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8:09How Addicts Survived COVID
How Addicts Survived COVIDvisningar 202tnDag sedan
6:32How To Grow Clothes With Yeast
How To Grow Clothes With Yeastvisningar 28tnDag sedan
6:42What an Ocean Traffic Jam Looks Like
What an Ocean Traffic Jam Looks Likevisningar 152tnDag sedan
7:15Inside India's COVID Hell
Inside India's COVID Hellvisningar 2,6mnDag sedan
16:01Inside Iraq's Underground Fight Against ISIS
11:07The Actors Defying Europe’s Last Dictator
18:31Crime and COVID in London’s Little India
Crime and COVID in London’s Little Indiavisningar 1,1mn8 dagar sedan
5:30Seaweed Clothes Can Save the Planet
Seaweed Clothes Can Save the Planetvisningar 82tn8 dagar sedan
18:38How Children in Yemen Became Collateral Damage
10:42I Exposed How Child Slaves Grow Weed
I Exposed How Child Slaves Grow Weedvisningar 100tn8 dagar sedan
14:04Why the UN Has a Sexual Abuse Problem
Why the UN Has a Sexual Abuse Problemvisningar 751tn8 dagar sedan
10:14The Reality of the US Withdrawal From Afghanistan


  • If we would just finished the wall there wouldn't be such a crisis right now.

  • TikTok needs to be removed.

  • So dumb it down simple for me lads, lets say out of his 1st 4k he put it and how ever long it took he has 2 million and it goes bye bye for whatever reason was it ever really his money ? Not like he put his 2 mill from his bank into it and loses it all like wiped out his bank acct right ?

  • 😭

  • But it’s worth a like tho

  • Not perfect brick work

  • I’m pretty sure those drugs are way more deadly than the virus and ingesting them when you have the virus in you would probably kill the virus lol

  • Very american to try to battle the dealers. Better is to educate people before they start using drugs. War on drugs? Really still trying?

  • unbelievable

  • this is proving that democracy is a lie

  • There are no words that can give comfort. It is just devistating and horrible. Prayer and positive thoughts are going out for those so ravaged by this pandemic. Humanity is judged by how we help one another in times of crisis. God bless these people in their hour of need. This scourge has been made a political tool. Yet politicians can't cure it. Heroes are everywhere. And the world is watching them try to make miracles with nothing. Yet they battle the invisible enemy with heart and determination. God we ask for your divine intervention.

  • He’s got a nice house for a tweaker

  • lol if you are still able to think thoughts while having an OD you definitely did not OD lel

  • thats so fked

  • The Police is not the enemy. The Satanists are the real enemy. Fallowing ignorant people like this woman is the worse for the country.

  • India in a nutshell 🤢

  • I came back to see if Abu Hajjar is still rolling.

  • Man teachers can get killed here

  • The sound is so good i can hear the translator in his ear.

  • They make fake grass that's really nice these days. Just sayin......

  • Idiot

  • Why India 😥

  • Keith Howard (at 4:11) sounds like Terrance McKenna. What are the odds? 🙄

  • Before asking for a fast internet connection, why don't we learn the basics of internet etiquette? Maybe we've been this stupid before then the internet made us be recognized worldwide but damn we dumb. Also, I have said this and will say this again, Filipinos should be given free google data first before free FB data because our ignorance comes from unreliable internet contents.

  • Sorry but this countries people need to spend more money on educating. Religious agendas are killing our earth. India is just in a level of disgusting environment. I'd never travel there.

  • The small business owners could get together and pool their money instead of paying for Air Freight rent the whole cargo plane I imagine you would get much better prices then if you were just paying somebody else to use their plane if you could get a plane and enough businesses make it viable and if you can find a commercial plane I would be looking at professional sports teams a lot of them on their own full-size commercial aircraft that's if it's not in season it's probably sitting idle. You might even be able to get a local professional sports team to help you out a little bit possibly just for the good promotion in marketing and Goodwill in the community heck I don't know how viable this is governments have cargo aircraft if they're not being used you could pay them and they would be getting their pilot some air time and training again I don't know the size of your business the amount of cargo you're talking about you could get enough people that own businesses that are in the same position I imagine you could find an airplane somewhere that you could pay for the use and then you would be able to dictate the schedules but this is off the top of my head. Also ultra-wealthy people that own fleets of jets Goodwill tax write-off donations you never know who might agree because even though I don't know you or your business or live in your country I hate to see a small business suffer especially after the last year good luck sir

  • U go out ya way to get high do that for to be clean

  • She handled interviewing him really well, fair play.

  • Yea real cool put more people put of work. Great job

  • Read ya bible apply live and let God do the rest

  • Indonesia masih ga percaya covid?miris

  • No it not I got clean I gave it to God

  • 0:00 nyoging

  • It's not about super spreader events, it's about India having the MOST DENSE POPULATION ON EARTH... nature will thin the heard... sad but true... may they find peace in death.. we ALL DIE .. it is the only thing guaranteed in life...

