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I am a life long fan of all things powered, lets turn some wrenches on rusty junk and see if we can bring them back to life on the cheap.


43:58How To Restore a Junk Lawn Mower For Free.
44:45WILL IT RUN?  83 Year old Antique Marine Pump.
1:12:38Blown Up VW Bus Engine, Can We Repair It For Free?
26:5151 year old Busted Volkswagen engine tear down.
52:3640 Years Later, Busted VW Bus Engine. Will It Run?
1:23:34Trash Picked, Engine Powered Blender. Will It Run?
1:13:38Tearing Down My Barn Find Kit Amante GT Kit Car
27:31Barn Find 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 Follows Me Home
1:11:56Amante GT gets an engine swap, OH The Problems.
33:10Snow Blower Electric Start Failure. Can We Fix It?
1:13:42What Screwed Up My Engine? You Won't Believe It
1:21:07Barn Find 1969 Amante gt. WILL IT RUN?
Barn Find 1969 Amante gt. WILL IT RUN?visningar 388tn4 månader sedan
1:00:47Will It Run? Antique Wisconsin engine from a barn.
58:01Trash Picked 70s Snow Blower. Can It Be Saved?
Trash Picked 70s Snow Blower. Can It Be Saved?visningar 560tn5 månader sedan
1:24:35Golf Cart Engine Fail, Lets Rebuild it..
Golf Cart Engine Fail, Lets Rebuild it..visningar 512tn5 månader sedan
43:29Barn Find Gas Powered Golf Cart Pickup Truck.
Barn Find Gas Powered Golf Cart Pickup Truck.visningar 286tn5 månader sedan
1:06:25Can We Fix The Damage? Free Snapper Mower.
Can We Fix The Damage? Free Snapper Mower.visningar 373tn5 månader sedan
39:43Junked Snapper Mower From The Town Dump.
Junked Snapper Mower From The Town Dump.visningar 381tn5 månader sedan
40:32Can It Be Saved? Junked Marine Diesel PT 2
Can It Be Saved? Junked Marine Diesel PT 2visningar 476tn5 månader sedan
58:59Can It Be Saved? Junked Marine Diesel Gen Set pt 1
30:59Yard Sale Vintage 50s Cola Thermometer Find
Yard Sale Vintage 50s Cola Thermometer Findvisningar 116tn6 månader sedan


  • The definition of a great video I'm not a mechanic nor do i ever wanna take apart a mower BUT i watch every one of the 45 min

  • love the old train track switch. Perfect tool for doing the job now. What can you ask for eh? seems to work not that bad. cool. btw all you need now is a seat for it that sticks out a bit and weld it to the center frame as long as it doesn't cause it to flop over. Great tool thou..Mustie.

  • What fun!

  • You need a variable speed motor with a foot pedal that would be ideal.

  • WELL DONE SIR!! "WE DO IT RIGHT ONCE" awesome modo to live by!! I love your channel! Thank you for your knowledge!!

  • Just require Hoarders, Junk Collectors, to move every couple of years...

  • Saw this video length of 1:29 and thought maybe… I’m 1:03 into it. His voice and personality reminds me of a famous actor. Can’t figure out who. The way he makes the videos is entertaining. Great buy on the mower too.

  • cool

  • You should make a top and bottom die so you can end up with round corners maybe one that can also adapt to different sizes as well, that's was pretty interesting there bud. Good job. mate.

  • Good video I rescued the same mower you showing No automatic start I took the carb bowl off Cleaned it and got it to run The issue was bowl is all rusted up and some rust kept breaking off and getting caught in the needle The rebuilding out cost $16.00 but no sense to rebuild it with rusted bowl. Waiting on the new one I ordered Comes with all gaskets,fuel filter ,shut off and 2 air filters for $17.99

  • cool work Mustie1

  • FORD = Found Off Road Dead

  • i use a paint shacker.

