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3:47These Plants Are the Same Species
These Plants Are the Same Speciesvisningar 33tn2 dagar sedan
6:43What Happens When a Venomous Snake Bites Itself?
10:13Without Volcanoes, Earth Might be Dead
Without Volcanoes, Earth Might be Deadvisningar 109tn2 dagar sedan
6:12Dire Wolves Were Real! But Not Wolves
Dire Wolves Were Real! But Not Wolvesvisningar 320tn2 dagar sedan
10:475 Animals With Superpowered Senses
5 Animals With Superpowered Sensesvisningar 126tn2 dagar sedan
6:17Bones Began as Mineral Batteries
Bones Began as Mineral Batteriesvisningar 184tn8 dagar sedan
3:53We Had Catnip All Wrong
We Had Catnip All Wrongvisningar 962tn8 dagar sedan
5:46Do We Need a Negative Leap Second?
Do We Need a Negative Leap Second?visningar 137tn8 dagar sedan
11:41Animals Inspiring the Armor of the Future
Animals Inspiring the Armor of the Futurevisningar 242tn8 dagar sedan
3:11Why These Bees Just Keep Staring at Flowers
Why These Bees Just Keep Staring at Flowersvisningar 113tn15 dagar sedan
3:27We Use Black Holes to Study Tectonic Plates
5:25Why Haven't We Built a Better Battery?
Why Haven't We Built a Better Battery?visningar 204tn15 dagar sedan
12:145 Ways Biology Is Transforming Buildings
5 Ways Biology Is Transforming Buildingsvisningar 244tn15 dagar sedan
7:08Why Only Some Vaccines Need Booster Shots
Why Only Some Vaccines Need Booster Shotsvisningar 88tn22 dagar sedan
18:54Your Phone and You: How Your Cell Affects You
3:39There Are Mountains Deep Within the Earth
There Are Mountains Deep Within the Earthvisningar 260tn22 dagar sedan
6:19Whale Poop Helps Cool Our Planet
Whale Poop Helps Cool Our Planetvisningar 107tn22 dagar sedan
3:43Slingshot Spiders Put Fighter Pilots to Shame


  • Such a pleasant voice more videos from this beautiful person please

  • But I can tickle myself but that's rare People without schizophrenia

  • and just so you all know..If you think it's going to be one vaccination and you're done, think again...They predict immunity from the vaccination will last only 12 to 24 months, so get ready to do that dance every

  • physics was broken when US government said these UFO videos are real.. defying physics in your face.. yet these physicist think they are smarter..

  • This is like one of those odd questions no one would really answer. Thanks for answering this question.

  • Ah yes. Bigots disliking instead of actually listening to science backed studies with sources

  • i saw a furry

  • Would this put Einstein's Unified Theory back on the table? Hmmm

  • Me: *reads the tittle* It's the muon experiment, isn't? The video: Muons disobey the laws of physics

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  • Particles be FREE! Death to the Tyranny of the Standard Model!

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  • "this isn't even my final form"

  • Failed biological beings doesnt mean there is a spectrum, they do have the same dignity, etc etc, but humans as a species do have only 2 biological sexes

  • So scientists will proceed cautiously.... cancer killed more people last year than covid (and always tops the list) but we get experimental covid vaccines forced on us for a virus that won’t likely kill most of us.


  • @6:19 - 6:25 LMAO

  • its just a chart bro. it gets the idea across sufficiently;

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  • if tree breath in carbon dioxide and people breath in Oxygen symbiotic. Question, if 7.8 billion people are wearing face masks how long before trees start to die?

  • birds are reptiles???? 3:45

  • She pronounced the last word of every PHRASE louder than all the other WORDS. Once I noticed THIS, it became difficult to IGNORE. LOL. :D

  • Plants that take care of their young? Interesting.

  • This does not prove there are more than 2 sexes. It's just diffrent combinations of the 2 sexes male and female, XX and XY. A third sex would have to be XZ.

  • I swear my Grandma had flour in one is when I was a kid and I'm 32 now I've got some in my garden so I take this as a challenge to get it to flower

  • Wonder what adding gravity (an ignored fundamental) does to the predicted equation?

