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Welcome to the official channel of The Hockey Guy, known to many simply as THG. I have been at this for over four years now and enjoy discussions on all 31, soon to be 32, NHL teams and the players who are currently playing, or those who will soon enough. There is always room for discussion of former players as well.

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29:14NHL Power Rankings for April 17th 2021
11:11Previewing April 18th NHL Games
Previewing April 18th NHL Gamesvisningar 7tnDag sedan
13:15Previewing April 17th NHL Games
Previewing April 17th NHL Gamesvisningar 9tnDag sedan
8:15Previewing April 16th NHL Games
Previewing April 16th NHL Gamesvisningar 6tnDag sedan
38:18Reviewing 9 April 15th Games in 38 Minutes
14:19Previewing April 15th NHL Games
Previewing April 15th NHL Gamesvisningar 8tnDag sedan
10:32Previewing April 14th NHL Games
Previewing April 14th NHL Gamesvisningar 8tnDag sedan
10:02Previewing April 13th NHL Games
Previewing April 13th NHL Gamesvisningar 6tnDag sedan
2:48:49Trade Deadline Not a Snooze-A-Rama
Trade Deadline Not a Snooze-A-Ramavisningar 48tnDag sedan


  • Monster game for Marchand. I used to hate Boston being a Habs/Leafs fan. But that Bergeron/Marchand/Pastranak line is just sooooo good! Quiet night for Pasta. Was he playing? Usually he’s the one with hat trick.

  • Shannon what is your thoughts on 4min bleeding pen? Think it should be a 4min if the guy is really leaking (like tinordi was). None of this oh i got a papercut so i should get a double minor

  • Matt Cooke was another dirty player that liked to through his leg out taking people's knees besides hits from behind

  • Three years later, Gritty has become one of the most popular mascots in the league. They created a persona with Gritty that fans love. I guess that focus-grout inside the Flyers organization knew what they were doing.

  • Rly seems like these teams dont like way shannon....small reminder MOST people dont like boston...

  • Carter Hart is wasting his career on this lousy Filthadelphia Flyers team. What a total joke the city of Filthadelphia is and their crappy sports teams. They got lucky to win a SB and they haven't won a Stanley cup for almost 50 yrs.

  • There's something about this Sabres team. Beating some really good opponents. And without Eichel and Ullmark, as well as a few key defensemen out. I hope this is not just a mirage, but Granato looks to be the easy choice to be Buffalo's next head coach. And the case for trading Eichel is that without him, the players are forced to play off each other instead of just trying to feed the puck to Eichel all the time and rely solely on him to make plays. Sometimes it helps to not have a superstar in the lineup.

  • Jersey fan, I don't usually get angry at losses, but I was fuming yesterday. It's nice to see the new guys playing well, but this is just humiliating.

    • @Jesus Christ hey, you're the one with the nasty comment.

    • Devils and Flyers represent the crappy areas they are from perfectly.

  • Wow Canucks are dirty

  • the islanders couldn’t complete a pass to save their lives

  • I'm going to quote a great person to sum up tonight. ''This is why we play the games!'' - Shannon What an amazing night of hockey! Showing in our sport like no other...heart, determination, and hard work can overcome all else on any given night.

  • Campbell was crap on both Horvat's goals.

  • 397-287 after going 3-3. 6 game nights seem to give me 3-3.

  • Games played through April 18th - THG TOP 30 (31): 684 Games - 68 Players competing since Day one! The following were 5-1: Ed Duncan, Goavsgo9601 Go Avs, Kriba, maverik094, Patrick Flood, and Taras Nazarevych !!! I checked in with a 3-3 night which leaves me @ 414-270!! The average was also 3-3 and 393-291 (57.46%) overall 423 - 261 61.84% Syd Lash 417 - 267 60.96% Adam West 414 - 270 60.53% Dr 3 Putt 413 - 271 60.38% BARDOWN EDITS, Jesse Hanniger, and sean mccarthy 412 - 272 60.23% Jim Johnson 411 - 273 60.09% Midi Music Forever 409 - 275 59.80% I am Pete 408 - 276 59.65% dmonsef 406 - 278 59.36% Ilia Ponomarev 404 - 280 59.06% Canadian Cruelty, nvpZeus, and Tristan Bernatchez 403 - 281 58.92% Austin Roberts, illegalsmileIV:XX, jose vitorino, Spencer Bowman, and The Jester 401 - 283 59.63% Goavsgo9601 Go Avs 399 - 285 58.33% Dionyseus100, Stan McCutcheon, Taras Nazarevych, and Yannick Meier 398 - 286 58.19% Benjamin Marsh, Ed Duncan, and Maxime Périard 397 - 287 58.04% Mr Icen, No Name, PrincessFlora42, and rcktman0127 37 are 393 - 285 (57.96% or below) ... and remember this is for entertainment purposes only!

