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11:23"Men need to CHEAT RESPECTFULLY"
"Men need to CHEAT RESPECTFULLY"visningar 421tn7 dagar sedan
3:04SiGO (Feat. Ghen) - Mi Morena
SiGO (Feat. Ghen) - Mi Morenavisningar 292tn7 dagar sedan
8:50When the canceller gets cancelled | Teen Vogue
OVERRATED WORDS: Lovevisningar 237tn7 dagar sedan
THIS IS HOW ALL POETRY SOUNDS TO ME.visningar 152tn14 dagar sedan
LIL NAS X IS A SATANIST!visningar 291tn14 dagar sedan


  • Did Aba just say he 38?!!!

  • I'm more bothered that she's doing that infront of her daughter

  • cap bald life is easy!

  • What boggles my mind is how a civilian will have the balls to cheat with a Veteran's wife. Y'all got no regard for your lives huh. Madre mia..

  • A true king lmfao. He lives up to the name chad

  • Jodi is the guy that the drill instructors tell you is fucking your girlfriend while you're at basic or deployed. And sometimes he's real lol

  • Honestly I feel like men's emotions are fitshized in a really bad way. How many times I've heard "My dad only cried twice" or "My dad only cried once". I feel like this mentality is what's keeping suicide rates high. We're judged for being too emotional. We have to be a "pillar" for everyone around us.

  • I find this hilarious, why do you care? why is it a big deal? What are you afraid of? What are you trying to protect? Why a black little mermaid or black mj? Oh, Idunno, because you can?... Why a black spiderman? Into The Spiderverse is one of the best spidey movies made to date. It's a Multiverse get the fuck over it. They are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. I could make them whatever color I want. People enjoy these characters and what to see themselves represented by them. There is demand for it that's why. What I don't understand is a bunch of internet warriors getting all bent out of shape for this. Really this? You got nothing else going on? Let people enjoy things. It's like somehow having a person of a different color play a known character is going to erase previous iterations of that character. you want the old version? Go watch the old shit. To quote Jay-Z " want my old shit, buy my old albums." You really want to cry about a character taking a new form? You really want to whine about pepe le pew and dr seuss? When there are much more important things constantly happening? Grow up. Can't wait to hear your take on a black Captain America.

  • Hopefully with the tape he can show that not only his wife cheated on him while on deployment, but that she left the little girl unwatched and alone while she was doing shit upstairs.

  • Maybe the dread of knowing your partner might die or come back handicapped, makes it harder to commit.

  • He blew right pass his kids lmfao “dadddddy” “Jodi” Hahahahah 😭

  • She's hot af. I admit - I didn't listen to a single word out of her mouth.

  • Cute shirt Aba.

  • The first date is cheap....imma tell you why. Cus it should be the middle of the day ideally (safety) it should facilitate conversation and be low pressure.

  • I have medical issues that caused me to not develop femininely and I got plastic surgery for my boobs because I looked like an alien at I not supposed to be happy with my body now? Am I not allowed to say that this surgery improved my confidence and that made me happy? My body was actually ugly and I am more body positive because of it! Anyways love your show just trying to understand

  • Awfully presumptuous of these women to think men should even ask them out when they have kids. Used goods. Don't do it guys, there are millions girls around the world with no baggage, do that.

  • Caught red handed and she says "no." As a veteran this is nothing new.

  • We all have done our research 😂

  • Tyler Perry.

  • Lol "Jody"

  • I took yoga in high school. There was like 5 guys and the rest were girls. I took it to help with football but all I saw was a$$

  • Dr Phil is a hack, thanks for exposing his hypocrisy

  • The man shouldn’t have to pay on the first date. I understand the expectation that if he asked her out, then he should pay. If I asked him out, I would want to pay. But I offer to pay my part, if he asked me out. I don’t want him to think he’s owed something since he spent money on me.

  • You pay for your food and he pays for his food. Done and done. That way neither of you feel like you made a commitment after the date cuz you both payed for your own stuff and if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t matter cuz, again, you payed for what you ate and not for the other.

