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5:06Unnecessary Censorship - The Office US
2:48Sexy Ben Franklin - The Office US
Sexy Ben Franklin - The Office USvisningar 157tnDag sedan
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When Kids Come to Work - The Office USvisningar 268tn8 dagar sedan
8:05Easter Eggs (PART 2)  - The Office US
Easter Eggs (PART 2) - The Office USvisningar 229tn15 dagar sedan
4:32The Kneecapping - The Office US
The Kneecapping - The Office USvisningar 302tn15 dagar sedan
2:35Erin Meets Her Birth Parents - The Office US
3:53Michael's The Mistress - The Office US
Michael's The Mistress - The Office USvisningar 433tn22 dagar sedan
4:15Jim is the Worst Roommate  - The Office US
Jim is the Worst Roommate - The Office USvisningar 1,1mn22 dagar sedan
14:16Michael Scott Vs Corporate - The Office US
Michael Scott Vs Corporate - The Office USvisningar 726tn29 dagar sedan
5:11Michael Fights Dirty - The Office US
Michael Fights Dirty - The Office USvisningar 282tnMånad sedan
5:01It's Michael Scott's Bday! - The Office US
4:57Scranton Branch is Closing - The Office US
4:24The Dirty Microwave - The Office US
The Dirty Microwave - The Office USvisningar 368tnMånad sedan
5:03Dwight Kills Angela's Cat - The Office US
3:27Pam Gets Her First Complaint - The Office US
3:18Date Mike, Nice to Meet Me - The Office US
4:37Work Bus - The Office US
Work Bus - The Office USvisningar 543tnMånad sedan
4:01David Wallace's Life of Leisure - The Office US
1:28Roy Attacks Jim - The Office US
Roy Attacks Jim - The Office USvisningar 712tn2 månader sedan
3:13How to Stop a Doomsday Device - The Office US
How to Stop a Doomsday Device - The Office USvisningar 328tn2 månader sedan



  • Angela spit out champagne, those Jewish baked goods (I forget what they're called) and spit at Bob Vance when he mistakenly thought meredith got rabies from her cat sprinkles. Am I missing anything? Seriously she always spit.

  • Ol

  • Ben Franklin did not invent electricity. It’s a naturally occurring phenomena. He didn’t even discover electricity. Archaeologists discovered ancient batteries in Baghdad. Franklin’s Kite experiment was to demonstrate that lightning electrical discharge.

  • How was being sprayed by pepper spray a uncessary overreaction? 😂

  • Ryan was the best during this season.

  • i love how pam failed art school and also accidentaly dressed up as hitler once

  • The moment Pam wasted that perfectly good tiramisu, I was on Jim’s side.

  • Omg Ryan’s face

  • Actually he sees everything but doesn't bother about people's stupidity.

  • Ryan was actually a really good boss in this scene.

  • At least they graduated High School.

  • I like how no one in the last shot is actually wearing a watch.

  • I love lakes.

  • 🌸 serenity by jan 🌸

  • They hired Hugh Jackman??

  • M: "Someone complained that the men's room is whites only. Stanley, you know that's not true." S: "I didn't say that." Creed: "Then why is there a picture of a white man on the door?" Most underrated joke in the show's history😂

  • whoah, angela smiled.

  • 1:24

  • This is true self discipline

  • Camera man ain’t no snitch.

  • " i wish there was a way to know you where in the good old days, before you actually left them" hit hard. miss pre-corona days :(

  • One of the few scenes I didn't like. So made overacting

  • “5k means 5 c***s” would’ve been a good one

  • "walking out of the room unexpectedly." "and what happens in this one?" "it's a surprise" 😂😂😂

  • 1:34 a meme was borned

  • Applicant has a head sh a p e d l i *k e a t r a p a z o i d*

  • No one's seriously talking about creed's hilarious random comment?

  • Okay call me crazy but.. he looks like Chandler Bing..

  • Merediths outfit kind of turned me on lol

  • Gay Mike 😆 i love it!

  • I really wanna know how his joke to Phillis ended

  • “Okay guys, I didn’t interrupt you spring your presentation.” “Actually you did.” “Yes.........anyways-“

  • y'all remember the scholarship fiasco? haha...oh god...

