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We are a 5th generation corn and soybean farm located in west central Minnesota. Doing our best to respect and improve the land we farm while sharing our love of agriculture. We hope you enjoy our content.


9:34Pin It To Win It....Till The Hose Blows!!!
10:31How Many Leaks Will There Be???
How Many Leaks Will There Be???visningar 176tn8 dagar sedan
21:07We Hired 8 Guys To Work On Planters!!!
We Hired 8 Guys To Work On Planters!!!visningar 217tn8 dagar sedan
25:45We Wore A Hole In Our Head!!!!
We Wore A Hole In Our Head!!!!visningar 227tn15 dagar sedan
12:24The Widest Tractor In The Township!!!
The Widest Tractor In The Township!!!visningar 317tn15 dagar sedan
21:08Top Of The Line Closing System!!!
Top Of The Line Closing System!!!visningar 222tn15 dagar sedan
10:09No Risk No Reward!!!
No Risk No Reward!!!visningar 211tn22 dagar sedan
11:48Dougo Isn't Having It Today!!!!
Dougo Isn't Having It Today!!!!visningar 202tn22 dagar sedan
18:09Anyone Ready For Spring??
Anyone Ready For Spring??visningar 251tn22 dagar sedan
12:11The 8520 Is On The Way To Iowa!!
The 8520 Is On The Way To Iowa!!visningar 210tn29 dagar sedan
14:14The Hoods Open Already!!!
The Hoods Open Already!!!visningar 221tnMånad sedan
15:49We Put New Tires On A Sold Tractor!!!
We Put New Tires On A Sold Tractor!!!visningar 249tnMånad sedan
8:56Dog Destroys Everything!!!
Dog Destroys Everything!!!visningar 160tnMånad sedan
10:40We Bought A Semi!!   (IT TOOK 4 CHECKBOOKS)
15:04Stuck Inside The Shop!!!!
Stuck Inside The Shop!!!!visningar 218tnMånad sedan
9:41Be Smarter Than The Machine.....
Be Smarter Than The Machine.....visningar 194tnMånad sedan
13:37Test Drives Always Leads To More!!!!
Test Drives Always Leads To More!!!!visningar 236tnMånad sedan
18:45About Time We Clean These!!!!
About Time We Clean These!!!!visningar 340tnMånad sedan
18:25We Sold Our Best Tractor!!!!
We Sold Our Best Tractor!!!!visningar 318tnMånad sedan
25:20Who Can Do The Best Burn Out???
Who Can Do The Best Burn Out???visningar 221tnMånad sedan
14:39We No Longer Need A 3 Point Hitch!!!
We No Longer Need A 3 Point Hitch!!!visningar 244tn2 månader sedan
10:48First Service Work On The 9420RX
First Service Work On The 9420RXvisningar 216tn2 månader sedan
16:38Upgrades To The 9RX
Upgrades To The 9RXvisningar 251tn2 månader sedan
24:33All Aboard The Struggle Bus
All Aboard The Struggle Busvisningar 296tn2 månader sedan
24:42We Can Get Stuff Stuck In The Winter Too!!!
We Can Get Stuff Stuck In The Winter Too!!!visningar 311tn2 månader sedan
11:49Well Hello Beautiful.....
Well Hello Beautiful.....visningar 257tn2 månader sedan


  • I’ve got a John Deere 1010

  • Just curious are those Eaton fittings?

  • Nikki - the queen of editing ! 💪👍🏼

  • Have you never driven a Fendt before

  • Princess rapunzel says hell no 😂😂😂

  • I drove my first semi last Friday. My boss son and I just loaded out some cattle then he asked if I wanted to drive I said hell yeah. It was only for 2 miles 😂


  • Top notch A#1 farming you tube channel on the web. Good job Chet. You set the standard hands down.

  • Do you think I can walk on the gravel instead of the dirt please 🤣🤣🤣 classic Dougo

  • Chet on a tall bottle of gas (argon or stargon) on your Miller MIG welder the valve is a double seated valve which means you should open it all the way open and then a little tighter at the top because a double seated valve means it seats at the top (open) as well as at the bottom (closed) doing this may save you some gas because the valve can leak due to bad o-rings, hope this helps out... now on an acetylene bottle only open it enough to move the gauge (crack open) you might call it this is so if there is an emergency it can be closed quickly for safety...

