • Can we all apreciate that Stevee comes up with nice ideas to entertain us daily?

  • When you use the 100% of your brain

  • Them:he perfictly camoed mob dosent exist it cant hurt you The perfictly camouflaged mob:

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  • ok music is breaking my mind a lil bit

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  • Did , now make a video on making money to buy pc

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  • If steveee is gonna react on this comment i will eat my socks

  • FaceSpam comment section completely broken. New comment type incoming! If I tried to put out my campfire and it just sat there like "nah forget that" I would probably stick around, build a house and live off free energy until it got upset and keeld me.

  • Hes subscribers going faster then my phone! 😱🤯

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  • I like the fact that even the debugging is bugged Ps 976K subscribers at the time of writing this

  • steveee: breaks SEnewss algorithm SEnewss: *surprised pikachu face*

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