  • 2:21 GOT Arya’s story arc in a nutshell

  • I declare Bankruptcyyyyyyyyy!

  • Honestly, I don't think it was Jim's responsibility to save Micheal. He fell on the poll all on his own. On the worst case scenario, Michael could have brought Jim down with him, therefore, making the two of them soaked.

  • Dwights collar mistake

  • 2:23 stare down contest.

  • 2:14 when everyone was busy looking at Pam's facial expression, Creed and Meredith also got some golden moment there.

  • If Dwight wasn't such a baboon, that would have been a fantastic prank. Get stuck in the elevator for 10, 15 minutes. Afterwards, "yeah that was me." Have a good laugh. Instead, Dwight did what Dwight usually did: Overreacts, immediately makes things weird ("we have to establish a pee corner.") Ironically, that is also what made Dwight such a great character. His bizarre, anti-social behavior.

  • Nooo god no god plis no no nooooo

  • Oscar meyer wiener...lover

  • huh. i was actually thinking about the truman show just before i saw this video in my recommended.

  • Is it me or did Darryl said his real name? Instead of Andy he said "Ed who punch you." LOL

  • But Pam’s “Pam-Pam’s”

  • We need compilation of analogies made


  • I’ve never seen a family sized chicken pot pie 🥧

  • I hope one day I find what jim and pam found

  • Was this a deleted scene? I never remember seeing this.

  • No one's gonna mention how Stanley started counting on his fingers when Meredith says she was ran over with the car? Lol 1:38

  • That plotwist tho...

  • I literally got a little ceasers pepperoni ad after dwight asked for pepperoni pizza

  • 0:41, S P O T, SPOT, SPOT

  • Doug Judy, Ultron, Manny from Ice Age, Jim Carrey, Catherine Tate, it was a perfect episode

  • I know the feeling kinda. My friend sent me a picture from when we were in the 3rd grade and I was wearing a yellow Power Ranger costume cuz it was Halloween. My friends ripped on me hard😭

  • Creed and Kevin saved this shitshow... The majority of characters had these annoying "awkward", moments It was unbearable to watch.

  • “Dwight, you ignorant cu**” is what it sounded like 😂

  • Actually Michael's right, paper certainly never died, it's still something we need. When you rely on technology to hold things forever, failure is just a matter of time. I realize now, part of the reason Michael loves Pam's drawing is that it uses paper, and all the new art creating technology never quite replaces physically the quality of seeing a drawing IRL. Another strong case for Michael is people going for business degrees are often outshined by people who just went out and started their own business. You can mumble about business theories, from your business professors who never ran their own business and never took the risk and gained the real lessons besides regurgitated academia that might form some semblance to what was relevant 80 years ago if you're lucky, but very often the students who create a business part time begin out earning their professors. So what's the point? I'm sure if this scenario ever happened in real life, the students would have called it a "melt down" or a "cringe" moment of someone who can't face their failure, when it's actually a sad moment of young people with zero real world, only studying at school experience, thinking they actually know more about the world than the people who actually live in it, and have successfully given value to it for decades. Hence why SJW people are such twats.

  • Hearing 1:26 brings back heartbreak for me, but hopefully something new and deep for others

  • I’ve never noticed the thats what she said at the start that’s hilarious

  • I despised Deangelo as A character but I wont lie this Scene is funny asf

  • I would've killed for a Jan back when I was a Hunter....

  • :(

  • Feel, no, P A I N

  • dwight snoot

  • At least he didn’t “JAM” your drawer again

  • Is that Li'l Sebastian?

  • Erin and Kelly’s line sounds so smooth

  • The best part is that the beeps are ten decibels louder than the rest of the video. /s

  • Ryan reaction when Darryl passes by his side😂

  • To be fair Jim and Pam spend too much working time just messing with Dwight.

  • Catherine tate with an american accent is so weird as so used her beautiful natural british accent

  • The big M

  • 1:38 Who did she smash there? Freaking hilarious. This was one of the funniest scenes of the show for me, I couldn't stop laughing after someone finally stopped Andy from singing.

  • "I have video equipment. I have lights. I have release forms." 😂😂😂 Of course you do Meredith! 😉

  • "Ohhh there stingin'him" "oww"


  • Every time he says Clarisse I lose it