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11:23Good News! Trump Ended COVID-19 Pandemic!
Good News! Trump Ended COVID-19 Pandemic!visningar 1,9mn2 dagar sedan
3:14H.E.R. - Damage
H.E.R. - Damagevisningar 27tn3 dagar sedan
12:59Trump's Making Things Up (Even More Than Ever!)
2:4624kGoldn ft. Iann Dior - Mood
24kGoldn ft. Iann Dior - Moodvisningar 130tn4 dagar sedan
14:17Trump Votes, Fake Melania & Barrett Confirmation
1:28This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary Censorshipvisningar 222tn8 dagar sedan
2:47Lauv & Conan Gray - Fake
Lauv & Conan Gray - Fakevisningar 95tn7 dagar sedan
11:40Tracee Ellis Ross & Jimmy Kimmel Hate Halloween
3:03Tate McRae - You Broke Me First
Tate McRae - You Broke Me Firstvisningar 82tn9 dagar sedan
2:40BLACKPINK Teaches Guillermo the Ice Cream Dance
3:50BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls
BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girlsvisningar 849tn10 dagar sedan
4:24Jimmy Kimmel Helps Kids Find Love
Jimmy Kimmel Helps Kids Find Lovevisningar 41tn10 dagar sedan
14:05Michael Keaton Reveals the Best Batman Ever
Michael Keaton Reveals the Best Batman Evervisningar 194tn10 dagar sedan
7:23Jimmy Kimmel Interviews BLACKPINK!
Jimmy Kimmel Interviews BLACKPINK!visningar 2,3mn10 dagar sedan
13:40Is Muting Donald Trump Even Possible?
Is Muting Donald Trump Even Possible?visningar 1,4mn10 dagar sedan
3:23Ozuna ft. Doja Cat - Del Mar
Ozuna ft. Doja Cat - Del Marvisningar 368tn11 dagar sedan
12:37Trump Attacks Fauci As COVID Cases Spike
Trump Attacks Fauci As COVID Cases Spikevisningar 2mn11 dagar sedan
1:06This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary Censorshipvisningar 132tn15 dagar sedan
3:58Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
Foo Fighters - Learn To Flyvisningar 178tn15 dagar sedan
6:10Jimmy Kimmel Guesses “Who’s High?”
Jimmy Kimmel Guesses “Who’s High?”visningar 258tn15 dagar sedan
9:48Trump & Biden's Dueling Town Halls
Trump & Biden's Dueling Town Hallsvisningar 2,4mn15 dagar sedan
3:58Woodkid - Horizons Into Battlegrounds
Woodkid - Horizons Into Battlegroundsvisningar 27tn16 dagar sedan
4:54Rufus Wainwright - Alone Time
Rufus Wainwright - Alone Timevisningar 17tn17 dagar sedan
3:03Rufus Wainwright - You Ain't Big
Rufus Wainwright - You Ain't Bigvisningar 16tn18 dagar sedan
3:27Are 95% of Black People Voting for Trump?
Are 95% of Black People Voting for Trump?visningar 841tn18 dagar sedan
16:03Trump is Only MENTALLY Ill Now
Trump is Only MENTALLY Ill Nowvisningar 1,9mn18 dagar sedan
3:13Corgi Attempts “Kobe” Trick Shot
Corgi Attempts “Kobe” Trick Shotvisningar 64tn19 dagar sedan
9:22The Best of Guillermo at NBA Media Day
The Best of Guillermo at NBA Media Dayvisningar 972tn19 dagar sedan
1:10This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
This Week in Unnecessary Censorshipvisningar 180tn21 dag sedan
6:20Superspreader Trump is Ready to Rally Again!
2:31Natanael Cano - Yo Ya Sé
Natanael Cano - Yo Ya Sévisningar 220tn23 dagar sedan
13:56Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Pence Harris VP Debate
3:57Jaden - Boys and Girls
Jaden - Boys and Girlsvisningar 86tn24 dagar sedan
4:41Guillermo's Dance Party with Shaq
Guillermo's Dance Party with Shaqvisningar 221tn24 dagar sedan
11:27Bill Murray Turns 70 & Gives Us Life Advice
Bill Murray Turns 70 & Gives Us Life Advicevisningar 390tn24 dagar sedan
3:40A$AP Ferg ft. Tyga - Dennis Rodman
A$AP Ferg ft. Tyga - Dennis Rodmanvisningar 74tn28 dagar sedan
14:46How Shaq Would Have Busted Out of the NBA Bubble
7:12Jimmy Kimmel Prank Calls His Aunt Chippy
Jimmy Kimmel Prank Calls His Aunt Chippyvisningar 281tn28 dagar sedan
2:37Matthew McConaughey Gives America a Pep Talk
3:12Jimmy Kimmel Stars in Air Bud Spinoff
Jimmy Kimmel Stars in Air Bud Spinoffvisningar 28tn29 dagar sedan
11:08Matthew McConaughey Has CRAZY Life Stories
Matthew McConaughey Has CRAZY Life Storiesvisningar 315tn29 dagar sedan
6:31Jimmy Kimmel on Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis
5:43Dwyane Wade Pranks Fan with Cousin Sal
Dwyane Wade Pranks Fan with Cousin Salvisningar 44tn28 dagar sedan
6:25Couple or Not? Quarantine Edition
Couple or Not? Quarantine Editionvisningar 27tn29 dagar sedan
14:49Donald Trump is the #1 Spreader of Misinformation
4:41My Morning Jacket - Feel You
My Morning Jacket - Feel Youvisningar 39tnMånad sedan
2:40Mean Tweets - NBA All-Star Edition
Mean Tweets - NBA All-Star Editionvisningar 808tnMånad sedan
3:42HAIM - Gasoline
HAIM - Gasolinevisningar 53tnMånad sedan


