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23:35Amateur attempt world class Military Drill
20:36Insane Military Pull Up record
Insane Military Pull Up recordvisningar 1,9mn8 dagar sedan
31:53MMA fighter \u0026 Gymnast try Climbing
MMA fighter \u0026 Gymnast try Climbingvisningar 274tnMånad sedan
14:59Schooled by the National Gymnastics Team
Schooled by the National Gymnastics Teamvisningar 302tnMånad sedan
17:24Pro Gymnasts VS 100$ hang Challenge ++
Pro Gymnasts VS 100$ hang Challenge ++visningar 189tnMånad sedan
35:27Pro Gymnast Tries Climbing
Pro Gymnast Tries Climbingvisningar 303tnMånad sedan
16:26Climbing Old school Norwegian Granite
Climbing Old school Norwegian Granitevisningar 167tn2 månader sedan
18:03Fitness Challenge for Climbers during Lockdown
Fitness Challenge for Climbers during Lockdownvisningar 326tn2 månader sedan
30:32Challenge - Who can set the hardest boulder?
Challenge - Who can set the hardest boulder?visningar 455tn3 månader sedan
18:50Is V12 harder on a training board?
Is V12 harder on a training board?visningar 324tn4 månader sedan
14:112 Weeks to climb this boulder
2 Weeks to climb this bouldervisningar 263tn4 månader sedan
THE HARDEST MOVE IN CLIMBINGvisningar 321tn4 månader sedan
17:06My hardest climbing session yet!
My hardest climbing session yet!visningar 254tn5 månader sedan
13:58Only Hard Bouldering!
Only Hard Bouldering!visningar 308tn5 månader sedan
25:18Normal Girl Belays Pro Climber
Normal Girl Belays Pro Climbervisningar 226tn5 månader sedan
15:43Magic Pull Up Challenge
Magic Pull Up Challengevisningar 1,4mn5 månader sedan
27:40Most Beautiful Climbing Destination in the World!
17:13I tried Bruce Lee's training program!
I tried Bruce Lee's training program!visningar 271tn5 månader sedan
16:47Setting routes at brand new climbing gym!
Setting routes at brand new climbing gym!visningar 195tn6 månader sedan
NEW MEGA CLIMBING GYM DAYS BEFORE THE OPENING!visningar 279tn6 månader sedan


  • I was sitting here thinking why hasn't he been in the military since his country has compulsory military service. Glad I got an explanation. It was exemption by exceptional talent.

  • You should try the airforce

  • i dont think the chalk is meant to be on your face like that

  • Mad respect,SEnewss suggested this video to me and am amazed

  • This is amazing!!!! Magnus us soooooooooooooooooooooo strong👍

  • Lets see a video on the Norwegian Special Forces.. :).. Thanks. Good videos.

  • Ok.. Nice video.. Why is there one soldier in line without his weapon doing the drills?

  • I hate these people but I just watch it bc it is ninja warrior like if you feel the same way 👇

  • Magnus looked like he could keep going for at least 15 pull outs, would have like to seen max out

  • Marte is a QUEEN 👑 Also, I’d really love to see Magnus collab with Ross Edgley 💕

  • "you're a natural" >*YOU'RE IN NASHVILLE* These subtitles man lol.

  • oh no your nails😖

  • Should try Planet Granite in CA, amazing climbing gym!

  • She’s a monster, but I’m not surprised lmao

  • The shivering betty crucially listen because birch subjectively signal amid a capricious geranium. tiresome, painful stepdaughter

  • I can do 44 Pull-Ups

  • 0:30So perfect CATCH ME ONLINE!

  • iv worked with some ex military guys here in Ireland... its not so obvious to some people but dont ever fuck with that way smaller guy for the love of god i know a couple of guys like him and they scare the living shit out of me.

  • Have you saw something ?

  • 1:10 *I SCREAMED*

  • The most common size bar used is 2" inch bar. You both would struggle with a 2" bar to last 90srconds if even that!!!! You gentlemen cheated.... Lol

  • Your bar is to small...... Your cheating the game!!!! Until you use a bar of no less then 1.5 inches thick it doesn't count boy's!!! Lol

  • Well done Marte! Magnus should check the rules a little bit as his sit-ups failed many reps - I think he has to touch the knees, some were quiet short, but he'd easily do still 80+. Marte actually had closer standard. But awesome video overall!

  • Islander from P.R. in the 5% here 😅💖

  • "it's good to be humble once in a while" that's so not humble hahaha...

  • I watch some dude do something impossible today.

  • Why did you do that psychI lied you thought you cried What are you talking about respect what are you talking about

  • Is his back is hella curved in that deadlift or im i seeing things

  • The bit where you were supposed to submit him but he didn't teach you any submissions was exceptionally silly.