  • I am a backyard "mechanic", I don't get into much complicated stuff. I am grateful for guys like you. I like your conversational style, it helps me learn 😊

  • I can't believe this. This is the exact mower I got for free and I'm just waiting on parts. There was an oil leak through a seal on mine. Good timing.

  • every size metric and standard. pretty much the story working on my old 02 r1. lol

  • Rust cannot affect the field effect that's caused to produce the spark voltage.

  • 39:25. Looks like the paper cap seal of a container of carb cleaner or gas stabilizer

  • Thanks Mustie ! Great Information! Your so Smart, Thank You for the Great Video...

  • Who knew it was a 50Hz motor? 😁

  • That mower is circa 2005 or so. not as old as 80s-90s. I have owned a couple of them.

  • I don't change oil on my lawn mowers. I just save my used Mobil 1 motor oil from my cars for my lawn mowers

  • Did you find a radiator? / so much confusion for us trying to find a new replacement for our 61

  • If you don't want your tools or gloves (or fingers even) to stick to epoxy, wet them a litle bit. It makes working with epoxy easier.

  • I've owned my 73 beetle for 17 years and this video is awesome. This guy knows his stuff. Well done and I love the part where he explains how he was taught by someone who knows what he's doing. No torque wrench! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • what ever happened to this car ? this is where it ends no more info

  • “Poofy poofy...” 🤣😂🥲

  • lmao

  • I really enjoy your videos. Keep them rollin.

  • Dude you can rebuild old stuff and I used your video to learn how to rebuild my 1940 2.75hp water witch that I found in an attic, hidden and properly stored. I know it was properly stored Because after what I did to it what you did to it, basically took it apart and rebuild, I found nothing Had been left in it and the lower end had a very light coating of oil it had been cleaned out and stored But it did have the some rust in the aluminum gas tank which I bought stuff to fix and used the Muratic acid trick. Carburetor was clean nothing in the top and spark plugs clean no residue of any oil except the machine oil to protect it. It runs but when I put it back together only problem I can actually find with it is the float chamber needle is worn out and it floods. If anyone can tell me where I can get a new one of these I’d love to hear from you .Only mistakes I I have found was that the bottom and takes grease not oil and it calls for 10 to 1 gas oil mix. Apparently you can get away with 16 to 1 but the motor was designed for 10 to 1

  • hi friend,

  • I don't known how manu mowers that i saved from the scrap pile from watching your video's. It's always been a hobby of mine. I've had the problem with the cable from the motor up to the handle bars not pulling the brake on the flywheel back far enough to get spark

  • Getting pretty good there bud with that brake. Try to stay away from welding into nine degree corners into a patch. Instead make the seam in the corner that you weld semi circle. That way your weld will hold up much better over time.

  • Had one of those, and twice the mount bolt on the gearbox/transfer case would work itself loose and eventually hole out the mount.

  • I Say Let it Run, it's Not A 5 minute Job , & It's Good to See Someone Do it The Right Way & Not Try To Fly Through it, Great Job Your Good To Watch

  • That yellow Schwinn is gorgeous and I want it. :(

  • That wheel well seam you can re bend it, with a ninety degree block of steel used as a dolly that way you can get a sharper bend in that seam that has a shitty curved bend instead of a true right angle bend near the gas tank, which will give you a better overall line.

  • If they raised the Titantic from the ocean floor, Mustie would have it under steam in only 3 episodes.

  • Good find/fix! As a bit of a mr. fixit myself, I didn’t even think of that for a repair! RESPECT

  • Looks & Sounds The Tractor Owner Got A Low Price Which Was Way To Much For What Was Done ,Mostly A Can Or Two of Red Spray Paint & Calling it A New Motor & Putting Straight Water in it Knowing it Would Freeze Where You Live & Then Saying it's Not His Fault,To Cover Up what he did not Do Just A Thought By How it looks &What happened to it ??? Sure Looks iffy For A New Engine

  • Beauty

  • Must be a after market parts, when you buy autobody aftermarket parts, especially stamped in china they are brutal. You always have to rework them and it can be a real pain. Your not going to get them to all fit right in one go, you have to fit and weld in one piece at a time working from the front, working your way back. that way you be able to work them better and you'll end up with a better looking job..u did the right thing put in a smaller piece of the cab corner in and btw your doing an overall great job by the way.

