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12:03Setup Wars - Episode 241
Setup Wars - Episode 241visningar 238tnDag sedan
28:11I'm Bored again...Let's build another PC!
I'm Bored again...Let's build another PC!visningar 224tn8 dagar sedan
1:05:01How To Build A PC - Step by Step (Full Build Guide)
12:01Setup Wars Episode 240 - Worst Setup Edition
14:40Pimp your Gaming PC on a Budget! - April
Pimp your Gaming PC on a Budget! - Aprilvisningar 294tn15 dagar sedan
13:25This Gaming Laptop can do it all! - MSI Stealth 15M
12:47ASUS Z590 Motherboard Unboxing + Overview!
ASUS Z590 Motherboard Unboxing + Overview!visningar 56tn15 dagar sedan
9:09Setup Wars Episode 239 - Budget Edition
Setup Wars Episode 239 - Budget Editionvisningar 300tn15 dagar sedan
32:52Reacting to your Intros for Setup Wars Season 5
10:44Setup Wars - Episode 238
Setup Wars - Episode 238visningar 372tn22 dagar sedan
38:44I Upgraded My Dream Setup For The Last Time!
17:12Setup Wars - Episode 237
Setup Wars - Episode 237visningar 271tnMånad sedan
13:56Setup Wars - Episode 236
Setup Wars - Episode 236visningar 278tnMånad sedan
12:49Cool Tech Under $50 For Your Setup - March
12:15Setup Wars Episode 235 - Budget Edition
Setup Wars Episode 235 - Budget Editionvisningar 455tnMånad sedan
5:11PC Gaming Setups - Final Episode
PC Gaming Setups - Final Episodevisningar 170tnMånad sedan
12:25Setup Wars - Episode 234
Setup Wars - Episode 234visningar 287tnMånad sedan
5:38PC Gaming Setups #52
PC Gaming Setups #52visningar 136tnMånad sedan
21:18Can you Lick a GPU? - 3 Million Subscriber Q/A
Can you Lick a GPU? - 3 Million Subscriber Q/Avisningar 133tn2 månader sedan
9:47Setup Wars Episode 233 - Teen Edition
Setup Wars Episode 233 - Teen Editionvisningar 646tn2 månader sedan
20:28You Guys Are Insane at This! - EPIC Gamer Moments #2
6:53PC Gaming Setups #51
PC Gaming Setups #51visningar 123tn2 månader sedan
12:32Setup Wars Episode 232 - Ultimate Gaming Dens
Setup Wars Episode 232 - Ultimate Gaming Densvisningar 380tn2 månader sedan
8:34Cool Tech Under $25 - February
Cool Tech Under $25 - Februaryvisningar 293tn2 månader sedan
5:52Teen Gaming Setups #50
Teen Gaming Setups #50visningar 125tn2 månader sedan
15:15Setup Wars Episode 231 - Ultimate Edition
Setup Wars Episode 231 - Ultimate Editionvisningar 556tn2 månader sedan
6:58PC Gaming Setups #49
PC Gaming Setups #49visningar 163tn2 månader sedan


  • I want a set up

  • Hi Edgar, i finally got my hands on an rtx 3080! After watching all of your videos on them just waiting for the chance to get mine I finally got it. However after installing it and getting a fresh install of the gpu drivers i've run into some issues. The main one is in Warzone my friend who has a very similar pc to me is getting around 200 fps. I'm only getting 100 and my gpu utilization is at 10% but the vram is at 95% utilization. I just really need some help. I know that you probably won't see this but if you do please get back to me. Pc specs: R7 3700x, evga 750w gold, asus tuf rtx 3080, asus tuf x570 mobo, gskill tridentz rgb 8x2 3200 cl16 ram, and a 240mm aio cooler for the cpu.

  • I wish everybody get their dream setup

  • i wish i had a good setup

  • that was phantom forces not aresnal

  • The licht bars are just a rip of from phillips hue

  • 27:29

  • If they're hidden, they're managed

  • What’s the mouse he used

  • Nickmercs

  • Hi there i just subscribed but i dont really think you can com and upgrade my setup so i have a normal pc and a normal monitor i wish i coud have a real gaming setup like i wana stream upload videos like you but about gaming videos let me know if you whant to do it or not i wish for it but idk so good bye god bles you

  • Ngl 27:50 was the best

  • Damn, went to the site you linked to get a discount key for xbox live and the key is already been redeemed. wtf

  • Petition for tech source to do next generation console setup wars only

  • 00:18 Muslims rn:🥲

  • Bruh 2000$ is not what i call budget bro. Thats more like, 4 times what i call expensive. Lol

  • Karma vs honey

  • i wish it was me

  • if i had 1k in cash from a part time job , what prebuilt should i get since i dont have a clue how to build a pc

  • Hide reaper from SSSniperWolf

  • 21:25 that sounds just like my car, it doesnt start anymore but thats what it sounded like before literally everything you can think of fell out of place in 1 day

  • EPSY

  • Tie your headphone cable onto your arm

  • 20% PC 80% adhesive paste

  • bye techsource

  • Thanks for your tips and tricks I recently managed all my computer wires and behind the living room tv stand.

  • Waiting for setup wars episodes 420

  • I have an old laptop and everyone else in my class has a console or worse

  • Step 1. Wait untill 2022 for a GPU.

  • i wish i get this setups too my only wish

  • can i have pc:]

  • 6:43 Man was having the best time of his life

  • 14:47 HAHAHHAHAA

  • he is so lucky 😶😶😶

  • you get my respect!

  • Link to your drain valve?

  • azaa

  • The lights do not look tacky "not to me" they match the background that he has on the monitors. 😌

  • What does that two digits no. means?

  • best vid ever

  • Anyone know what PSU extension Michael is using for his GPU?

  • 28:07 Best intro I ever seen

  • i wonder how much money they have like i want that so bad but i spent on my setup max $800

  • which country do you come from? like what is your heritage country?

  • Arizona gang where you at?

  • Nice Gaming Keyboard RGB

  • someone send me the swag kids twitch

  • does any one knows witch monitor arm alex used

  • Wow jerry rig everything is here in 2021 he has 16.1M

  • Ayo ed is obsessed with the d😂😳

  • I got a pre built with a 2060 and ryzen 7 3700x for 1200 I can stream with out lag and it works well

  • What you doing with other monitor

  • 0:01 the start, “look how pretty it is” 😵😵😵😵😵😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀

  • Your're legit better than MrBeast

  • I Would Love To Have A Setup Like That 😏

  • Berk's setup.... :O

  • I hope this comment helped with algorithm, keep up the work Im loving the vids, they inspired me a lot, God bless you

  • Those lian Li fans might just be the only fans I use now cause no messy cables from every fan and the rgb from the box made it look so GOOD especially on a radiator

  • I concur. Life is better without rubber

  • wheezing

  • The gender travel party if we bring in a blue and pink pc: That one guy there: so a non binary?

  • The top 5 fortnite sniper klip isnt that hard

  • cyberpunk?

  • Honestly I wanted to finish your storage

  • Imagine bending a pin on the threadripper 💀

  • NAWAF WINS 100%

  • retro is going to look so damm nice in your setup

  • These setups make me feel so insecure about mine

  • man I think you should also take in count that video was taken like 2 years about.

  • That worst setup edition guy change everything. *CRINGE*

  • I can’t wait to get a setup like that because i run -10 FPS on games

  • Man just called Reaper Weaper