  • Imagine having Magnus constantly being there giving advice and cheering you on while climbing

  • 2:46Hi Boys CATCH ME ONLINE!

  • can i come live with you in norway . seriosuly pnw.robert insta teach me your ways

  • Dang, before I thought Magnus exudes a sexiness when he kills a hard climb, but Hannah somehow takes it to another level. Y'alls family be killing it.

  • The gym is now rated 5 stars with over 1600 reviews because of this video! XD

  • Air force: *someone come pick this up for me*

  • Did that thomas guy actually bench with his ass off the board? its pretty bad form if i remember it right..

  • Telemark Bn dont mess around, nice...

  • Weak equipment. Negligence that has accumulated over years. Pretty sure they (company behind ANW) want to cut short their responsibilities by limiting liability which is pretty irresponsible but US law allow for people to renounce their rights in favor of making a profit... even if it cost lives. Great progress.

  • with good technique you'd be strong as fuck you should give Olympic lifting a go for a week or something with a good coach & see how strong you get, I would not be surprised if you could easily clean & jerk your bodyweight in such a small time

  • Those big fellas seem like such nice and kind guys!

  • Looks like Ryan Garcia

  • Scary as hell.

  • I love seeing how someone who’s never shot guns before, find out how much fun they can be.


  • Magnus cam bench 225 he just needs to learn how to setup he benched 198 flat back

  • "Stone paper scissors"💀

  • Grade A wholesome content. Great energy in the video

  • I love how much you love trying new things!!

  • What a class bunch of lads. Cool vid.

  • I´m from Sweden and just randomly got this in my recommended lol

  • Meanwhile, I haven’t exercise since this Tuesday... and I ate plenty junk food... I just hate myself right now

  • I’m 15 and I could do all those if those are the standards that’s kinda not good

    • I'm sorry but you probably have bad form then. Unless you mean the pullups because to me 10 pullups are too easy.

  • why a woman?can't find any real SEALS or marines besides diversity hires???

  • She coughs in her hand before she is going to climb and touch the wall points.. Nice manners on that girl

  • Autofelatio 🥴

  • 35:19 look in the snow on the left after The ropeobstacle xD

    • My mans with the pistol sucks tbh

  • i kinda feel bad watching strong people doing strong stuffs while im sitting on my bed watching and eating my chips

  • The following not specifically aimed at this video. Today SEnewss recommended a ninja warrior run video starring a woman. Somehow I started thinking: where are all the women from Magnus's vids... There's Hannah and Marte I've seen so far. Sister and girlfriend. Are there no female climbers? No female jujimufus? No female antons? I thought: of people I know who would I like to see a video with Magnus and thought of contemporary circus artist Salla Hakanpää Come visit Finland, underwater contemporary circus awaits! Or maybe it's just me watching your videos in a way similar to watching dance and contemporary circus, as a quite visual art form where I get to somehow experience something unreachable through the movements of the performer.

  • Loved that last attempt energy!

  • do a collab with the Norweigian snipers please

  • Unit 🙊

  • I think I’ve never seen him this tired😂 poor Magnus, to watch him run in the snow makes you wanna help him and push him a bit...this was a great episode!

    • I see three stars on his chest,....hmm :P

  • Today SEnewss recommended a ninja warrior run video starring a woman. Somehow I started thinking: where are all the women from Magnus's vids... There's Hannah and Marte I've seen so far. Sister and girlfriend. Are there no female climbers? No female jujimufus? No female antons? I thought: of people I know who would I like to see a video with Magnus and thought of comtemporary circus artist Salla Hakanpää Come to Finland, underwater comtemporary circus awaits!

  • Magnus rolling nat 20's on athletics every day.

  • enjoyed the commentator lol

  • I haven't worked out in 50 years and have only been watching TV, eating fast food and sleeping, and even I could do the putting on the tshirt while hanging challenge

  • I played a drinking game and took a shot every time they said chalk. I died. 4 times.

  • Ufff.... I know how hard this is.... Had only a week of training for a TV Series called "War and Peace".... I was a backround extra, we were filming for like 3months straight, 10h+ shifts... This gave me such a nostalgia of those days... After 5 years I can still remember some of the drills 😅

  • 2 bataljonen :)

  • 👍

  • Magnus at least has good form on his reps Looking at the other guy he is just racing with reps with out form

  • You can't use chalk!

  • Let's see how the soldiers will do in the world of Magnus,,, 8c+

  • The most impressive thing about this is their English. Absolutely phenomenal to be able to converse like that in a foreign language.

  • Trending page sometimes throws up a gem

  • Anton is such a good guy, and if you watch other videos, you can tell that he really likes Magnus. :-)

  • 100 seconds??? Man the one I had to do was 300 seconds. I got like 103

  • It's funny because the 3000m record is 7 .20, but good job.

  • Så deg på mesternemester