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1:41Donald Trump Says “Bye-Bye”
Donald Trump Says “Bye-Bye”visningar 207tn2 dagar sedan
9:53Space Weather Could Ruin Everything
Space Weather Could Ruin Everythingvisningar 89tn10 dagar sedan
6:39The Only Uighur Restaurant in Massachusetts
The Only Uighur Restaurant in Massachusettsvisningar 147tn14 dagar sedan
9:22COVID Has Exposed Venice's Housing Crisis
COVID Has Exposed Venice's Housing Crisisvisningar 151tn8 dagar sedan
4:53Where Did QAnon Come From?
Where Did QAnon Come From?visningar 375tn6 dagar sedan
8:46Outer Space Makes Music, Here’s How to Listen
7:50How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry
3:39Inside the Capitol Hill Riots
Inside the Capitol Hill Riotsvisningar 2mn12 dagar sedan
5:46How Georgia Is Fighting Voter Suppression
How Georgia Is Fighting Voter Suppressionvisningar 36tn15 dagar sedan
32:35VICE News Tonight LIVE: Georgia Senate Runoffs
6:49How to 3-D Print a Steak
How to 3-D Print a Steakvisningar 309tnMånad sedan
5:06The Georgia Runoff Race You Don't Know About
1:39:252020: The Year We All Wish We Could Forget
2020: The Year We All Wish We Could Forgetvisningar 27tn22 dagar sedan
2:15Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters
Formerly Incarcerated Firefightersvisningar 31tnMånad sedan
2:15The Ventilator Wizard
The Ventilator Wizardvisningar 33tnMånad sedan
2:15Spaceflight Ace
Spaceflight Acevisningar 25tnMånad sedan
2:15The Living Coffin Maker
The Living Coffin Makervisningar 69tnMånad sedan
1:16:54Who Will Trump Pardon?
Who Will Trump Pardon?visningar 40tnMånad sedan
9:05The Indian Farmer Protest Shaking the World
2:15Doctor Frankenstein of Teslas
Doctor Frankenstein of Teslasvisningar 39tnMånad sedan
6:26Tiny Nuclear Reactors Are the Future of Energy
6:37Inside the Race to Keep Georgia Blue
Inside the Race to Keep Georgia Bluevisningar 67tnMånad sedan
8:08Nobel Peace Prize Winners Keep Starting Wars
8:49Deserts Are Taking Over The World
Deserts Are Taking Over The Worldvisningar 155tnMånad sedan
8:06Police Brutality is Tearing Nigeria Apart
14:21Indigenous Women Keep Going Missing in Montana
19:47The War Criminals Trying to Prevent a Genocide
4:37The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the World
6:39The Protest Restaurants of Hong Kong
The Protest Restaurants of Hong Kongvisningar 270tnMånad sedan
7:04The Military's #MeToo Moment
The Military's #MeToo Momentvisningar 53tnMånad sedan
13:43The Alien Hunters of New York
The Alien Hunters of New Yorkvisningar 223tnMånad sedan
9:25The Moon Is for Sale | Complexify
The Moon Is for Sale | Complexifyvisningar 88tn2 månader sedan
45:05It's Almost Impossible for Trump to Stage a Coup
5:16An Inside Look at Hand-Poked Japanese Tattoos
An Inside Look at Hand-Poked Japanese Tattoosvisningar 113tn2 månader sedan
12:58Fighting COVID in the Rio Grande Valley
Fighting COVID in the Rio Grande Valleyvisningar 66tn2 månader sedan
7:02The Evolution of Memes
The Evolution of Memesvisningar 45tn2 månader sedan
2:05Mother Screams for Lost Baby as Migrant Boat Sinks


  • Haaaaaa he’s probably eating ice cream all sad in a dark room

  • biden is better!!11

  • Australia is dealing with the same issue, and using the same method. You gotta do what you gotta do

  • see now you take a doctor and put him in charge of a house.........evictions to him are like getting the timer out and back rent is just vaccination against getting poor

  • Vice sucks cover peoples faces properly man

  • Don't sacrifice justice for a unity with those kind of rioters on the capitol! The country has to stand up for justice...if you let Trump get away with all the b*llsh*t excuses...THEN...everyone on his sides gonna make another excuses...even worst...feeling of supremacy of all their doings...and the worst part...they gonna keep on going to be "stupid & arrogant" in the future. I'll say...TEACH THEM JUSTICE AND MANNERS!!!