  • Post vaccine?

  • U got to go out ya way to get high

  • Very professional reporting, even if she disagrees she heard her

  • things happen when u intoxicate the world and urself with the most contaminated water source

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • That injection or syringe guy ...... He talks too much to be a gangster... I don't believe much of what he says. I Thought gangsters have a sort of code of silence or anonymity of sorts

  • Germany, Japan, and Italy: were a team again!

  • let the cartels come right across and pet the libs kids finish the wall

  • COVID pushed my prescription drug abuse to a breaking point. I overdosed on my 28th birthday during the first lockdowns. By God's grace I survived and am still clean a year later

  • Afghan National Security adviser wearing $400 Ray Bans while average soldier can’t even get paid. This dude is only bent because he couldn’t steal a few more million before the U.S. pulled out. Where is all the Karzai money? I bet none of these guys keep their ill gotten gains in Afghanistan bank as they know the Taliban with Pakistani support will be in charge again. Sad that corruption wasted an opportunity for Afghanistan to thrive as a peaceful country. Fight hard Afghani soldiers, praying you come out the Victors!

  • Perfect place to do the "exploding hammers festival" but the target will be that wall.

  • Unbeatable Taliban the real heroes of Islam.

  • Stock markets been up since Biden has been elected.

  • Boo hoo

  • A useless app

  • Time to fence it off i guess. And maybe a guard tower lol

  • Haha Haha... "President Trump will take this country to places it's never been before"... Yeah, it's called " WWIII"...

  • Pollutes the planet for a lifetime and does not stop even after death, cretin

  • I Hate Monotheist.

  • the future of man kind will end with in a billion the sun will heat the earth so much that you will be looking forward to the rapture.So please be quiet and let's all enjoy what we have now and also vote for democrats because the real demons are republicans.except the first one.

  • The world needs to pull together collectively and give as much aid as possible i sincerely hope India break this cycle

  • I felt real panic when the girls weren't answering, and then teared up when it turned out they were OK. No one should have to live in fear like that.

  • Now comes coronavirus alot of fires 🔥burning

  • love from pakistan i think this situation can occur in any country may Allah recover this country everyone is so brave i feel bad why always poor people suffer and middle class also suffer

  • Another nominal suffered by international conflict. The story begins with a small group of Uighur Muslim from Xinjiang, went to Turkey and Afghan for training, to establish a new country of their own, Those Uighur Muslim in Turkey run the business in political way, and the same in Afghan in a military way, actually, it is terrorist way. Who funded those activities, you know the answer, they are all in a conference, named G7. Tell you something you don't know, or you don't want to know, in March 2013, in railway station of the town where I live, and far away from Xinjiang, 8 young Uighur Muslim, including 2 girls, use knife kill around 30 Han Chinese, mostly women and kids, including one Security Guard. Do you think those passengers deserve to death just because they are Han Chinese? That's why so many police officers along the street in Urimqi.

  • Lady in the beginning, ya that's because Canada doesn't have millions of poor people desperately risking their lives to come here.

  • I'm Australian, as soon as it started here we all had to wear gloves and masks and not go out and got it under control, please wear gloves and masks if you can get hold of them, all the time, I wish I could help more than just giving advice.

  • Recall newsome!

  • Its because of the ruling govt. They didnt take enough precautions. They were lazy. They only care about election.

  • what a bunch of losers, all of them. The right wing extremists and left. What kind of a loser joins a group.

  • Conflating the opening tragedy with gun vloggers is dishonest

  • What surprises me even more are the constant defenders of the BJP government who so insolent towards the situation at hand and trying to rationalize the whims and fancies of the government. Shame on them, and shame on the Indian media for their face-ass coverage and defense on this government. The healthcare system didn’t collapse, it was almost non-existent from the get-go due to such low investing.

  • Jesus is coming soon Brothers and Sisters please accept Christ as your Saviour and be safed

  • Such a shame what vice has become. Blah

  • Another Trump I don't care evolution. Biggest defense is politically motivated.

  • why we must care this dirty country?

    • I bet you're fine behind your laptop under the blanket eating chips. You wouldnt be saying that if you were there. So shut the hell up. I'm saying this as a canadian whos fortunate enough to live in canada.

  • No body camera should be charged with tamper of evidence.

  • Explains why I haven’t gotten any scam calls in a while 😂

  • That t14 tank had some blockade turned on, thats why they couldnt movw it with that other vehicle. When they figured thad they disabled that blockade and drove it normally. Probably inexperience driver.

  • Without Internet it's hard to live these days.. I hope this covid-19 ends quickly

  • When other people bring the best out of you, It's the best gift ever. Never stop improving yourself 👌✨