  • I can smell the soy on these guys through the screen, just from their response to the first question.

  • i have watch what maybe a 20-50 video and not notice french style scarf on @Preach :D

  • I surprised he didn’t kick in the balls from behind. That’s messed up.

  • Seth should have thrown hands !!!!!🤦🏽


  • You guys need to do a video on the pastor turned stripper...she left the church, divorced her husband and even blessed onlyfans....you need to check it out...

  • “What are you doing here “WHAT! smh

  • Pple should be fair to everyone it's a high time that we stop turning this world into a man hunt .....I really think REAL MAN are being hunted and it's a ploy to silence them ....coz when women do the same same act men are told to suck it and take it like a real man soooo Soo sad .....

  • I might be late to the party but love how they have their golden play button lined up to the SEnewss play button when you pause and play the video. Nice.

  • Jubilie picks the soyest of the boys.

  • What is the name of the song at the end?

  • Everytime you bust you feel bad but you not religious? 🤣😂🤣

  • Dumb Move 💀😂😂😂 I wouldn't ever in LIFE 🤪

  • Dammit posted today wanna see the other vid

  • I love fried chicken!! And I really LOVE chicken and waffles!!❤❤❤

  • That’s why I always tip at least 20% this breaks my heart

  • "Why are you here" it was over after that

  • " bad fashion" coming from a dude looking like boatpeople with his hoodies 😂

  • I had an ex meet up some other (younger) mil member on a deployed spouses support forum while I was overseas. I found out his unit and spread word that they have a Jody amid their ranks. Broke up with the ex, who went running to Jody, who was going through his own divorce. Jody's soon to be ex caught wind of this, complained to his command. He lost a promotion he had coming up and was put on a sort of probation. Because of this, he got booted out due to HYT. Found out all of this when my ex came crawling back about 6 months later.

  • React to edp!!!

  • #BoycottMarriage #avoidsinglemothers #feminismiscancer #MGTOW #SYSBM

  • Easier said then done Preach. Imagine YOU coming home and find your wife with another dude in bed, home or whatever. Finding out on the spot being cheated on. Bet you some brain cells will melt right then and there in your brain. Now finding out by phone messages or a heads up from somebody then okay. But even then if it's your co-worker, buddy, family member or someone else close like a next door neighbor you WILL confront them about it. And for the men and women who are knowingly fooling around with someone taken and or married...yeah you bet your ass there's a good chance that you are gonna receive a beating.

  • i dont know how he did not punch him. the man have a patiens of steel

  • *If you enlist, be single.* From basic to my last deployment, infidelity on both sides; _If the military wanted you to have a spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, they would have issued you one._

  • Soooooo Military = Jody Jamaica = Joe Grind

  • La plupart des gens ne pleur pas tout le temps. Considérant l'environement dans lequel nous somme, montrer ses émotions est plutôt un signe de force de force que de faiblesse. C'est laisser les personne qui t'entour voir tes faiblesses. De plus, ce n'est pas parce que tu a des faiblesse ou tu vie des moments plus difficile que tu n'est pas une personne forte. Ce ne sont pas des chose mutuellement exclusive. Tout les humains ont des faiblesse et de dire qu'une personne est faible parce qu'elle les montres est bizzard. Ce que vous dite c'est essentiellement si tu ne les montre pas elle n'existe pas. Je suis d'accort que dans certaine situation C'est pas bon de les montrer, par exemple lorsque l'on vie une crise ou tu est dans un milieu professionnel, par exemple il y a un feu dans ta maison, tu est au travail, etc. Dans ma vie personnel, j'ai pu voir les ravage que créer lorsque les gens ne discutaient de leurs émotion avec les personne qui les entour. De dire au gens de ne pas faire ça n'est pas un bon exemple à donner selon moi.

  • military gfs are just not as loyal as they used to be. I know a guy who within a month of being stationed somewhere his fiancé cheated on him and their marriage was called off

  • preach in his safe space was funny lmao.