  • I tried surfshark 2 years ago, but it didn't work for me. I mean, the free 1 week trial worked perfectly, but after I bought a year subscription, things went downhill fast. Two months in and it didn't work at all. Never could get a connection no matter what I tried and whatever their help centre advised. I still haven't found a vpn that works in my country 😅

  • The most accessible metaphor here is clearly "if you have a high atk pokemon, you don't want to hurt yourself in confusion" lol I have a friend who works in gene therapy testing. They use a chemical that is found in venom and also on the outside of viruses to pierce their way through the cell wall and modify the dna. One time during testing the mixture he was using was too saturated, because the lab rat dissolved into a puddle of red jelly after being injected. Woops! lol. Thats one of the more climactic events that can come from venom injections I think


  • I observed a scarlet snake bite itself and it did die!

  • Floating point error in the simulation. Wake up people!!

  • 2:33 i feed weirdly degraded lol

  • My dad has these climbing up his oak trees.

  • No wonder I don't like cold beverages.

  • Knowing this is a thing irritates me even more now. 😑

  • They didn't ask me lol, I do it all the time

  • You list several correct facts and still come up with the wrong conclusion. I'm guessing you have never owned a dominant dog. Offering him a treat will not make him obey. He thinks the treat already belongs to him. The real mistake people make is thinking abuse is dominance. It's not. An abused dog may obey you out of fear, but will never respect you. Using some of the non- abusive techniques you just poo pooed are useful to communicate to a dog on its level of understanding that you are in charge. All dogs do not want to be in charge but have behavioral imperative to take charge when the owner does not. The goal of an owner is not to force obedience but to encourage partnership. A dog will be your best friend for life if treated fairly.

  • Yes, I've noticed them switching sides too! My right one is more free right now, but the left one is completely blocked.

  • Anyone else click on this video because you've seen that video of a King cobra biting itself, rolling around on the ground (with epic electronica playing in the background) and flipping out and then dying?

  • Breaking news: Scientists are doing their job and now must recalculate everything.

  • I was asked to leave class during exams because it would become disruptive , the more I would try to control it the worse my test scores would be , ironically the better prepared I was seemed to make it worse . So procrastinating and cramming became my forte , I don’t recommend it !

  • I’ve always associated the word “mistake” with an image of strawberry ice-cream in my mind

  • It is not.

  • The new force is called wobble juice.

  • Wow the dude got weight

  • Pea fowl.... females are pea hens, only males are peacocks.

  • This was highly informative.

  • My inner monologue is me talking to my characters in my writing or my characters talking almost constantly the rest is me repeating the things I’ve read in my head

  • “Hopefully we can keep them around”. She clearly has never met a human yet.

  • Serotiny? Does this have anything to do with Prunus serotina?

    • No, those are wild black cherry trees. I have 5 saplings to plant.

  • My left side is the more open one right now

  • Thank you

  • This REALLY confuses me. If everything tends towards disorder, how can biological evolution be true. It seems to me that, as time has passed, life has become MORE ordered. Single cell -> Multicellular No membrane bound organelles-> membrane bound organelles. Can anyone explain?

  • So does this mean there is matter that we can’t actually see? Like in another dimension?? Humor me please. This field is not my strong spot

  • Currently, Oxitec appears to be pissing off certain Floridians (they wanted more say in if/when/where these mosquitoes get released). Looking forward to the mosquito immunity option, though. Non-genocidal options are always ideal.

  • Worst host ever

  • btw the title is utter garbage. Not only because you do mention the criticism yourself but because this would have nearly no implications for every day life for long time. The 'every day' physics still applies. Things on earth still fall down with 9.8m/s², water still boils at 100°C(at sea level) etc. Science does move closer to the ultimate truth inch by inch and new findings dont invalidate the models in use now. If the models didnt hold up for most part, technology wouldnt advance as it does in recent times. Just like a rogue semicolon or period can ruin a whole string of code.

  • A crate. I shop with an old plastic crate. It fits a load of stuff, it’s not as hard to carry and it will literally last forever.

  • Mr. Aranda, please cut your hair. Thank you.

  • Moar epicycles!

