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34:59They Challenged Us To A Golf Match for $5,000...
18:43IT'S FINALLY HERE! - Good Good Golf Apparel
IT'S FINALLY HERE! - Good Good Golf Apparelvisningar 106tn14 dagar sedan
26:54Good Good 4 Iron Only Challenge
Good Good 4 Iron Only Challengevisningar 175tn28 dagar sedan
13:45Epic 2v2v2 Mini Golf Alternate Shot | Good Good
16:52Crazy Mini Golf Knockout Challenge | Good Good
34:05INTENSE 3v3 Battle Golf | Good Good
INTENSE 3v3 Battle Golf | Good Goodvisningar 280tnMånad sedan
12:14We Caught MASSIVE Sharks W/ @BlacktipH
We Caught MASSIVE Sharks W/ @BlacktipHvisningar 57tnMånad sedan
17:24Our First 2v2v2 Golf Scramble | THE FINAL PART
23:12Our First 2v2v2 Golf Scramble | Good Good
24:10Playing an EPIC 6 Man Scramble in Florida!!!
13:58Epic 6 Man Alt Shot Dream Team Challenge | Good Good
14:11Drivable Par 4 Closest to The Pin Knockout Challenge
26:41Good Good Plays 3v3 18 Hole Match | THE FINAL HOLES!!!
28:18Good Good Plays 3v3 18 Hole Match | Part 2/3
Good Good Plays 3v3 18 Hole Match | Part 2/3visningar 228tn2 månader sedan
31:56Good Good Plays 3v3 18 Hole Match | Part 1/3
Good Good Plays 3v3 18 Hole Match | Part 1/3visningar 282tn2 månader sedan
29:14CRAZY $1,000 Knockout Golf Challenge!
CRAZY $1,000 Knockout Golf Challenge!visningar 292tn2 månader sedan
29:27Among Us meets Golf
Among Us meets Golfvisningar 295tn2 månader sedan
28:18Good Good Driver Only Challenge
Good Good Driver Only Challengevisningar 231tn2 månader sedan


  • there is no way that Garret's driver shaft does not need to be way stiffer, def a reason why he always hooks them

  • these guys are great

  • Looks like you had fun!

  • They should play against Rickie


  • Should be 4v1...the 1 being a Pro...or Jerge.

  • Yessirè

  • I’m absolutely stoked you guys did something for charity!!! You are making a difference!!!

  • I would hate to own that house at the corner of the dog leg on #5. People lining up drives over your backyard all day long lol.

  • Hahahaha Garrett says "aww you don't have to do that" when they say they're gonna buy the $10K in merch! G-RAT... YOU RUN A BUSINESS NOW BROTHER! That part wasn't for charity, you've got an insane opportunity with this brand. Start/Keep pushing your business and get your stuff in every pro-shop you can!

  • Matt needs to stfu sometimes .. fuck hes so childish sometimes.. love em ... but act professional when playing for big bucks

  • Put the link to donate to their charity in the bio

  • The tracer at 3:30 was dirty hahahaha

  • That was your sweetest video yet cool people

  • that ruling makes no sense.... if the ball were say 2 ft away.... you have more then ten seconds to hit the ball... players will take time to to read any potential break, etc.... the typical time for most players to set up and prepare to knock the ball in has got to be at least 30 seconds

  • Love the playoff! Great match.

  • Very cool what they are doing for underprivileged kids. Great sports!!

  • Relative to the average low handicap amateur, the tour pro's misses are negligible lol.

  • Great people, great course. This is unarguably the best content the channel has seen. I'm a huge fan of Dobson ranch and the @golfbiz!

  • My god that hybrid shot from 235 out, looked like a lasered 7 iron. These tour guys are good.

  • "I've never taken a practice swing in my life"


  • What’s the podcast called??

  • Good good wheel of not ideal

  • Does anyone know what the podcast they are going on is called? I figured there would be a link in the description but I do not see it.

  • I’m ready for the endless content outside still

  • Great course and great people @Dobson ranch golf course

  • One of the best vids yet - hope to see more of these guys and more vids highlighting charities/work like theirs!

  • Joel is definitely my favorite golfer now, dude just be chillin and hitting nice shots while so relaxed 😂 and never blames himself either

  • "If you're good enough you can hit the rock behond the pin" LMAO

  • Garrett talkin Sunday Match trash was amazing. Give us more trash talk!

