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Sailing Yabá | Ben \u0026 MP
We are now owners of a big wooden schooner that needs A LOT of work done.
Many people told us the boat we chose was doomed, but we refuse to settle on that thought and we are going to do whatever it takes to make this boat a great sailor again.
We are both rookies when it comes to boat ownership and carpentry, so this is going to be a steep learning curve for us which we are ready to embrace. We are keen to learn so we can do as much as possible ourselves.
Join us on our refurbishing journey as we get our hands dirty and share the highs and lows of owning and fixing a big wooden sailing boat.


29:24Can we SAVE our ENGINE? - Sailing Yabá #16
26:57Overwhelming amount of PROGRESS! - Sailing Yabá #14
25:25From WRECK to DREAMY starts now! - Sailing Yabá #13
22:42Removing our DOOMED keel - Sailing Yabá #9
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  • I’ve been reading about a part of wooden boats called a “ Worm Shoe “ a piece of sacrificial wood that goes below the keel. A piece that the teredo worms will attack before they get to the keel itself. The shoe is replaced whenever you lift the boat for service and the worms 🪱 will never get Yaba again. Cheers 🍻

  • Question when the carpenters looked at it did they think it was doomed or did the jump right on it .the craftmen are amazing their skill im addicted to watching Thease men and their skills wow i bet their glade your keeping them working.

  • The more i watch the more happy i am you guys keep this skill going if people stop building wood boats will be horable

  • The craftsmen hear im so glade to men still build boats like 100 years ago

  • That boat is gorgious i can only imagin out on water wind filled sails

  • 2007 you mean the boat is a 2007

  • Did you say it was born in97

  • That saw is fast

  • Your crazzy but 100 years ago men would do what your doing every peice of wood saved is history

  • What year is it

  • Pritty big boat to lift

  • After having a wooden boat for 15 years, doing many repairs over those years, This is a wonderful video to help people see how boats are built. Trully amazing to see your vessel recovering!

  • I just liked and subscribed what u are doing she is going to be gorgious.i liked and comment too man this old boat will be art

  • What part of this BOAT is worth keeping?? I can just imagine what masts, old motor, sails and rigging is like...this wreck is a goldmine for the Shipyard and the skilled shipwrights who are doing a fantastic job of building a new boat.

  • Your shakey camera starts getting on m nerves.

  • So much work on Yaba. My dad said that he is very proud of both of you for taking on saving this beautiful boat.

  • One of my dreams is to build i giant wooden sailing ship. This really got the imagination spiraling! Thanks for sharing your beautiful boat! Best of luck!

  • The port side frames & planking are looking awesome. I don't understand the measuring but I know the shipwrights know. I can't get enough of this channel. 24 minute video goes too damn quick. Glad my name will be on a futtock. Go away rain!!

  • Each plank is basically sculpted, it's a work of art! (sorry to see you getting some negative comments, they must actually love it otherwise they wouldn't be watching!)

  • Looking amazing!! Yaba has come such a long way!! Lots of love from 🇨🇦

  • When disassemble item off your engine or anything else place those screws or bolts in a zip lock bag an label bag accordingly. This will make reassemble of all parts/assembles easier.

  • Boy...after reading the comments I conclude this is a rough crowd but I must agree I don't fully understand this project. Are they using the old boat as a pattern? It's going to be an old new boat? Is that better than a new boat? What is this boat designed for? To live onboard or sail around the world?

  • Looking good, new hull construction..! Great bests

  • I notice most of the moaning crusty old men have stopped moaning and criticising, I'm not as young as I used to be but love your channel. You two have so much energy and enthusiasm, be happy and enjoy rebuilding your boat.....😀

  • Why are you building a boat from worms food???

  • It's kinda fun to watch this disaster, but even when this boat is back to good condition, it is a crappy boat!!! Basically a House Boat. I don't get it

  • Congratulation! You are succiding! What the Hell, is going on with the engine???

