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9:01This Screen is INCREDIBLE - Lenovo Legion 7
This Screen is INCREDIBLE - Lenovo Legion 7visningar 135tn21 timme sedan
0:28I’m fully Vaccinated!!! #shorts
I’m fully Vaccinated!!! #shortsvisningar 169tn7 dagar sedan
0:30#shorts Apple AirTags!
#shorts Apple AirTags!visningar 154tn7 dagar sedan
5:48💜 New Purple iPhone 12!
💜 New Purple iPhone 12!visningar 1,1mn14 dagar sedan
13:37AirTags Unboxing and Review!
AirTags Unboxing and Review!visningar 837tn14 dagar sedan
30:13How I Built a Business on YouTube | iJustine
0:31#Shorts Dolphins are cool
#Shorts Dolphins are coolvisningar 53tn14 dagar sedan
6:56New Drone, who dis? DJI Air 2S!
New Drone, who dis? DJI Air 2S!visningar 100tn14 dagar sedan
6:00New Electric Bike! Turbo Como SL!
New Electric Bike! Turbo Como SL!visningar 175tn21 dag sedan
8:08Epic Drone Flying Day!
Epic Drone Flying Day!visningar 75tn21 dag sedan
11:18McLaren GT - My New Car!
McLaren GT - My New Car!visningar 336tn28 dagar sedan
4:54Apple's VR Headset Rumors?!
Apple's VR Headset Rumors?!visningar 91tn28 dagar sedan
11:20NEW Apple Arcade games!
NEW Apple Arcade games!visningar 83tnMånad sedan
15:18My Hummingbird Nest Story 💕🙏🏻
My Hummingbird Nest Story 💕🙏🏻visningar 75tnMånad sedan
11:05Ultimate ASUS Gaming PC!! RTX 3090
Ultimate ASUS Gaming PC!! RTX 3090visningar 197tnMånad sedan
4:47Xbox Series X Mini Fridge!
Xbox Series X Mini Fridge!visningar 143tnMånad sedan
6:36New Xbox Wireless Headset!
New Xbox Wireless Headset!visningar 97tnMånad sedan
7:34Insta360 Go 2 - My new favorite camera!
Insta360 Go 2 - My new favorite camera!visningar 178tnMånad sedan
7:242021 iMac Colors?! Are the rumors true?
2021 iMac Colors?! Are the rumors true?visningar 106tn2 månader sedan
11:13DJI's new FPV Drone!
DJI's new FPV Drone!visningar 333tn2 månader sedan
13:445G road trip and scavenger hunt with T-Mobile!
5G road trip and scavenger hunt with T-Mobile!visningar 120tn2 månader sedan
4:31Unboxing the Sony X900H 4K HDR TV!
Unboxing the Sony X900H 4K HDR TV!visningar 175tn2 månader sedan
9:29Rose Pink MSI 14in Prestige Laptop Review!
Rose Pink MSI 14in Prestige Laptop Review!visningar 122tn2 månader sedan
12:24Ultimate Travel Gear Bag!
Ultimate Travel Gear Bag!visningar 146tn2 månader sedan
12:19Reacting to our old collab videos!
Reacting to our old collab videos!visningar 257tn2 månader sedan


  • this was a stupid video... that's why I'm not subbed to you anymore

  • Vaccine not faction

  • What faction was that Johnson and Johnson

  • Justine: Don't let anyone tell you that you don't worth... Me: dis shit don't worth 1k a year.

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  • I got my animal crossing switch from wallmart the other day

  • The filter she use for her face is on Insta. The filter name is "pillow Face".

  • Wow all those phones are yours have always wanted an iphone please share one with me those phones are very expensive here in zambia 😂😂

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  • All thanks to SABBTOOLS on Instagram for unlocking my device

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  • React to I gotta feeling black eye peas

  • I can track mine but the stupid thing is they have to be open in order to play a sound on it

  • Fact : this wasn't on your home page you searched for it 💔💔

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  • 2021 and she still looks as young as she was 11 years ago

  • Gurl! Gurl! Hol' up. First this is my first time watching one of your videos and you are hella funny.

  • *Mac Mini enters the room* Me: 🫀👀 Ooooh, how you doooin???

  • Smells like plastic

  • in the year 2000 i was about -6 years old👌🏼

  • play gta5 on this mac pro

  • This making me really get an Ipad Pro instead of waiting for an iphone 13! Also, I am worried that my XS battery health will soon be over, yet because of iJustine’s video comparison, I will be getting an SE (which way way cheaper) if ever I will be needing a budget iphone! Love this video 🥰

  • Your are very very Bad vloging are you mad

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  • A year later she is on Best Buy doing adds. I love you iJustin such an inspiration.

  • Pruduct Red is amazing

  • i just got my ps5 from hiddentoolz on lg, thanks to those who recommended them 👍🏻

    • Get one today, I will advice you to follow *Rimey_cracks* and dm him and ask him that you need his free page promotion and get a free PS 5 or iPhone 12 pro max. You will thank me later. Good luck friend .....¢¢

  • Curious as to why this review came out after they replaced this tv with the new model🤔

  • Is the drone fast i like a drone like that

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  • To Peloton CEO John Foley: A month ago we advocated all corrective measures to your junk that are now being forced on you. OK so manufacturers make mistakes. But here is why with great disgust we will NEVER buy a Peloton product: Namely when we go back to the news clips when this story 1st broke circa 1 month ago, and we go to the posted comments to those news clips, and to social media posts regarding this tragedy there appears to be an orchestrated deluge of obviously "bot" type, cold hearted intimidating posts apparently paid for, and orchestrated by Peloton to overwhelm, and to silence any posts sympathetic to Peloton's victims. Peloton crudely, rudely, and arrogantly tried to kill any advocacy then for Pelaton do do what they are forced to do now - TOTAL DISGUSTING COLD HEARTED VICTIM BLAMING. John Foley you have shown youself to be one cold, arrogant, irresponsible, manipulative, rude, crude, piece of crap.

  • 7:58 at least she did a go-around lo 8:08 oh nvm

  • Your voice is amazing

  • The perfect tool for stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. Makes their life so much easier. Way to go apple. Privacy is top priority.

  • I had absolutely no idea you were into cars. Well, that's worth a subscription.

  • hiadam

  • I wish i could have new phone, my phon's screen broken since 8 months and still can't bring new one 😪

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  • 2021 gang :P


  • Sorry, meant Justine

  • Wow while I was watching this video, the part when Justine says "Hey Siri" my siri actually responded 😂

  • Coronavirus vaccines will kill more people in the world than Corona virus pandemic itself in the long term

  • Coronavirus vaccines will kill more people in the world than Corona virus pandemic itself in the long term unfortunately

  • Will get the 4 pack. Airtags.

  • Sure it's worth it. If you're suicidal or hate your kids and animals.

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  • Just recently got my red iPhone SE, absolutely loving it!

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  • I’m still using the 2018 pro 12.9”. Still an absolute beast and I use it 99% of the time.. I haven’t turned my laptop on since Christmas lol. Rest assured if you’re looking at buying one in mid 2021, it’s still insanely overpowered.

  • Sry but why do you look like that

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  • i am getting this in 2 weeks im so excited rn im in face to face learning and my laptop is so heavy omg

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  • I was 4 years old in 2000.. haha

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