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Micah Morris Micah Morris

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Professional SEnewss golfer.


30:14MICAH VS GARRETT | Sunday Match #6
MICAH VS GARRETT | Sunday Match #6visningar 155tn14 dagar sedan
21:59FULL 18 Hole Course Vlog | Micah Morris
FULL 18 Hole Course Vlog | Micah Morrisvisningar 72tn14 dagar sedan
13:029 Hole Beat My Record Challenge | Micah Morris
27:39SUNDAY MATCH #2 | Garrett vs Micah |
SUNDAY MATCH #2 | Garrett vs Micah |visningar 205tnMånad sedan
20:22I Challenged A Fan To A 9 Hole Match | Micah Morris
MICAH MORRIS VS ZAC RADFORD | Match #3 |visningar 76tn2 månader sedan
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27:13My First Match Ever against ZAC RADFORD  | Micah Morris


  • the fact that Micah thought he couldn't carry it 240 and carried it 260 , like shit man gimme some of that

  • Amazing love it, you need to come and play Royal Liverpool Golf Club when get a chance , be brilliant to play a open course in the matches. When Rick shiels played he had a nightmare From Adam

  • Is micah married????

  • Let’s go love it guys keep it up.

  • I feel like all the talk about the fast greens got in Tig’s head

  • Yall need to take on golfholics while in California!!!

  • great vid! if you guys are in san diego still you should play Bernardo Heights Country CLub

  • Why is the video so desaturated, and has like no color. Driving me insane, makes me feel colorblind or something.

  • You should make a video with every shot from your 6 under Masters round.

  • Play the Golfholics!

  • You guess should play the vineyard in Cincinnati as one of your Sunday matches

  • 262 yard par three Jesus Christ I’m hitting driver

  • My guys, you are the very definition of "living the dream" so jealous! :)

  • Let’s go G-Money! I love how pissed Tig gets 😂

  • Great match guys! Congrats to G-Rat for winning this match!

  • You guys need to hook up with Golfoholics and play a few rounds.

  • Never a doubt! Team Micah ✊🏾 🤙🏾

  • The Lance Armstrong joke never gets old. =)

  • Let's see 2 V2 scramble You 2 vs Rick Shiels and Pete Finch

  • Why no tracer on the approach shots?

  • I thought Micah just got driver fitted??

  • “ This is what we call a lance Armstrong one ball to the left”😂😂😂😂

  • Micah is way too good of a player to just never hit driver. Makes no sense to me

  • Kyles such a loser

  • Y listen to the caddie GM.. 🤔🤔, love the sunday matches.!!

  • Where are the shot tracers Micah?

  • So glad you guys made it out to San Diego! I live right down the street from the Grand. Great vid.

  • Aye! Welcome to San Diego!

  • Y'all went to San Diego and came away with no Good Good vs Golfholics action?

  • Superb course

  • That hand shake though...🤣

  • Great Play G 🐀 love the Sundays matches 👌

  • Garrett’s play is really increasing... Tig has kinda flattened. The loses hurt tig so much 😂😂😂

  • 5:22 just left of the bunkers lol. Nice shot tho!

  • What shaft length was your old driver?

  • I’m sure this has been asked before, but why is Micah called Tig?

  • That must be crazy to carry a 2 iron 260.

  • Explain the reason for playing both 2 irons? Curious as to your thoughts on when you utilize each one.

  • Does every match/video from the Good Good boys HAVE to be described as EPIC or CRAZY FINISH just to get views?

  • live up the street from the grande. quite the track

  • My favorite good good member

  • we need a barstool good good collab

  • garret does better when he isnt in his own head. the way he was playing was a vibe

  • Brad is a beast

  • Tig still can't get his left and right down 🤣

  • Wou does Micah a glove on his hand and one in his backpocket

  • Go head G Rat

  • Why do you have tracers on some shots and not others? One tee box Garret hits first and he has tracer. Then Micah hits and no tracer and then the opposite on the next tee box. All shots should be tracers. Great videos though!

  • Why is everything so desaturated and low contrast

  • Garrett out here stuttering too, get yo revenge Micah😂😂

  • Both of you are good golfers but I think you could be great if yall master your drivers. To many of my friends just use there irons like Micah off of every tee and I have so much more of an advantage. Granted they can't hit their irons as far as Micah 💪 haha but could you image with Micahs power if he could hit his driver consistently!

  • 14:50 -15:30 gold

  • I’m in socal let’s play a match

  • The rat’s comeback is on

  • Southern California has a lot of amazing courses, you guys need to get out here more often!

  • It's quite simple. If Garrett has good rhythm and just has that minutely small delay in transition which stops him getting too quick at the top, he plays pretty good. It all stems from the top of the backswing for him. If he gets quick, Tig wins. If he doesn't, it's a coin flip.

  • ever make it out near Denver I have the hook on rounds at TPC Berthoud! hit me up!

  • can we just take a second to realize that tig didn't hit a single wood.

  • Micah needed to get more aggressive off the tee when he started loosing.

  • more exclusive than Torrey Pines lol...its a municipal course

  • well played Lads

  • Cmon Micah. Get serious. Garrett is a club golfer who makes the wrong ego based choice of club every time. He didn’t pass the vibe check ignoring the caddies’ putting line he suggested on 1.

  • Did you forget your driver at home? I dont understand the reasoning for never hitting it, especially with your gifted speed.

  • Did yall challenge golfholics while yall were in San Diego?

  • That course looks flawless! Do you guys fly there with your clubs or how to you get em there!?

  • Team Garret since last year match one. Love my morning work day golf video. While I respond to emails

  • Micah is impressed by himself when he nailed the directions 😂😂

  • Yeah with a caddy Garrett played a lot better. The 3 wood seems to be his money try-hard club.

  • Playing the US Open qualifier there in a few weeks...like playing a practice round watching this video 👍

  • For as exclusive as this course is, it looks pretty patchy.

  • You guys should try Paako Ridge here in New Mexico.

  • Been in San Diego for 18 years - still haven't got to play here and I live 15 minutes away - looks amazing. Although feels like these aren't 12.5 - Torrey rolling about 10 right now and they seem significantly quicker :) (hope you guys get to play Torrey while out here)

  • Tig, I guess you haven’t been in Texas long enough😂. The only thing bigger than Texas is Alaska, and we’re better than everything too

  • grant is alwasy cheezin in the back

  • Kyle...just a few things I gotta work on..lolololol

  • Uhhh sorry guys. But you both looked like 2 hacks. Especially your approaches and chipping and putting. Decent for the thursday night mens league but a long way from competing in tournaments....especially Kyle. By now considering golf is all you do you should both be playing a lot better. Sorry guys just telling it like it is.


  • are you guys ever thinking about competing in some real golf tournements. It would be nice to see some you guys taking it to the next level

  • The Caddy had "Clark" on his back.... this result was already written!!

  • Micah on every course that is not twin creeks or any other public course, “wow these greens are fast, I mean they probably faster than any greens I will ever play.”