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0:07Behzinga Hits Innocent Bystander
Behzinga Hits Innocent Bystandervisningar 40tnDag sedan
0:30What Tobi does in the bedroom...
What Tobi does in the bedroom...visningar 78tnDag sedan
0:52Ethan Ruins A Sidemen Video
Ethan Ruins A Sidemen Videovisningar 662tnDag sedan
0:29Sidemen Moo Off 2020
Sidemen Moo Off 2020visningar 233tnDag sedan
0:19Harry Is Down Bad...
Harry Is Down Bad...visningar 399tnDag sedan
0:17W2S' Immigration Policy
W2S' Immigration Policyvisningar 251tnDag sedan
0:29KSI Blows Behzinga
KSI Blows Behzingavisningar 157tnDag sedan
0:26Vikkstar When UK Lockdown Ended...
Vikkstar When UK Lockdown Ended...visningar 362tnDag sedan
1:07How KSI Bulks
How KSI Bulksvisningar 303tnDag sedan
0:16This Made Simon Jealous
This Made Simon Jealousvisningar 261tnDag sedan
0:15Miniminter Nearly Hits A Kid
Miniminter Nearly Hits A Kidvisningar 637tnDag sedan
0:28W2S Really Likes Cucumbers
W2S Really Likes Cucumbersvisningar 260tnDag sedan
0:59KSI's Poo Incident
KSI's Poo Incidentvisningar 514tnDag sedan
0:46This Made Vikkstar Cry
This Made Vikkstar Cryvisningar 380tnDag sedan
0:26W2S Isn't Opposed To Doing This...
W2S Isn't Opposed To Doing This...visningar 209tnDag sedan
0:20Who Does it Better, KSI or Shaq?
Who Does it Better, KSI or Shaq?visningar 460tnDag sedan
0:24W2S Needs Serious Help
W2S Needs Serious Helpvisningar 427tnDag sedan
0:27Simon Can't Do This....
Simon Can't Do This....visningar 231tnDag sedan
0:57Why Josh Was On The "This Morning" Show
0:35Ethan Explains Conspiracies
Ethan Explains Conspiraciesvisningar 132tn8 dagar sedan
0:40Vik Rages At KSI
Vik Rages At KSIvisningar 802tn8 dagar sedan
0:29KSI Violates Tobi for 30 Seconds
KSI Violates Tobi for 30 Secondsvisningar 519tn8 dagar sedan
0:40Ethan Gets It In His Mouth
Ethan Gets It In His Mouthvisningar 217tn8 dagar sedan
wroetostar123visningar 339tn8 dagar sedan
0:54Why W2S will be KICKED from Sidemen
Why W2S will be KICKED from Sidemenvisningar 838tn8 dagar sedan
THE MYSTERY DRINKvisningar 237tn8 dagar sedan
0:20KSI Reveals Who He Would Never Fight
KSI Reveals Who He Would Never Fightvisningar 303tn8 dagar sedan
0:18Which Sidemen Is Getting Married First?
Which Sidemen Is Getting Married First?visningar 224tn8 dagar sedan


  • The game doesn’t mean anything anymore like the super league vid what’s gonna end soccer and women’s soccer doesn’t really look too bad at the moment 😂

  • shit edit

  • the guy who runs the shorts is just legendary. he makes my day

  • Neuowww 0:27

  • little did he know they would be playing in Europe instead

  • Harry is 100% the funniest sideman

  • Knowledge strength integrity where has the knowledge came from

  • He better have bought her new glasses😠

  • JJ’s favourite possition

  • They had us in the first half......

  • Is that time of the year...

  • JJ just knows the vid is gettin demonetized 😂😂

  • Tobi commented on my vid 🤯

  • I don't know anything about this just noticed bedroom and 69k likes and thought I'd immortalize that

  • Tobi has a straight face the whole time while saying it. I think he was being honest. 😂

  • Moments like these are Gold

  • Not good editing but i will takethat

  • he butchered that hard lol

  • Is the thumbnail glitchy for anyone?

  • iau

  • *"NOUUUEE"*

  • This is like the *Sidemen* version of rickrolls

  • Now this is what i call an L

  • The true question that one ever asks about that Harry clip is why was the camera even there in the first place. It seemed a bit too well positioned if you ask me. I smell foul play lmao

  • 🤣how do they catch me with this everytime

  • 😂

  • So Stephen Tries owns a buttplug.

  • It's edited

  • W2S based nice

  • The most non Tobi thing ever

  • it was me who he hit

  • I fucking knew it, ever since I saw Ethan mess up his juggling This joke is too over used but it will never and I mean *NEVER* get old

  • Can confirm, I was the bystander, not so innocent tho

  • its not even lookin at him fam

  • 😂😂😂

  • West Ham: goes from *garbage* to LINGARDINHO+top4/5. Ethan: My club sucks

  • The funniest part of the video is when tobi answers the question of the last thing he does before going to sleep. "I like a nice game of ring toss." 😂😂

  • Nice thumbnail 😂

  • I hate new Sidemen fans

  • Gotta respect the passion

  • Tobi inventing the next big sport 😬

  • Harry’s Mum probably has more views than the Sidemen at this point

  • And another cheeseburger, And another large fries...

  • He kicked the ball so fast it went from being night to day

  • This is old

  • ffs 🤦‍♂️ 😂

  • Hahahahahaha

  • The worst Harry’s mum edit I’ve ever seen.......jjs reddit does way better than this

  • are you sure thats ruining the sidemen video

  • Could have been edited better by ksi s reddit😂😂

  • As a wise man once said: 'Memes never get old'

  • OOhOoo


  • He's gonna blew a line to stop the depression settling in

  • At this point I should of expected that bc on ksi reddit page

  • Never said it was an accident

  • I honestly didn't expect that lol

  • I swear whoever makes these titles is a genius 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • omfg XD

  • Not funny , over used

  • I just bust out laughing during an abusive relationship presentation

  • Is that Montana?

  • Knew that clip was coming, and still laughed 🤣

  • This man has the potential to hit the ball at night and make it reach the target at the morning.

  • little did he ethan know that west ham will be the best team in the prem after the super league lmao

  • Every time i see the word "hit" in the title .. the first thing I think of is Harry's mum

  • plot twist it was all planned

  • So he turned skinnier in the process of that. Nice

  • Noooowwwww

  • violation

  • I knew even before I saw the full video

  • we all knew it was coming(;

  • Bruh that ball could kill someone or destroy the glass of a car

  • Those 5 dislikes are from the Lewis household.

  • defination of low effort ---------

  • Now he would get demonetised for saying Mr Potato Head

  • hello

  • They lost against Newcastle 😢

  • Imagine there's a person sitting on the pavement that night, feeling down and turning to God for help because they don't have anyone else in their life. So they look up to the sky, ask the Lord for a sign, then gets knocked out by Ethan's juggling ball.

  • as he should