  • ISIS are not Muslims, they came to denigrate Islam

  • Ugandan knuckles stealing the election

  • Finally, clean water

  • There is a camp in Syria for these kids and their mothers called Al Hawl. Seems like a nice place To test nuclear weapons.

  • Dont look like thay could fight there way out of a paper bag lol

  • Jokes apart, I still am not able to absorb the fact that this guy was the elected president of US.....

  • why thy not wearing mask, dty y thecovid situation is bad

  • The future USA

  • VICE pisses me off

  • The difference between a Simple Rural Afghan having no of Guns VS US Marines often surprise me, With the powerful blood brother nation AFGHANS Where every LORD Stopped by defeat.

  • You're a fake Christian. Don't preach what you don't know. This preacher has been bought and paid for. This man does not fear Heaven or hell. He is making this video to trick those who think he's actually a god fearing preacher.

  • i didn't think vegans had the strength to yell.

  • Sometimes I got confused with isi and isis😂...but anyway really sad to see the powerless democracy there ....

  • Remember when conspiracy theories where kinda fun and didn’t actually affect the socio-political aspects of an entire country?

  • Absolutely disgusting. I wish there was something the average person could do to help stop this..

  • Baba

  • They actually think they can beat America?

  • Congratulations commenters y'all have been finally declared as true homophobics💅🏾.

  • This was poor strategy on behalf of BLM. No way should boots have been on the ground until AFTER the inauguration. Especially anywhere near the Capitol KNOWING they were involving the military (after the insurrection). We know how they treat us. This would have been more effective if done after Biden got into office. This could have waited.

  • Alot of misunderstanding amongst people as usual. The world nearly ended because of it once before, I believe it was called the Cuban missle crisis. If people don't calm the eff down and communicate, their not gonna get anywhere.

  • Абу Хажаар, конкретный тролль 😄

  • 360 turn she made it

  • How's Chinese facial recognition doing after all the masls induced by covid pendamic?

  • Funny, that purse is probably made of leather too.

  • WTF

  • I like how it starts with a major environmental crisis and ends in a hot dog review

  • Yooo personal opinion crystal was kinda cute lol

  • Pure Apathy towards Ma Ganga pure Disregard ,.. once again Ashamed of Being a Hindu . My people Just don't care and Govt just not interested whats the use of reaching Mars ??? Clean Ganga ...and Water Problems will be reduce but then still it is Use Less ...what is the use of taking So many Exams to hire Govt officers if they happen to be inefficient ....Apparently Allah fails to improve Muslims and Ishwar Fails to Improve Hindus....Human Mindset of Inefficiency Ignorance and Jealousy Hate and Violence and Corruption Greed .... do not change Be it any Religion .Nationality ... Sad

  • Fear allah you are nothing but a lair you are khawarij

  • Pakistan acts blind when it comes to muslim oppression in China.

  • abu hajaar is my favorite lol

  • Call of duty is way too boring after one year of the pandemic so these guys needed to take it to the next level. Well, guess I won't travel to the USA much anymore.

  • Majority of African countries r authoritarian regimes. Africa's independent but not free and no one seems to notice or care

  • Bye, Donny.

  • Exmuslim from Somalia

  • She has the balls to go there, meanwhile I feel like I have a hit on me now just for watching this lol

  • Don't lose hope - Change. Trump had the opportunity (4 years) to go down in history as the greatest president ever. But instead he chose to humiliate and embarrass working class citizens. Didn't care to visit doctors / nurses fighting on the front line of covid. Took advantage of the most gullible to pull off a sick agenda. Don't be like him. Change. And be better then him.

