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We design, develop and manufacture electric hypercars and high performance EV technology.


3:57Rimac C_Two Extreme Weather Testing
Rimac C_Two Extreme Weather Testingvisningar 32tnMånad sedan
4:47Rimac C_Two Fine-tuned for Road and Track
Rimac C_Two Fine-tuned for Road and Trackvisningar 36tn3 månader sedan
3:48Rimac C_Two Final Wind Tunnel Test
Rimac C_Two Final Wind Tunnel Testvisningar 34tn3 månader sedan
5:17Rimac C_Two ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Testing
18:24Hypercar Track Testing | Mondays with Mate 15
Hypercar Track Testing | Mondays with Mate 15visningar 38tn5 månader sedan
2:02Nico Rosberg Visits Rimac: Behind the Scenes
Nico Rosberg Visits Rimac: Behind the Scenesvisningar 108tn5 månader sedan
5:37Crash-testing Two Hypercars in Two Days
Crash-testing Two Hypercars in Two Daysvisningar 187tn6 månader sedan
13:07Working and Living in Croatia
Working and Living in Croatiavisningar 278tn6 månader sedan
9:07Ask the Engineers: Automotive UX/UI Design
Ask the Engineers: Automotive UX/UI Designvisningar 15tn7 månader sedan
12:57Ask the Engineers: Software in Automotive
Ask the Engineers: Software in Automotivevisningar 19tn9 månader sedan
0:57But Will it Drift?
But Will it Drift?visningar 60tn9 månader sedan
12:14Ask the Engineers: Vehicle Dynamics
Ask the Engineers: Vehicle Dynamicsvisningar 17tn9 månader sedan
4:54Rimac Driver Coach Development 1/3
Rimac Driver Coach Development 1/3visningar 27tn10 månader sedan
11:54We Are Rimac Part 1 | Mondays with Mate E11
We Are Rimac Part 1 | Mondays with Mate E11visningar 24tn10 månader sedan
1:11Rimac C_Two Prototype Production Line
Rimac C_Two Prototype Production Linevisningar 40tn10 månader sedan
9:31Rimac 2080 Design Challenge | And the Winner is...
10:28Latest Updates | Mondays with Mate E07
2:37Rimac C_Two | Race Track Shakedown
Rimac C_Two | Race Track Shakedownvisningar 141tnÅr sedan


  • Absolutely a big fan here. It's already smashing records left and right, and it's not even finished! 2 sec or quicker 0-60 will happen! 1/4 low 8 high 7 should be possible. Keep up the great work guys, much love from the Netherlands!

  • WoW, Awesome car.!

  • I think the other things is the partnerships with maybe Merc or BMW and building a car for them, volume.

  • Give it to hammond for a thorough safety test.

  • Love it! Good work Rimac Team! 😁

  • I'm sorry.... but you send me back to my childhood: senewss.info/slow/lLS3fNOgpM-ycK4/video That "space ship" sound.... Woooowwww

  • Kad je svaki komentar u videu koji "poslodavac" iz hrv firme objavi pozitivan onda je to stvarno mega uspjeh. I dao Bog da budem jednom dio te priče. Lifegoals. 🤞👏👏

  • This is what i wish people like this make cars not out of touch corporationss

  • Long live Croatia!!

  • ReeMutts.

  • Porsche still has the best launch control on the market 😅

  • Is that Hammonds voice @6:18 ?

  • I remember few years ago, him and Salomondrin were planning to do big sales and marketing business with the previous car version

  • Met you at monterey car week a couple years ago and sat in the concept 2 shell at quail. I'm immensely excited for you all at Rimac and can't wait to see this on the road!

  • This is intresting :) what a fantastic car.

  • If you give the car to journalists, don't forget Doug DeMuro! He's going to do the most sophisticated and best review you could get👌🏼

    • he is an asshole... he will say that it is perfect car! score= 6/10

  • Im not a hater it’s actually one of my favorite cars but The fact that u give excuses for everything and why it shouldn’t be the best condition for acceleration test just makes it look like ur not sure about ur product which doesn’t guve the best look to rimac as a company Its my opinion so i think u should not give excuses and be sure ab the car say it like its the best thing ever built like it a piece of art

  • Don't let Hammond drive it

  • Fantastic...super job Rimac

  • Svaka cast majstore

  • OMG. Yes it is.

  • Rimac, you are doing the things perfectly. Keep going!

  • How much lateral Gs can it take with the standard tires but active aerodynamics and current development of torque vectoring?

