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3:17Noga Erez - VIEWS (feat. ROUSSO)
Noga Erez - VIEWS (feat. ROUSSO)visningar 83tnDag sedan
12:08Andy Garcia Celebrates His 65th Birthday!
1:35This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
4:12The Wallflowers - Roots and Wings
The Wallflowers - Roots and Wingsvisningar 72tn7 dagar sedan


  • Mind when Seth seemed cool before we all saw his Twitter posts lol

  • Everytime you click the subscribe button one of your enemies gets destroyed😆😆😆

  • Bad jimmy you should to jail for suggesting this

  • I'm with Kiernan's mom Jared Leto is 47- 😭

  • Not much longer

  • That one kid who started listing swear words was hilarious 😂 He seems to smart

  • It would have been so funny if the goalie actually saved the shot LoL

  • All you are trying to do is get dirt on a man that did more for this country than Obama did or could have done.

  • And here i thought she was done with Agent 13. Glad to see that's not so.

  • no

    • well yes but the interview feels like its wasting my time

  • He's like a 5 year old.

  • Bet anything that the $1000 venmo payment Matt Gaetz made for salad was probably for tossed salad, lol. Google "tossed salad slang" if you don't know what that means.

  • Juvenile stupid cartoons,Mister STD brain.

  • This was classic

  • Kimmel was on fire 🔥

  • Where can I watch the rest of the video?

  • No one could have .layed John walker better

  • chris evans is so different as captain america its hilarious

  • Greatest President in history

  • it's wonderful!

  • It’s the “coming out of the closet before you lose your virginity” for me 😬😬

  • It just occurred to me that Gaetz looks like Robby Rotten on "Lazy Town".

  • Female holding food : Omg *chewing* someone needs to help him *more chewing*

  • 2nd or 3rd, I will forever respect 2pac

  • The first late night comic to break from the norm, quit pretending and start cracking jokes about Biden will win the internet and the ratings game.

  • Sounds like Chris Farley

  • Jimmy maybe YOU don't know what in the heck is going in your body but I sure do and so do tons of people. I either eat Whole Foods (organic always when possible) and if it isn't a whole food, I read the labels. Don't brag about being academically lazy.

  • "Look ma' two crackheads on TV"

  • Their legs at 0:20 is like 4 4 ll 4 ll

  • Security needs to drag Jim Jordan out of the congressional hearings and taken to the nearest insane asylum asap!

  • 3 stooges.

  • You who's stupid everyone in California who thinks all the shutdowns and masks mandates are doing any good. Hello... California, you have the worst numbers in the US, with the most restrictions. And you know what else, gaetz was actually blackmailed. If he didn't pay the guy millions of dollars he would try to expose something that isn't true. All to hide Cuomos cover ups. The democrats are such pathetic human trash.

  • Wow Ivanka got the shot from a Mexican nurse ....

  • Two morons talking

  • Mike,,, We all love you. You're crazy, but we love you.

  • lol h8ful


  • What about his take on smoking Parmesan cheese?

  • Hahahahaha

  • Lindell should try a pillow cover over his head

  • @8:00 Mike Lindell and his necklace carrying a cross? There is nothing worse than a (former?) crack addict who "found jesus" proseletyzing. It's little different from AA and NA members in THAT cult....

  • I’m [still] here for Josh Hartnett.

  • Actually you are the liars

  • Don't forget bastards

  • brb crying

  • Get new material Kimmel

  • Holy

  • Them salads were tossed

  • Is Colton a top or bottom?

  • Hilarious 💯💯💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • How dare he.

  • Is it bad I get all my news from jimmy lol

  • The romans had a good thing going for something like Jordan was use for decoration along streets.

  • You just won't see him in the Vice President in the room at the same time ever. You'll be both with a wig in another outfit and some green paint to set them apart from the orange period and he'll be both you'll never see him on Skype either. LOL LOL LOL

  • 2nd shot of Pfizer, doing well.

  • This is... well, really bad Grettings from Brazil

  • He's not a shaman of positive Vibes or whatever he wants to call them if he was he wouldn't be there causing negative vibes and if you're there you're part of the interaction. Sounds like a an eight-year-old and their excuses. It's hilarious. Does anyone have any year old kid and listen to their explanations. LOL when did it come about that you had to be a moron to be a Republican? And your IQ is it above grade school if you're lucky with the Ivy League schools you might be in the junior high area 12 13. Children in a man's body. Antichrist that's all they are.

  • Sometimes when you muddy up the waters, even the fish wont bite. How did Hunter Biden get on this show? Perfectly timed, I must say. Every single word was scripted, I promise. I ain't buying it.

  • I swear Kanye is from the future

  • I screamed David Suzuki so many times. The nature of things… On CBC television

  • I love Sean Penn.

  • How did they shorten him? And he's really lost a lot of weight and he went from Orange to normal.? Anybody that listens to QR not and believes anything has to be completely brain-dead. And so out of touch with reality they need to spend their time back on the video games. They can be a great warrior or anything they want to be. But remember it's virtual reality they're believing their own video games. LOL

  • Can anyone remember what Steve did before family feud?

  • A farmer has 17 Kardashians...

  • "Salad," as in "she tossed my _____".

  • .....NUMBER THREE!!!!!.... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lmfao. This dude bashed trump so hard. Oh the karma... it Came quick!

  • Now isn't that a wicked trio? May they all eventually be sent to hell. Jordan is such a hypocrite. Why didn't he care for those poor boys? Why didn't he care about their lives and freedom?

  • my dad knew someone named Ima Rose Bush lol

  • yo mr wihte

  • whole thing is scripted and fake

  • Eddies the man❣️

  • More of these fake interviews...good for laughs on tv, but we all know its fake.

  • Anything to not talk about Hunter Biden's laptop with actual pdo videos.

  • Oh but of course Americans would believe it was Jimmies arm, 🙄some of them believed in #45.



  • Frat Boy moron. Leaves a trail a mile wide, why so careless? Could it be that he expected no consequences? Theres never been any consequences just like Trump. They think that they can act like Trump and “ it’s all good”. Buy your way into school and then pay to cheat, write papers etc. and have powerful, corrupt “ friends “who will help them join the club and protect them when they get caught. They never offer anything positive and when they “ manage” they destroy ie, Texas a really resource rich state freezes..didn’t deal with Covid.. they lied ....lots of us died...unnecessarily.

  • Gym Jordan and Relentless Stupidity. They go so well together! Kinda like "OSU Wrestling" and...