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George Bryan IV and Wesley Bryan are two South Carolina brothers who are taking a new twist to the sport of golf. George graduated USC in 2010 with the lowest stroke average in school history, and also is a 3 time All American and 3 time ALL-SEC. He's been a professional golfer for three years. Wesley Bryan is a 2 time ALL-SEC and a prominent amateur golfer before turning professional in 2012.

With the little spare time the Bryan Bros have, they enjoy filming new trick shots, and have gained over 100,000 views in the first month of launching their channel. The Bryan Bros are beginning to collaborate with golf courses, and plan on touring the country filming videos with other well known athletes.

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18:45I JUST SHOT 59!!! | Bryan Bros Golf
I JUST SHOT 59!!! | Bryan Bros Golfvisningar 91tn7 dagar sedan
0:45PERFECT Slow Mo Driver Swing  #Shorts
PERFECT Slow Mo Driver Swing #Shortsvisningar 9tn2 månader sedan


  • Ocean course?

  • Captain America after striping his drive on the first tee with minimal warmup, “I can do this all day”

  • "Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?" - Captain America

  • Congrats

  • Great playing Jerge & Mary, and a great match. YES! To Mary with your feel for the game, the grooved sweet swing, and a great short game, you should definitively play in amateur & SEnewss golf events...absolutely! BTW - Mary is very humble, with a competitive yet easy going attitude, and has the Bryan family sense of humor to-boot which is awesome.

  • Fore please, Captain America now driving! Congrats Jerge!

  • “You start running, They’ll never stop you” Captain America

  • You can tell will is super athletic on how his calves and ankles are morphed together and you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins

  • I would love to see a match against Micah! The golf would be immaculate

  • Sis can flat play! I really like watching your vids, tgey are well done and not herky-jerky like others Ive watched. Love the little tips you give on what you’re working on toi

  • Jerge is at least third best in the fam lol. How bout Wesley top 25!

  • Keep it going, super funny.

  • Captain America

  • Let’s goooooo

  • It would be amazing to play with jerge he’s always so positive

  • Captain America. Also congratulations on starting a family!

  • I think a skins match between Westley, jittery jerge, and MC would be awesome

  • "So, you hit 100k subscribers..." Captain America PSA (probably)

  • You hit a 98 yrd lob wedge as my gap wedge looks at me in disgust.

  • 71, hope you had fun

  • MC is reason i wonder why i still golf. has a baby has barely played in years and goes out just stripe show and shoots what like even on 9? lol good.

  • Can’t we have a Bryan family golf channel? Better than any reality TV show undoubtedly 😂

  • Just make it Bryan Family Golf. Incorporate the whole fam. I think that would kill. MC GB3 &4 and WB. That is an absolute all star lineup.

  • Congrats on the 100k! The content on this channel is the best on golf SEnewss, and it's really not close. CAPTAIN AMERICA!

  • “You start running, they’ll never let you stop” -captain America

  • Let's go MC!!!

  • You start running, they'll never let you stop, captain America. Congrats to you and mills

  • Next time on BBG, will George get another win on his channel?....😂 keep up the hard work!

  • Mary nice and happy like George. Cool people.

  • "I can do this all day" -Captain America Congrats on 100k brother!

  • The match between MC and GB3 was good, check it out

  • I think not mentioning him will make me stand out at this point😎

  • Captain America. Good luck with the baby. Love the vids keep it up.

  • Captain America. Congratulations on 100k.

  • "Excited for your future and the bigs things you will be doing!"- Captain America

  • Hey Captain America this is the twelve year old that beat my Dad if I could get those irons for my 13th birthday I could beat him worse

  • Willie mudball’s hat game strong 💪🏼

  • Congrats on the baby!!! Good luck and God bless! Captain America would be proud. Love the videos.

  • My birthday is Sunday the 25th I’m still hoping you have yours then and name him Justin Michael

  • He played great!

  • Headed to Kiawah Island for a vacation in August, any recommendations for golf outings? (High handicapper asking)

  • Hole 1 320yrd par 5? Where is this?

  • Captain America tested! 🏌️‍♂️ Woohoo, 100K! Congrats and all the best to you and the fam!

  • MC has game for real! Just has to get out more, which obviously isn't easy to do as a mum

  • "Golf"- Captain America

  • drives me nuts that you don't do playoffs to settle the match!

  • Hi George, supporting all the way from Hawaii. If you ever get the chance you should check out some of the courses here in Hawaii. Captain America!!

  • Great video, thank!

  • Would love to see y’all play against Wes 2v1

  • Captain America

  • "Wesley and Gerge are two American Heroes" - Captain America

  • Babies crying in your back swing must feel like your playing Wesley LOL!

  • “Captain America, the tee box is yours” Congrats on 100k and thanks for the insights on yours and Wesley’s practice routines. It’s really helping me refine my own game!

  • Sis cute, swing n body after cute baby 100% Gerge n Wes cute.

  • Love it man and well done on 100k mr captain America! We’ve been locked down here for a few months so only just back on the course in the last few weeks. May need a few tips and maybe new clubs ;)

  • Totally understand the phone booth concept. Good tip.

  • I like when you go after it. Like the straight ball.

  • also congrats to Wes top 25 at RBC !

  • Shout out to super dad William in the background holding down baby duty. Killing it bud.

  • Yo George you should do a match against Johnston Grey. hes a stud

  • Brother yells her name while playing with busty sister

  • Enjoy being a dad! 'Captain America'

  • Wow your sis can play .... and if she was single and I was younger ... I’d be hunting her down on horseback ... I mean nice person, plays golf and good looking.... sorry George I am off to her channel ... 🤣😂🤣

  • Soon 2B Aunt Mary

  • The baby sounded just like Jerge after his last putt......LMAO

  • “I just club up and play for the miss” Some of the best advice the Bryan family has given

  • What a player mc is 👌love how she says ,oh no !! But lands middle of the green 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Fun video - MC has some game!

  • You have a great family, thanks for sharing

  • Geoge in the jaws short?! for the win? MC is tough as nails, serious short game, fun video and the Rivers stole the show again!

  • You guys are awesome

  • Big fan. Discovered your channel when Covid started and I have since become quite the golf enthusiast. I appreciate the content!

  • MC needs to get back to golf tournaments. She is good.

  • MC take over those YT golf tycoons! Make a channel!

  • MC is a beast!

  • I already subscribe to MC so... the more content the better! :)

  • Loved the video but can’t wait for Wesley’s video at the end of the week to just pop off with views and likes!!