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The Late Brake Show is the SEnewss channel of motoring journalist, TV presenter \u0026 creative content maker Jonny Smith, aka CarPervert

The [Jonny Smith] Late Brake Show is a SEnewss platform and website that blends the broadest church of automotive appreciation; from EV to V8, from classic barn-finding to project cars and future tech, Jonny delivers considered, experienced and (hopefully) entertaining fresh car content .

Drawing on his 20+ years as a print and TV motoring journalist, Jonny is driving The Late Brake Show into an era where it is ok to drive efficient, clean, electric vehicles, whilst also appreciating piston machinery of the past, present and future.

Slow down... it's time for The Late Brake Show.


34:14The Chevrolet Impala SS lowrider project car build
28:36Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV detailed review
Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV detailed reviewvisningar 127tnMånad sedan



  • A six-faw Impala...Skee-Lo would be proud!

  • what happened with the volvo?

  • why the sound of an gas engine as background noice when driving???

  • I like the look of this but it can’t be all perfect must be something that’s a bit poor

  • I ran a mk1 Granada when I was 18, I thought it was proper cool, even if most people even back then thought it was junk. I never once thought about putting it on hydraulics though! Love the Impala 😍

    • Early Granadas still have a shape that stands today. I'd have another mk1 in a heartbeat.

  • Are you the new Schmee with the hand pointing? 😉 great review 👍🏻

  • You look at that car like an old girlfriend. You've moved on but she's still there in the background, ready to by ridden (in)!

  • well done so far johnny

  • The similarities of got us started in low riding is amazing, the movie that inspired me was boyz in the hood, my first juiced ride was a green MK2 Granada 6 marine batteries reds hydraulics front and rear, and always wanted a 64 impala.

  • pedant here. that car has a hood, not a bonnet. ;-)

  • lovely example currently at Caffeine and Machine in Warwickshire.

  • Totally agree with 'not replacing everything'.

  • Hang on Jonny has a low rider Impala....!

  • I'd like more Jonny and Jason shows - honest, no nonsense fun !!

  • The Audi gecko should be with Porsche not Audi lol

  • Shame the wood isn't real wood. Lovely design

  • JP and JS? On demand? Like!

  • Doesn't mater what the content is about, Good content nevertheless !

  • Brilliant! Running a bouncy castle!

  • Lancia Delta? Alfa Romeo SZ front end, Audi A3 side profile. Wow, what a car!

  • Plato was always wise, I wouldn't bet against him.

  • Man is it wrong that i am getting a stiffy from this project??? This is a nice opportunity to put in some hydraulics with LIFEPO4 LITHIUM BATTERIES....AND A BUMPING SYSTEM...

  • Simon is clearly the saviour of this project.

  • So tired of cars with coal hole interiors. Grey & black just scream lack of design intelligence & creativity.

  • Nice car but too overpriced. With 55 grand I rather BUY a better car such as Audi, BMW or Tesla.

  • I will never forget meeting this man when I was 13 at the FIA GT Championship 24 hours of Spa in 2005 (He was there for the WTCC racing in the Seat). My Dad and I walked through the paddock and stopped at one of the garages, out walked Jason Plato... He walked towards us, I was in complete awe. If that wasn't enough, as he shook my Dad's hand, he said "What are you doing here, shag?"...... I looked up at my Dad and said "You *know* him?" 😲🤯 I genuinely thought they were friends until a few years later when my Dad told me they had met at Croft a few weeks before 🤣 I got his autograph and had a picture taken with him. Great man, great champion 🏆👍

  • E-GIMP. I'm definitely not doing a google image search for that.

  • I rode in one of these in Cuba. It had a Lada diesel engine up front and the whole thing was held together with filler.

  • I find it bothers me quite a lot watching that guy keep resting his metal watch strap on the fresh painted wing

  • I also have had a project car as long as my 14 Yr old son 😁some day it will go 😂

  • Since Porsche diversified their fleet to include SUVs their cars have got lumpy and ugly but this new front end is on a different level of aesthetically challenged. There is a Porsche model with this front end which is local to me, ironically at a botox clinic in bright green and it's truly hideous in person. I think the German's style cars to look like angry insects or basking sharks. Vive la France!

