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  • its funny because they think we could afford an apartment that nice

  • Bruh the clicking nooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I lick that there’s nothing wrong with it thank you.

  • Oh no not airdrop

  • gasken trending


  • How do you think those hipsters would've reacted to their kids' death?

  • 18:58 Circle of Life

  • Generally the vomit gags (heh) in family guy are always gross and annoying, but something about this one, despite literally being spelt out to us secounds before, hit different.

  • I’m feeling Lois on this one. And I’m not even 30.

  • It’s crazy when a show has been on for so long that they make the same cut away again

  • I’m a fan of Nipsey Hussle and I wanted to be pissed at that part but it did make sense some what 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Minggu dpn seru nich

  • I'm a millennial but I suck at using technology 😂

  • Why the hell was she put her placenta in the freezer

  • Needs more commercials

  • Wouldn’t Lois and Peter be barely older than Millennials at this point?

  • Ga ada Anime yg lebih menarik dan menyentuh hati selain ini (NaruBoru) bagi Saya.

  • Best show ever

  • Yes Minggu depan ada mitsuki

  • Gans bet kawaki

  • Kawakii

  • Cuman mau liat komen doang

  • Tapi nontonnya gak disini:v

  • :')

  • Seminggu lagi

  • Nunggu episode 196

  • 2 kali trending dalam 2 pekan

  • Hate it when they make millennial/zoomer jokes 😴 too much boomer energy

  • Gw masih berfikir kenapa anime bisa trending di youtube indo???

  • Okay but what happened to stewie and the rest of those dead kids?

  • she just said "sus"

  • I like how Chris and Meg hopped into the main part of the episode

  • I don’t even know how to airdrop

  • Sip

  • Muka kawaki ada logo capcut

  • Definitely a good episode compared to other recent ones

  • kurang adegan nya tapi seru

  • 20:55

  • Disappointed that Peter and Lois didn't fly in petercopter

  • Nunggu satu Minggu lagi hadew

  • This new episode is actually really funny.

  • Yeah finally I new episode thanks ❤️❤️❤️

  • 9:00 nice khosa reference🇿🇦

  • Bakalan d hapus youtube gak ya

  • Prinsip gua ni Ya❓ • Yang kuat dan berkharisma seperti Madara, Yoi😎✅ • Yang cool dan Tak banyak basa basi seperti Sasuke, Simpel😏✅ • Yang selalu tak meremehkan musuh seperti Kakashi, Jangan gitu ya😌✅ • Yang Cerdas dan Banyak Ide Untuk memecahkan permasalahan seperti Shimaru, tapi bukan tempat curhat juga ya😇✅ • Yang baik hati lembut dan Penyayang seperti Hinata, harus beramah-tamah ya guys🥺✅ • Yang tangguh dan tak pantang Menyerah seperti Naruto, Selalu Optimisme tinggi😍✅ • Tapi kenyataannya gua Beban hidup keluarga seperti Sakura, Ya Allah 😭❌

  • Liberal nonsense. Stop making liberal episodes. Nobody likes the hipster shit. Normal Americans don't relate to any of this

  • Lois is dumb. I know 80 and 90 year olds that can air drop and use Venmo 😅😂

  • Ko ga kena copyright yaa upload di youtube?

  • So, those kids are just dead.

  • Are the kids dead?

  • This episode is so normie it hurts. Lois is wild with her youth and popularity obsession

  • Lanjut min,yg setuju bantu up

  • What happened to the kids

  • Suka banget alurnya, bikin penasaran tiap episode nya, andai episode nya keluar setiap hari haha

  • Setdah diiklanin. Berasa dia yg buat

  • Another reason I hate Lois

  • Gimana ntar naruto vs delta auto trending 1

  • As a south african those Xhosa clicks are accurate 😅😅😅

  • “What the hell is an airdrop?” “I think is a medical term for a fart” Hahahahaahahah

  • 8:48 had me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Since HTTPete, this is the second or third episode where they poke fun at millennial hipster culture.

  • You know it scares me when Family Guy makes it clear that all millennials all look a like--there are hardly any distinct features about these people.

  • Finally a decent episode from season 19

  • I can't believe I suffered thru the billion commercials for this lame crap

  • Pin or sus

  • Another fucking "young cool couple" episode? Didn't American Dad do this ten years ago?

  • 1:52 Striker???

  • Please keep uploading new family guy episodes.Thank u

  • The hungry hungry hippo toilet killed me 🤣

  • Jirayaaa mah

  • gasss

  • chris was annoying this episode

  • 8:45 you know what Good I fucking hate that guy

  • This is my placenta.

  • so lame.

  • 17:22 Like Rena Rouge's Power. " Mirage ". From Miraculous Ladybug

  • Ngl Season 19 has had some decent episodes so far after the last 4 seasons being garbage.

  • Menit 10:35 lagu nya sedih anjir

  • I love that the pictures in the restaurant where animals in fancy clothes. If I open a restaurant that’s what I’m gonna do.