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Hey, welcome to my channel! I make aviation videos, which include everything from games to real-life content.

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3:52Plane Loses Control When Landing
Plane Loses Control When Landingvisningar 252tn6 timmar sedan
3:36Fighter Jet Hits Sign
Fighter Jet Hits Signvisningar 397tn7 dagar sedan
3:51Plane Enters No-Fly Zone
Plane Enters No-Fly Zonevisningar 1,4mn14 dagar sedan
4:01Plane Wing Falls Off
Plane Wing Falls Offvisningar 773tn21 dag sedan
3:54Plane Overruns Runway
Plane Overruns Runwayvisningar 400tn28 dagar sedan
9:29Giving Airplanes 100,000 Horsepower
Giving Airplanes 100,000 Horsepowervisningar 134tnMånad sedan
4:17Pilot Steals Airplane And Flies Away
Pilot Steals Airplane And Flies Awayvisningar 794tnMånad sedan
3:36Helicopter Accidentally Flies Into Power Lines
3:43Plane Tries To Land In A Storm But Fails
Plane Tries To Land In A Storm But Failsvisningar 575tnMånad sedan
4:12Plane Engine Explodes During Flight
Plane Engine Explodes During Flightvisningar 1mnMånad sedan
3:55Plane Flies Too Close To Crowd
Plane Flies Too Close To Crowdvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
3:37Helicopter Drops Car
Helicopter Drops Carvisningar 361tn2 månader sedan
3:42Giant Plane Crashes Into Building
Giant Plane Crashes Into Buildingvisningar 882tn2 månader sedan
3:32Plane Crashes Into Jet Bridge
Plane Crashes Into Jet Bridgevisningar 613tn2 månader sedan
13:05The FASTEST Plane Landing Speed Ever!
The FASTEST Plane Landing Speed Ever!visningar 192tn2 månader sedan
3:24Helicopter Accidentally Drops Cargo
Helicopter Accidentally Drops Cargovisningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
10:43The MOST INTENSE Air Battle Ever!
The MOST INTENSE Air Battle Ever!visningar 78tn3 månader sedan
3:07Plane Takeoff Goes Wrong
Plane Takeoff Goes Wrongvisningar 401tn3 månader sedan
3:24Getting Escorted By Fighter Jets
Getting Escorted By Fighter Jetsvisningar 648tn3 månader sedan
30:34Best of Aviation 2020
Best of Aviation 2020visningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
3:44Plane Almost Takes Off Too Late
Plane Almost Takes Off Too Latevisningar 838tn3 månader sedan
9:09Largest Planes vs The World's Shortest Runway
Largest Planes vs The World's Shortest Runwayvisningar 239tn4 månader sedan
3:55Plane Forced To Land Without Landing Gear
Plane Forced To Land Without Landing Gearvisningar 494tn4 månader sedan
4:11Giant Plane Overruns Runway
Giant Plane Overruns Runwayvisningar 585tn4 månader sedan
3:24Plane Crashes Into Hangar
Plane Crashes Into Hangarvisningar 656tn4 månader sedan
3:15Giant Plane Blows Up
Giant Plane Blows Upvisningar 2,3mn4 månader sedan
8:41Flight School Goes Terribly Wrong in GTA 5
Flight School Goes Terribly Wrong in GTA 5visningar 877tn4 månader sedan


  • Desclaimer -Luckily,no one was injured

  • 667

  • Wtf

  • That's the laughter of a scared man 1:09

  • I’m actually a German pilot and I won a F/A18C, i nicknamed her “Anchor lady”

  • 3:00 Cayo perico

  • 0:51 a mild day in Wellington NZ

  • The plane thirsty

  • Good evening from SE Louisiana 19 Apr 21.