  • Just had a loner one when my Alfa was at service. What a great little car! The tech is quite good, I didn’t expect that honestly. The screen feels little weird is it’s not pointing towards toe driver. The powertrain feels strong and makes the car move with quite some punch around town. It makes interesting EV noises which I like a lot and add the to driving experience in my opinion. The normal driving mode is well calibrated and feels like a nice automatic car without applying a lot of regen braking. In the other two « range friendly » modes the regen braking is pretty aggressive and need some getting used to. The ride quality isn’t the best ok earth but I was expecting way worse form a SWB « affordable » car. It’s not soft but the suspension did absorb bumps and road imperfections pretty nicely. The build quality is somewhat inconsistent around the car. Some party feel well made and high quality and others seem to have been but together by a blind person in the dark… for example the stitching is so bad that you don’t have to look at is the figure that out, it felt cheap. But it’s doesn’t really matter in my opinion. The radar cruise control does a fantastic job too and it’s very easy to operate 👌 This car makes a lot of sens as a daily commute/ city car! Cheers!

  • You could probably afford a pre 2000 996 911 Jonny. Get one cheap with a dodgy engine, do a Renegade Hybrid (US Co) LS3 engine swap.

  • Prefer that over the normal Taycan with the longer roofline of the Cross suiting the Taycan shape better. Also find the Taycan too heavy to be classed as a Sports car (just my preference) but for a Cross, it's fine.

  • This is an excellent level of production. Congratulations JS. Great video. Has anyone thought about what kind of investment was needed to set that business up? As an ex farmer, hats off to these guys too.

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  • The best thing to do to keep the project moving is to focus on getting it on the road. The low rider hydraulics can always be added. Get it running and driving ASAP, and the rest will fall into place. Nice project. Best year for the SS. I grew up in Detroit and a friend had one just like this except white with a black interior. All stock. That was around 1978.

    • Cheers Tom, great advice. Yes, getting it running functioning correctly as a car is the focus, then finish the hydraulic aspect. What was Detroit life like in 1978? I am fascinated by the place.

  • Magic video Johnny could have listened to that roller coaster car build for hours. Would love to hear regular updates on its progress.

    • Thanks Barry, there's a ton of anecdotes and stories about other parts of the car that I will put in another update. Even trailering it to Simon's almost ended in mass carnage.

  • Looking really nice! I had a stock '64 Impala SS in Azure Aqua with a white interior and a 283 automatic back in 1969. Beautiful car. I loved it until it was stolen. Still miss it.

    • Stolen? That is rotten Jon. Sounded like a great combination car.

  • Totally feel your pain on this I’ve been on with my BMW 2002 group 2 build for 6 years and have ran into quite a few people and car issues along the way

  • What a lovely story and a lovely couple , don’t ever lose what you have , never get distracted from what’s important , never have your head turned . These are a beautiful people warts and all .

  • Very nice car! On the other end of the scale, my 64 Bel Air sedan got $140 of paint, an engine and trans out of an old chev truck, as many parts as possible from a junk parts car, some new tires and all new brake parts. The budget is $2000 all in and it’ll be sacrificed as my winter beater. I also have a project similar to yours. It’s a 1953 Mercury half ton I’ve had for more than 35 years and still have never driven or even sat in. It’s a good disease to have.

    • @The Late Brake Show I purchased it at 17 for $200 complete with a parts truck with the intention of having it done for our wedding. We’ve been married 34 years now! The plan and the parts are coming together. It’s a stock restoration with a twist. We will be running a Cadillac 331 motor in place of the flattie. It’ll look great with its twin scoop oil bath air cleaner and give the truck the stance I want for free. Now we can have the grandkids involved in the build so that’s a big bonus.

    • 35 years? That's got to be a record.

  • This car seems very nice but for the price it is up there with the likes of the BMW i3 which is a more premium brand and offers far better space inside the car.

