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7:23I Went to Japan's Vampire Cafe
I Went to Japan's Vampire Cafevisningar 143tn23 timmar sedan
9:36I Found the Worst English Menu in Japan
I Found the Worst English Menu in Japanvisningar 239tn7 dagar sedan
11:56This is my new husband...
This is my new husband...visningar 389tn7 dagar sedan
11:16This is the worst prank in japan
This is the worst prank in japanvisningar 557tn14 dagar sedan
23:53I Tried Pro Wrestling in Japan (ft. Ladybeard)
7:25I Made TERRIBLE Low Budget Cosplays...(Pt. 3)
8:31I Went to a Kingdom Hearts Cafe.
I Went to a Kingdom Hearts Cafe.visningar 279tnMånad sedan
15:33He tries to guess anime by their uniforms
13:18People were actually mad at this anime?
People were actually mad at this anime?visningar 381tn2 månader sedan
13:46The Most Disgusting Bath in Japan
The Most Disgusting Bath in Japanvisningar 534tn2 månader sedan
10:41I Got My Fortune Told in Japan
I Got My Fortune Told in Japanvisningar 192tn2 månader sedan
11:09This is a Cosplay Studio in Japan
This is a Cosplay Studio in Japanvisningar 820tn2 månader sedan
10:14I Reacted to Japan's Most Beautiful Anime
I Reacted to Japan's Most Beautiful Animevisningar 337tn3 månader sedan
11:53The Internet Leaked My Feet Pics...
The Internet Leaked My Feet Pics...visningar 249tn3 månader sedan
10:22The most pointless face mask ever??? - WHY, JAPAN?!
8:32This Manga Was Just Brutal...
This Manga Was Just Brutal...visningar 305tn4 månader sedan
9:012020 just sucked, man...
2020 just sucked, man...visningar 264tn4 månader sedan
7:22I Reacted to Japan's Most Banned Anime
I Reacted to Japan's Most Banned Animevisningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
10:05This Japanese Horror Film Was Actually Real.
This Japanese Horror Film Was Actually Real.visningar 857tn4 månader sedan
7:23I Went to a Pikachu Cafe
I Went to a Pikachu Cafevisningar 320tn4 månader sedan
6:45We Tried Domino's Japan's DEVIL Pizza ...
We Tried Domino's Japan's DEVIL Pizza ...visningar 549tn5 månader sedan
7:05I Tried Japan's New "EXTREME" Burger ...
I Tried Japan's New "EXTREME" Burger ...visningar 523tn5 månader sedan
8:35I Made TERRIBLE Low Budget Cosplays ... (Pt. 2)
8:23the new demon slayer movie ripped me apart, dude
10:53This Japanese Pokemon Quiz is Impossible ...
This Japanese Pokemon Quiz is Impossible ...visningar 276tn5 månader sedan
10:41I Tried Japan's Tomato Yogurt... - WHY, JAPAN?!


  • ビアちゃん♡

  • Say it with me foreigners.... WE WANT TO GO TO THIS CAFE ! ! ! ! !

  • There have been Cafes in Japan I have seen that looked fun....but THIS! This is one that I would REALLY want to go to if I had the chance.

  • Woah woah woah 3:02 demon slayer zenestu

  • I want more of rude vampire!

  • I kind of disagree with the interpretation of the "child" kanji in the symbol. That symbol is to represent Medical Mechanica, while the adult symbol is to represent Atomosk and, by extension, Naota. Don't forget that, as he's standing there in the hand, infused with the power of Atomosk, holding both of the guitars, as the bandaid comes away, he is shown to have the adult symbol on his forehead. Though, I kind of feel like this isn't simply a "being a mayun" symbolism, but a sense of self-mastery. A symbolic sense that he's found himself and come to understand what he, himself, wants in life. Yes, he still enjoys childish things in the denouement of the series (the sweet drink over the sour), but that's almost more with an understanding that he's fundamentally free to choose what he wants rather than having to twist and shift to the views and desires of others.

  • Is it weird that I recognize the tracks for the background music?

  • tbh I'm scared to read it-- I wanted to close my computer by the 4th chapter of painter of the night, killing stalking???

  • Hannibal Lecter approves this video.

  • As soon as I saw that blue blanket with the eyes my brain just clicked and said “RIMIRU”

  • 2:40 that has an Orson Welles vibe to it

  • Anyone thought of Vampire Knight while watching this?

  • It wud totally do well in the US i wud love this place

  • about the garlic thing I heard that it was a rumor created by vampires because it thins your blood so it is easier for them to drink

  • I’m cosplayer I need it

  • "A lot of these drinks are from serial killers. *awesome* "

  • 2:41 a very fine tasting vanilla flavored ass.