  • Normal gasoline cars have a good sound. These electric cars fastest but without sound its like a 2m tall gladiator guy with a female voice....

  • These cars without sound :DDDD No thx!!!

  • Maybe im spoiled, but this is boring to my bones. We dont need faster cars as humanity, how is this improving the lives of people in africa? Its just a project toy that a bunch of university educated White people created for the 1%. Yea, you guys proved you can flex your brain, now do soemthing useful with it. Hammond proved to us, by wrecking one of these overpriced toys, that its too much, its completely useless as a car on a public road. The end.

    • yup... you are spoiled...

  • As Jezzer would've said... "That Rimac just f***ed off."

  • Hy bro plz send me what's app number

  • Hy bro plz send me what's app number

  • What a car! Koenigsegg will have a problem here!

  • Hoping to see it in Real Racing 3 one day!

  • Do you plan on letting Richard Hammond drive one of them??

  • Evropski Ilon Mask.

  • Beautiful package, upscale material, original engineering. Kudos to the small team who develop this magnificent machinery. They will need to work on the clicking sound of these rotating knobs. It doesn't sound refined enough. Now I need to move to Croatia and be part of this! :-)

  • Filthy generic tarmac, road tyres and only 85-90% power yet it's still a 9 second car!? Fair play, well done 👏👏👏

  • God damn, I'd give my right nut to test drive the C2

  • Fastest but tasteless 😙

  • geil ich hasse eigentlich elektro fahrzeuge aber ich finds krass was du auf die beine gestellt hast und nicht wie elon musk nur scheiße laberst !

  • Cool and geeking out is acceptable. Geeks will rule the world. Coming from a bonafide geek of 60 years.

  • 4:52 "1988 Toyota Camry" lmao

  • When the CEO also doubles as the test driver.

  • jel ovaj hrvat direktor ove kompanije?

  • From the first time I saw the Concept One in action a few years back, I can't stop talking about Rimac. In fact, I hope one day I have the chance just to sit in one.

  • Lele majko

  • Du unfassbar coole Socke!!!

  • please invest in a directional mic, as I can hear the camera guy breathing throughout the video, which isnt so nice ;)

  • I'm so happy for your success Mate! Amazing job man.

  • Those driving mode buttons sound very low quality

  • 0 - 60 is quite bad... BRUH

  • and the doug score is

  • Du machst mich sprachlos mateeee

  • Wow!

  • Bravo! Good to see that a so-called post communist country (similar to my one) now can create a great car like this! I have been watching Rimac since the Rimac Concept One car came out. Keep up with the good work! Greetings from Hungary!

  • I want a @carwow review of this beast.

  • Gdje je snimljen video???

  • Cool video

  • shut up and take my money! :D

  • Richard Hammond : Hi Mate...

  • You should see Motor Trend's article on the acceleration of the P100D ludicrous. 1.41G off the line to 10 mph, 1.1G to 30 mph and after 50 mph it starts to drop for 2.4 sec to 60 mph. I wonder what this will do when it gets proper launch control.

  • Super Mate 👍💪

  • This vs the roadster will be amazing.

  • This one is getting the highest DougScore I'm tellin ya.

  • senewss.info/slow/d82dsJSJaKbLkMg/video

  • Sehr gute Arbeit💯🧠

  • Still the same sympathic guy, that is even more impressive then your great hyper car. Stay as you are and all the best to you and your company.

  • Удачи в проектах! Молодец!

  • Will the 0-60 time be under 1.9s?

  • Give this car to richard hammond

  • Call the c2 omnipotent! It's God like🔥

  • Please 1/4 milla Koenigsegg Regera, Bugatti Chiron Sport, Mclaren Speedtail, etc.

  • Da Ali ti kolutići za okretanje zvuče jeftino do jaja

  • Overlaying the chart on top of the road is such BRILLIANT idea!

  • I was here.

  • The real question is.....is it Richard Hammond proof???

  • 👍🇵🇹

  • Will the production car be in Forza horizon 5 and Motorsport ?

  • Absolutely amazing. Love this car so much

  • This is insane..small devasted country like CROATIA with no factories to have a genius like Mate Rimac and make cars like this!!!!!!!! Go Mateeeee Gooooo

  • This is insane..small devasted country like CROATIA with no factories to have a genius like Mate Rimac and make cars like this!!!!!!!! Go Mateeeee Gooooo

  • These will be the cars our grandkids have on their walls