  • Why is Garett using the mav driver

  • This is great because most people aren't very good at golf, some of us are mid-40's and new players, and some of us are left swing.

  • Micah's 170 yd 9 iron to 8ft was absolutely absurd. Kids gonna be on the tour in 5-10 yrs at the latest.

  • Now this was very entertaining.

  • Podcast link?

  • Tig I hope you never learn your right from left. Just wouldn’t be as fun to watch if you did.

  • Great video, and what a great charity. Will be looking to donate

  • Micas is definitely the best player. I think Garrett is regressing a tad.

  • So why did they waste a mulligan on hole 1? GG was basically in for eagle , they would have had to made that 80 yard shot for eagle.

  • $10,000 in merch is like 10 shirts

  • I want to see a good good vs. barstool’s foreplay 4 some scramble🔥🔥

  • Have a PGA tour 2k21 golf tournament.

  • Good good VS. Fore play. We want to see it

  • Bubbie has so much drip it’s not even funny

  • You guys should do a random club challenge with Bryson

  • Their podcast is called the golf biz

  • cool dudes!

  • Best video you guys have ever made.

  • Where did the masters videos go?

  • Sub to josh krasno

  • Fun video, but I’m confused. Three guys representing a charity play, and lose; so they donate $5,000 to their own charity. Then, they purchase $10,000 worth of Good Good merchandise. So, not only does Good Good not donate to the charity, but they earn a $10,000 merchandise sale, plus revenue from the video. Please correct me if I’m wrong. What I think I may be missing is that Good Good also has a charitable foundation that helps kids??

  • You should restock the good good hats please! Thank you.

  • Pops and Junior Golf Program sounds like a great cause!!!

  • You could just tell it wasn't a fair matchup on the first tee

  • Micah: “Oh gosh that’s left.” Matt: “No, you’re right about that.” 😂😂😂

  • Collin- “Is that bubbie golf?” Bubbie - “in a sense” bubbie is pure comedy all the time. What a guy

  • “Cart path maybe, we need help.” Lmao Joel’s so relatable

  • So, two things, what that guy has to say at the end is for sure what people should focus their energy on when it comes to being successful, and I can't agree with him and Tig more "That's what it's about." Secondly, you have to collaborate with these fellas again. Great vibes throughout the entire round. I still can't stop laughing about the interaction that took place on that par 3 (can't remember what hole it was), but when the guy says "Well, it had a chance until you hit it." I was crying laughing just like all of you, and then he follows it up immediately by saying "mulligan" before the last guy in the group had a chance to hit. The good times you all were having out there just reminds me of when I go golfing with my buddies, priceless moments created every time.

  • Ok

  • You guys should play your dads in a 3v3 scramble and give them a lot of mulligans

  • Until next time we’ll be seeing you next time. Micah’s working on the outro I see.

  • Nothing like a bunch of grown men getting excited about some putt putt golf

  • if the lefty would just actually aim correctly he hits it almost right where his feet are aimed every time

  • What a video. Please look at 31:38 HAHA it looks like he hit that wedge shot with a lefty club the way it looks in the finish.

  • What a great video. Good guys

  • I love how that cactus has balls deep in it lol

  • Get some GOOD GOOD golf balls!!!

  • this is easily the bes video I've seen from you. (And they all are perfect) These guys are so great what an ending !

  • Gotta do a worst ball scramble and let everyone vote before a shot if they want to kick someone out.

  • Collin, you're money with the called makes!! Like 8 out of your last 10 calls have gone in! Lol

  • love that. what they do is amazing.

  • wow, those are really good people. I love their program

  • Is no one going to talk about Matt looking like Doc Holiday with that Range finder behind just me

  • Can you guys play Justin Thomas next before the us open? Asking for a friend who put 100 on him to win us open

  • What happened to the Good Good Masters videos? I didn’t get a chance to watch them and now they are private

  • you should reach out to dude perfect and play against them!

  • so they are the reason all the merch was gone within a day of the good good stuff? LOL all jokes aside, that has to be really great! the golf biz are class acts and you guys deserve it! proud of y'all!

  • Dream team!!!!

  • Not fan of Tig. Thats why I unsubcribed