  • I just like scary movie 3's parody of the ring. It's funny

  • Akidearest Rohan Kishibe 🤝 *Eats Spider*

  • The fact that the SEnewss algorithm reccomended this video the same day the movie comes out in my local theater 💀

  • The Nameless God is not pleased.

  • I would go more then once. I need covid to be completely over so I can go.

  • i NEED to go

  • Girl- I want there fre days ago-

  • This guy gives jim Jones a run for his money.

  • The Miku thing just ended up sounding like puppycat 😂

  • There is a game based on this and it’s quite scary

  • I've been eating tsundare pizza since 1998 appearently

  • black butler vibes like hell

  • YES!!! My wish came true!!! 😄❤❤🍩

  • me, a hungarian hearing abt that serial killer lady mentioned here: *happy small country noises*

  • Shoutout to your friend with the Neon green eyeballs

  • Wow, I got a webtoon vampire ad before this. Convenient.

  • I hate this video and I hate that you don’t like jojo

  • Why are half of them in suits?

  • apakah kaka dari 🇮🇩? saya mau beli worth it gk yah

  • Jesus Christ is what everyone wants to imitate. Jesus was either a lair a lunatic or he really was who he said he was. He said he was God. No body has been able to disprove this and the historial facts are documented everywhere. Jesus is the ultimate mentor and is Lord of all. God Bless !

  • I wanna go to japan so bad...

  • Well twilight better watch out

  • aki: Rocky horror picture show me: YEEEEEES HECK YES SOMEONE KNOWS IT

  • Okay but can we talk about the vampire waiter looking like a whole snack 😏

  • No females died in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • I’m super jealous

  • In the Dracula novel, Dracula was repelled by garlic but in the movie it was changed to wolves bane.

  • Cool place, I would like to visit it sometime...

  • Lmao 😂

  • The male server is called Satoshi or Rose and he is actually also the owner he is a former member of the vkei band eremia and has his own band called Vampire rose now they´re really amazing and their music is also vampire themed

  • i’m mlm and this video makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

  • Janet doesnt die in Rocky Horror!??

  • This was such an interesting Video!!! I have never seen your work before but SUBCRIBED~!!

  • I LOVE THIS CAFE!! Vampire rose was very charming, and the food was really good too!! Hopefully when it becomes safe to travel and the virus is no longer dangerously contagious I can go back :D

  • Nope.

  • poor joey getting beat up

  • your content is *chefs kiss*

  • Now I need to get my cosplaying friend all together and figure out how we’re gonna make a trip to that studio happen lmao

  • Do you remember what eyeshadow that is, because dayum it's pretty

  • Why the drinks glowing

  • OMG I went here because I love vampires and I loved the whole experience! I was so upset that my bf wasn’t into at all though and sort of ruined the experience :( I hope I get to go again soon 🧡

  • Vocaloid songs: proves school can cause anxiety, stress, and depression Schools: *OH WOW! What a beautiful ceiling🗿*

  • who gave you the permission to g note me-

  • Diabolik lovers anyone? Lol

  • When you showed the closeup of those glasses I realized they are literally my sunglasses for wearing over my prescription glasses. I guess they just crank out the frames somewhere and if they go to an American Walmart they get tinted lenses and if they go to Don Quixote they get wierd mirror prism things.

  • Is blody Mary their favorite drink?

  • these are so much better than true crime ; u ;

  • :")))))

  • I wonder what a Werewolf Japanese Cafe would look like?

  • They named the drink from Elizabeth bathory because she was like a vampire because she bathed in her servants blood.

  • so beautiful

  • .....hmm....I added this one messed up Italian film to my NOPE list.....aaaaand this anime will be placed right next to it, internet and curiosity already made me a broken man, but I definitely don't want to see anything that will make it worse


  • *That's a pretty good spider*

  • Didn’t she film a video about this place, a few years back? 🤔

  • this is so fucking weird

  • Two words. Gomenne Gomenne.

  • I’m not sure if this is where it came from, but I think that garlic repelling vampires came from the fact that mosquitoes are repelled by garlic.

  • Aki:グーグルの翻訳はあなたにLIGMAを与えるでしょう Me:what the hel- Aki: is my japanese good? Me: GOOGLE TRANSLATE DOES NOT GIVE YOU LIGMA!!


  • Please...i don't want to hear name song "gomene gomene"...

  • is anyone wondering why as soon as it started i almost hanged my self!?

  • As a pa sexual male (questioning if I have pref for boys) this is super disgust8ng