  • wow!!!this wass funny as chacha

  • At one point in my life, everyone in the room would be moving to the upper room. But wiser me would record and and say some off the wall stuff like, “now I’m so glad that test came back positive. Enjoy each other “ and leave with my evidence and their minds wandering

  • Im pretty sure this is the only country cops can treat military personnel this way......🤯

  • Finger sniff test always ladies! Get right every time

  • It’s military life. My sister was in the Air Force and everyone sleeps around. It’s weird and gross.

  • Thinking about the movie...Baby Boy with Tyrese Gibson. The main character's name was JODY... makes so much sense now... so crazy. Cause he was living his best life and not very faithful. 🤷🏾‍♀️😔... damn Jody

  • no hate but damn this getting old make your own videos ❤️

  • Song is too lit

  • Is America's military just a big orgy?

  • bruh.....im not a fuckin manlet

  • Should men pay on the first date ?........my answer ?....only if you want to, if you don't want to make clear before the date that you intend on splitting the bill

  • Only bitches cry💯💯💯

  • I was a crowder fan but idk after this thanks for posting this I’m glad they getting the help they need it’s about time

  • Just being able to choose your diet is a privilege of the so-called first world countries. And most of the privileged have no awareness of the living conditions in countries where people are happy to eat anything at all. In addition, very few "world savers" have enough information and knowledge about the topic of capitalism and they mostly just throw slogans they´d heard from other Hipster vegans. And I allow myself saying that because I am vegan. And our Vegan-Hipsters in this episode are perfect examples why vegans have such a bad reputation, it´s the arrogance combined with half knowledge. Please visit a Zulu village and tell them your bs, I´m absolutely sure you´ll run several times faster out of the village than to the discussion round (10:30).

  • Most mainstream anime characters lack semblance of earthly race because they are (usually) VERY stylized people. NO ONE HAS EYES THAT SIZE. I assume the race of any given character by the context of the anime. So, regardless of what a CARTOON looks like, if they live in Japan, wouldn't you assume they're Japanese? Obviously, some anime specifies an individual character's race/ethnicity, and you'll notice they are barely differentiated from the looks of their fellow characters who may be of a different background. It's a cartoon, and to be so self centered to assume they all look white is....kinda ignorant. It's an art style. Not to mention anyone can dye their hair or put in colored contacts so to say "she has brown eyes so she must be Japanese" is also not necessarily true.

  • When did Hank Hill grow a goatee?

  • Someone take that poor kid away from here

  • He just said there's no black community but 30 seconds later says there's black communities. Idk sounds a bit self hating to me

  • I have a really hard time with watching people cry on camera. Like i'm ashamed if my husband sees me cry. I can't look at him, can't meet his eyes and stare at the floor. (no my hubby isn't abusive Crying is usually when the elders in my family die or i'm mentally broken) How do people fake cry like that on cam? Like how?

  • She didn't even change her outfit in the pron video hahahahaha

  • No issue showing emotion in a healthy way. At the end of the day, I still know it's just a mixture of chemicals in my brain to manipulate my body into reacting to different things. That's why I'm ok when I get a wave of depression. I know it'll last just a few minutes and then go away. There's just a bartender in my brain, mixing cocktails of emotional chemicals and he fucks up when I'm fatigued or had too much sugar that day.

  • Hugging my baby girl, and offering them a ride to the nearest hotel.

  • Disclaimer: cheating is bad and I disavow it. If I were in the cheating guy’s place I’d say “you told me you were single!” Then act like I’m in the same boat as the other vet as a pro gamer move. I’d probably get out without a beating. It would butcher their relationship but let’s be real: how much worse can it get? But that’s just what I’d do if I was scummy enough to cheat. It’s fucked up either way.

  • Honestly can't even put myself in scenario like this. Idk if I would just break down and run out myself, or even be able to control myself to speak properly and not be physical. Props to the guy behind the camera, I think he handled it as best he could.

  • These guys just feel like they want a win in life, but they tie their sense of self to losing. If it was just "I cant get laid" Go to a country with legal prostitution. They will count everything as not a "real win" and see anyone who is attracted to them as being full of shit or not honest.

  • That poor little kid. That’s just terrible.

  • “Men of culture” ;) LoL