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#GOODCONTENTGANG SUBSCRIBE BRUH. Tired of clicking on a deceivingly clickbaited video only for it to be someone doing the same boring crap you saw last week? Yeah me too. Thats why i never waste time uploading a stupid boring video. OK maybe they are stupid lol. If youre looking for a weather report, product review, or vlog youre in the wrong place bro....


25:30I Bought a Squatted Truck. You’re Welcome
14:08Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.
Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.visningar 2,6mn8 dagar sedan
17:36The SIDE BY SIDE SWING (Redneck Rollercoaster)
The SIDE BY SIDE SWING (Redneck Rollercoaster)visningar 2,5mn2 månader sedan
15:40RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lake
RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lakevisningar 3,2mn2 månader sedan
21:15My 1400HP Twin Turbo R8 vs C8, Aventador, Ferrari, R8
12:42I bought an 800hp 2nd Gen to bother innocent people
21:11I bought a new $54k Hellcat just to destroy it
I bought a new $54k Hellcat just to destroy itvisningar 2,6mn3 månader sedan
14:45Silo Falls on Jeep after Climbing it
Silo Falls on Jeep after Climbing itvisningar 2mn4 månader sedan
14:02The Most Absurd Gun in the World
The Most Absurd Gun in the Worldvisningar 2mn5 månader sedan
16:42We totaled Monstermax (plz send help)
We totaled Monstermax (plz send help)visningar 3,4mn5 månader sedan
12:07Tree Climbing with the JEEP
Tree Climbing with the JEEPvisningar 2,7mn5 månader sedan
"MY JEEP COULD MAKE IT OVER THAT"visningar 2,3mn5 månader sedan
13:30Racing Cleetus McFarland and CRUSHING EVERYONE
Racing Cleetus McFarland and CRUSHING EVERYONEvisningar 1,6mn5 månader sedan
10:25My Dads reaction to driving my General Lee (Priceless)
14:31Taking my brand new Skidloader Mudding
Taking my brand new Skidloader Muddingvisningar 1,7mn6 månader sedan
11:31Monstermax gets SUPER-DUALS (Atlantic Ocean Prep)


  • I thought at first it wouldn’t be indestructible truck

  • This thing stupid 0:25

  • When he said I’m done destroying my trucks

  • Lol I might get one now

  • Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen💥💥💥💥

  • Keep on destroying trucks

  • I have no right upvoting this video, that 'Was' such a beaut truck...

  • Top 5 things to do to the truck 1) cameras under the front looking forward so that you see people etc. 2) full custom cheetah print interior 3) the most expensive wrap you can have installed on it 4) any level suspension kit installed on the front only. 5) the best airbag system money can buy for the rear of the truck. Just my thoughts thanks again for the years of fun entertainment.

  • 13:00 good job filming you piece of shit

  • You bought a useless piece shit.

  • Id do the same thing lol and people love watching it but its a lesson depends on how u look at it

  • hey, seriously, is this GMC's best commercial ever for durability?

  • How is this shit breaking so easily


  • senewss.info/slow/pM2Xo6x4oKeaqsw/video

  • dude behind the camera is annoying as hell

  • ASDF do do not destroy it or ASDF

  • Does he live in Middletown or Purciville??

  • “Do a burn out “ Sweet home Alabama

  • Best part about this guy Finally a SEnewss or that is an afraid to piss some pussy liberals off or it wasn’t just some sheep fake ass hole destroy whatever the fuck you want

  • Is estupid

  • Get the fork!

  • That was BAD TO THE BONE, keep on Trucking, Fuk the Haters.

  • Can you buy me an old Ford Ranger and bring it to Myrtle beach South Carolina. I had one but it was from New York up state at that. It lasted me about a year. Haha, if not it’s ok.. well worth the try, they’re my favorite trucks and you don’t use them anyways.... 🙄🙄🙄😭😭😭😌 bless all your hard work, everyone don’t forget to subscribe

  • Fallout three music in the background 😂

  • “Iny meany minie moe...this ones dead today” -WhistlinDiesel

  • Brother I love the fact that you can go out and buy a $3000 toy just to have the maximum potential fun in it! Fuck the jealous haters man! Keep doing you

  • Wow I’ve never tried to use mud as a primer

  • At 9:35 it was in reverse

  • need a video soon man!

  • Mr beast: this is nice oh wait what is that mean man doing to the forest at 12:20 in the video

  • 0:48 😭😭😭

  • Man that truck is a relic wish I had er

  • This truck is in this video and the guy in the passenger seat of it tho 😂😂😂😉

  • Every door is unlocked apart from the drivers door - "Oh no I locked my keys inside" 🤣

  • Bottom mount turbo kit so all the air goes straight into the turbos

  • Is that Jerimiah Burton's truck? It's the same color as the one he showed in that B2B episode.

  • Don't forget your rocket number on the next truck so the space force will leave you alone

  • A moment of silence for the square body truck..... Ok moments up. 😂

  • I can't wait to see what this guy does with the Bronco!

  • Camera in the front of the truck

  • Hey I'm a 11 year old kid ok ok ok ok please read my comment whistlingdiesel ok I'm a Ford fan Ford ok got that

  • is that a 6.2 or 6.5 ?

  • I still love the looks of that gen Cummins, I think one of the best lookin trucks dodge has come out with! (Especially after a few light modifications)

  • Sounds like beef stroganoff if it were an engine note

  • The hatter rn😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  • i would smack you for what you did to that guitar

  • Can you still park in a garage?

  • I was honestly most impressed when he somewhat put back together the truck with a shovel 😎

  • The kid kicking it made this video so much Better

  • That kid is going places

  • The end fucking killed me 🤣🤣

  • I thought I was tha only one, losing my 10 mm sockets lol 😆

  • senewss.info/slow/pM2Xo6x4oKeaqsw/video Is this the same truck 😂😂😂

  • i want 4 teslas being used as moster max wheels!!!

  • Gmt800 or death

  • I think that .50 Cal incident is really affecting this guy

  • Lol 😅😆😂😂🤣😅 what tf I love it

  • You should start your own junk yard lol

  • Y’all could almost pass for twins

  • You're a lunatic, but one of the most likable guys on SEnewss because it's obvious you have your sh*t together in life and you're truly just having fun, which makes your videos stand out from the rest of the lunatics that pretend to be happy. Keep killing bro, love your conent.

  • Just the driver door is locked but still you know "OHHH NOOOO I LOCKED MY SELF OUTT MY TRUCKKK'

  • let the man live his life its fun seeing the destruction of these trucks

  • I just wanna see a Honda Ridgeline die

  • If it was not to squaded it will be good

  • I think i also saw this dude reviewing guns.

  • Just like in life, any shitty outfit will work with some fresh kicks!

  • Trust your instincts.... They've taken you this far!!

  • Time to blow out some axels.Try something AWD next time?👍👍

  • so i deff like the content, but damn that was a sweet truck haha


  • Our president wrote the instructions

  • Was on Facebook a few minutes ago ...your truck is in a meme .....put Car Fix Fans in search bar ....scroll down 2 or 3 posts....👍

  • Props on the title. I always wonder the same thing when I see trucks in general. How does anyone like them? Idk to each their own. It only matters what you think of your vehicle in the end

  • hellwagon

  • You would love scrap mechanic

  • Usually cant stand you because you destroy somewhat nice vehicles but you know squatted trucks don't deserve to live you are doing the car community a favor this time