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I record myself eating food and upload it here.

New Videos Kinda Every Week!


8:0810,000 Calorie FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS Challenge!!!
9:404044 M\u0026M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)
4044 M\u0026M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)visningar 4,9mn3 månader sedan
6:11THICK WATER Challenge/Chug!! (45 Calories)
THICK WATER Challenge/Chug!! (45 Calories)visningar 7mn3 månader sedan
8:45MASSIVE Carne Asada Fries Challenge (10+lbs)
7:07100+lbs Wumpa Fruit Eat-Off! (ft. Crash Bandicoot)
9:461000+ Pepperoni on 1 Slice of Pizza CHALLENGE!!!
6:351.2 Gallon FRUIT COCKTAIL Eaten in ~5 Minutes!!
1 GALLON JAR of PICKLES CHALLENGEvisningar 12mn8 månader sedan
10:485 Whole Pizzas + Q\u0026A (#TakeoutTuesday ep.2)
#GreatAmericanTakeoutvisningar 3,3mn11 månader sedan
10:24Giant Sour Patch Kids Challenge x 2 (EXTREMELY SOUR)
4:3310 Million Thank You
10 Million Thank Youvisningar 2,6mnÅr sedan
10:25100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED


  • I love you Matt. I really wanna meet you.

  • ... vidéo nul

  • Oh man. To much food.

  • bear

  • Awe poor matt. Love you

  • very cool video much wow

  • You Should Eat The Crispy Concords Meal

  • I surprise that matt is not fat after all this food

  • Mattt do this challenge again !!!!!!

  • Good ol memories whit this song ☺️

  • Him: *eats 1620 pockey* His gums and teeth: "my Time has come." His cavitys:"I'm here,I'm there,I'm everywhere, *so beware* ."

  • Should do a wingstop challenge

  • Mat stone in 10 years: i will the whole moon

  • 7:28 I would of ate the cheese with the fries lol


  • Me wondering how he isnt overweight:

  • 5:00 Popularmmo’s outdo eeeeee

  • How dose Matt Swolo his r oof?

  • Omg i want to eat that cheetos and i can eated without problems :p

  • Masz to w Polsce nie masz tego w Polsce

  • Sceptile

  • How does he not get fat from eating all these calories?

  • My favorite. Pokemon is tyranitar

  • :O

  • you need to follow the train CJ

  • He finished a burger in 40 seconds bruh

  • and pekachu

  • litten

  • Do the heat attack burger

  • You here that? Thats the sound of his toilet screetching in pain.

  • My favorite is new two

  • Gurilem

  • Dam ok miy med is a good time

  • Soft tacos really!!! No wonder why it’s soo easy

  • I'm waiting for the comments whoever got 1000 dollars for downloading game

  • The city has been left in ruins after a massive explosion occurred at the residence of Matt Stonie.

  • If I was you I would just eat everything one by one and eat the rest off camera lol

  • he didnt complete the challenge he didnt eat the plate

  • I wish he still would post these or idk if he stopped eating in contest

  • ??

  • me: nah mom im not that hungry also me 10 minutes later:

  • To ez

  • Türk yokmu

  • “ONLY 7 pounds of food” had me dying 😂

  • Türk yokmu

  • I wonder who restaurants are more afraid of.... Matt Stonie or Gordon Ramsay

  • No sabi qu daban botones de hielo

  • Why is he eating all these made me give me some

  • This man is crazy

  • Gdzie ci się to mieści, mega szacunek

  • This dud is insane

  • "I just lost 5 pounds", proceeds to show empty bowl of 4 1/2 pound bowl of ramen

  • I do 3 New York fold

  • I didn't even want it

  • me:eating the hold thing off

  • Bro why do you do this to your self you are the ultimate mukbang and all the pizza stores better up their game bro like damn

  • daaaaaaamn sooooon

  • Been subbed since 13.6 million I’m such an og

  • I can barley eat a 4 finger meal wtf

  • sqorl

  • that order was savage!!!

  • Wait how did he get this hungry in the first place?


  • add captions

  • Anyone eating chips ahoy while watching him eat chips ahoy

  • This is going to be MC quick -Morgan

  • Why am I watching all of these videos when I'm on a diet T^T

  • Do yourself a favour. If you go for chocolate, go for swiss chocolate. Those chocs looked disgusting.

  • youre the best eater ever

  • His metabolism is higher than Elon Musk's bank account

  • If I ever did this, I would keep ice in my mouth to numb my taste buds and start eating

  • It’s ice 🧊


  • Matt stonie videos are so easy to binge watch over and over.

  • I would Totally do that. If i get 5 days and No Pickles

  • Matt Stonie: "I know my chicken" BadlandsChugs: "Enough Talk"

  • Noone: His as$ h<le after this:🍑🔥

  • " That has Way to much calories it has 100 Matt:

  • Dont hurt urslf man

  • Yemeeeeee abi ambulans arayınnn