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Rescuing \u0026 Restoring OLD American Iron, Tool / Equipment Restorations \u0026 Repairs, Metal \u0026 Wood Projects, \u0026 Salvaged Materials used in AWESOME ways! (\u0026 WHATEVER else I get into!)

WELCOME to Salvage Workshop!

Join me on my AWESOME Adventures as I solve the MANY Problems I run into along the way with the Projects I take on! I'll share my Passions, CRAZY Projects, my Pack of Weimaraners, \u0026 Salvage Workshop with you today!

I TRULY enjoy OLD Tool, Equipment, \u0026 Machinery!

One thing I ALWAYS think about whenever I get used tools, ESPECIALLY old ones, is WHAT was built with it, WHO may have used it, \u0026 WHAT caused the inventor to decide they needed to CREATE it \u0026 why! Every dent, ding, \u0026 scratch in an old machine tells part of it's history, \u0026 since I've put MANY dents \u0026 dings into my own machines over the years, I try to honor that history here at Salvage Workshop!

I only know enough to be DANGEROUS! (but MAN am I DANGEROUS!)

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21:44Building a SKETCHY Bridge to Remove a Tree
Building a SKETCHY Bridge to Remove a Treevisningar 46tn8 månader sedan


  • That machine for hydraulic cylinders would have been handy.But we got the jobs done.

  • I enjoy your show, was 25 years doing undercarriage work in Alberta, city of RedDeer.

  • Hiya

  • Dude. The "other problems" in the engine will either exist or not exist no matter whether you know about them or not. Replace the head gasket while you're in there. And find out from other owners if there are other known problems. You are so far into it now, go for it. Make it right!

  • Some of the stuff looks pretty new.

  • Looks like they just use stuff and then when they were done with it they just dropped it and walked away.

  • What happned to Big Red?

  • Find yourself a grease pit to borrow, to clean and repair he undercarriage.

  • SWOL

  • I'm still waiting for part 2 - what`s going on?

  • Your halfway there get er done be safe


  • Wow! an abanoned shop! I think you need a lot of Evapo-Rust! to restore this old rust iron... But the challenge is put this things in your shop.... In a video you talk "finalmente" did you know italian language?

  • The title alone earned a sub,think Im gonna like it here!

  • I think you are more lucky to find spare parts...instead the old 50' cat...i think

  • Loved the shake hands with danger reference lol

  • Hi Salvage Workshop, my name is Justin and I live just outside Birmingham in the UK. I absolutely love you videos and what you do with old machinery and would love the opportunity to go hunting through a place like this! I want to see you restore all of it mainly the Cat loader, the dozer, the truck and flat bed trailer lol. Keep up the videos mate you deserve to be successful from it 👍🏻

  • First I want to thank you for an amazing series of videos on the renovation of Old Red. Second - go ahead and change the head gasket, you have already done so much and since the gasket leaks go ahead change the gasket. Blessings.

  • i paranchi sono la mia passione

  • Either this guys lower back is fused or he has the best posture in the world!

  • Would be great if machinery salvage restorers on youtube, could form societies with their fellow restorers and have AGMs twice a year and meet up exchanging ideas and knowledge about their restoration work and as part of their meet ups, could arrange day trips to places like this, with a view to buy junk they like, so that old mechanical stuff rusting away can be given a chance to come back to life again. It would be a good way to respect the past RIP engineers who crafted these now forgotten rusting relics.

  • 👏👏👏👍


  • I could spend days going through all that stuff I love looking through that sort of you could spend the rest of your life restoring and selling it

  • Que electrodo usas para rellenar?

  • If it aint broke, don't fix it

  • Leaky head gasket... yup.. pop the top.... with a little luck it will be dead simple but you know there will be discoveries. such is the life of a rebuild.

  • I wish i could learn how to use alk that stuff...can i have that vice i will pay foe shippin

  • This is my post vise. I bought it at a flea market in 2015 for $90 in good condition. I've never seen another outside of the brochure. I mounted it to a steel top table 4" thick with a 3/4 bolt. The problem I have is that the bolt "yoke" (there is no bolt hole) in the back has an outward pitch that always causes the vise to come loose from the table. I think it relies on a leg, but I've never attached one. For metal work and wood work I love this vise and I'm glad I came across it.