  • Where are the other African leaders? What is their opinion in this matter? And shouldn’t they intervene?

  • F that kind of work. Been there done it and don't miss it. People who think they can hop on a boat and do it without experiences. I laugh in your face!

  • Police used to be respected now we’re just Garbage this day and age

  • We want to see a report about Eyad Alhallaq, the young Palestinian handicapped who got shot and killed in cold blood by an Israeli cop.

  • Autonomous Zone. If you've declared yourself autonomous from the authority of the US, you're seceding. It's the definition of the word. Idiots. No wonder this insurrection barely made the news. They even tried, and they made themselves laughing stocks.

  • like how ignorant people label other people as illegal, lol there's no just thing as illegal, just immigrants. Stop labeling people and stop thinking the it's al white and black like saying you should come here legally wen the rules are against you from the beginning.

  • I wonder is that sanchez girl dead fr, cause if sooo that sucks

  • Police are just that Police. There not political leadership that's on your city this woman has no clue and this is why there blaming everyone but thereselves. Very pathetic leader's they have more excuses then problem solving. Great job leftards. This is the new America thanks to you're political leadership like PELOSI, BIDEN, SUCH TRASHY HUMANS THEY GOT A PAYCHECK THE ENTIRE TIME . DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS ALWAYS BLAMING EVERYONE BUT THEMSELVES.

  • Who cares!? All of them built their lives on the Palestinians’ blood

    • This was never a Palestinian country. Before Israel it was Englands, before that it was the Ottomans, you can ho back over 2,000 years, the last time it was a country was when it was Israel.

  • This is what real Americans look like.

  • Fast heartbeat? That’s scary that is what I’ve been experiencing

  • this is the hottest group of people i have ever seen

  • People are saying "at least its better than real bullets". How about getting an education and doing something with your life.

  • good job Chechnya.

  • this is the most relaxing video ever

  • Abu Hajaar is the 3rd Imposter

  • "Not only one of the best governors, but one of the largest"

  • The CCP is a different beast smh.

  • I wonder how he’s doing in 2021

  • I love interracial couples we’re the best even tho in single 🥰🤣🤣

  • She will even protect the secret service during his speech

  • Clearly predation! This is so desperately unacceptable, horrifying, and an egregious injustice against these women! I hope the pressure keeps up and the movement grows, it's the only way to force change!! This woman speaking is powerful and determined, God bless her to have success at her work!

  • Jamsheed vs Abu Hajaar who will win (iamcomingfromJamsheed)

  • billion zenbillion zenbillion

  • Lol the great boomer uprising

  • The irony while being a Uighur and using an *IPHONE* .

  • Narrator: Texas is home to the most aggressive.... Texas: Shoot it!!!

  • Riyasat e Pudina's leader claims India and ISIS are working together to kill their minorities( which includes hindus and baluchis) but sits like a dumb kid when asked about the Ethnic genocide of Uyghur muslims in Cheen. 🤷‍♂️ and VICE hats off to you for learning the trick to gain more viewers 😉😉

  • I don't see this as a bad thing I feel like the country should be able to help allys in war

  • They gun shop owner dude has a good hair cut

  • I think this is propaganda. These are the same people who killing and blowing up our invading soldiers?

  • End of dictator's era , Mr. Trashy Trump no.1 of Mr.President Loser 🇺🇸 everrrr 👎👎 Hopefully the rest of dictators would learn instead of having deaf ears .. Truly Shame on him IG~Marchamatcha 🇨🇭

  • That journalist is UNSIGHTLY, why she trying to get on camera so much? XD This young future president is speaking some TRUTH. If everyone becomes politically involved, there wont be anymore politicians, it would cease to be a profession.

  • Thats how you say bye in cantonese though.