  • Lol dems and medical establishment think a vaccine can cure a virus. Start with curing herpes or cancer.

  • Rip black panther

  • THIS IS LIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24kGoldn LOve from the Philippines <3

  • It ironic how Kimmel advocates for unity while completely being a propagandist for the democrats jerry mandering to half the people

  • Trump 2020 ,the most honest we have in this world !!! What Biden did for minorities since 47 years ?? Biden ´s family praying money,blood money !!!!

  • I think Bill is right

  • Yes Abraham Lincoln was a Republican... but he had a brain. Trump on the other hand, has an IQ of a 2 year old.

  • David lee roth has turned into RAVID PEE SLOTH

  • Jimmy is so shameless. Just for a show he is showing that his wife is making out with Matt Damon. Even it's just a joke. It's shameless

  • Donald Trump makes more sense with Lil Pump

  • Catergory?

  • Trump has the cure..... Lol..... Sort it out

  • Shirt tucker rudy julliani

  • His name is Rude-y Giuliani...what do you expect?

  • Long live senor trumpo All the way 2 El correctional facility

  • This was pure perfection!

  • Instant damage control on Wayne. Y'all are pathetic

  • the Left dismisses lil wayne and what he said about trump.... and also denies the hunter biden story.... pretty much deny deny deny.... ignorance is bliss i guess

  • But did he die

  • Guillermo tequila tube all over again

  • The more & more these rappers support trump that’s when I stop listening to your music

  • This trash show would be watchable if Adam Corolla was at the helm. The fact remains that a puppet is of better service than a comedian in terms of pushing a weak agenda. Hence why Rogan and all the other true comics are crushing it while these played out wannabes are looking like tryouts that didn’t make the cut as extras on the Walking Dead.

  • Jimmy can be so annoying

  • WD-40

  • Wayne stays so high he probably thinks Trump is Biden.

  • So he lost 50 and found cocaine Wayne. smh. Desperation for the black vote is sad.