  • Gebus! Will there be anything at all left from the original wood? :-D

  • You will know your boat very well when all the work is done.

  • Thanks for taking time to describe how the master ship right uses the long stick and compass to get all the measurements and angles correctly. I am a woodworker and restorer in America and I've never seen anything like that. I've been playing that section over and over again. I find it absolutely fascinating! Thank you!! ⛵🙂

  • I keep watching for some reason. I like the owners. But this is a waste. Could have invested in a real sailing vessel.

  • Hello mates. I had a thought after seeing all the scrap plank wood. I believe those pieces could be added to your store. Selling the scrap pieces of Yaba would be a way to have part of your boat.

  • Can you ask Elio (?) why they don’t *steam bend * the planks like other wooden boat builders do ? Like Tally oh or Acorn to Arabella... I’m just curious. 🧐

  • It seems a simple enough solution to get a few large tarps and attach them to the mast and a few lines to create a peaked covering that comes from the mast out to the wall so that there is a dry workspace for the tools etc.

  • It's really good to see that traditional boatbuilding skills are alive and kicking - there aren't many parts of the world where you can do this kind of project without Bill Gates' credit card. Like grandfather's axe, keep replacing the handle and head and Yabá will last forever, which is a good thing. It's also really thrilling to see how to build a new boat without having to pay a naval architect to design it. I bet the carbon footprint is a small fraction of a new fibreglass build too. Will Black Dog be signed on as permanent crew?

  • A pair of safety glasses would stop stuff from falling in your eyes.

  • We know how hard and frustrating it is for you guys. You are literally building the whole underneath of your boat. All I can say and I know this is what you guys already know is when this boat is done you will have such a great lifetime of adventures together. And we are looking forward to seeing it.

  • With respect to the skill of the workers, geat project and wish you all the success.

  • Do we have to watch every plank being fitted? Any chance of varying the content, what’s happening elsewhere on the boat?

  • I stand by what i commentedt this is the best boat restoration videos on e-tube

  • I mean I love watching the process of rebuilding your boat but maybe it would have been easier to build a new one beside the existing boat. Cudos for the energy you two are putting into your disolving water craft.

  • It's almost magical watching these ship wrights building this vessels hull by hand

  • It's so interesting to see traditional boat building as practiced by people who do it for a living. AFAIK, these guys build and repair fishing ships, so thier standards are elsewhere. Traditional boats are made to be repaired and it may be cheaper to throw the boat together rather than take time to get everything perfect.

  • Great job. I only work on small pieces. This must be a really project.

  • Remember when it's finished...2 of every species...:) And don't forget the unicorns.

  • I think the dog will be sailing with you after work is done. Adoption in 3,2,1... And Yabá is starting to look nice!

  • wanted to adopt some futtocks or frames but side wont let me proceed to checkout are all sold out or is it just the webpage?

    • oh, that's a shame!! Can you e-mail us at [email protected]? We have an idea that might work for you!

    • @Sailing Yabá i can add and remove to the shoping cart but cant click checkout or the paypal button.

    • Hey Captain Mirones! Thanks a lot for wanting to support us!! We still have a couple of frames (and therefore futtocks) available, so it's probably just a problem at the website. Hopefully it will work next time you try!!

  • Enjoying each new week Ben and MP. Well done on the progress. Amazing the skill of these shipwrights. I love working with wood. The smell must be amazing!! We have La Nina here as well. Had a very very wet summer and loads of destructive rain in Sydney.

  • As soon as I get my next paycheck I will be adopting a piece of your boat! 👍

  • I would have thought the planks would have the edges and ends waterproofed also. Those are the most susceptable to the intrusion of water and worms. And did they stop wrappimng and coating the bolts they were using to hold the bigger pieces together?