  • 1:07 why do i hear creaking? *anxiety raises*

  • Shouldnt the plane land in the grass if theres is no landing gear

  • 0:58 redbull gives you wings

  • When the queit kids hear gun sale: 3:23

  • Mana Baby mana Baby mana Baby Baby mana baby

  • Kinda sad you didn't include the video i submitted lol

  • (1.14) “Fucking Hell”

  • I was supposed to be in St. Barts this month but unfortunately France closed it’s borders :(

  • 2:45 when your mom tells you to pause the game in a multiplayer game

  • Notice that he never said 'no one was injured'

  • i love this video please make more air craft videos i would apreasheate it alot

  • No.. my hat why.. well that’s gone

  • Must be on the Fisk arrival... “low wing Airbus rock your wings....... good rock, turn right follow Fisk avenue cleared to land purple dot.”

  • You know what’s funny, I just looked up what the biggest passenger plane is in the world. It said the A380 and then I watch this and then there is an A380

  • 3:15 arbic xD

  • you gotta keep up with your competition bud, already seen all of these clips on 3 minutes of aviation 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 2:54 bro he was just lagging he couldn’t really connect to the servers lmao

  • Anyone watching from 2022?

  • Awsome sand storm flight

  • The aircrafts vibration at near supersonic speeds under 1000fr actually isnt a glitch, the closer u get to the speed of sound at those altitudes the more violent the aircraft will vibrate

  • Why do i think that this guy know literally nothing about planes and how they work. Like yeah totally a MINI TORNADO was made, last time I checked it was called a vortacy.

  • 0:38 I just watched a video of how these 3 people dodged this plane

  • @ 3:30 ... Da Plane, Boss! Da Plane!

  • You usin flybywire.

  • 1:40 me landing a plane in war thunder

  • "Flying in a red sandstorm" looks like a great way to destroy turbines.

  • Old boring crap

  • Luckily, no one was injured

  • this is where it all began

  • 1:31 is it just me or is the plane swinging side to side?

  • Those ultralights though. At first I thought they might be RC aircraft. Someone froze during that one. Took forever to cut power.

  • Imagine just sleeping then all of a sudden your stuck to the wall

  • The cessna landing was so good

  • what is the music of minute 0:01?

  • That movie was from Tenet

  • grandma flying a plane be like: 2:32

  • 2:50 he’s lagging

  • Tokyo drift starts playing

  • Tbm avenger

  • I’ve been here every week it’s like a habit lol

  • poor glider

  • 2:32 GTA Online pyro?

  • when u order 9/11 from wish

  • Am I the only one watching at 0:50 and screaming 'GO AROUND' to the pilot?

  • 0:50: tipical Ryanair landing

  • 633rd!!

  • 0:27 BeyPlanes!

  • The two pilots in the red plans were idiots.

  • The 4th of July 7:08

  • Bruh that airbus was lagging

  • Who else thought the first plane would get shot down

  • 1:51 rip

  • 1:49 -Ryanair taking notes 📝

  • thank god for narration of what is obvious

  • 3rd one seems actually fun weee

  • 0:30 me and my dumbass homie about to dog fight in our rogues

  • +lucaas i like the most your fivem series

  • 0:56 if i didnt know any better i would've thought that was a ship lmao

  • 0:50 Seems like pilot nearly lost control by over compensating.. SAC

  • 1:00 That's really odd to see the rolling continue that long. I'm wondering if all of that (after the first upset) was just PIO from the pilot trying to correct too quickly.

  • 2:29 wow, it's Vixen

  • what the name of the server?

  • Looks like lisa has a low budget🤣🤣🤣 one fire truck

  • 2:56 dostał laga

  • Lol imagine if one of them said “im gonna hop in this truck for a ride🤣”

  • Haha.. that “turbulence” was pilot induced. Planes don’t bank back and forth like that because of turbulence.

  • The two planes that hit were "His & Her's" and she was pissed off that he was making eyes while poolside !

  • 1:15 why is the plane sooo unstable.. was the Autopilot still engaged?

  • Welcome Back to "Luckily No One was Injured "

  • I land like the rc plane in gta

  • 1:56 Ryanair??