  • 18:29 it looks very scary when engine starts and I only wish this running "all cutting machine" would not fall down from the table make a real horror movie really bad

  • Those mowers last forever...I just gave one away that was 33 years old...still ran

  • Ruggerinni is now owned by Kohler Engines....

  • 😃

  • Thís is generator made by china

  • 25.2 hrs

  • support the farmers and let the shit rot in the field

  • all you need to do is weld a pipe onto you bench and place a couple washer under each end and you can bend the metal by hand and get those desired curves with different sized round stock pipe, or weld up a pipe anvil. hope that helps for the next job. that's what body men did way back before they had breaks and dyes. cheers bud. " my elwal, my eyeball calculations," that cracked me up!

  • Actually, if parts are available, it looks like an easy rebuild. If parts aren't available, it's trash.

  • As a ex body man and a ex welder fitter. I cringed at times while watching your process. But for a guy with not a lot of metal work experience you did pretty good job. You actually surprised me by the time you had buttoned it all up! Just keep it up! and before you know it you'll have some decent skills under your belt. To become a good metal worker it just take hours and hours of practice and you will learn from every job. That is how I learn years ago..cheers bud. Actually this pickup truck is not that bad. I've worked on much worst believe you me.

  • Spooky, running a mower ELEVATED up to waist hight with unsecured wheels.

  • Love the vids and info! Keep 'em coming!!

  • It's ALWAYS 4

  • Possibly a Tiger tractor with Crowley transmission and cut down Plymouth rearend made in Wooster Ohio for a short time.

  • Good job

  • Is this bike to run the strings for the fence

  • Great video

  • Awesome!!!

  • that engine is so sweet .

  • I want it

  • Interesting and impressive!

  • i have one looks just like yours economy tractor

  • Nice detective work! 👀 👏

  • hahaha yes, there's your problem !! that's for sure. Eh! Now you got me missing, driving my old 63 ford f100 pick up! looks like your having fun their Mustie. Nice little old truck! Eh..

  • Morning piss yellow subbed 👍🏻

  • Look it's got dual exhaust ! A race track mower ! L o L 🤗🤗🤗

  • Check out the Philippi covered Bridge , WV .

  • $276.45 repair cost if you took it in!...... apply that to a new one!

  • check band on plug wire for top or bottom plug

  • I know this is old but as a veteran industrial electrician I use scissor-type, snorkel, one man, and handy Hermans like you have. I do not trust Handy Herman type at the height you have it. Just a word of caution.

  • Your the best SEnewssr . Love all your videos! I have literally spent three hours at a time learning and enjoying what I think cannot be fix come to life, amazing!!please keep explaining all the little details of how things work.Your the best!

  • You are a mechanic a tech is just a parts changer.

  • The deck is interchangeable with a few other models. Too bad they think the decks are made of BITCOIN! US $199.99 for a used STX38 38" yellow deck. Looks like it's interchangeable with the 1983 model 111. $179 for a new double main PTO pulley at amazon.

  • If we had had one of your bikes, as Kids??

  • Fixed a newer version of that Toro. Got $150. Needed a carb rebuild kit with the needle seat being shot and a couple other gaskets. Kit was $14.50. A new whole carburetor was $8.50. No brainer. Sharpen and balance the blade. Clean and degrease the entire thing. Slap in a new air filter (dude tilted it the wrong way and it was soaked in oil). Ran like a champ. But yea, having other donor machines around is a nice luxury.

  • You artist!!

  • I see how it got its name Oilmaster 350. Does smoke like a refinery on fire some.

  • I’ve been watching your channel for a while Mustie. All my lawn equipment was free and I fixed myself.