  • Ben, Ben, Ben, Somehow, improbably your interesting narrative never fails to please me. No matter how niggling I might otherwise be I'm won over by your endearing delivery. No matter, I think you two may be in my bad books. While in your last video you were not explicit about the plans for your cabins, galley and salon (not really not even that since it's too small), my impression is that you will not change the layout that much: specifically that the starboard cabin will remain vs removing it and walls (and decreasing the footprint of the wet head) to create a large double salon that's connected directly to the galley. See my comments to episode # 22. I want you to consider creating a different cabin/communal space that the design of your galley, hallway/saloon and 3 cabins and all the walls needed to create the existing claustrophobic space was not designed for. Take a look at the layouts of Hans Christians through this link: [Just found some good pics, so ignore the sales part] Your galley is on the starboard side and the campanionway isn't centered: it's closer to the port side. From a layout perspective this is perfect: you can have a large U-shaped galley directly connected to the double salon, the kitchen island creating the separation AND connection to the salons, the island would be directly connected to the dining area (elongated U-shaped seating with an island table) (with the salon island table that lowers so a whole family could sleep there when it converts to a berth), facing it would be a smaller salon/settee that converts into a double berth. And: Your beam is wider than any Hans Christian, And the length of this space would also be greater; Therefore you would have a very large interior communal multi-functional space, and even more berths. Even without hatches (skylights), it would be a much more well lit area, not the dingy closed-in space you currently have. The amount of storage you would have, if well designed, would also increase. [All storage for SVs are basically standard and easily adaptable to what I propose/the potential of that space] Now, about your designer: instinctively I don't like having friends do things for me, even if they are professionals, who don't have the requisite experience and therefore the expertise that results from the experience. There are naval architects and designers for a reason. Applying home design to sailing vessels simply doesn't work and have absurd results that meet neither basic form or function standards that a sailing vessel should have. Perhaps MP's childhood friend will study naval/nautical design and prove me wrong. MP I'm not being mean: I think it just needs to have been said. The ceiling in the cabin, galley, salon areas has bothered me as well. The white ceiling liner is crap, And hides a great feature: the structural roof beams. I'm sending a link to a galley because it illustrates two things: the wood beams are a feature and look great, and, the galley is really nice, open, light and airy: I know some of the beams have been cut, so compromised (another reason to remove the liner), but they can (and should) be repaired. Even if staining them might not work, painted white (warm off white) would still show the warmth and charm of the wood. Cheers from Vancouver, Canada, Love ya, Dawson

  • It rains about 193 days of the year here. approximately 80 inches a year. Only way to keep all the trees green tho!

  • Had enough of the adds interruptiong

  • The recurring thought I have is that you should have just bought a boat that was in better shape since it seems that none of the original boat is going to be left by the time you remove all the questionable wood.


  • Wow commend you on your challenge you are tackling. It will be a new boat in the end. Could have packed up and gone home, well I guess this is home. No turning back. keep up the good work.

  • this is going to be such an epic boat when its finished

  • Wont those boards expand and contract when they are wet? Isn't that a concern cutting and putting them on when they are somewhat wet? 🤔.

  • what is the initial assement of the boats deck condition ?

  • Amazing project. Does the cute dog have a name?

  • interesting method of spiling but I didn't see him check any plank bevels or put in a caulking seam ?

  • Question: How did you find this boat yard?

  • I have one question, where the hell do kids in their twenties get the money to hire up to a dozen people a day for months on end to build a ship for them???? I know the disparity between rich and poor in Brazil is extreme, but is it that extreme? (oops! that's 2 questions)

    • Hi, Brazilian here 🙋‍♀️ So: yes, disparity is that extreme, they are in a pretty cheap city to live, and also the exchange rate currently is in extreme favor of youtubers. So even if most of their SEnewss money is going straight to rebuild (material and labor), they end up having a new boat for free thanks to SEnewss, patrons and donation.

    • SEnewss and Patreon?