  • Tokarski is 🔥

  • Im really liking the Seals apparel. Lets go Preds! Edit: are you wearing white skates?

  • 1984 was the best Isles Rangers playoff.

  • 1984 was the best Isles Rangers playoff.

  • As a devils fan we’ve seen a lot of first goals, first assists and first penalties since 2012. This franchise is a mess.

  • why is it light outside???

    • are doing this video during a lunar eclipse?

  • Not sure why people speculate that the Flames might take the 4th place in the North, when the Canucks are much closer by win percentage. If a rested Canucks team can string a few wins together they might get back into the race for a playoff place.

  • The two dirtiest teams in the league!

  • Go Canes!!!!

  • Anyone else find it hilarious they Sabres play better without Taylor Hall?

  • What a terrible season for Edler.

  • Leafs just have to win those games. These games for the Leafs make me ask myself, are they a cup contender?

  • Islanders and goals do not get along.

  • I remember starting to eye the 100 point season, if he would ever get one. ‘93-94 looked like it was going to be but there was some kind of injury in March , who remembers it and what was its nature, chime in.

  • Canada is on Serious Lock Down. Enjoy your Liberal Politics now HG!! They closed down churches. Wait till the Tanks roll in and you have no more Freedom or Choice.

  • Back in the saddle! Beauty call as opener. Go Nucks!

  • Wings in the 3rd column! Woo!

  • 397-287 after going 3-3.

  • I can't tell what teams those magnets are.

  • They need to change or do something with the no salary cap in the playoffs. If all of a sudden Kucherov and others are magically healthy at game 1 of playoffs that is something b.s cap circumvention and obvious injured reserved manipulation

  • Very impressive game by the Canucks in their return! Super happy they got the 2 points! That puck was probably in but you just couldn’t see it so therefore it couldn’t count.

  • Wasn't Byram already on the list at least once before?

  • Yes, the Sabres have played much better under Granato, and Tokarski has been very good under net, I would say, the last 5 games. Here's what is surprising about Sunday's game: the Sabres and Pens played back-to-back. Usually in back-to-back, the Sabres are winded and gassed in the second game. In this game, though, Pittsburgh was the more fatigued team, and there were times when the Penguins couldn't clear the puck without having multiple icing calls against them. So it's not just execution that has changed for the Sabres; they are now getting in better shape in between games.

  • Evander Kane needs some Casino money. Lets go Sharks!

  • I hope Patty Marleau can join a team and win a championship. ❤️🇨🇦🏒

  • Ok how is Pittsburgh ranked ahead of the Islanders when the islanders past them in the standings last night. IMO islanders are ranked to low at 13 only i spot ahead of the rangers who are 8 points behind in standing and ranked below the bruins who are 4 points behind in standings

  • That 5 minute boarding penalty was probably the stupidest penalty I've seen in a while! It was in the offensive zone when they had the puck. Come on!

  • I've never stopped watching a jackets game early but boy oh boy was I close with this one.

  • Still not sold on the maple leafs defense or goaltending-they play Montreal in the first round and Carey Price is motivated-could get ugly fast

  • We may not have a cup and would like a cup, but this and other playoff miracles for us sharks fans at least have these moments to come back and enjoy

  • For Flyers. Fletcher basically outright said during his mid season press conference that if the team doesn't pick it up and impress him by the trade deadline (spoilers: they didn't impress) he was going to make serious changes after the expansion draft. Likely a few prospects and picks to rework the defense and newer reports about moving Patrick.

