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19:09Top 10 Youngest First-Time Masters 1000 Winners!


  • Rublev Nice results, he's better stef

  • letgo Tsitsipas Grandslam

  • So Kyrgios insults everyone in the crowd by saying they're all losers with nothing better to do on a Sunday night and they support him? Then after every point he goes back and talks more crap and the other guys gets kicked out? What a meme.

  • We are so fucking proud of you 🇬🇷🤍💙

  • 4:34 fucking smooth

  • Nadal's fans - do you still think that it's done deal that Nadal will win that 14th 2021 RG GS?

  • i think that Thompson-Paire is the worst Master 1000 match i've ever seen

  • Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Rublev!!! Who's gonna be the first among them to raise a GS trophy and one day be the next No1?

  • Qué jugador tan estupendo lástima que no haya tenido suerte con las lesiones.Pero vive en Tandil es muy afortunado

  • Both are future stars

  • Tomic==>goat

  • Great form and focus from Stephanos! I hope he carries on like this for RG!


  • Two of the three male tennis GOATs

  • So only male players cheer their opponent

  • sorry, bweeh couldn't beat the big greek guy.

  • Professional tennis will die. Due largely to the stupidity of the ATP and WTA.

  • Sei proprio un fenomeno spero diventi il numero 1🇬🇷

  • Many congratulations tsitsipas you have great future ❤👏👍brilliant game

  • I am so happy for Tsitsipas.

  • something is up with rublev in this one...

  • Συγχαρητήρια!

  • Well done MALAKA ! One for the SUPERIOR 1hand Backhand! Whoop woop

  • 바포멧 닮은 루블레프 소리 너무 듣기싫다ㅋㅋ

  • Nice to see a 1 handed backhand take a title.

  • 3:19 i've never seen such a perfect drop shot

  • I’m a stefano fan but I gotta admit, Rublev’s forehand will be feared for years to come...

  • Plot twist: the shot went out by a mile

  • congrats stefanos from rhodes island greece :-) . 250.000 prize money (tax free he resides in monaco lol) plus 1000points which brings him 5h in ranking passing roger federer ole lol

  • 恭喜7784!

  • Цицик лучший! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!

  • That Belgium girl also had a one handed backhand, amazing.

  • you will not know how much I tried to backhand like that. good times, lot of sun, sweat and dust.

  • Great week for both of them. Good quality final but Stefanos was just too strong from the get go. Very happy for him. Congratulations 🥳

  • Tsitsipas didn’t ?

  • No Federer against Nadal in 2017 ? Seriously?

  • Tsitsipas will be the next Roland Garros champion if Nadal does not peak this year. And it is most likely to happen if we consider his age. So mark my words, Stefanos will be the new king of clay the next years and will be the biggest threat on hard court, along with Thiem, Medveedev, Zverev & Rublev.

    • @k4mik4tz3 I am talking about the future of the sport. Not going to mention anyone from big three. Maybe should have mentioned guys like Mussetti and Siner.

    • Rly not even mentioning Novak?

    • Oh no! Here comes Wawrinka flying out from the sidelines fresh off knee surgery with a steel chair!

  • Tsensational.

  • Ya, Stefano played good; yet, I for ONE who giving some benefit of doubt to Andrei, cz he had MUCH harder quarter final Nadal followed by tough Norwegian Rudd whereas Stefano had quite easily beat, expected rather easily, average player Evans {plus shorty Fokina got injured, supposedly, piece shet injure like that really?}, so Stefano basically just warmed out half an hour and done with semi and when U have two VERY tough match Ur body will get U like making STILL dumb miserable mistake by Andrei wait n bang but some moron players STILL hitting when ball is in the air especially clay court like Andre did (scratching my head n one point decide the one game set!), who got gift as Novak Joko wanted to get the hell out of Monte Caro for upcoming Serbian Open he established to get Serbian boys to get into Tennis (!) n let the youngsters decided themselves n Fognini was not even close n any wonder who he got won in 2019? As for Briton Evans should NOT take seriously EVER so call "victory over Joko Novak" cz it was NICE excuse n gave match so he can get out, Evens saying "he never forget he beat (ya ya sure... U moron!), Novak?" Come U naïve moron player, he gave U the match n U, Evens do not even think U can beat "Sinners" and hope to see someday but I think Sinner relatively easily beat U, U, Evans, dumb bas naïve moron! USA

  • Μπράβο Στέφανεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε!

  • 3:51 Adidas logo disappears


  • Nadal Djokovic Thiem and Tsitsipas will be QF of Roland Garros 2021

  • О, а мама ципы на русском что-то говорила когда обнимала его

  • Rublev is more of a flat hitter so Tsitsipas was not that vulnerable on his backhand side. When you face Nadal on Clay and he targets your onehander with his massive top speed forehands only a good slice ala Roger can help you. Great game and great tournament from both guys, congrats.

  • well deserved...

  • Rublev has serious nerve issues

  • Μπράβο Στέφανε είμαστε περήφανοι για σένα...

  • Rublev must learn dropshots and smooth touches.He has no plan and game variations.

  • In Monte Carlo, they were waiting for another champion.

  • Tsitsipas is not really personable...

  • Έλληνας κατακτά masters 1000... Ακόμα τρελό μου ακούγεται!

  • Congrats to Stef!! He is a better player than Rublev.For those who don't, take a look at the ranking list !!

  • Great performance from Evans no doubt, but Novak without any pace!? Has he got any issues?


  • Dieago's grunt sounds like a high pitched whoopee cushion lol.

  • Who has plans for a Sunday night? I just sleep early to wake up Monday morning. Except tonight which is a Sunday night. Tonight I am drinking and watching Tennis videos.

  • The one-hander will never die.

  • Μπραβο λεβεντη μου σου ευχομαι να εισαι παντα ο εκλεκτος των ευλογημενων!!!!!!!

  • Grece is happy with this title win !

  • 1:04 I think we also need to admire Djoker’s elegant dive-roll 👏👏👏 Beautiful athleticism (I’m not being sarcastic, like no Djoke, that shit was 🔥)

  • 6:47 this rally shows exactly the try-harding mode of Rublev and the consistency of Tsitsipas. Rublev really hammering the forehand on the backhand side of Tsitsipas. But his backhand is insanely good that Rublev doesn’t have a clue anymore.

  • His style more like Djokovic than Nadal.

  • Ничего страшного в мае будет тысячник в Риме.

  • Excellent Stefanos,congratulations.

  • This man is getting better and better every day. With the absence of Federer so far, this man could be as equally pleased to watch as Fed always does.

  • Only one in the ATP history????

  • 5:20, Oh good, I thought it's only me who does that when dropshot.