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Welcome to the TronicsFix SEnewss channel! We believe that repair matters. In an age where it seems like everything is becoming less repairable we're here to show you how to fix it anyway! We think that there's no reason to throw something away if it can be fixed. On our channel, we'll show you what's inside some of the latest tech (and sometimes the old stuff too!), teach you how to fix your own stuff, and also give you an idea of what it takes to make some money on the side if that's what you're into.
We think that broken sucks and we're here to show that repair matters. So if you'd like to learn, fix, and/or earn we'd love to have you as a subscriber.

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27:36I Bought 13 BROKEN PS5's - But Can I Fix Them?!
11:26Did I Fix PS5 Coil Whine?
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10:33ATARI Made a New Game Console - Let's Take it Apart!
5:58PS5 Coil Whine - What Is It and Can I Fix It?
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13:36PS5 Liquid Metal vs Thermal Paste - It OVERHEATED!
17:54I Bought 2 BROKEN SPIDERMAN PS4's - Can I Save Them?
28:27I Bought 16 BROKEN Apple Watches - Can I fix Them?
9:08PS5 Setup Guide - How To Set Up Your PS5
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11:31How to Clean Your PS5 Safely - 3 Stages
How to Clean Your PS5 Safely - 3 Stagesvisningar 238tn4 månader sedan
7:56Xbox Series S Teardown - A Repairability Perspective
14:53PS5 Teardown - A Repairability Perspective
PS5 Teardown - A Repairability Perspectivevisningar 644tn5 månader sedan
16:13Xbox Series X Teardown - A Repairability Perspective


  • That HDMI looks soft enough. Some other cables happen to have hard plastic type haha.

  • Bro I seriously just bought the stupid screwdriver when I could’ve just TOOK THE TOP OF MY P4 OFF?!?!??!?

  • what marketplace does he buy the PS5's on?

  • I got that controller and after about a year of use the left D-pad button now sticks when I press it causing it to skip and jump that direction. The joystick works but while I game I much prefer the D-Pad if possible. Any solutions? I took it apart already and cleaned it fairly well but idk what could be the issue.

  • The old port looks like it was extended at the back, can you not just replace the front part, and keep the extended (back) part at all? One of the others you looked at (the bottom one of the PS4 ports) looks like it 'should' work if that was possible - looks the most similar to the front portion at least!

  • I really dont understand why you would waste money on broken stuff, while you could also buy stuff that works? Explain!

  • The coil whine is a ghost haunting, thats why they make sounds. Duhh 👺👹

  • wait what? ps5s r already broken ? lmfao

  • You have definitely inspired me to fix, ive tried to fix an xbox one controller (broke it more) I am trying to fix my 360 slim because it has RDOD, but i feel something loose inside and think the Xclamp screw came out. if i can fix it im giving it to my friend because his died too so i might see if i can diagnose his

  • Hi, can I win PS4 outside UsA??

  • I have a dell latitude e6430 laptop but there is a problem no matter what i do i get a bsod so will replacing the hard drive will fix it? And btw everytime there is a change bsod error ( pleaseeeee help me )

  • I WISH people would stop supporting WISH as they sell garbage

  • I would love to buy some and fix them.... If I watch enough videos, I'd be able to.... I love watching these videos

  • Northridge fix has the correct hdmi ports in stock. Nice job getting it back up and running.

  • The PS4 pro has the cmos battery, if it dies you guys won’t be able to play digital or physical games anymore 😢, when PS4 service shuts down .

  • This is a nightmare after seeing series s teardown.

  • the fact is the people that sold these are stupid because the warrant last as long as you don’t pull out the warrant sticker

  • Ello everyone. Im a 10 year old girl trying to find a cheap PlayStation4 on Wish. Has anyone else bought one from Wish and received a good PS4? Because Im asking my mum to buy it, but the only way I can get it is by selling my Nintendo. Should I do it? I just want to make sure it's worth it.. because I want a PS4 to play the new FNaF game coming soon, "Security Breach" OvO.

  • Great job, always like watching theses

  • The series S has an HDMI 2.1 and you replaced with an original xbox HDMI port. My question is, does that affect it being an HDMI 2.1 ?

