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Name: Matt

Age: 18

Location: United Kingdom

Twitter: @OhTekkers

Minecraft ID: OhTekkers


What's up guys! I'm OhTekkers or Matt, whichever you like!
I'm a Minecraft SEnewssr who loves making videos and interacting with you guys :D
Recently I have been getting subscribers like crazy, thanks so much everyone!


My channel is mainly Minecraft Factions and Raiding right now! However, I'm getting into doing a lot of other stuff too! :)


11:31Minecraft Raid, But The Base Was Genius...
2:09I have something to say...
I have something to say...visningar 155tn2 månader sedan


  • “the last piston room...LOL HOW EVEN” XD

  • 3:16 My heart was beating. Me: As all human hearts would!

  • 일다 Tlqkf whssk 대단하네

  • Sheeeeesh! Youre a reeeal good parasite

  • I love this vid

  • Did he spend an actual 24 hours? Or is it minecraft days

  • that third room you found was so crazy bro

  • OhTekkers : and at the last second this happened...ad comes up

  • “my heart was beating” yh i sure hope it was

  • Why do I require SEnewss premium to download this video 😭

  • the kid that betrayed you man he was an idiot

  • 21:34 Hold up Wait a minute He came back with what?

  • I know how to play Minecraft.I play all day I know how to build survival or creative

  • I want to join your server

  • What's the IP of this server??

  • $$ U

  • What's the song at 33:57

  • Opened ender chest: A single block of water: uh uh uh

  • Parkour king!!!

  • this needs a part 2, this is one of your best videos, i swear

  • I sub now where my phone

  • I like your videos

  • why cant i join your sever oh tekkers

  • why cant i join your sever oh tekkers

  • the sneakiest spy

  • Nederland power

  • Use that trick to get top of another like dream

  • Go to top of ladder and ender pearl up

  • Awesome! Cant wait for more content!

  • 200 blocks = 200m it makes so much sense 🤯

  • He cant find hahaha🤣🤣🤣

  • Your pinky must've hurt after all that shifting

  • Base 8.9 /10

  • Next video should be talking to him

  • why cam,t i get in to the server if someone know tell me it tell me i failed to connect to the server

  • What’s his servers ip

  • Warning ⚠️ ear rape .... Warning ⚠️ ear rape

  • He said talk to discord And shows the Skype logo and talks to snapchat WHAT THE ****.

  • And that is how stalkers are born

  • Please

  • Can you make more video

  • Go back to the base and place a sign that say Im here and there just stand beside the sign

  • Oh tekker Crazy and fuc****😡

  • what is the port: of your server pls say to me please pleasd


  • im waiting for your video pls post now

  • How did he manage to make this a 10 minute video?

  • Your evil that it’s funny

  • Mojang should add this as a herobrine fearure

  • I say you that you should join the faction

  • Yao mayo

  • i have a question for being in your server do i have to be whitelisted? cuz when i trie to join in 1.15.2 it says unsupported protocol version 578

  • 💯

  • I need streangth potion

  • Sir Pixelman

  • ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING, u my fren have earned a sub

  • “These comments are too funny LOL”

  • They subbed I subbed you subbed ohtekkers subbed himself YT Subbed TO OHTEKKERS

  • If this BlueSign_ guy comments that would be insane...

  • WISK

  • ayo mayo

  • Nice man u just gained a sub

  • awww how cool

  • 기생충이랑 존똑인데? ㅋㅋㅋ와 ㅅㅂ

  • When you get into an argument with your mom and you slam your door to hard 31:58

  • Theres another button!!! Lol

  • 🇰🇼 الكويت

  • pov: you're a stalker

  • Genuine one of my favorites

  • OhhTekker sound like the YT of RayanNotBrain or DanTD

  • After 2 years i whaited for this video, and i finally found it. And btw tekkers i AM tristan

  • Please Open Your Server Again I Would Like To Play Plz!!!!

  • I'm from South Africa

  • it was me i know you were here i just didn't bother beacause theres barley no griefing

  • Ayo anyone know the song at the end?

  • Ayo mayo

  • I subbed

  • You should do more!

  • This dude knew from the beginning