  • If you take the amount of time you think it should take to do a job on a classic car, multiply it by 10 you will still find yourself running way behind shedule. Just the nature of the beast.

  • "All because of Gangsta Rap"- Johnny Smith. Same here homie lol

  • With Jonny going into accessories for the car already, I am just waiting for him to show a nodding dog and some pink fluffy dice to complete his set of 70's tackeyness.

  • 350 is probably enough to make it .. Muscle ... ... never understood that low-rider poseur 'culture' .. -) .. probablby only these rat-rod direction is dummer .. -) ... That Charger is cool.. thouhg ..

    • More vids on the Charger in about a month (getting it out for the summer).

  • 6 mm plate on the chassis? Holy cow, I'd hate to be hit by it, even if I was in a Sherman tank.......

  • Love the review.

  • Don’t forget they had an F1 ream.

  • Here l am again. Thanks for the welcome aboard. I just saw your video this afternoon for the first time. I enjoyed seeing you talk about the '64 lmpala. I watched this video and subscribed. You're down to earth, that's why like your videos. Keep up the good work. One gear head knows another.

  • What a peach!

  • What a stunning motor, great that it’s in good hands and can’t wait to hear it start

  • *Amazing*

  • Awesome 👍

  • Well done Jonny, top review.. I work for Skoda so I would be biased 😁

  • Eastwood, why are you sitting on a tire?

  • Hi, I'm from the southern US .l don't know a lot of UK terminology. By servo brakes, do you mean hydraulic or vacuum boost?

    • @The Late Brake Show OK, thanks for the info. In the US there are countless companies that sell small diameter boosters for streetrods like '30s or '40s Ford's. They're universal, check 'em out on the net.

    • Vacuum boost Billy. Welcome aboard TLBS!

  • Amazing episode! And on a sidenote - the color grading is so beautiful in the shadowy parts :O

  • i think cream carpet would tie it all together, sweeet ride Jonny

  • Wow wow wow..! What a thing... Every which way you look at it, it's like a work of art, stunning even without the motor running. And yet back in the day, presumably these were everyday cars, the equivalent of a Mondeo (ST?) today? Now if the LBS should ever do a competition to win a ride along with Jonny driving his very fine motor veh-icle, when completed, I think I might be very tempted to enter... A small entry fee...going to charitee...?????

  • Please do NOT make this car hop and bounce, its such a stunning car to just cruise around, as it was meant to back in the day!

  • Me Plato always value for money. Great work Guys

  • I think that’s a fabulous looking car, much better looking than recent German offerings. I’d consider one, especially as I’d be buying a used one.

  • Whatever the cost, It's Worth every penny...

  • What happened Edwards, did you finally keep all of the people off your lawn?

  • Ah….been waiting for an update in Classic American magazine. I can’t really criticise, I brought a 1960 thunderbird five years ago and all I’ve managed to do is pull it apart and distribute it to the four corners of the workshop… will get done….honest….. but seriously, good work there Johnny

  • Nice review. Now there will be a business-opportunity for someone who can remove the nasty plastic cladding, lower the suspension & refinish the whole thing properly.

  • Hi, I'm from Alabama, USA. That frame actually came out in the 1958 lmpala. First year of the lmpala. Ran until it changed for the '65 model year.

  • Having wondered what those sticks are by the front wheels, I now know about kerb feelers too.

  • loved it!

  • You brave man. Nice work on the car mind even though I really don't like that hand painted artwork, it sort of makes it look cheap. I just hope you like driving it in the end.

  • 0 - 60 in 2.5 red light to red light, what a waste !

  • Time to restore it back to the classic automobile it deserves to be !

  • 이 차를 여기 채널에서 리뷰 해주다니!!! 대단해요!!!!

  • Just stunning car! But are you not a little bit squeezed on the driver's seat? Something there that's not right....

  • Ive always wanted an impala too, since a saw a low rider mag in the market when i was 8 im now 39. My only issue is finding a garage long and wide enough for a yank tank to fit in. my current garage is 1 and a half wide but only std length so wont fit :-( come on John the engine is like 4/5 wires to get running and wired.