  • wish I knew a way to make money and buy broken consoles, fix them and resell. Sounds fun on paper but I'm sure there can be pretty big problems with these consoles.

  • Number 3 Dualsense im %100 sure that the user is cod player lmao

  • I let my daughter have this console when I got my PS5. Now it’s exactly like the 2nd console without the roaches part. What power supply did you use on this console so I know which one to buy??

  • My favorite anime series

  • Hmmmm

  • I think the faulty hdmi port had some kind of extender attached to it. Maybe you can remove that and put it to the new one to make it longer.

  • Could you give a shot to repairing desktop GPU's?

  • The amount of thermal paste was perfect!

  • It sucks that MS don’t sell those parts.

  • Wow this was very cool to watch, keep it up with the new Xbox console repair videos! Would love to see more/ different repairs!

  • Sad fact: i can’t afford a ps5 :((

  • I have a question: solid state storage technology corporation? So from which company is this coming from?

  • Nice vid

  • Grest job!

  • The “English” on the heating mat instructions...😂🤣

  • Hi. Great job on fixing that xbox. Dont you some of that broken xbox series x consoles. The series x hdmi port might be the same as the series s.

  • the switch game card tastes so bad

  • oh

  • That third time I thought you were gonna give it another drop and see if it loosened things back into place. Ya never know.

  • I have an original xbox one, I've been meaning to clean it but i want make sure i do it the right way. What do i need?

  • PS4: IKEA Special Edition.

  • I feel like that was an absolute ridiculous amount of thermal paste. Am I wrong in this assumption?

  • its seems to have an adapter on the original HDMI port, to make it bigger

  • Joycon drift doesn´t exist Also joycon drift: 0:11

  • Can I send you my ps5 remote to get fix?

  • These don’t look as well made as the PS2 or PS3

  • Is it possible to tear down the HDMI port and transfer the "metal cage" to make the correct fitment? It looks like these HDMI ports are being held together by folding the metal tabs on the " cage" to hold the plastic inner part.....what do you think?

  • So the hdmi port had to be downgraded? Series s has a 2.1 port. OG Xbox one is 1.4

  • After reading the title, I was asking how people already break these things.

  • Cap

  • 2ds is horrible design

  • This is a no BS channel.

  • There is a whole mess of easily breakable plastic parts in that thing

  • I have a broken ps2 can you fix it

  • Why didn't the original owner just make a warranty claim?

  • I really like these type of fixes, aesthetically not perfect, but functionally perfect. And since you used the part you already had, you didn't create extra carbon footprint by order new parts!

  • so what causes the fan sounded like Jet Engine my ps4 pro doesnt show over heating and the fan is clean also

  • 🤦‍♂️how tf is it broken already it came out like 4 months ago

  • Ps5’s durability ain’t doing so well against Xbox’s durability lol.

  • Keep up the good work we all love you

  • I'm your biggest fan

  • I love how deep the port is vs PlayStation. Better stability

  • Because you've used a port from an OG Xbox One would you lose any features like 4K or HDR etc? Or is that designated by the HDMI chip?

  • Thx u sooo much

  • But if you fix only 1 of the directions won't it pretty soon start drifting to all the others? Might be time to change the whole damn thing. These things are really manufactured to fail!

  • Man i should give u ma ps3,no one can fix it

  • This system should have still been under warranty it hasnt even been out a year yet. I guess thats what you get when you buy from a scalper

  • I skipped right to the part when you dropped it. 10/10

  • Great vid it’s really cool to see all the mother boards and parts that go into different things

  • Warranty? Why sell them?

  • Can you fix a switch that has water damage

  • I'm confused why these are on ebay. All are still under warranty

  • Sooooo.. can I have those broke controllers you fixed? In dire need my brother!

  • I'm sure there are some electrical engineers that are super picky with solder, but honestly I've always been on the mindset even if it's ugly, if it works, then you're good to go.

  • I don’t even have a broken ps5 bro, I’m jealous

  • How much did he pay

  • nice macgyvering :)

  • Wow what a way to make good use of old part, kudos to you TronicFix!

  • Thanks man your really the best repair SEnewss channel out there

  • Any idea what kinda person ends up with an auction lot of broken psx, 3ds, switch, etc? Never understood who has all these things