  • Love seeing this beautiful boat being put back together thank you for having the foresight to rebuild from Maryborough QLD Australia

  • Thank God for rich kids with generous daddies, I've counted as many as 10 people at one time working on your boat, in the states that's about $300 an hour or $2400 a day. you are clearly providing a lot of work for a lot of people. good for you good for them. You also may be stimulating more work for these people simply because others are considering having boats built down there, unless I'm mistaking it's costing you a fraction of what it cost in the states.

    • It does not cost them a cent It is all paid by patrons and SEnewss payments ,because they are in Brazil they can also put large part of it in their pockets .The more rot the more profit

  • Thanks for bringing us along on your great fascinating adventure guys!

  • Is that raw wood as opposed to cooked wood

  • The refit come rebuild is coming along exceptionally well. We, ourselves are now ashore as Snow Maiden is about to undergo a major refit that should take 6 months all going well. Like you two we have an exceptional team of boat-builders to work on her. With the planking happening before you know it Yaba will be planked and then it's just the interior. Great you have someone assisting on that part of the refit. Regards Suzie (Robert is out of commission at the moment, nothing major)

  • Did you not know that this entire boat was rotting? At some point I thought I heard that you paid $40,000 for this pile of rotten wood. tell me that ain't true tell me they gave you five grand to haul it away. It's absolutely wonderful to see these guys building a wooden boat the way it probably would have been built hundreds of years ago it's truly a bit of History along with construction techniques that are no longer used for the most part. My other question is where the hell do you get all the money to do this this would literally cost 4 to $500,000 in the United States if not more. What amazes me is there are so many many boats out there that are more qualified to be rebuilt and you chose this pile of junk I don't mean to be hurtful but I'm desperately curious. You could have put 40 Grand into any other boat and actually had something worth building on. How much cheaper is labor in Brazil? I'm considering now having a boat built down there.

  • Why nails and not screws for the planking?

  • how do you fund something like this? and how much do you expect this all to cost before you can leave the Yard?

  • That dog is like mine, loves to help and there is no tool made thats too loud for her lol. Those guys look like they know what theyre doing, measuring and transferring and cutting odd shapes and bends is hard, and working with the damp wood sucks. The humidity alone wreaks havoc on how things fit from one day to the next. Thanks for sharing your rebuild. You all seem very nice. Cant wait to see the finished product.

  • Just wondering which country this is in?

  • Was it worth it? Could you have found a less rotten boat????

  • I own a fiberglass boat, wood is beatiful, but no why I would own one. Looks like all that was left is the name? How do you pay for that project?

  • If they look as good on video as in craftsmanship in reality. That's definitely a good boat yard to have work done.

  • É muitissimo interresante a diferença entre os procedimentos realizados no Yaba e no Tally Ho. Embora varias técnicas sejam similares, e as embarcações tenham que ser basicamente recontruidas, o "approach" é diferente visto que o Tally Ho é uma embarcação histórica que está passando por um processo de restauro. Já o Yaba está sendo reformado para um uso posterior que provavelmente deverá sustentar seus proprietários. No Tally Ho é buscada sempre a excelência da técnica e que ela seja condizente com o passado da embarcação. . Já no Yaba, o objetivo é utilizar técnicas tradicionais de construção naval em madeira do litoral catarinense para deixar o barco operante e seguro para que possa desenvolver usos a que se pretende no futuro. As técnicas de construção naval utilizadas no Yabá são visivelmente mais rústicas porém condizentes com os custos e tempo que se espera para finalização do projeto. Espero que o material e a experiência dos Carpinteiros ajude para que embarcação tenha um tempo de vida e um tratamento melhor do que já teve até hoje. Estamos anciosos para ver o término dessa " reconstrução" e o começo das diversas viagens que a embarcação proporcionará a sua tripulação e certamente a nós telespectadores.

  • A good demonstration of the method for lining the planks could be found at Bobs channel @theartofboabuildind in

  • I've been planking wrong all these years.

  • Could have built a new boat much more efficiently. Sad to watch. Bye.