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4:37Ex Best Friends Play Truth or Drink | Cut
10:49Lesbian Guesses Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut
8:06Ex Boyfriends Play Fear Pong | Cut
Ex Boyfriends Play Fear Pong | Cutvisningar 176tn8 dagar sedan
5:55Divorced Couple Plays Truth or Drink | Cut
Divorced Couple Plays Truth or Drink | Cutvisningar 433tn15 dagar sedan
3:05:30Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!
Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!visningar 269tn29 dagar sedan
6:51Model Scout Decides Who's Most Attractive
Model Scout Decides Who's Most Attractivevisningar 4,2mn29 dagar sedan
4:27My Boss \u0026 I Play Truth or Drink | Cut
11:53Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut
Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | Cutvisningar 1,8mnMånad sedan
7:12Exes Play Fear Pong (Tuan vs. Tahreana) | Cut


  • the guy reminds me of david dobrik

  • I didn’t understand the asexual woman married to a man who she said was allo sexual or whatever it was? Why marry

  • Regular #2

  • Can’t imagine them ever being friends they seem to cold. Mikalea seems very controlling and arrogant

  • Her face is masterpiece

  • Well,that was cute.

  • 2:52 man did a ghost, FAKE

  • Kenzie: "it's like if Dark Vader was a sex toy" 💀💀💀

  • Emelia is so toxic

  • I was hoping the girl would share the soup recipe for menstruation, that's so sweet her mom did that for her!

  • man was..harsh last 2 the pink pants lol

  • Whaaaaaaat .people speak urudu in pakistan .and i thought urudu was in indian state .and i thought half of it was india. Oh btw im an indian

  • They seem like they've been living each others next door for years and have always been attracted to each other but at the same time afraid of making any move.

  • I’m a second generation American of Italian, Spanish, Moroccan parents and my mum’s style of cooking was very southern European & Mediterranean which is still most the styles I eat with Indian and middle eastern mixed in, I’ve also been plant based for going on 15 years, it’s fun to take a meat dish from my childhood and convert it into a plant-based equivalent. Another aspect of food I get from my mum is my curiosity to explore and figure out how to change a recipe to match my preferences.

  • 4:15

  • I remember when I just moved from Philippines to Canada. I would bring my food to school (it was elementary) and my classmates would tell me it stinks, it looks gross and why don't you have regular food.. I was so so embarrassed to bring my lunch that I'd just go home for lunch. I was lucky enough to live 1 min away from school

  • Lol that russian guy was lol

  • The cheater won wtf

  • Weed makes me super clear and godly it’s almost scary

  • graham is a stoner thats never smoked

  • Bruh wtf who tf wants to die of lack of oxygen or drown

  • i think everyone of us has always a secret to hide and a secret to reveal. most of my secrets that i have i dont want revealing it lol

  • "was it a tube sock" xD The laugh after.......hahahah

  • Nitros oxide

  • We just witnessed 100 ppl s lives gets 100x better. Wholesome. Edit: *200 ppl we gotta include the receivers.

  • Lmao if my parents would ever look through my phone i can assure you that all they'll find is korean actors,idols images and videos🙄🙄🙄

  • Wtf its getting me sick the way you all cut it

  • i wish i would say no

  • At first I thought the video was in English and they were absolutely wasted hahaha

  • Alex production has never been on the bachelor

  • I would do this with my ex best friend but she’s afraid of confrontation so that’s why I’m blocked on everything instead 🥴

  • you could be anything you could be a Scientist you could be jesuse

  • I want to know one thing... Nick are you alive????

  • This one person :" Gay meaning-...doesnt that mean happy?" oH cOmMon! I CANT PAHAHAOSKABDHDBFJDBDF

  • As first generation also, eating my families food when I was young and going to school , it was very different. Completely understood the bullying and getting the weird looks and question

  • No race in this Country deserves handouts from anybody.

  • “What’s a cow gotta do with your girl” *No,no he’s got a point*

  • So little frozen food... Wow, other countries really eat fresh ingredients 👍

  • he is soo stresssed

  • If the relationship didn’t end badly why delete all things related to it ?! Why is the comments section like this lol

  • he is so stressed

  • 4:42 “I try to be on time, it’s just that sometimes my CPT kicks in...” Lmao, as a brown person, I FELT that 😂

  • I feel like they could be best friends again if they talked like a few more hours

  • 1:02 be looking like snoopdog

  • You guys should of more of these as social distance and wearing mask is not a thing in USA.

  • He levelled up from boyfriend to step dad

  • wheres part 3?

  • Awesome Mom!

  • She have a tattoo of an Indian god ( Ganesh) 😅 Anyone else noticed it ?

  • 4:25.. and i thought i was white


  • We need more of these!!!

  • He reminds me of nick from new girl

  • As someone born in the states, I never even thought about how different the food/grocery stores could be here compared to living in another country. It sucks that some of them have to go to specialty stores just to get what they need. If only the grocery industry in the US could be more diverse. I feel like most of the stores here have one tiny “Asian” section and one tiny “Mexican/Hispanic” section, and never anything more broad.

  • When he said Singaporean-

  • omg yasss i’m somalian

  • Sis break up there are so many other fish in the sea

  • Aaliyah didn't even count the last vote what a skank

  • Bobo

  • Hi

  • These men are fine as hellll but the left one... I think I'm falling in love, oh lord

  • “People tell me that alll the time, I’m not offended” ...... SAME 😇❤️🔥

  • LL is hilarious, haha

  • Oh boy the stuff I'd buy with 100$ would take 2 screens. Easily a month worth of food.

  • 12:24 shes high asf

  • Ha ha ha

  • as a spainiard it hurts that my ancestors killed native americans.

  • Can someone explain me why she gets emotional ( the first one )

  • are you one of those people who want to disappear from the face of the earth just to see if they would care then, but are scared of death?

  • does she think her name (Björk) is pronounced like that or does she just like it like that

  • lmao saleem was such a flirt hahah

  • Major 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • It'd be cool to see dietitians doing this, I used to nanny for one and I was shocked at how much produce her family went through.

  • the filipino girl is so conyo lol

  • "I'm sorry for your loss" ... soo incencere .

  • I laughed like a maniac LMAO-

  • I love that they’re laying down and the food is neatly categorized around them!

  • That question about who is more african between these two africans made me so mad ,I am moroccan berber (which is native north african ) and I am as a african as any black african person.

  • 0:55 nothing drastic!!! Ok I guess