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0:11Dog Balances Sushi on his Nose - 1172493
Dog Balances Sushi on his Nose - 1172493visningar 10tn4 dagar sedan
1:00Paraglider Flies Over Scenic Hills - 1170575
0:26Kid Teaches Mom How to Skateboard - 1169869-12
0:28Kid Whispers Secrets in Woman's Ear - 1169869-6
1:08Dumpster Floats In Floodwater - 1171382
Dumpster Floats In Floodwater - 1171382visningar 6tn8 dagar sedan


  • Algorithm brings us together

  • fucking idiot

  • Teacher : Please, don't wait for the last day to study Me on the last day:

  • he was very lucky, he didn’t have a water bucket with him.

  • Deadpool: what is your superpower? Domino:

  • THATS SO ME!!!!

  • Who was filming this???

  • Oh wow!

  • now thats what i call happiness

  • thats why he got messy teeth

  • Very sweet and cute but the sound quality is horrible

  • All because of trump ,I knew that it was not a great decision.

  • Her mom shouldnt laught at her

  • Why the fuck does she even bother trying to make it stop if she has weak noodle arms? Like if you want them to stop then you'll have to train for atleast three months before having a chance at stopping them

  • Let me start by saying I’m a 33 year old man with a very dry sense of humor and basically really suppressed feelings. But this is the cutest damn video I’ve ever seen. There...I said it lol

  • Nothing to be afraid of. Polar bears only drink Coke.

  • When I have kids I’ll show them this to help them not get overweight

  • Im here to leave a comment so people from 2099 can see that i went here

  • is there another one in there that came up straight to him

  • When I wake up on a school day:

  • I feel bad for those who didn't get this recommended.

  • I want to do that

  • His lucky he didn't hit his head

  • These pokemons are taking over..

  • This guy told his parents not to talk back to him.

  • Man I couldn't help but press repeat on this video, had me laughing till I cry😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

  • Animals operate on instinct. Thats why any animal that is a polar bears prey, just runs away. They arent smart enough to play rock,paper,scissors with a bear. The bear is the same way. It knows, my prey runs away from me. Thats why this bear is confused and also slightly intimidated by this man. First off the man is wearing all white, which can confuse the bear already. Then when the bear approaches, the man is aggressive, this is confusing to the bear. That makes him go away. Because he is not sure why the man is not afraid, and therefor percieved a threat. You and I both know this man is no Threat to this bear, but the bear doesnt know that and based on the mans behavior, he reacts on instinct.

  • Love this lol 😂

  • Oof 😣


  • Oh bless him. I’m not religious but this deserves a bless. Everyone kneel down rn and say a prayer 😂

  • The dad is Surprised Pikachu incarnate

  • fuck you covid, if this was your doing

  • This is so emotional for me..but congratulation for the new mom and dad...so happy for the 3 of you..🙏❤️🤗👶

  • If this is a real video.... man that’s not a mispronunciation. No sir. That’s just bad parenting.

  • Nice ASMR

  • When you're quarantined and your Mom tells you to put down your phone and go do something outside. And there's a hoola-hoop in the garage.

  • I'm gong to say you didn't that dude grab him he could of grab him

  • Did you hear that i think theres a combine metro police hitting a citizen

  • She just could t take it anymore: And also this is probably after she found out my little pony ain’t real 😂

  • "hah" "splash" "ha-hah?" What were these sounds are these people minecraft villagers or what?

  • Here before this blows up

  • you could say..... a man has fallen into the river!

  • That’s so sweet and cute ngl he he held it up good tho congrats 🖤

  • So SEnewss recommended this in 17 hours instead of 17 years.Lol😂

  • Beta

  • 1166641-1 and 1166641-3 were recommended to me so I searched for 1166641-2 😂

  • Indian yt comments : if u like these comment u will be blessed by God himself

  • 0:01 u can hear her in the background saying it 😆

  • Reminds me of my childhood.

  • Awww daddy crying

  • :)

  • Persona!

  • *the dad missed 14 days of school around Christmas, so they made it the holiday* *the dad decided that he wants 3 months between June and September, so they made the summer holiday*

  • Others: His dad is so amazing That guy an Introvert: Deeply cries inside.

  • When this guy gets bitten by a werewolf, the werewolf becomes human.

  • Awe so sweet congratulations

  • I work overseas so when I saw my nephew for the first time, he was like 6 months, I cried like a baby. I still remember his face looking at me surprised, with those big brown eyes- the most precious moment tbh. My best wishes to that dad, I hope he'll have a great life with his child.

  • Like a BOSS baby

  • Moronic buffoon

  • Thumbs in im da winner, ok 1,2,3, hiyah, we got that on camera, oh yeah I think she liked it, completely inappropriate

  • Can anyone tell me this song name?

  • He's fine! fall damage doesnt count in water.

  • there is no mispronunciation here !! she said it perfectly!

  • Fuck them least they could’ve said was I don’t know

  • Curiosity. Nope just pure adhd.

  • The fucking tit ones bro... i felt that in spirit

  • Missed the opportunity to say "a man has fallen into the river, in lego city!"

  • Lmfaooo this how I felt w| my last baby #3 and I’m done I’m too old for this sh*t too 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • so cute

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 lawd I would have past out lol

  • Gamer for life

  • Ok I just like to say that crying is normal for he's just happy that their was able to exist in this world making a baby can take very hard work it's seems like it isn't but it is my parents take years to try to have me and when they did you bet they happy jumping cheering crying from all that hard and stress thinking that maybe it's just ain't possible but they achieve it and I happy to be here because of them and you shouldn't disrespect him like that you don't know what he gone through to get this far they probably had a miscarriage which is very devastating to experience in fact why are you going all out saying crying is stupid or horrible it's not how is it bad to cry you literally are saying people who lost love ones , people who gone through abuse mentally or physically, people who experience trauma are stupid I am disgusted by your thoughts and saying it genetically disgust me having baby is very normal to cried for that baby is his kid his child his family and it's normal for him to cry for he finally was able to have a baby after so many attempts and maybe fails to bring a baby and finally he has one being a happy and proud father to cry into very happy tears at his new child thinking all the beautiful happy memories they have together as a family.

  • nobody: random lego guy: *HEY!!!*

  • The grund are not plan. 👎

  • Imagine This Kid Had A Fight With His Dad and Finds This Video On SEnewss...

  • I think she hears billie eilish

  • Wasn't the kind I was expecting, but it was just as good.

  • Keep it going...the other one took a tumble as well..but splitting the vid gets more views.

  • A man has fallen down in a canyon with water, HEY build the rescue helicopter blah blah blah