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This channel is dedicated to the building of microturbine engines and other various things made from scratch, using only household materials and a lot of patience!


2:59*Quick Update* -  Measuring Boost the CORRECT Way!
15:25TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine First Run!
TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine First Run!visningar 895tn3 månader sedan
10:05Inline 4 Cylinder FOUR Stroke 13,500 rpm RC Engine!
10:05Making a Miniature 5 Vane Air Motor
Making a Miniature 5 Vane Air Motorvisningar 238tn5 månader sedan
13:453 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 2/2
3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 2/2visningar 517tn6 månader sedan
7:348 + 8 Cylinder Stirling Engine
8 + 8 Cylinder Stirling Enginevisningar 288tn6 månader sedan
10:58Miniature Inline 4 Cylinder 32cc Watercooled Engine
7:42Inline 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Engine Test
Inline 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Engine Testvisningar 3,1mn7 månader sedan
17:353 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 1/2
3 Speed Electric RC Car - Part 1/2visningar 889tn7 månader sedan
15:24R/C V4 Car Final Modifications \u0026 Run!
R/C V4 Car Final Modifications \u0026 Run!visningar 10mn9 månader sedan
12:03RC Jet Engine Thrust Test
RC Jet Engine Thrust Testvisningar 6mn10 månader sedan
7:29Assembling \u0026 Testing a Mini 4 Stroke RC Engine
13:02RC V4 Car Full Brake Disc System Test!
RC V4 Car Full Brake Disc System Test!visningar 2,9mn11 månader sedan


  • My ceiling fan


  • Run Forest.!!!

  • Easily make loads of metal grapes for robot wine

  • You have a great life

  • Top demais

  • Wouldn't it be better to have the inside be the hot side?

  • Would make a real fancy prison tattoo machine

  • Formidable travail avec un matériel et des machines très modernes. Benny Rooman à Bruxelles.

  • Respekt

  • That motor cost more than how much i paid for my car

  • Good work. We featured this video in our homemade tools forum this week :)

  • Game changer

  • Next video, converting a nitro inline 4 to run on gasoline

  • anticlimataic af

  • Have you ever combined a solar sterling engine to operate a generator? Anything on Ion propulsion? Thanks Your neighbors, brother

  • Excuse me. But your design is completely wrong. The rotor should be in the intake/exhaust side. Nice construction. Poor design

  • Holy crap, that's very cool!

  • Incredible!!!

  • This engine *literally* sounds like a real inline 4

  • 연료 소모가 너무 창열이지 않냐? 어따 써먹을수나 있을런지..

  • did it run without assistance at any point??


  • آپ کا نمبر

  • What can I say, I’m a fan.

  • I also want that pls

  • Just curious, have you had a broken crankshaft yet on your L400?

  • Damn, that burns thru the fuel so quickly. Real airplane jet engine must be more efficient with higher compression.

  • Holy shit!!!! Awesome

  • i'm thinking about trying to make a gas engine 3 speed rc car. any tips?

  • Build a baby RX7 to put the engine in. What next ? ROAD TRIP !

  • Looks fun to build, but installing the gaskets made me cringe! you should really tighten in sequence from inside out.

  • But where turbo?

  • how much does it cost all my friends

  • Now you need a pet squirrel to strap to it. Awesome work.

  • Came here after seeing some dude installing a turbo on the same engine. Not just a compressor, but an actual turbo, and it kinda worked

  • 14:07 wouldn’t that be wear from the side seals?

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  • So you built that fantastic Heath Robinson rig to hold the engine and forgot to weight the table down adequately ? 😂😂😂

  • what's the point of having 8 pistons, if you only heat 4 ?

  • I like the idea of these motors but i wanna get one hust to make tons of crazy builds with just dont have the budget with them costing as much as a fullsized motor

  • this would be fun with an fpv cam

  • I applaud while standing!

  • good jobbbb!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Energy : Chemical To Thermique To Kinetic To Electro-Magnetic

  • My need one Machine pleases cement replay

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  • I used to do this with much larger axle/wheel bearings from automotive applications. After they were screaming, my coworker and I would drop a pair of 'em on the ground and have bearing races... yeah, I said that! 🤣

  • where is the STUTUTUTU sound =))

  • That’s Badass

  • I had one of these about 20 years ago. Could never get parts for it after I sent some ally off for anodising and they were stolen by their employee. Chassis, head, upper plates. Old school

  • cool

  • This isn't just an engine... Thi is A STIRLING DUKE ENGINE!!!¡¡!!!!!!

  • "Goddammit they're reving the engines again!"

  • Great project but disappointed as does not cut the same a full size chain saw. Pulling the saw up to cut is dangerous !

  • this is insane

  • that was siiickkk

  • Slap a turbo on it Lol I'm being sarcastic 😂

  • car bad nuh bloodclaat

  • Super bro 👌👌👌

  • Kira kira ini menghabiskan berapa iya uang untuk satu video atau satu produk ini🙏

  • hello Johny if you don't mind to share the name and model of your lathe machine, it seems to perform quite good for the scale you are working with.

    • Hi Rodrigo, it's an Optimum tu2004v mini lathe.

  • 小川精機?

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  • Where is the libricating system? Engin runs a lot of revs. I've seen a colling pump, but where is the oil pump?

  • Had a steam engine when I was younger and did have a fascination wit Paddle steamers etc

  • My 12 years old kiddo said to write this for you: "mister, you could make a curved lens to avoid having to focus the fresnel lens when the sun moves". Dang. I guess he got that from his mom...

  • Are you best

  • Cool! Now, shrink humans, and we will make tiny trucks & autos!

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  • Turbo!

  • Where can i geht one of these?

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  • 32cc 4-cylinder? This would be GREAT for a mountain bike :)