  • Got our corn planted last week about 1200 acres going to plant cotton and start setting out tobacco this week and in about 2 weeks start planting soy beans and bedding peanut land I hate planting peanuts you have to fill the planter every up and down all them bags

  • ERIC- I almost got stuck... Not gonna tell a whole lot of people... Internet/SEnewss: HOLD MY BEER

  • Does that make the Big Swede a Hoser?

  • It's been 100+ degrees for the past week where I live

  • This video kills me iv so been there yelling at monitors and gps fu king up been a few rough moments for sure lol

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  • Come on use your bucket and work it out wimp ass minis

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  • If, a person is too warm, why not reduce the amount of hair is on the head, under the hat? Ha! Till you need that hair and have not much to grow it out. Ha! But, why not buy your own machine, that way, you will have your own, and your friend will still be your friend and have his own, for his farm work.

  • love your exniliration chet cool lots of love to nicki yes,gnz

  • Great video.

  • It can be also used for diesel but I am not up on the diesel part

  • Again use seafoam for your gas engines. You will be surprised

  • God bless

  • Do you need a Class A trucking license to drive the semi trucks as a farmer?

  • you guys are so funny. Love your dad. Great job guys. Be careful and thank you

  • Praying for you guys, from Lancaster County PA, 🙏❤ 😥 hearts are heavy for yous, may God strengthen and give yous all the grace yous need. You guys are so much fun to watch , a family highlight to watch while were round the supper table here🙂👍👍

  • American eagle

  • Great video Chet Dougo and Big Swede

  • If you forget him, can E.T. phone home?

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  • Praying for you Nicole. Please get better.

  • Great video guys. Big swede employee of the month. Keep up the great work guys.

  • “Think I could walk in the gravel, instead of the dirt?” Lmao! 😂

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  • What is O basis?

  • Good PM next winter would be to use that 'borrowed' hose crimper to replace all the hoses on that terragator

  • Can we see more of the 1086 maybe even a story time on it

  • Yea, now we starting to cook with blue flame gas!!

  • Still praying for you Nikki. God bless you and keep you strong through this ordeal. Read James 5:14-16. 👍

  • OMG run 2 inch corrugated black drain tubing on the outside of the beams with the hydraulics when you get the equipment and be done with it. shoot for 50% fill. you can vacuum a pull cord through it. the amount of busywork you made with that 1 inch tube inside the beam is, well, amazing. the wear and tear on the cabling isn't worth running in the beam.

  • well Toby isn't dumb, he just doesn't want to listen.

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  • The last part looked like Eric was sitting in a Klingon Battle Cruiser getting ready.

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  • Another great video. Big prayers still flowing for Nicole, Chet and Family.

  • Be sure to still grease the king pin

  • I can not help it, I get sad when I watch your channel because I know what you are struggling with. It would have been nice if Nicole was in a video and she also talked and you do not have to be the most alert and look the best because I think we all followers understand how much you fight. I and many with me follow and pray and donate at Caringbridge but it is not the same as hearing and seeing Nicole tell a little how she feels and thinks and so on. love to you all, I wish I could swap with you Nicole ❤️

  • Please stop this man from using chainsaw anymore :D That could end awful few times in that video :O

  • Crimper is great as long as you have the right fittings. You never have the 17/64ths by 7mm o-ring unobtanium fitting

  • The old moldy international is most reliable because it has NO electronics and computers!

  • Can anyone tell me what “zero basis” is?

    • David skiffington that means there actually getting the full price for corn as going on the stock market for no deduction

  • my gramdpa is a trucker you put grease on the fifth wheel for lubercation

  • I’m glad you kept the booms on the sprayer truck BIG SWEDE !!!

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  • Don't feel bad about Chet and Dougo arguing for 15 minutes about backing machinery out of the cold storage shed. Heck, on our operation, by mid planting season, we are lucky if we don't have a Federal mediator, a UN negotiator, 3 anger management counselors, and a SWAT team all at one time there to break up arguments. As my dad says, " Thats why we all work here! Because the government requires us not to be exposed to the general public for fear our attitudes will spread!" Personally, i believe that is incorrect. The sooner people realize that I am right 100% of the time, the less arguing there will be.

  • Why is the hydraulic fitting storage on the floor?

  • "This thing is ridiculously long" thats what she said

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