  • I'm sure you'll be happy you put the starter in and also kept the pony motor. Man I cringed when you pried the end off the starter with the screwdriver against the armature windings.

  • What has more Weimaraners than a William Wegman album? What has more Weimaraners than a Christopher Isherwood play? A Salvage Workshop video!

  • Hi suppose move the trailer closer .

  • there is about a million things there I want. Not kidding.....

  • this may sound odd...but what is the name brand of your pants? they look ruggid and wont tear easily

  • I used to live up by Rockford Illinois

  • The way you superimposed the shark over your tank was very impressive, how did you do that and with what? Thanks for a great video...I just subscribed!

  • The answer to all of your questions is Yes. I love watching your videos and look forward to the new ones especially Old Red. Your dogs are a great bonus in the vids. I say do the head gasket but full disclosure, I say that because I want more videos of this project.

  • Did you know that you can still buy owners and shop manuals for your model 955 Traxcavator. They also make fin combs for straightening radiator fins. Hell of a series you've put together here.

  • It is very easy when you are young, have some money, time, energy, and good health to be critical of this collection. For many, old age set in and money, time, and what energy there is, has been redirected toward dealing with serious health issues. Perhaps something happened mid-cut with that hacksaw and he was never able to get back to it. Maybe, the hope of returning to his projects is what kept him going. You don't know and, hopefully, will never be in his shoes. I have a tub of Evapo-rust going trying to recover things that went to pot over the last few years. I'd love to add a bunch of this stuff to it. Yes, I'd say a fair pile of it is worth the time, expense, and effort.

  • Good day magkano po ang machine shop mo ?

  • I am amazed ur still alive

  • Ask Mike if he wants to try to use that loader to help clear the property, then do a revival video if he says yes 😁

  • I cried inside when I saw what you did to that poor injection pump and govenor. That’s barbarism.

  • Look at those beer cans, now you know why it was never fixed.

  • Вот она мощь Америки. Оказывается 30 лет назад она была и теперь вся вышла. Только и осталось у них сфера обслуживания и банки.

  • Особенно понравился тест колотушки)))) очень смешно!))))))

  • I would like to see it . I can’t Wait to see how the Starter Works out for You . You are very Smart to have both the Pony Motor and Starter Good Job and Thanks for Videoing Your Progress

  • Funny how yanks say sauder instead of solder.

  • DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the drone footage, it looks like remnants of partially hydrated/decomposing oil runoff floating along the edge of that pond. What an environmental headache even after getting all of the “junk” removed from the site. Would be interesting to consider what could be done to try to mitigate some of the impact from that stuff.

  • You need a bigger hammer 28lb is the answer

  • do it

  • This is the sort of place I could quite honestly spend my holidays. Love your excitement when you see something that is special. Can't wait to see the film when you take the powered saw and truck and trailer away. Over here in the UK we don't have many or any places like Mike's, probably because of the space, looks like his place is the size of one of our counties.

  • I came across your channel yesterday and I love it. I watched every episode of Old Red! Keep it up. Awesome channel

  • i am sitting here in Melbourne, Australia and just subscribed to your channel. I just love what you're about and share your passion. And not a snake to be seen. Sure not in Oz. lol

  • You can use a sharping stone to deck/flatten the head before re assembly

  • Kenworth is either a T400 or T600. Early 90s roughly

  • Under the seat there is a weight switch in my toyota husky moved for me im a heavy weight not for my son who is a light weight

  • Please tell us where we can get those pants..?

  • Wow, great friend there. Mmmm new Holland did the job with a skilled operator.

  • When the hardy tool was finally dislodged. It was a release unlike anything I've experienced since this morning.

