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We upload Video's every Monday and Friday! Watch a REAL family owned, passionate auto business work hard daily! See daily builds, wraps, auto repairs and custom work on a vast variety of cars from Bugatti's to Mercedes, Ferrari's to Toyota's, we work on everything!

With over 35 years of family experience in the Auto Collision Industry and crazy builds, RDBLA has become the talk of the industry!

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11:46YG's Aventador on Fire, Big Toyota Supra Build.
10:16Driving the new Ferrari SF90 Hybrid Supercar.
10:29Root Beer Rolls Royce Cullinan Color Change
10:16Tyga’s Maybach GLS 600 SILVERIZED.
Tyga’s Maybach GLS 600 SILVERIZED.visningar 502tnMånad sedan
11:01Craziest WideBody Rolls Royce Cullinan in the World!
12:08Luis the Body Man GT2RS Ride, New 2021 Ghost Modified.
10:26Frozen Silver CULLINAN, Luis Working Hard!
Frozen Silver CULLINAN, Luis Working Hard!visningar 332tn3 månader sedan


  • That supra is dope

  • Please take off the jeep grill. That will never hit a trail.

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  • Do u guys ever get pulled over when testing the cars

  • 4:48 , does Javier have sum type of cancer?

  • U guys are making some sick ass cars I love ur work and keep up the good work guys

  • Poseur Jeep, what a shame.

  • Sell him the e46 for someone who will actually use it haha

  • That's what u call an ANGEL WING 🤤

  • Luis ma man 👊

  • Maybe just put the text from transformers on the side: to punish and enslave 😂

  • You can't just throw 38'' tires on a Jeep without re-gearing, upgrading the brakes, beefing axles, etc. I feel sorry for the transmission

  • Hey Vick love what u do brother your shop is amazing and the work is perfection I'm going to say you got to put some new asphalt around the shop I'll look nice I'm sure you got some connections ..sending love bro from ottawa Canada stay safe and god bless you and your team

  • No sarkis 🙁

  • This is your friendly reminder that a Like “👍🏽” is free

  • that supra thooo...I mean bmw 🔥 👌👌👌

  • Is that MambaFX’S logo?

  • Yes they finally did a Supra!!!!

  • this tuner cult guy is kinda irritating bruh

  • How wide are those tires though

  • this dude from tunercult is a douche dont put him on cam

  • Luis , yah you can do it ..... but next time !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Orale mi Luis 👌🏼 Que Dios Te Bendiga Carnal 🙏🏼😎🙏🏼

  • the end was hilarious lol samson

  • That jeep is basic af, you see the same shit everywhere. Same thing on every wrangler.

  • sure lets put this brand new rim on the concrete haha

  • Clean your workshop

  • Those bolt on holes look so ugly. Go do some real fabrication.

  • who is this goofy at the end.. smh

  • Luis x chief keef needs to happen yo

  • that jeep is gonna drive like total shit on the road lol

    • looks coo

  • sexiest ghost ive seen

  • Luis is awesome! He’s so funny! Too bad not much Sarkis screen time tho


  • Tadoed Hair looks like a Mop, pull dem shiz

  • Why the spare wheel on the jeep can the driver see on the mirror

  • Talking about how it's the only supra with these side skirt, like there are thousands and thousands of widebody supra 😅 I never even saw the new gen supra on the street

    • These are the only carbon street Hunter side skirts ever made, these were a prototype which we just proved fit right

  • I knew that snakes looks familiar what’s up Mamba !

  • Chief keef reaction to the supra is the best🤣

  • “Before & After” pictures

  • Moses is literally the SHIT

  • Mano only comes out when there’s rappers around

  • This Moe guy is annoying

    • @Tuner Cult all good. I follow RDBLA didn't know anything about this guy. Much success 👍

    • It was a Joke, Mo dedicates his life to giving. Back to people all over the world.

    • @Tuner Cult okay.. the whole "I'm rich and have carbon rims" was kinda 👎 just his general attitude was like that. Plus it's a bwm/supra.. flexing on that? Been a loyal subscriber and never saw this b.s before.

    • We were just messing around - unfortunately there’s a camera always recording..

    • He cool he just messing around

  • I love all the characters at RBA its well rounded! lmao

  • Both Moses and Sarkis are good guys. Moses name in Hebrew means to pull or draw out. It could mean a lot of things. I believe in his case it speaks to his ability to pull you all together. To draw out your strengths as a team. The name Sarkis in Armenian means Shepard or protector. 🤔 Not real sure how that fits ......lol jk. They both have strong names they certainly deserve. Keep up the amazing work. 🙏

  • Is it me or is the tuner cult guy a douche

    • We were just messing around - unfortunately there’s a camera always recording..

  • “you guys like that don’t you”-moses

  • 4:31 Vic's a hater For real🤣😭

  • I have a '17 Pearl White Brz & fr it's so different when that sunlight hits lol gorgeous

  • This dude moe is annoying af. Someone needs to make him humble again.

    • Lol he was just joking around

  • 😛

  • If I ever get some real money I'm coming to you guys. You always do great work.

  • You guys are funny as hell for including, 6:26. You did Mo dirty 😂

    • We were just messing around - unfortunately there’s a camera always recording.. and yea that was funny 😄

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the whole crew and video every single episode is the best thing on SEnewss for me atm but overall Luis is my fav person at RDBLA! Hands down he too funny 😂👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾💯

  • A hellcat redeye police would be scary

  • 4:47 What's happened with Javier hand?

  • Love the body kit on that Supra. Just needs a different color wrap

  • We should be careful on money disposal , if you're not spending to earn or get back money, then stop spending.

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    • Wow that is awesome, please how can I reach him ?

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  • moses pls shave ur god damn head

  • Vix don't that shit don't benifts me haha. All About the money 💰 haha 😆

  • Want an introduction of the cameraman too 😁

  • I have money guy sounds like a fucken douchebag c'mon 💥💥💥💥💥

  • nice bmw

  • Sarkis didn't get enough screen time... What's up with that? He is the star of the show.

  • @stradman

  • 5:57 anybody knows the song's name??

  • Congratulations on hitting 600k

  • Had to Google “chief Keef” and as I suspected his “music” is as shite as I thought it would be.


  • Not a complete Jeep build until it has angry headlights

  • That mo guy is fucking unbearable

    • We were just fooling around, the camera is always recording ...

  • toyota supra wide body just brutal and don't forget the jeep 🤯🤯 nice video 🔥🔥👌

  • Mamba Fx? Is it that post Malone wanna-be, looking @zz fool? LOL!

  • bro not enough Sarkis

  • UN SALUDO A TODA LA RAZA QUE TRABAJA EN RDB!!! 👋🏽 buena onda chavos. Que viva la raza!

  • I like your video and you love you

  • instrumental at 4:45 go crazy on bro😭🔥

  • Done

  • need more of mocultttt

  • Moses: It's easy, just bolt it on! Also Moses: I can't do it! lol😂

  • Sosa backkk