  • My brother and father have RLS. My dad will sometimes kick in his sleep and my brother can’t sit still, in say a car, for more than an hour or two before his legs start literally aching and spasming to move

  • It wasn’t just a sick chimp actually labeling it as just a sick chimp can lead to an increase in poaching, the virus came from African cows that were preyed upon by lions aka feline AIDS this is from a book and a biochemist, so then the lions potentially preyed upon chimps, as well in the African ecosystem, which can go haywire, this potentially was taking place in, Ethiopia a huge amount of AIDs orphans arise there, but not necessarily, even though Ethiopia has been considered the root of civilization, from the perspective of some of the oldest fossils originating there, so it was actually in south Central African regions where lions developed hiv.Think of ecosystems that have a species introduced and go haywire like Hawaii w the mongeese and snakes that are eradicating birds, lions don’t actually always die from feline aids, humans do. So yeah it’s better to leave out the chimp thing, and actually add the lions, cows, and the lion transmission to the chimp, because chimps are already endangered and hunted. If one looks it up it’s lions, on chimps and cows, they can prey upon both. Sorry thumbs down. SIV would explain why hiv is further mutated in monkeys from the form humans and felines get, because it came from lions originally. It can be damaging to a species to attribute the entire course of a disease to it, people already experiement upon and poach chimps enough, it was the lions, the cows and the chimps, so AIDS came from an entire ecosystem. It’s like making the chimp into Typhoid Mary poachers will look at this as an excuse to murder monkeys, because it makes the chimps a figurehead of a disease that came from an entire ecosystem, Lions from Nigeria spread it to cows and chimps. I get that chimps maybe gave it to humans through meat, because they are 98.97 percent genetically identical to humans, but if you look at the entire course of the disease it started as a lion or feline virus. And who knows they got it from, thus is can only be attributed to an entire ecosystem, not one species.

  • At the quantum level, one can affect the outcome of an experiment by simply observing it. Particles can become entangled even when they're incredibly far from each other. Quarks jump from one point to another without passing through the space in between, and nothing behaves intuitively.

  • Ugh. One time I ended up in the hospital and believe that my husband may have poisoned me. I've had diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting.

  • Duh

  • In a more recent video, you discussed how the 2019 Malaria virus targeted the liver stage. I wonder if an additional route may be to interfere with the sexual reproduction somehow. It wouldn't initially prevent anything, but may reduce transmission over time.

  • Likening that to parental care is likening dating strategy as parental care.

  • Thank you so much drihenyenonojolu on SEnewss by getting my herpes cured with your herbal treatment ♥️

  • If these are Goth, are cutter ants Emo?

  • Don’t trust the matrix.... til the upgrade is done

  • If anyone's looking for an update, the best place seems to be the WHO website on their "Malaria vaccine implementation programme." Strong statistics will still take more time, but it seems to be looking good so far. From their article, "Increasing equity to malaria prevention through vaccination pilot in Malawi": "So far, accrued safety data are very reassuring. The pilot is progressing well, community acceptance of the vaccine is strong, and the programme is now on track for a review of RTS,S data and a potential WHO vaccine recommendation for wider use in sub-Saharan Africa as early as October 2021." Happy World Malaria Day! (April 25th)

  • It wasn’t just a sick chimp, it was a lion that preyed upon a cow and a chimp in Africa, potentially not in Ethiopia even though Ethiopia has been considered the root of civilization, because it is where archaeological fossils similar to Lucy have been found, so it originated from an eco system similar to ecosystems in Hawaii where an introduced species caused the ecosystem to go haywire, by introducing a mongoose that was eaten by snakes and the snakes ate all of the birds, hiv was not only due to a chimp, an African cow had it the lion got it and gave it to the chimp. Think feline AIDS so the chimp thing is not fully accurate. My source is a biochemist.

  • What about sexual dimorphism in humans?

  • Yeah.........can u people talk about papaya?? ..... I'm from Southern India, my grandmother used to plant atleast 3 plants every year in our mostly 1 of them will be a Male grandma used to kill the male plants off (cause they occupy space and take in the sunlight).......pretty sure everyone in my state(😑... Tamilnadu) does that.... Yet, the papayas produce the seeds and the seeds are viable.....

  • Evolution did this.

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