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Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Enter the Shadowlands - Available Now

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.


5:40:05AWC Shadowlands Cup 4 | NA Top 8 Full VOD
6:30:16AWC Shadowlands Cup 4 | EU Top 8 Full VOD
6:31:16MDI Shadowlands Cup 3 | Day 2 Full VOD
MDI Shadowlands Cup 3 | Day 2 Full VODvisningar 217tn7 dagar sedan
4:33:15MDI Shadowlands Cup 3 | Day 1 Full VOD
MDI Shadowlands Cup 3 | Day 1 Full VODvisningar 212tn7 dagar sedan


  • Why aren't they playing TWD?

  • 03K

  • 32:08

  • The rock thing in the fantastic four is called the thing.

  • Welcome back assassination

  • So good 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • think trill is leaving otk

  • not surprised by how they were playing during streams this week.

  • Incoming classic 2.0. All bosses will be destroyed the day they release em. Massive bots everywhere

  • Where is jah?

  • Almost fell asleep with this sadly. Can't wait for 9.2 news.

  • O3K

  • 03K

  • lol pls buff mage

  • Woot woot for Drainer...tired of seeing hpally all the time

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • !gear

  • _An Karanir Thanagor..._ Uther: Did you hear something?

  • imo GG should let jelly plays cuz clearly pika/wizk is not working atm.

  • Shalamourne

  • cdew highkey inted last game

  • 15:40 amazing

  • One tue king

  • First

  • First

  • Imagine WoW graphics were this good

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

    • 12% rejuv buff will fix rdruid kek

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

  • Tards of Domination.

  • "...too many..."

  • 15 years to get to the sad state wow is in now

  • Hey

  • Sylvanas, Guldan and Arthas best wow characters ever

  • I'm wait boost for make my Hunter again!!!

  • Ppl will never learn that undead are the best race in every game

  • cringe

  • dear god this season is bad

  • Worst pvp ever.

  • Is that the soul of arthas, or Ner'zul?

  • mage insane

  • Love seeing MW

  • It's popularmmos it's pat's Minecraft skin

  • Oh my god Sylvanas again

  • Love this cinematic so much. For the banshee queen.

  • First game was maro timing his combust damage with mystic’s bm falling

  • Denathrius 2024

  • SL ladies and gents, E-sport ready game... nerf rogues btw.

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

  • Solo q

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

    • @Opo never had their time exept S1 bfa ...

    • I'm actually glad that Resto Druids aren't meta this time around. They already had their time in the spotlight and then some.

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

    • ​@DukeTV yeah OS mage is so fun... watch the wow player numbers : - 45% since shadowlands launch.

    • Out of all heal metas rdruid was by far the worst and most boring one. No one wants rdruids to be good in pvp

  • Repair the game buff rdruid

  • Kudos to creed for playing all these comps

  • What was with ziqo?

  • guys, who's the guy next to Pika in the thumbnail?

  • There it is dude.


  • So she draws her sword when she realizes who is controlling him, then she just drops it to watch herself get dunked in slowmo? Pretty well thought out sequence there Blizzard.

  • Imagine being an Orc and seeing that your death will be by your own Son, in the very room he refused to leave.

  • Bahaha. He ripped off his fingernail trying to grab the stone... Guess he didn't realize he could use his legs to get it, they're longer.

  • Glad ziqo is back. Sounds different, hope hes ok!

    • He sounds beyond exactly the same


  • Shadowlands PvP is one of the worst pvp patches of all time

  • 🖤

  • Gigantic Simp Destroyed

  • Could someone please tell me what the addon is that shows what they are casting under their player frames? <3


  • wow 😳 awesome 💓

  • 4st

  • Awesome games!


  • 3

  • mind control bug fan

    • @Johan Ryberg small indie company. From the alliance garrison taking the porter to gorgrond you still fly into the mountains... Being like so for 2 exps. Then then balance stuff? Nha, that til people are having fun

    • Its weird that they havent fixed that yet.

  • Ziqo <3

  • blizz attack

  • 1:10 Kinda Sus

  • hi

  • new content 5000 floor torghast