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0:56Guy Juggles Multiple Hammers - 1175107
Guy Juggles Multiple Hammers - 1175107visningar 2,2tn20 timmar sedan
0:08Acrobatic Duo Performs Tricks in Sync - 1191159


  • SEnewss: yeah, so the first 2 years its gonna flop, and the 3rd year, its gonna be a hit for no reason :) sounds smart, right?

  • Another way is to make a little hole on the lid using a sharp object to release the pressure and that’s it

  • Lol only open the door in my country strom can make your door flying

  • I love this dog, so funny

  • LOL! 😂😃

  • That hurt me

  • ✨women✨

  • So sweet 😹😹

  • When he said “blhieblhie”, my soul felt that.

  • I love Steve, he is absolutely beautiful.

  • 0:06

  • Steve is totally innocent! The fact that he has hay hanging from his neck and mouth means absolutely nothing!

  • Probably just protecting her babies.

  • This is the best video on the internet.

  • Cute cat, but it is clearly overweight despite its fur and may suffer health issues if it continues to be overfed. The fact that it’s already developed a way to ask for more food using the bowl is not a good sign.

  • That dog knew it was gonna get in trouble

  • An example of what happens when ur shaking a baby.

  • Adorable video, tfs! Greetings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves 🙏1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Silly woman. Sheep don't belong in the house.

  • I love how the owner is trying to be so serious and sincere and the donkey is having none of it you can be sure the next time he is let out he will be breaking into the feed shed!

  • gotta love that 😊😊

  • Narrator: "She did not want to say "shoot".."

  • Ö

  • And when the cat charged up his move before his attack, I felt that.

  • SIMP

  • The title is wrong, it should say "owner interrupts human playing with it's toy"

  • *One punch man theme plays in the bg*

  • aww😍😍

  • So cute 😘😘

  • Someone pls tell me the breed of that cat😭

  • The person who film is selfish and 100% dumb if she just let the cat there without checking on him/her. This cat need nature not awful stressful city and a place to live.

  • holy fucking christ what the fuck imagine saying "oh shoot" oh my fucking god i would not dare say such a bad work D:

  • ahh yes, youtube algorithm

  • Chemistry class worked out

  • One day I will reach the straw🍹😍

  • Like a true dark souls boss always telegraphing a powerful attack

  • She didn't choose the thug life, thug life chose her

  • i feel bad for her tho *laughs*

  • After they loosened it up for her

  • No offence but he sucks at singing

  • This is the most annoying vine ever

  • Playing with tongue...🤢🤢

  • It's more like "Cat getting annoyed by a guy shoving a microphone in his face"

  • Yak

  • This poor cat had a very bad past & mistreatment big time. Well done to that decent man. I salute you. Loving animals always pay back in a huge way.

  • 1 min silence for the girls who are now dreaming😂

  • We have the same blanket...

  • poor old timer.

  • This was cats version of Itachi and sasuke.

  • Was she carrying her brain in that milkshake?

  • 😂👍

  • i wonder what was my first word

  • Very good descriptive title!

  • Anyone can open a jar after banging the lid, but that's the whole point! Seeing who's strong enough to open without banging it. Feminists: Women are stronger than men

  • My niece did this to me I was so amazed 🤣🤣🤣

  • when you forget how to walk when you aren't inside the strip club

  • Possessed

  • I love how the mother said "I knew it" after he told her who really did it😂

  • Those men definitely loosened it up for her good job FELLAS 🦾🦾🦾

  • Brilliant

  • Queen with fake hair and a malnourished body.

  • This family have at least two sissors in the house..

  • "Plus Ultra! Prominence Bite" - Cat

  • Obsessed Cat Just Like Me

  • SEnewss algorithm has been ass lately and I love it.

  • Dumb and the Dumber

  • One time My malamute / hybrid ,was strolling across a field w/ something kinda big in its mouth . I yelled over 'Hey' She stopped. Said ,put that down She dropped tit and the biggest Squirrel ever ran off.. .

  • What the.... even Jenga is being partial to girls

  • Cute

  • 🤣😂👍

  • "Here children, I found food"

  • This made me so happy 🥰

  • Hilarious

  • I would just pick the baby up and no more baths if he is gonna act like that -~-

  • He or she scared

  • Oh lala

  • I bet this mom wouldn't still be laughing at her funeral in the future

  • The definition of work smarter not harder