  • Your bunny needed a mask 🙂👻 He was very cute.

  • When your a kid living in America wait no the world your life is will be so bad how do I know bc I am one the news is politics and more politics can’t we just be people people

  • Is orange hair an early sign of malevolent brainrot? I am scared of some of my collegues now.

  • Heisenberg sucks bruh

  • my cute rose

  • Lil Wayne must be high

  • Americans need to vote him out. And vote him out by such a margin that you show everyone what values matter to you. Love - Rest of the World


  • 1,000th dislike 😄

  • Your a puppet Kimmel 🤣 😂

  • Young money and No money. That got me.

  • "You do know lil wayne is connected"? Red Ragging!!

  • This reminds me of Kobe just working and wearing down MJ until they became friends. I feel like Jimmy became genuine friends with his idol and that must be an awesome feeling.

  • She went to use the computer ss a touch screen haha

  • He knows.... Good for you Lil Wayne!

  • Are there libel laws in the USA?

  • so....that wasn't really Melania, right?

  • Catergory??? :(

  • Jimmy you're doing a Fantastic Job!!... 🤫🤫🤫👍🏻👍🏾🤔

  • " Good genes"....classic "subdued" trump racism. " But I never said a race was actually superior to another". I wana vomit. On him.

  • We’ll see ya who’s laughing on Nov 3rd.

  • When should two people get married? In the afternoon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nobody FaceTimes while they smokes crack

  • Rudy accusing one of crack use, while the President poses with a man that sips syrup from a o-cup.

  • No cap , having an actual band playing with them sounds really good

  • omg why is nobody talking about that kid at the very end, dodging all that candy pouring from the pipe. I literally cackled so hard

  • I don't know what Wayne and Cube think they're doing cant they see he's using them for P.R. stunts..and they fell for it....he is pretending to be listening he didn't give a damn about listening to you before 2020 and the elecrion...get the f out of here.

  • If you vote for Biden we will have a chance of everything

  • Great chat, love you guys!!

  • I'm with Trump.. and in British!! It's amazing how we can see and Americans Look!!!

  • The last guy is what slow painful death looks like....

  • I miss Dave!

  • Yeah you know the people catching on to the social engineering going on. Trump was a icon in the hip hop community. TRUMPACRAT2020

  • Trump’s message in 2016 was funny too yet he won...... it seems same thing will happen in 2020.....

  • I live how he ends the link cowering behind the sofa 😂

  • Dawg your deadass delusional smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I couldn’t even understand her 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m Japanese but I didn’t get the joke..ha? And how First Lady keeping accent like came to US a week ago.. that’s like keeping accent for campaign 🤔😂

  • I'd love to see Rudy spend 10 minutes in the octagon with Brock Lesnar

  • Melania, English as third language.

  • Trump 2020

  • I love her, she's so sweet and funny and she just doesn't seem to age.

  • Really Jimmy? Thats an ugly show

  • They have the same drug dealer. Allegedly allegedly lmao

  • Trump using him as his little pawn to split black voters.

  • What the heck is she wearing 😳?

  • Rip gabby candy

  • Lol

  • When im clearing up my depression i find myself watching animal trainers on talk shows

  • Roddy Giuliani smokes crack twice a day lol

  • Probably took out people who said they were

  • C'mon man... Jimmy must be paid... or doing one for the team. I could argue against Trump aswell but compared to Biden he is on another level. May not be mentally sophisticated but his executive competence is unmatched in politics! We may never get another president who wants to take a good look at the media and big tech! And you know they are ripping our privacy appart...

  • 38 millions live in 🇨🇦, 330 millions live in 🇺🇸, 235000 "death" by corona virus compare to 10000 "death". Now blaming Trump for that is pretty dump. China 🇨🇳 has over 1.2 billions citizens but 4600 deaths?

  • "Catergory" On ~every~ slide. lol