  • Ducks only have to play Vegas one more time this season. Thank goodness! Can’t wait to play the Kings! Leafs/Canadiens really don’t seem to interested in winning hockey games lately. I’d be surprised to see a team from the Canadian division win the cup this year.

  • Maybe Edler was thinking “if I Can get suspended, I Can get more time to recover from the Covid-19” I’m not saying that’s the case, but who knows?

  • Start of the video but I need to say it now. I like those magnets.

  • 23:44 Shadow meowing

  • Buffalo's a lot better now that they got rid of Hall lol

  • I agree with the Canadian teams going to the states as the playoffs start. They should play in Buffalo, Detroit, and make use of Seattle’s rink, this way the teams are still close to the boarder.

  • 9:06 is that a kitty cat meow

  • I’ve always thought it was dumb that NHL teams have their AHL affiliates out of state/province, or at least close proximity to the big club, with our current situation, it only highlights how problematic it can be to be very far away.

  • THG making that mad youtube moneys 💰

  • In Sakic we trust

  • US Customs: "Oh thanks for the info"

  • i was upset about no perrault either...

  • How dare you call yourself a canucks fan!

  • Too bad the Alaska Aces folded, really bad timing before the VGK, SK, and now this.

  • 1-0 in OT is the most Islander outcome of a game possible

  • Bob Murray must have sat Gibby down after the last game and reminded him we need that top 5 pick

  • The 11 dislikes on this video are salty leaf fans

  • Leafs make me sad again

  • You should have worn Canucks! It's you team on your channel. Your teams hard won victory after some rough time deserves it.

  • Great video. Let's go Blackhawks!

  • Horvat is a beast, He is the most significant 'Nuck on the roster IMO.

    • @xjaskix salllty

    • Not saying much. Petterson is their best player though.

    • @xjaskix lol as a Habs fan I don't really care if you shit talking Horvat, but he's prolly one of the best on the Nucks 🤷‍♂️

    • Not even CLOSE to Matthews and Marner level . A loser on a Loser team , so pathetic to watch...

  • Vancouver doesn't even know how they've beaten the Leafs in three games this year. They're an asshole team. Goalie who doesn't know how he makes his saves, double goalposts, totally outplayed. The puck was even over the line in the dying seconds. This game was a joke. When I saw saves on Marner, Simmonds, Matthews posts, puck over line... I knew the Leafs weren't going to get two points tonight. Also, Matthews breaks his stick in overtime, it would have been a 2 on 1. PS Knee on knee hit on Hyman, disgusting hit. F*** off, Vancouver.

  • Horvat showed that the captaincy was his, and only his, back in the series against St. Louis this past playoffs too. Boy oh boy those couple of game in a row when he broke out up the ice to deke out 2 Blues forwards before going stick side on Binner. Amazing goals, and you could see they really got the fire going in the Team. They also started to show that Binnington was showing some serious weakness on his stick side between the body and outside. Bo Captain our Captain! :)))!

  • someone let loose the holtbeast tonight

  • Did you even see the Kalynok goal? Even the Detroit announcers were impressed, has to be in the top ten this week, at least.

  • Those new magnets are pertty cool. Are they retro reversal colours?

  • How have I never put that chuck norris thing together. This is why I watch the hockey guy. Haha that’s awesome and another great game by the sens happy for Murray to get the shutout he deserved it,particularly in the last like five minutes when Montreal really started to play

  • NYR-W Pittsburgh -L Vegas-W NYI-W Toronto-L Current Record: 390-295

  • Edler just missed, it was a clean hit

  • Bruins-W Current Record: 387-293

  • 4-2 let’s gooooo

  • 👍

  • Just like raves, those neon Stars jerseys feel like they belong in the 90’s

  • The race in the East is interesting. Rangers seems to be really hot right now, but so are the Bruins so they are not gaining any ground. Pens look a bit lukewarm, could they be the ones to fall out?

  • I think I can be pretty happy as a leafs fan if canucks had a great game but we still had 70% of expected goals. Not too bad