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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.


17:26Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life Hacks
Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life Hacksvisningar 688tn22 timmar sedan
10:06Don't Air Fry These Things...
Don't Air Fry These Things...visningar 681tn14 dagar sedan
11:38Doing Every Old Internet Meme Challenge
Doing Every Old Internet Meme Challengevisningar 980tn28 dagar sedan
14:48Paying Food Delivery Drivers to Eat With Us
Paying Food Delivery Drivers to Eat With Usvisningar 717tn2 månader sedan
17:08Don't Blend These Things...
Don't Blend These Things...visningar 1mn2 månader sedan
15:44Drunk Painting from Memory
Drunk Painting from Memoryvisningar 791tn2 månader sedan
24:52We TRICKED CELEBRITIES into Saying This...
We TRICKED CELEBRITIES into Saying This...visningar 1,1mn3 månader sedan
37:35I Did a Thing Does a Thing | Cold Ones
I Did a Thing Does a Thing | Cold Onesvisningar 859tn3 månader sedan
16:56We Spent $10,000 on the Dumbest Gifts
We Spent $10,000 on the Dumbest Giftsvisningar 1mn4 månader sedan
38:46Belle Delphine | Cold Ones
Belle Delphine | Cold Onesvisningar 5mn6 månader sedan
13:28Belle Delphine Sent Us This Mystery Box!
Belle Delphine Sent Us This Mystery Box!visningar 1,5mn6 månader sedan
35:38Sean Evans Talks Hot Ones While Drinking Cold Ones
13:36We Gave Streamers $10,000 to Do This...
We Gave Streamers $10,000 to Do This...visningar 1,1mn9 månader sedan
12:07These "As Seen on TV" Products SUCK
These "As Seen on TV" Products SUCKvisningar 1,9mn9 månader sedan
13:35Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks
Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacksvisningar 2mn9 månader sedan
47:18It's Been a Fun Ride | Cold Ones
It's Been a Fun Ride | Cold Onesvisningar 1,8mn10 månader sedan
11:24Testing the CHEAPEST (Worst) Drinking Games from Wish
23:58We Paid Celebrities on Cameo to say...
We Paid Celebrities on Cameo to say...visningar 2mn11 månader sedan
1:11:57bbno$ goes lalala | Cold Ones
bbno$ goes lalala | Cold Onesvisningar 704tnÅr sedan
11:51$1000 UBER EATS MUKBANG (ft. Delivery Guy)



  • I almost threw up watching max with the eggs 🥚

  • Max legit looks like vilanious without the tats and piercings KEKW

  • The tea bags didn’t fly up because you guys are upside down, silly Australians

  • 21:45


  • never trust a man with a fucking can of bang energy in his fucking bathroom

  • Took a break from this video after seeing the steel wool thing, went to Amazon, spent like 60 bucks on a bunch of equipment, and within a week, I should have a “ smoldering whip “

  • The ball in the Guinness is to help you pour a great head every time!

  • 12:16 when he said "awooughhh" I felt that

  • i DoN't ThiNk We CaN lEaVe ThAt In

  • I didn't know htb was younger than max

  • 9:58 he can do that cause he cant reach for his shoes

  • Why the fck is his voice so high here? The way he does his voice on his videos are great, he sounds like a different person

  • That Greg Paul joke is so much funnier in may 2021 hahaha

  • I think I have this same couch.

  • I gotta say mate how much- when does it?- can it- it do be busstin tho.

  • I have chrons and i didnt get that joke 😂

  • MaxMoeFoe is still alive? lol - now you guys are trying to be smosh meets GMM?

  • i jummped when the watermellon came ;)

  • 12:37 the video just spirals into complete shit after that 😭😭

  • what am i supposed to air fry now

  • this episode is wildly uncomfortable edit: it keeps getting worse

  • The ball in Guinness cans is filled with nitrogen. makes the beer have a richer foam and taste

  • Your Google mini call set off my mini and described to me what a pikachu looks like. Extra flavor of content boys good work

  • This gave me flashbacks

  • 80 over 50?? views is dead lol

  • Weird

  • this is real fucky

  • 15:23 truly the high mark of this episode

  • Chad would make a good surrealistic artist. Genuinely talented.

  • Jesus Christ. My friend showed me a clip of this bottle when it first came out and I never bothered to watch it but now I finally am and the opening was so chaotic that I think I’ve already found my favorite SEnewss video.

  • Max is a strong boi just yeeting the cabinet out of the way 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Just add jake Paul’s SEnewss channel

  • Whoevers max is using as a barber should be arrested

  • I wish I was Australian

  • Hmmmm

  • I literally just played this cause it was on my feed and I knew one the guy with the beard but now it finally answered my question I’ve been wondering for months where’s max?!

  • Let it be known that chad is afraid of a little burnt plastic, yet he took a fat rip of some random fucking rocks from China

  • Amazing neither of you have ever heard of a widget - loved digging them out of a can when I was a kid.

  • Just realized max got his teeth done

  • Hey just popping by to check if Chad is still fat. Ok bye now.

  • The ball in Guiness is for the purpose of Carbon Dioxide equalization I believe.

  • "Do we have a fire extinguisher?" I love how they don't even fucking know

  • 666k views lol


  • That was beautiful.

  • 12:25 Hey it's that girl that said the n-word and got cancelled

  • Max looking like a long haired Tobias Fünke

  • For a second, I thought Chad cut his hair.

  • Screamed cause I'm drinking the same soju Also Chad is so beautiful with his flowing hair and sparkly eyes u fukin go Chad

  • Chad dont die

  • 13:58 its real, and the ball contains nitrogen.

    • instead of carbon dioxide, 'cause nitrogen creates finer bubbles which helps get alcohol into your blood faster.

  • 6:41 this is the only one that looks like he dosnt live with his mom

  • the first one wasn't even a life hack . That is just how you cut a bottle

  • Anyone know the song at 12:20-12:40??

  • best fucking thing I've seen all of quarantine absolute fucking legends!!!!!!!!!

  • Lmao no one likes Jayus

  • Send them aluminum foil, I want to know what the trick is.

  • @Fitz

  • The cutlery apple shirt looks fucking dope

  • what the fuck is the dog doing

  • 9:42

  • when chad muted onlyjayus I loved that she's a pos

  • You guys coule make a comic book or video game based off this fuckin intro good lord

  • "How flammable is this liquit that only exists to burn?"

  • Max: "I think I had an allergic reaction" Also Max: I'll fucking do it again

  • Now I'ma go get a magnifying glass and some toy soldiers I'll be back

  • 15:40 chad turns italian when you spill something on his yeezys

  • "Water is not flammable" -Chad Roberts ~ 2021

  • Im having nostalgia of the puke cake video 😫😭

  • God, Gilbert is such a legend. He does not give a fuck

  • Bro the trump dude is amazing. He went so above and beyond on both of the requests, really good shit

  • This video feels immoral to watch

  • Glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t get that tea bag shit to work😅 Y’all should check out my show Shitfaced Science! I’d love to collab 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 Ps: I have super snaids

  • why doom 64 playin on the tv

  • Yeah, max and Chad are the only guys who who say dead memes and they're still pretty funny. I really laughed at only a spoonful

  • Upload podcasts

  • literally had no idea she was english until rn

  • Chad be looking like Action Bronson