  • Hey there Salvage Workshop, I have been loving the series. If I may add a Suggestion as the Lighting at your Bench, as it seems to not show all the detail of what you are working on, So adding LED Lights (Daylight type as they show a White light) either as a portable setup or Permanent fixture (just a suggestion) I am no mechanic by any means, I also think that while you have the old girl opened up, you should like you have prior & do the right thing with the Head Gasket, I love you ingenuity with making / buying part. With the Copper Lugs you made (I can't say I would've thought about using Copper Pipe) & I was an Industrial Electrical Fitter. One thing I would Suggest with the Lugs is to drill a small hole, just 1/2 way up where you flattened it, this will allow two different things:- 1) If you solder the cable in, it will allow you to see that the Solder has gone all the way through, thus giving you a Good Connection. 2) If you crimp the cable in, this will allow you to see the bare wires allowing you to test your crimp is a good connection using a Multimeter. Now if you Solder & Crimp you will have the best of both worlds. Thanks for asking us whether we would like to see something that you have to do anyways, I say YES to the Tahoe fix!! Thanks also for showing us around your property & or surrounding area, it brings a more personal perspective to it as well. Regards from Australia.

  • This is one of the easiest times to do the head gasket but keep in mind that diesel head gaskets require torquing different from a gas engine. One side of me says to give the head bolts a little more torque and see if that helps and another side of me says do the complete job all the way so you won't have to worry in the future..

  • This the Kaos :)

  • So the big round cutters look to be gear Hobbs. They can be resharpened and used again if they have some form left

  • From over in the UK, don't even question whether it should be done, you've done so much it would be silly not to. Just get on with it. HaHa

  • wow turn your back on nature a few years and its all hidden, i wonder how long before its under the dirt if left grate find/save.

  • 12/24 volt idea. Check out Jay Leno, Owen Magnetic car which has 2 batteries and a smart controller whose name I can't make it but might be a good addition to old red. I'm just an old couch potato who admires the achievements of folks who can and do.

  • Amusing to see all the commenters who think this owner should be shamed and his stuff should be removed. Pretty sad. Let him be. If you are interested in saving the planet, figure out how to be involved in modernizing some countries "recycling " practices. There are many countries that continue to exhaust toxic waste in their manufacturing and recycling processes. For example look at the "recycling" bizarres of India or Bangladesh. Then comment on this guy having some junk on his property...

  • Yes when is part 19 comming man ??

  • How is this even economically possible? I've only ever seen waste like this from the public sector.

  • Do it

  • what happened there?

  • Wouldn't it be awesome to clear a patch, erect a barn/shed and haul stuff over, presure wash and and try freeing up the moving parts. That way there would be an inventory of projects with a value to them, things that could be moved on to happier circumstances and money coming in to pay for upkeep. A band of volunteers giving a day or a week, sharing and learning skills... with the right people it really could turn into a viable youtube project. My personal preference would be for a 'not-for-profit' charity organisation bringing restoration, recycling and learing/training/volunteering together. That way you might get city council support and maybe even grants to help and encourage the local community to see what you are doing as a good thing.

  • A never ending restoration... But in the bearing of the shaft of hydraulic pump i think there are some missing balls???

  • I just had to laugh. Using a dinky machinist vise to hold that old brute you were repairing. Now I understand why you wanted to fix it. You don't really have a real vise. Just kidding as I saw your working vise later in the video.

  • Grinder on an anvil 🤮🤮🤮

  • What welding rod was used?

  • The engine/generator you asked about @ 38:19 That is a 1940's gas International/Farmall 'U6' or 'T6' or even a 'W6' second cousin to the TD6 or UD6 and the WD6 The diesel rigs used the 'D' designation where the designation 'T' was Track/tractor and the designation 'U' was Utility (stationary ... generators, pumps ect.) and also the 'W' was Wheel/tractor. The diesel engines turned counterclockwise while the Gas engines turned Clockwise so with the starter motor being on this side (right side of engine) it is a gas engine. On the other side of the block just above the first or second lifter cover and below the head should be the stamped S/N .... might read like TCDBM-123456 .... T = Tractor; D = Diesel;l M = Military; B = don't Bemember , C = Can't remember LOL but one of them is Military branch designation my brain is thinking Navy, CB Marines... or as simple as U-123456 "IF" there is a tag on the firewall .... it might read like ....... Modification No. ABC-123 Model No. T6 S/N TCBM-123456 On the right side of the engine there are casting numbers ... these can give you a date of the casting only.... after they were cast they were warehoused for a minimum of three months to cure... I cannot remember the codex for the casting dates "yesterdays tractors" or "Heavy Equipment Forums" are great information access points. Good luck.... Seems you found The Holy Grail .... I may be interested enough to drive down If'n ya got the right stuff...